Thursday, May 8, 2008

"As California goes, so goes the union.............."

Here's an excerpt from my buddy Clark's thought provoking piece ("When Bigots Accuse") at his blog:

"For more than three decades, Jeremiah Wright screamed FIRE in his crowded theater. But when America’s magical Negro introduced us to his spiritual advisor, even liberal Democrats choked on the hypocrisy. Wright backtracked a little at the National Press Club, blunting his government-AIDS fable with a vaguer US Government “is capable of anything.”"

Check it out:


Always On Watch said...

That's quite an essay in the LA Times. I think that some of it is spot on!

Anonymous said...

This guy looks awfully young to be sharp.

Wonder where HE came from?


Z said...

Hi, FT. Well, he'll LOVE that! He has grown kids and has had several careers, including LA COP and running for office here. Check out his site and look at his PROFILE. He's a good guy, I've run into him at a few political luncheons.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Z,

Looks about 28 to me.

More power to him!


Anonymous said...

Well, here it is in a nutshell from Clark Baker's pen to God's eyes:

••• "By 1986, I'd begun to see that it was not bigotry and racism that oppressed low-income neighborhoods like the one I was born into, but liberal policies that undermined my efforts and progress in those communities. I discovered what liberal politicians seemed to intuit - that as long as large populations remained oppressed, and the rich (e.g., Republican-conservatives) were blamed, the corrupt and monied liberals who ran LA's political machinery would stay in power." •••

I like this guy a lot.

Now, why can't a man of HIS caliber run for President?

~ FreeThinke