Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Cash Under The Mattress"

Dear friends of mine, Sally and Philip, have written a book called "Cash Under The Mattress".........Please check it out HERE! says this about it:

Yes, you can be prepared to handle potential disasters for yourself, your kids, and your aging parents.
  • Your vital records in one "Grab and Run" book.
  • Easy fill-in checklists including:
    • Who to Call
    • Care for Your Pets
    • Where's Your "Stuff"?
    • Funeral Checklist
    • Medical / Long Term Care
    • Gifts and Heirlooms
  • Save time in an emergency when minutes count.
  • Learn ways to dispense of family heirlooms.
  • Learn ways to avoid inheritance conflicts.
  • Write down the wishes of your aging parents while you still can.
  • Gain the positive feelings that come from knowing you have handled unavoidable issues in a straightforward manner.
I think it's a fabulous Christmas present......STOCK UP!   Everyone needs a place to write in all the important things about heirlooms, last wishes, information from aging parents about how they'd like their estates or last days handled, etc, etc.    Please check it out and consider buying some.   I really think it's a grand idea. 
My friends have gone through loss and I believe they experienced the reality that they were not quite as prepared as they'd thought;  it's an important subject and one we should all consider.........all wrapped up in one book of great suggestions, etc.

Put your CASH under your MATTRESS into something that'll make your life easier in difficult times!



Silverfiddle said...

Interesting. Of course, when the crash happens our cash will be worthless, but you can bring it along for kindling...

Bob said...

I am collecting ammunition and whiskey. When the Big Crash happens, I'll just get drunk and take what I want.

If you want to read a great book about an after the catastrophe life, read the book, One Second After by William Forstchen. It makes you think, and supports my thesis about collecting ammunition.

Z said...

This is more a book for normal times; let's hope they come back!

It still is a very comprehensive book and deserves a look and a buy!

cube said...

Worthwhile suggestions, Z. It can't help to be prepared.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

Reminds of the question about whether or not electromagnetic pulse from nuclear war will a erase VHS tape collection.