Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Muslims in America.......

How could I not publish THIS INFORMATION?    Do I believe most of it? ...maybe not.  Do I want to?  You bet.  This sentence in the article popped at out me:

"Forty-eight percent of Muslims Americans said that they don’t believe that American Muslim leaders in the U.S. have done enough to speak out against Islamic extremists."  (Z: where are the other 52%?)

Get a load of this:  "Sixty-six percent of Muslims Americans said that the quality of life in America is better than the quality of life in most Muslim countries, with only 8 percent indicating it is worse."   (Z:  ya THINK?! Look at the image...)

Then there is this:
"While 49 percent of Muslim Americans said that either negative views about Muslims or discrimination were the greatest problem facing them in America, 80 percent of respondents said the American public at large was either friendly toward Muslim Americans or neutral."

Well, there goes the leftwinger rant that Americans (on the Right, of course) HATE and behave badly toward all Muslims.   Gad, shine some light on the truth and all kinds of things get straightened out, huh?
So, what do you think?  There are many stats in the polls mentioned in the you disagree with some or think they're truthful, or..........?    Let us know!
By the way, I thought it slightly odd that Yahoo ran this article under a column entitled 9/11 REMEMBERED....know what I mean?


beakerkin said...

Stephen Schwartz has been telling us this for a while. In truth the Muslims next door have little to do with CAIR or the familiar media anointed celebrities.

The truth is the far left plays an authenticity game. It hires fellow lefties in Universities to be authentic. Thus a Ward Churchill who is not even an Indian is presented as a genuine Indian because he echoes their mantras.

Always On Watch said...

Definition of statistician: one who issues SWAGS.

Definition of SWAGS: Silly Wild Ass GuesseS.

So a statistician friend of mine told me years ago.

Silverfiddle said...

I can believe it.

I still think the overwhelming majority of Muslims come here to escape the dysfunction of their homelands.

GrouchyFogie said...

Did you see this?

Ducky's here said...

With the exception of people like Beak who want the Islamic center in Manhattan blocked or AOW who will post any negative anecdote about Muslims it is a pretty tolerant country.

The Muslim population in Boston is thriving. Still get a few who freak out over the Roxbury mosque but they don't have much of a presence.

Z said...

beak...good point about Ward Churchill.
And, if a Black man doesn't echo the leftwing mantra, he's not Black.

re Muslims having little to do with CAIR, etc., where are they? they very well know some Americans are rightfully uneasy; yet they do nothing, say nothing.......but they let their 'nuts' amongst them speak for all Muslims.

AOW...thanks, but I think there's some truth to these stats. I have good friends and family who are highly respected statisticians, I doubt they'd be pleased :-) Maybe I'd be wrong.

Silverfiddle; I think they did; I think now there's a group intent on creating their homeland here.

Grouchy; that's exactly the muslim we cannot have in our country. They were warned in plenty of time, they didn't care.
Odd that the muslims are talking about how horribly attacked they were by the police but it's only two policemen who were injured and taken to the hospital.
These muslims spoil it for all muslims with their ridiculous accusations "It's not my head scarf it's my RELIGION" Bite me.
Live your life, play by the rules, AMERICA'S RULES, and quit bitching or go home.

Ducky, most thinking Americans with a heart, and many Muslims I have heard, do not want the Ground Zero Mosque, as it's come to be called. Not only that, the background on its funding, etc., is worth checking into only with an open mind that yes, some muslims DO mean to spit in faces.

I don't know about the Roxbury Mosque... Muslims are freaking out over its presence why? If they're against it because they feel it's a terror breeding center, do you feel you know better than they do?

Anonymous said...

Politically, Muslim Americans seem to overwhelmingly support a bigger government with more services (68 percent)…

That certainly explains why the relationship between Progressives and Moslems is orgasmic, doesn’t it? And in exchange for supporting the communist state, the Moslems get to join with most blacks in this country in becoming useful idiots to people like Hillary Clinton, John Podestà, and George Soros. What a deal.

beakerkin said...

Once again the Duck is not factually correct. I have noted the project is legal but unwise. My right to protest this bad idea is also legal.

The Duck as a resident fascist forgets my Constitutionally protected rights. Then again an art teacher requires less training than a law enforcement officer.

Doodle this

Z said...

"what a deal" is right..Mustang.

I guess those who do feel that way have it down perfectly well, don't they: America is a great country BECAUSE it distributes freebies...even to illegal. VAT A CONTRY.

I personally don't see too many Muslims who look 'on the dole', and that stat surprised me. Most that I see seem very independent, hard working, etc.

Beak...well said. And, really, what American with America's interests FIRST does want that mosque there? It is unwise and unethical, as some Muslims I have heard will attest to.

Sam Huntington said...

I certainly agree with the notion that most Muslims do not pursue radical Islam, but I think it is also true that most Muslims believe that whatever happens as the result of extremism is “okay” with them. It is an irrefutable fact that while a few Muslims stand against terror, most remain silent. Philosophically, then, it is fair to ask if these people are “guilty” of enabling extremism by omission.

In contrast, if confronted by the Jim Jones massacre, most Christians would argue Jones was no Christian; moreover, while the event was a tragedy, Christians would argue that morons who allowed themselves caught up in such heresy were setting themselves up for an unseemly end.

And leave it to a Democrat to pull that trigger, eh?

Extremist Muslims are radicalizing a small percentage of individuals here at home —persons of Middle Eastern, African, and European descent. We should not lose sleep over this, but it remains a fact that a few people can do great harm to the American people and our infrastructure. We lost about 3,000 citizens on 9/11 … but our government looks upon this as a mere statistical blip in a population of over 330 million. They are right, of course … but also, very wrong.

beakerkin said...


Unlike the Duck, I am a Native NYC resident and know that area very well. A Muslim community existed in the area and a Mosque has been on Warren street for years before 9-11.

This is not a locally funded project and it would not be opposed if it were. The legality of a house of worship being funded almost entirely from foreign sources is dubious especially because it is tax exempt.

The project is legal, but in really bad taste. Schwartz has spoken out against the idea and the rouge scoundrel behind this mosque.

The only predictable thing about the Duck is his propensity to be wrong about everything.

Anonymous said...

The picture fits islam perfectly. It is a bankrupt, divisive, destitute and poverty stricken ideology. It wants it's adherents to live in poverty....because islam means submission and that allah will provide for all.

Their human needs not withstanding, islam feels that poverty is good for the masses of ignorant, dysfunctional, angry and perpetually offended. ( I think cair take's their cues from the CBC actually! )

Islam needs this anger and dysfunction to cover it's inadequacies and bankrupt philosophy. There must always be someone else or something else to blame for their inability to ease the human suffering.

cube said...

I don't usually believe polls anyway so I'm not buying these either.

Silverfiddle said...

@ Beakerin: Once again the Duck is not factually correct. I have noted the project is legal but unwise. My right to protest this bad idea is also legal.

Well said. That is also my position.

Silverfiddle said...

It's shocking that so many muslims support a bigger government with lots of services.

Before 9/11, Muslims voted overwhelmingly republican, and were demographically richer than the national median.

So, has conservative hostility driven them into the arms of liberalism, or are immigrants of the past 10 year materially different than those who came before?

What role have Muslim troublemaker activists played in all of this? Their agitprop is torn right from the pages of the leftwing handbook.

Madison teacher or muslim activists? It's hard to tell the difference without zooming in.

beakerkin said...

Impy, Cube

Glad to see you.

Impy I kind of miss Steve B front FPM. He was always a favorite even if he knows nothing about bagels.

Silver Fiddle

The Duck and I have been arguing since 2003 and he has yet to be more than a comedic prop.

NYC is a magical place and bad ideas are a dime a dozen. The area
will survive a dreadful idea and in
time it will be a pink elephant. I survived both blasts and see the site every day.

If the truth be known, I am far more troubled by conspiracy loons
abusing the site with mostly antisemitic hatred than the mosque.
The first amendment covers some real jerks who lack the common sense to pick a better forum for their brand of insanity.

Always On Watch said...

AOW who will post any negative anecdote about Muslims


Always On Watch said...

I have good friends and family who are highly respected statisticians

Actually, I'm the lone language person in my mother's family. All the others were statisticians.

Mom used to say that she could use statistics to prove just about anything.

Now, I'm not saying that the topic of your post qualifies as a SWAG. But there are some similar surveys -- if not this very one -- that show figures that seem contradictory.

Silverfiddle makes a good point: Before 9/11, Muslims voted overwhelmingly republican...

And let's not forget Grover Norquist, who is married to a Muslim woman.

Ticker said...

breakerkin, Is receiving a Federal Grant, ie, US taxpayer monies, to fund the building this mosque legal?

Does it not violate the Separation clause in the Constitution?
I wrote about it yesterday.

Impertinent said...
The picture fits islam perfectly. It is a bankrupt, divisive, destitute and poverty stricken ideology. It wants it's adherents to live in poverty....because islam means submission and that allah will provide for all.

Sounds kinda like the demonkkkrats and keeeping them down on the plantation to me.

Z said...

Sam, I'm not sure there's any blogger who's asked more than I "WHY aren't the 'peaceful' muslims marching against their evil?"
And yes, even when the nutty Christians murder abortionists, Christians don't keep quiet in tacit approval.

Beak...NOBODY at this blog or anywhere I know says this mosque at Ground Zero (near it, anyway) is illegal..never. And if you think that people in NYC won't be demoralized by that mosque, you don't know NYers as well as even I do, my friend. I can't tell you how my once-liberal "open minded" cousins hate the ethics of this ridiculous thing....remember the contractors who've sworn not to work it?

Imp: I'd bet my life that there are many muslims afraid their children will die in islamist terror attacks on America, too.

AOW>..I respect and admire the work my stats prof relatives do.
I don't believe there's a statistician in the world who says their science is airtight, but it does do good things in many venues.
Ducky's always posting absurd things; you're used to it, of all people! I have been to Pam Geller's site exactly once but he's quoted at Silverfiddle's saying I quote from her...oh, and I'm not sure Robt Spencer has a site or not, but Ducky was telling people I post from him, too...look, it makes him happy...and who really cares?
I'm too busy with lunching with ladies and trying to fit my job in between lunch hours :-)

Tick, the grant hasn't been given and I'll be very interested to find what you hear .....keep on this for us! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well may be right...but here's the maniacal freaks of the religion of "peace" that they all listen to...and these are the maniacs that will kill them. Seeing as how their goal is world domination.

And if it's 1% that demands this mutt...than we have an army of nuts larger than most armies of the world.

"“once Allah’s law is applied, the role of the people will end and Allah will reign supreme.”

And of course some robed imam bastard will "translate" just what he thinks allah tells him to do! As long as they're in charge...there will never be sanity of peace.

beamish said...

Islamic extremists will never do as much damage to the United States as the Democratic Party has.

I always presume anyone who has ever voted for a Democrat has an undying hatred for the US Constitution and plots the deaths of as many Americans as possible while sipping aborted baby blood and having torrid gay sex.

Z said...

Imp "As long as they're in charge...there will never be sanity of peace."

They just keep winning, don't they; pushing, pushing.
Remember when I've blogged "Why is it only since 9/11 since muslim students can't go to class without washing their feet at the school? Why did muslim butchers suddenly stop accepting cutting of pork? why did muslim cabbies suddenly stop allowing dogs or booze in their cabs?...." etc etc.

And now we see the sea change in Muslims who mostly voted Republican (they'd come here legally before, eager to fit in, not wear burkas, not want SHaria Law...they'd come loving America and wanting freedom) and suddenly DO have to stand out, wearing head scarves, burkas, pushing Sharia, Imams preaching hatred toward America, etc., in some cases.......and they're voting DEMOCRAT.

That says a LOT, about a LOT, I damns those muslims who did NOT come to fit in and it damns Democrats whose philosophy obviously appeals to blood suckers$$

Beamish...I've got to say I SURE have VERY VERY little respect for Democrats; gives me no pleasure to say that, but I feel it more every day ..........

beakerkin said...


No government money should be near the project. Donald Trump offered to buy the site. I have zero idea how the accountants and lawyers rationalize that one.


I am a creature of this city from birth. I walk and serve in every community and we will get past this annoyance. In time it will be forgotten and life will go on. I personally will go to the Dakota Road House next door and see if I can get some AC DC music on the jukebox.

I know the pain of liberals on this subject. As an American we live with the paradox of proving liberties to some really bad ideas. Free speech protects Commies like the Duck who would aid and abet every and any enemy of the USA and rationalize Jews being exterminated by Arabs. I didn't survive two explosions to sacrafice my ideals. Each day I serve that which all of us love with pride.

There is a great difference between us as fellow Americans and the Duck. As Americans who share beliefs we can disagree on this and many other things but our united by a common love.

Anonymous said...

"Remember when I've blogged "Why is it only since 9/11..."

Why indeed Ms. Z. I'll venture an opinion. It's because they won an enormous military ( terrorist ) victory over America who saw herself as an invincible empire! It's because throughout the world muslims hate America. They resent her freedoms, her diversity, her inventiveness, her capitalist success as opposed to every other failed system of government on the planet, her productivity, her industriousness, her tolerance, hey hedonism and yes... narcissism too.

They hate our happiness, music, movies freedom to venture out move about. They hate that women aren't repressed and CAGED like they are in their "sacred"

So...they assembled 20 fanatics...armed with Home Depot "switchblades" ....commandeered 4 fuel laden missiles ( made in America by Americans...ever seen an aircraft built by anyone in the ME except Israeli's? I mean besides their magical flying persian carpets! ) and brought the US to her knees.

They demolished the most visible structures that shined with American ingenuity and success as well as financial power. They drove a stake right through the very heart of the wall street capitalists. They showed the world...that we're not invincible any longer. them pride. Because why? Because it's ISLAM above all else. Above country, above family and certainly this is precisely what islam commands...jihad.

And for any "good" muslim...( they'll have to lie if pressed...allah and the queeran commands it ) islam...trumps all.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"and they're voting DEMOCRAT."

Because libs, progressives, socialists, commies, unionists, acornists, seiu-istas....HATE AMERICA TOO. How many youtube videos of the shitheads in Madison do we need to see?

These...these anarchists have declared war on America.

HOW MUCH MORE DO WE NEED TO HEAR? Now they side with the loons because they think they're oppressed. That the CBC, Waters, Jacksons and Sharptons now want more racial strife.....more hatred? Of course they'll join with those "oppressed" minorities. All 3-4 million of them along with illegals...will hijack this country.

We will never be the same. Because we have near half of the country hating the other half....calling those people ( here ) nazi's ( Pelosi ) terrorists ( waters ) un american ( pelosi ).

I think we better start ramping it up...before these bastards get the idea that we'll willingly step into the boxcars.

Z said...

Beak .. you say "I walk and serve in every community and we will get past this annoyance. In time it will be forgotten and life will go on."

I hope that's not true; because islamists are counting on that. SUre, you'll walk by that mosque thinking it's all behind you all, while, inside, who knows what's being planned against you?
And yes, I know Ducky and how he hides himself in supposed 'love' (tho I don't think of that word much in conjunction with him), thinking ruining our country and taking away from those of us who've worked hard just to be forced to give to moochers is a good idea...

Imp....the Left's staging all kinds of trouble and I don't know where they'll 'leaders' are saying that Conservatives WANT Blacks hanging from trees again....and nobody in the media's saying what they'd say were Republicans even CLOSE to that STUPID or HATEFUL.....this is all about the election.
They're ginning up the stupid masses. how despicable. and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

"The Muslim population in Boston is thriving."

Good....get fitted for a burka clown...because this means the old guard Irish are dying. The transfer of democracy is only a generation away...the commonwealth will adopt sharia...just as easily as they adoped....gayness / marriage.

You may continue to think you're hip and Oh so sophisticated. But I got news for you....when they have their way....your head and eye sockets will be fitted with 15 watt bulbs for a lampost.

They HATE you libs...because they know you don't have any values. Among other things. They know you're tools and fools.

Anonymous said...

"Imp....the Left's staging all kinds of trouble and I don't know where they'll 'leaders' are saying that Conservatives WANT Blacks hanging from trees again..."

Yep...yet the POS couldn't ever site one example of such an odious charge. Matter of fact...I'd turn the tables on this racist, black clown. Explain the flash mobs...explain Mayor Nutter and Philly. Explain why blacks...3rd or 4 generations removed from MLK ( and know zip about Jim Crow or the Democrats...the KKK invention by DEMOCRATS.,..who murdered blacks...who invented segregation and chased them down and killed them let alone hung them from trees. These ignorant loons who didn't know or care...that the party they belong to...and vote slavishly for time after the same party that hates them...killed them and ran them out of their south.

They need to deflect, slight of hand from Comrade O's failures. They need to start a civil war to distract the loons from the real problems. You have blacks now believing that their enemies are you and me....that we're "racial supremacists"

Tie that in with the stinking burka, hijab wearing loons....and we will...we will have a war. It's just a matter of time before people realize that they have a target on their back because of their politics, religion or zip code.

Ducky's here said...

Off topic but if I may interject for the record: John Bohner (R - Tanning booth) and Rush Limbaugh are correct.

President Peace Prize scheduled his jobs speech for the night of a Republican debate, Perry's (R - Big Hair) first.
Bohner told Obummer the he would not convene a joint session on that date. I applaud him for telling President Screw Up to get lost.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, I teach film production not art per se.

beakerkin said...


You give the Duck too much credit. His kind wants to destroy the present order much like the zealots he feigns ignorance of. His fantasy is in the power vacuum a socialist utopia will arise in the ashes. This is after he has rationalized every crime of the left and his totalitarian Muslim partners like good old Egyptian lefty Arafat.

Sadly, I know first hands the consequence of the ends justifies
the means. If you have my email I will discuss this off line.

When we abuse or are not true to our values our enemies win. The truth is despite the fantasies of the Duck Muslims are not going to act like labotiized lab rats. As Muslims spend more time here you might find that it becomes like Guyana where it is mostly a quirk.
I did see a few fundamentalists, but most were Minos Muslims in name only. They participate fully in every aspect of life with little fan fare.

I joked after 9-11 we could do more damage to our enemies with the internet than with missiles. Ultimately, Farouk wants a job and all this jihad bit is a bore.

We see the exchange between Old Europe and Islam as one sided. The role of Muslim expatriates in all these Arab upheavals is unknown. Later on do not be shocked to learn
of the role of expatriate communities.

The forced of evil pull of a terrorist act or two. Ultimately, time and history have passed them by just like the Duck. They will rest in histories dust bin of bad ideas.

beakerkin said...


Beamish and I do while you dream. Each and every day we serve this country in the nobelest traditions.
The most talented of your students dream of shooting Porn in Van Nuys and are lucky to get a gig at a Bar Mitzvah.

Z said...

Well, Ducky, you amaze me.
Yes, this debate's been scheduled for a very long time. And I had to laugh at Jay Carney suggesting the President invites the R's to do it another night :-)

Beak, of course...but, the problem is bigger: It only would take ONE crazy Muslim to REALLY ruin our took 19 to kill 3000 innocent people. Only ONE could kill half a million with a dirty bomb in NYC and just the right wind conditions (or lack thereof).

Yes, we can't push Muslims around like some crazy dictatorship but we can SURE make THEM come to US , hijab in hand, and try to convince us THEY'RE not so bad; I'm freakin' sick and tired of reassuring THEM of anything like how KIND we are and UNDERSTANDING>.this is INSANE.

Imagine THOUSANDS of Muslims marching in America against extremists!

Ya, I know...all we can do is imagine.

Well, talk about IMAGINE: his assistant says now John Lennon had become a Reagan admirer; so maybe, someday, Muslims WILL do the right thing, too? If HE could...who'd have thought? :-)

DUCKY, by the way...when are you going to care more about AMERICANS thriving than every minority in this country? Got an answer?

Anonymous said...


"It is going to have to be admitted that ISLAM is not a religion and in USA should never have been given protected status as such.

Islam is a totalitarian, imperialistic, genocidal, hegemonic CULT determined to overthorw, and destory our laws, subjugate our people and steal our lands.
To continue the folly, the charade that ISLAM is not a political, militaristic, seditious group is suicidal for us in the WEST.

We do not give protected religious status to certain other cults, like Santeria, devil worshippers etc.

Can I get privileges for my faith if it encourages death of fellow citizens? Raping those who don’t dress as I like? Making others abide the rituals of my faith even though they are not part of it? Making unreasonable demands constantly and crying victim for not getting separate and unequal laws for my cult?

The USA has done much to remove the majority faith Christian from forcing it’s customs or rituals on others, even the benign things like a nativity or cross erected. It is incredible so much leeway is given to ISLAM... a system by it’s own definition, forever at WAR with us. We did not declare war on their system masquerading as a FAITH, but the reverse is most certainly true.

Islam is more dangerous than any other fascism and yet we not only tolerate but allow it, enable it and encourage it by offering respect to it as if it is, what it is not- a peaceful religion- ISLAM and Muslims are neither peaceful nor a religion.

We deserve protection and security as OUR RIGHT.

Z said...

Beak, ONE porn star got HIV, so all filming's off for now :-) Happened last week.
Actually, on the busy street nearby, there's an apartment which has porno shot in neighbor happened to be trying his zoom on his new camera and UHOH, did HE get an eyeful!
You'd never believe it here, but it does happen!
And yes, Van Nuys is the capital of that, at least in'd YOU know, Beak? :-) xx

Z said...

Imp; that is SO TRUE (I would appreciate sources when you post, by the way)...our country lefties have done FAR more to dampen Christianity here than they ever DREAMED of dampening Muslim aspirations. Great point.

Z said...

by the just hearing that Obama has caved to Boehner...

Does anybody think that Obama might have staged that date because he knew this would happen?

He wasn't QUITE ready before Labor Day but had had so much flack about "Why AFTER Labor Day? WHY NOT NOW with your NEW PLAN?"...perhaps he's not ready yet and this worked great.
And it looks like he's a big hero for backing off: WHAT A GUY (not)


Anonymous said...

"Imagine THOUSANDS of Muslims marching in America against extremists!"

They have had 10 YEARS...countless opportunities to gather and sing...GOD BLESS AMERICA...WAVE AMERICA'S FLAG....AND PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO AMERICA.

They have not...they will not. So why do we continue to believe they ever will?

If..IF...I had it my way....they'd be offered a one way ticket to the rock.

Bd said...

You guys go to great lengths and believe all kinds of spin to keep your hatred of anyone not like you alive.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...


A person in my profession learns many things each and every day. We interview people from all walks of life.

There is a funny phenomenon known as completion. We take a certain set of facts and place them together as it is what our brains expect to see. One day I met a person who said he was working for a film company in Van Nuys. I looked at him perplexed because that is where the adult film industry is located. However, in this persons case he was working for the company that produced a film that everyone but me has seen
Reservoir Dogs. It was a the source of comedy in the office for weeks.

Mark said...

I really don't know any Muslims personally, but the ones I've had to deal with in a professional situation seem to be inoffensive.

With emphasis on the "seem".

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Muslims?

Only the Shadow do.

Ducky's here said...

Actually Beak, some of my students were working on Adam Sandler's latest film. We apologize but several scenes were shot just up the street from me at the old High School and when you can get a union gig at $60 an hour you take it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

Beak, good story!

I was in a writing group for of the members was the biggest voice-over guy in Hollywood's wife...Edwina Anderson.
She told us her son was trying to get a film made and all of us, being FROM here, knew nothing would come of it and just wished him luck and went on with our group's business...
Months later, she reminded me that her son's film had come out and we asked "really? what's it called!?" BOOGIE NIGHTS. Imagine!??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...


Your students likely lack the skill
to be pornographers.

Adam Sandler is one of dem Joooooos who support Israel. You must have reacted like Linda Blair as it wasn't a Sean Penn film that nobody watched.

Maybe you can make your own film with Castro. Useless Marxist Pirates of the Caribbean.

Z said...

Beak, my sis went to Super Bowl and stayed at Sandler's hotel; she raved about what a 'really nice guy' he is. I think that when celebs are like that, people should hear it...

he talked to her husband like a football fan, not a celeb creep.

Mark said...

God, Impertinent, but you are impertinent.

Did you even read the very next line?

I said, heavy emphasis on "seem"

It appears you are the one that needs a reality check.


cube said...

Z, you live such an interesting life. You do. Really! Of course, saying that makes me remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoon when he's giving the monster a pedicure... but I'm being sincere.

Z said...

Cube, isn't that COOL?
Ya, I think living in L.A. kind of promotes meeting interesting least 'celebrity' types, even if they're not very interesting!
I had a Cypriot friend who's a lawyer in Boston and has a crazy crush on Cameron Diaz come to visit about 8 years ago...he went off to Beverly Hills on his own and had a coffee at an outside cafe and came back practically frothing at the mouth; She came and sat right at the next table!
I must admit that stuff is fun.

ya, I could tell a LOT of stories.....

MK said...

"...80 percent of respondents said the American public at large was either friendly toward Muslim Americans or neutral."

None the less retarded liberals will insist that it's the Christians who are full of hate and bigotry and must be carefully monitored or the sky will fall in.

For those idiots at yahoo, 9/11 was an attack against muslims.

net observer said...

Not suprrising at all. Reminds me of the long-standing stats about most black people favoring the death penalty and school choice, despite the opinions of their so-called leadership.

Z said...

MK...'attack against muslims' true !

Hey, net........I didn't know those stats, of course; we don't hear what the msm doesn't want us to hear and this works against their ideology.
I suppose it's supposed to shock White America that Black Americans have viewpoints like that, but why? right? Who wouldn't want to have their children get the best education? How unusual for Black America to want justice to reign?

I'm so glad you posted this; makes everyone think on many different levels.

Elmers Brother said...

Why should Duhkkky complain. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

beamish said...

I teach film production not art per se.

Semantics about not brushing your teeth.

beamish said...

You guys go to great lengths and believe all kinds of spin to keep your hatred of anyone not like you alive.

No I don't. There is no effort made to hate you at all. I can hate you all day without breaking a sweat.

Bob said...


I have a minor correction to your comment. Since I am one of those scientific people who has had to make guesses, it goes like this.

WAG - A WAG is a Wild Ass Guess

SWAG - A SWAG is a Scientific Wild Ass Guess. You have to be a scientist to make the SWAG.

Elmers Brother said...

The 's' can stand for other things

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