Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teach Your Children Well

Teach them what we learned and what kept this country going for so many years:
Teach them that;
-America is a great country and they are so lucky to live here

-They should be self reliant and the government is the last place to go for help
-Immigrants who come here eagerly and legally are what makes this country great
-This is a Judeo Christian nation founded on all that that comes with it and that needs to be protected
-Always read and watch all sides of every story in the media and make your own decision
-Teach them to recognize indoctrination from the right or the left and to speak up when they see it
-The color of one's skin doesn't matter.  Ever.
-Marriage is a beautiful union of a man and a woman
-Killing innocent babies, starting from conception, isn't acceptable.
-Those with physical or emotional handicaps need more love than they do.
-The 10 Commandments are not the 10 Suggestions
-God will get you through anything
There are many more things I think our children need to learn. What else do you think it's important to teach our children?



Patrick Carroll said...

Apart from substituting America for Australia, I think you've pretty much covered it!

Silverfiddle said...

That's a good list. I've also taught my kids that society is a thin veneer and man is the most dangerous animal.

Be happy, love life, but be smart. Satan lurks around every corner.

sue said...
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Z said...

I'm surprised with the reaction to my list because I wrote it in about 2 minutes...I figured it's not anywhere complete enough and am eager to hear more.
Patrick, you in Australia? do you teach your kids to be happy but that man is the most dangerous animal? You're right about Satan; something most Christians don't like to even mention.

Sue, that's exactly what we all should do.

cube said...

We tried to instill in our girls critical thinking skills because, even though they attended a private Catholic school, they still came home with some information that was a bit wacky.

Dinner time was a great place to bring up the ideas of the day and discuss them as a family.

I don't know what else parents can do. You can't lock up your kid in a box to prevent them from hearing or seeing inappropriate things especially when so many 'adults' exhibit so little self control.

Bob said...

When I was a Sunday School teacher, I tried to teach my 9th grade kids that their beliefs would be questioned, especially in college.

Since their beliefs would be questioned, they could start the process and think deeply about these things to understand what they believe, and to not just take somebody's word for something.

People should always question things. It is not questioning things that has gotten us into an age of no Federal Budgets, bad climate science, mass murder with abortions, and massive ignorance of our nation's history.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

cube, sounds like you did all you could're right, you can't wrap kids in plastic wrap to protect them, but you can give them the skills to think things through.

Bob, Amen to that. Anybody who questions things fairly and informatively can't go along with much of what's happening in America today, let's face it.
I'm glad you taught 9th graders; at least they're not so far from college that they won't remember what you said!

Mark said...

I had that album! They were the best band in their day!

I hope that one lesson that my kids will eventually come away with is the one I constantly harped on throughout their raising:

We may be poor white trash but we don't have to act like it.

Lisa said...

I always to be kind each other because you don't want any regrets.

Never say never.

And never stand for anyone(even a family member or a close friend)making you feel uncomfortable.

Never had that in my family but it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Great list. I like Sue's response about the media which goes back to "Don't believe Everything you hear "

Send them on their way and let them fly.

Z said...

Mark, remember "Carry On", "4&20"; "Our House", "Almost Cut My Hair" "Deja Vu"; "Country Girl" (the wonderful) "Helpless", "Country Girl" "Woodstock"'s all there and more.
the album's referred to as the Deja Vu album.....great stuff.

"We may be poor white trash but we don't have to act like it." That's good input for ANYBODY.

Lisa... and "DO STAND" for the older person who walks into the room, right? :-) Just to play with your words and make another point!!?

Lisa said...

DO STAND" for the older person who walks into the room,

Of course good one Z. Something else that keeps us great.

sue said...
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Z said...

Lisa, thanks xx

Sue, good comment. I don't think that really small children should be subjected to too many 'different values', especially if they include their feelings about America. I think we all had such a strong upbringing in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, really feeling America was GREAT, and loving patriotism, etc., that our future generations, and this country, deserve the same.
We'd never have dreamed of demanding entitlements; we were raised to do the best we could, that jobs would be waiting for us if we did, that poor people are to be helped, but the government was the last place we went for help.

Only slightly off topic, I believe that kids need to learn about Jim Crow and Viet Nam and everything negative our teachers can't wait to teach, but our kids need a 'net', an underpinning of positive feelings about this greatest country in the world where everyone's fighting to get INTO (or WAS), not out of.

And I think you're right about the dinner table; time our families today are sorely lacking, right?
Schools suddenly practice sports at dinner time, and even Sunday mornings as if nobody should have anything else, like church, to's all not good.

You are absolutely right, really need an underpinning of good values, good information, positivity...we don't need kids like my friend, blogger Susannah's overheard, saying (7 yr olds, by the way) "Our country is not good because we had SLAVES"
There's a way of teaching slavery, which I actually DID to in my Wee Americans class at a Christian preschool, in a way that comes from Abe LIncoln's stopping that because we're a great place...then I taught about Jackie Robinson...

As a matter of fact, it made such an impression (I love to brag on this) that one of my moms approached me as she picked up her 4 yr old saying "You know, I was at starbucks with a friend and we talked about Babe Ruth and baseball and Mimi said 'is he as good as Jackie Robinson'?" Imagine?
Those kids learned American slavery was bad but we FIXED it....
do I stretch the truth a tad? Sure. THey got the gist of what they need to know at 4 and 5 years old.
Sadly, most nannies are sorely missing in teaching character and values. And discipline, especially DISCIPLINE. BUt, so are so many young mothers I see, who suddenly seem to be afraid of their children. Boy, I wish MY mother'd had a little fear of ME (smile) She showed NONE of that, TRUST ME!!!
"If you're sick enough to stay HOME, you're sick enough not to watch TV!" HA!! (I hated that!)

Ticker said...

Teach them to thank a soldier for being in a country where they are able to be taught the things that you have pointed out.

Mark said...

I remember all of them, Z. I even remember most of the words to all those songs. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young with Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves was my favorite band in the 70's.

Pris said...

Teach them family loyalty, and to honor their Mom and Dad.

I remember as a child, not wanting to let my parents down. They had confidence in us, and that was powerful in keeping us on the straight and narrow.

Z said...

Ticker, excellent advice.

Mark, I can sing every lyric, but don't ask what i had for lunch, right?!!

Pris, do you know I actually almost wrote HONOR YOUR FOLKS, and that's what made me think of including the 10 Commandments!

Pris said...

"Pris, do you know I actually almost wrote HONOR YOUR FOLKS, and that's what made me think of including the 10 Commandments!"

Z, yes, the 10 commandments are an essential addition. I'd only add to that, "The Golden Rule".