Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rock? Classical? Nursery Rhymes? Just take the time....

I think we can learn a lot from kids, don't you?
Sometimes, you just have to get away from it all!


Anonymous said...

I know it is true; we all need solicitude from time to time. But like everything, moderation is an important key. I think familial dysfunction is the result of family members cutting themselves off from parents and siblings. When our kids can lock themselves away in their rooms, and entertain themselves almost exclusively in the virtual (as opposed to real) world, then we might ask, “Which has a greater influence – family members, of the internet/music media?”

Cute picture, though. I just wonder if many of us really think about the likely consequences of showering our children with material goods that actually take them away from us – permanently.

Anonymous said...

Very wise, well-stated observation, Mustang.

I agree completely. This started way back when young mothers started letting the TV "babysit" their infants and toddlers.

TV has been referred to as a "plug-in-drug."

I put "boomboxes" (which SHOULD have been outlawed as a Public Nuisance when they first appeared) and also constant listening to rock 'n rap through headphones in the same category. And of course the curse of MTV.

Piped in "music" over which one has no control in restaurants, waiting rooms, elevators, hospital corridors (!!!) adds to the problem.

Technology has partially dehumanized us and made it less and less likely that parents and children will ever get to KNOW one another.

That said, it IS a cute picture. With that smile he just HAS to be listening to a Handel Concerto Grosso or the finale of a Haydn symphony–––or maybe Rossini's overture to La Gazza Ladra. ;-)

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Remember that face, folks...remember to relax and enjoy...

That's what the post was meant to promote! Let's ALL try to occasionally get that blissful look on our faces. Turn OFF the TV, listen to music, talk to friends.... stop the political stress!

we'd all be better off!

EDGE said...

Hey z,

I put some movie tunes on my blog! Think you'll like it! :O)

Brooke said...

Kids are wonderful. They don't hesitate to show their enthusiasm for good music!`

CJ said...

You Tube has this great series of the Brandenburg Concertos by The Frieburg Baroque Orchestra that I play for my 9-month old grandson when he gets fussy (just the Allegros though, such as and it works like you wouldn't believe. He'll sit on my lap just riveted to the music and the picture of these people in formal dress with all their instruments in what must be the ballroom of an old country house or something like that. I'm hoping to keep him from the normally predictable addiction to rock music. Don't know if it will work but so far I'm impressed by the effect on him. I mean he LOVES it.

mommyof7 (2inheaven) said...

That is so cute. I need to do that someetimes too. I love to get in the mini van(wish is were cooler, oh well). Turn on some rock christian music (right now it is Casting Crowns) and play it really loud. I get sometime alone and sometime to worshipGod at the same time!!
Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I try not to yell all the time. Just when I have had enough of no one listening.
Thankfully we have 1 girl with all the boys. I am still praying God will bless me with one more girl. We will see what he has planned for us.
I do love rocking with them on the rocking chair and just holding them. Usually Princess has to be there too. She is just 2 and still has to be with Mommy allot....
Thank you for telling me about your mom!! I know she would understand with having 5 girls...
My Hubby was from Cali (San Jose). Do you live close to there? He has allot of family in Northen Cali.

Mommy of 5

Anonymous said...


How beautifull, how lovely is this small angel

Thanks Zin, for this wonderfull gift for the eyes.


Z said...

cj, your grandson is NINE MONTHS OLD ALREADY? It can't be true!
Wonderful that you're giving him that music! Mr Z read an article yesterday about how much more intelligent children are who've had classical music in their young lives.

SAM, I'm SO glad you liked that little face! It IS sweet, isn't it. I'm always happy you're here.

Mommy: I live in Santa Monica, CA, in LA County. I'll be praying for a little girl for your family! And, yes..rock them! You sound like a marvelous Mom! God bless you and make many more of you!

nanc said...

up to a certain age, they're as honest as the day is long - if they're yours, they'll always think you're "purty"! and that's when you know they've turned into little liars - hehehe...

we have the best teens on the planet and i love them more than my own life - we couldn't ask for better children.

yes, you can learn new things from them, or renew old things.

Anonymous said...

Z, I've been listening to a TON of music lately. Politics is at a minimum lately. My kids listen to lullabies sung by Peggy Lee, Burl Ives, Dick Van Dyke, and more. So calming.
It's imperative to be informed, but not to the detriment of our health / sanity. :0)
Amos Lee will lower your blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

More power to you, CJ!

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

Handel's Concerti Grossi are also wonderful as are almost ANY of the many Haydn and Mozart symphonies or string quartets and piano trios.

Most of this music is energizing, invigorating, encouraging and enlightening.

God bless the little boy and you too.

Once given, treasures of the mind and soul like the Brandenburg's et al. can never be stolen, and are unlikely to be corrupted, because they are TRUTHFUL.

I wish ALL children could receive the kind of gift you are giving.


~ FreeThinke

MathewK said...

Aww what a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Such a face! And the fat little cheeks! :-)


Z said...

and couldn't you just kiss that little neck? OH, my gosh, how cute is that KID!!?

CJ said...

She is a little doll. Is she one of your nieces or cousins? Is she the baby being held by her brother in another picture you sent around some months back? If so, you know what music she's listening to. Enlighten us!

Z said...

No, cj, just one picture in a bunch of cute ones I got through email from someone and I couldn't resist saving it and using it! I'm so glad everyone thinks it's as cute as I do. And yes, I'd love to know what music she's listening to!

Incognito said...

what a cute kid... yeah... lots to learn from kids, these days, like if you scream enough you get what you want.. ;-)

Me! said...

Dear Z, Perfect suggestion for this perfect weekend! I'll follow it and.. Relax and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Even the Music enjoys to be heard by this divin kid.

Does she know that, she is so lovely?!!


Z said...

Thanks, ME.

SAM! What a nice thought..that the music doesn't know how sweet the face is on its listener! And ISN"T it just the cutest little face?
Good to hear from you..I'm always glad you're SAFE. God bless you, z

Anonymous said...

Thank you zin;

I have put this lovely picture on my screen;

and looking at her face having pleasure to listen the music, makes me enormously feeling good,

I loose my stability and my seriousness everytime I see this divin FACE.

Zin; I have a wonderfull story about a lovely small girl whose name was Cathy.

she should be now 18 years old and very beautifull.

I remember when Madame Rajavi went to FRANCE, 14 years ago, close to her Residance were living a FRENCH couple who was opposing vigourously the presence of the Iranian Resistance at their neighbour.

All other Neighbours came to see Maryam and wellcomed her, but, this neighbour was not happy and opposed her presence at the same street.

Several temptations by the responsibles, and several invitations and even offering the followers didn't changed their hate, and it became even worse.

When Madam Rajavi learned that all the invitations have failled, she suggested a very simple way,

Cathy was only 4 years old, with an smal white face with smal and round and fat cheeks, long black hairs, singing all the times, a love, a wonderfull small doll,,,,

I was there, and I couldn't stop myself to not to kiss her smal white hands, finger by finger, her face, oh my GOD, I was forgeting all my duties, any time I saw her.

Maryem said, to dress Cathy with a Persian Folklorik dress, and sent CATHY with a BOUGUET of Blue and yellow and white Toulips to knock the door of that neighbour,

She was so beautifull that we had all forgotten to take a photo from her.

She went, She knocked the door, and With our great Surprise, we saw her entering in the villa,

No news during a long while, we were all anxious, we were never waiting her to be entered in the villa.

When, after a long hour, we wanted to go and knock their door, we saw Cathy in the arms of the lady with her husband coming to Maryams Residance some 200 meters away,

They were touched so deeply, they didn't had a child,

They came to see Maryam and all of us, with plainty of excuse and love, and they became Maryam's best French supporters and Friends.

Maryam openned the closed doors of the blind hate and angers with the that lovely cathy.

Z said...

SAM, what a lovely story. Who did Cathy belong to? That's such a typically American name. One of my own sisters is a Cathy.
Children can break through hate and fear, can't they!!
I must say I'm surprised French neighbors came at all because they are not usually warm like that to outsiders right away! How did that happen!?

I just love that you put this little angel's face as your screen saver. makes me feel good to give you joy in your situation. When I look at her, I can barely take my eyes away from that face, either. Don't you want to kiss that little area under her chin?!!

Thanks so much for the story! z

Anonymous said...

Cathy and CLARA two sisters, are the cieces of Madame Rajavi;

Sometimes i think that we owe for each breath a thank to GOD who has created the most beaytifull kids, plenty of love, kindness, innocence.

If the devil of Islamism and Fascisim disappears from the earth, The earth can be transformed to heaven for all the kids so that they can play and live happy as this MAMANI BIRD.

I remember that, I was calling her, LITLE BIRD, and she was loving that I call her, she was answering with a BIRDY voice after 3 times of calling.

Z said...

I love the story about the bird, SAM. I had a special 'thing' with a bird and my grandfather when he wheeled me in my carriage many years ago. The bird was hanging in a cage in a breakfast room window nearby my grandparents' home and Grandpa's stories about my relating to that little bird at such a young age put a smile on my face until the day he died not so very long ago. Thanks for the reminder.

"Cathy and Clara" are such Anglo names I'm surprised they were children born in Iran. It would be like Fahriba or Solleiah here in LA!! pretty names, all.

SAM! YOu were born Muslim, right? You say Islam and Fascism are 'devils on the earth'. Do you feel Muslims could never participate in a peaceful world of many religions? Do you believe like I do that Muslims in ENORMOUS numbers would be speaking out against their terrorists IF they could cohabitate with Christians and Jews in a peaceful manner? WHY are they not?

Still, I believe there are many muslims who don't wish all Christians or Jews dead. Do you think the scourage of terrorism by islam could ever stop and muslims would turn from desires for world domination?

Anonymous said...

J'Mac, Mixing everything with power is dangerous.

In the Midle age we had the Catholisism (and not the Christianity) on power in Europe, if you read the history of the Inquisition you will find that the history repeats again,

Why you'r the Protestants, and why you have the majority of the protestants out of Europe, because the were Cutted on Slice, Beheaded, and boilled alive in the boiling oil.

If you go to Europe, and if you visit the ancient churches and Cathedrals, ask to visit the undergrounds of those places, you will find the torture rooms and tools in all of them.

When the FAT POPE of VATICAN was iile, he had to drink the blood of the very young kids,

Have you ever asked, why all the Guards of VATICAN should be only and only SWISS?

Dear Johny, the COKTAIL of the religion and power is dangerous for the humanity.

Acting under the name of GOD will an arm in hand will result only the victims.

ISM of any ideology is anti-HUMAN.

But, thank you for your Sympathy, you can consider me and my comrads the Muslim Protestants.
Zin; about the Islamism and Muslims, I copy and paste what I posted on FPM to J'MAC and Steve.

You read it please, and re-compose your Questions, S.V.P.

We consider the Islamism (the ISLAM on Power) anti GOD, and the Mullahs, the representatives of DEVIL on the earth.

Without being MUSLIM, we can never follow our fight against the ISLAMISM.

And we have only one bloody enemy, ISLAMISM.
I wanted to tell you that the mixture of Religion and Power is as bad as the mixture of Wisky and beer (Undrinkable).

And you'r right about the inquisition, they were killing the Christians, and Islamism has killed till now at least 1000 times more muslim than any other faith.

But, Islamism is anti human, they kill the humans, no matter the religion of the victims, and they destry all that GOD has created.

The Hypocrisy and monsonge is one of their characteristics.

the history of the Revolution Fran├žaise is a good example, once we separate all kind of influences of the Religion from the power and even the education, and we use and promote and educate and exercise the democracy as the only tools for the democratically elected power, we can warantee the non return of the religion.

And if the religion stays at it's current state, the number of the Mosques will be greater than the number of the believers.

Z said...

SAM, pardon me for my've probably answered this before and are asking yourself how dense I can be on this topic!

So it's the ISLAMISTS, not muslims, who're the problem. Well, I hope that's so. And, I believe it is, BUT when the Koran (and it DOES) suggests these evil treatments of infidels (that'd be ME!), what can infidels THINK?
ARE muslims, those who are NOT islamists, really scared of speaking against the islamists because their koran tells them the islamists are RIGHT, SAM? Honestly? IT DOES. I have read the awful parts, as well as the really beautiful parts, of the Koran and I wonder if good, loving muslims still, deep inside, believe Allah wants all to come to islam OR DIE.

Anonymous said...


Islamism is using the Religion on power, and in our case, this religion is ISLAM.

Islam is like other Religions,

Infidel in ISLAM and according to QORAN are called to the people who relates the lies to GOD,

For EXample, anybody who says that GOD has ordered to kill the Jews or Christians or even no faith people, is a KAFAR, or Infidel.

so, all the Islamists are the infidels according to ISLAM and QORAN.

In Islam there are 2 lethal sins;

KoFR (Infidelity) and SHERK ( to bring or to consider an associate to GOD and GOD's power and GOD's will).

So the Clerics on power who Governs with force and not elected and says that I'm Allah's power and will on the earth, IS A MOSHREK and should be killed according to QORAN and ISLAM.

So, the Mullahs on power have put two lethal sins and should be eliminated.

Well, that's why we say that the SEPARATION OF THE POWER AND CHURCH,

The power should be elected by the people,


Z said...

but, SAM, the koran's pretty clear in saying the infidels should be killed for not believing in Allah.

Anonymous said...


Koran was revealed to Mohamad during two periods;

in the first period, Mohamad was in total war with the ARAB TRIBES,

Those Tribes, all had one idole as GOD, and KABA was the house of those idiles,

According to their believness, if the new born was a girl, they should bury the kid alive, or the parents should be banned for ever.

Mohamad came to destroy those BARBARIC rulles.

First, he asked them to not to kill the babes, But, they were claiming that this was their GODS orders, Mohamad entered at KABA and broke all the idols, and said, this is the order of ALLAH, the UBIC GOD, the GOD who created the lives and everything, either you believe to the UNIC GOD or you'r the infidels and we will fight you.

Zin; if Mohamad didn't fought the Infidel tribes to death, he couldn't transform those Subhumans to live in the modern societies.

But the Koran of that period and the wars of Mohamad can not be translated to our periods and our times,

But infidels of our periods are the ISLAMISTS and the Mullahs and never the believers of the UNIC CREATOR what ever is called, ALLAH, GOD, DIEU, TARY, YAZDAN, ,,,,


Z said...

SAM...okay. I don't know why I trust you, but I do.
Your information is interesting and I pray more muslims feel like you do.
I still don't understand why peace loving muslims don't ACT....HUGELY. Why don't they go crazy over the AWFUL threats to Western society by Islamists in London, for example? WHAT a message that would much more sanguine the West would be toward ALL Muslims if more Muslims would SPEAK OUT IN THE THOUSANDS.

Anonymous said...


UK is promoting Islamism, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, are the best supporters of the Islamism and Terrorism,

In US you have CAIR and you'r not happy that your Administration do not protect you against this Dangerous CAIR society,

BUT, in UK, all the ministres have a double hat and double salaries.

And tell me please, in which Muslim country there is a democracy?

The Muslims in the Muslim countries is kept under the strict control of the state, in a great misery and non educated.

The only muslim country that there is a hope to be liberated from the FANATISM and ISLAMISM is IRAN, but, we have to waste at least 90% of our energy(according to MARYAM RAJAVI) just to neutralize the WEST's plot against the RESISTANCE.

zin; the existance of the ISLAMISM and their threat to the peace is very benefic for the west's corrupted Rullers.

Your BUSH is alone in this world, and look at your educated people, they hate BUSH, without BUSH, your politicians would offer your country to the ISLAMISTS till now, but, the majority of the Americans HATE HIM,

IF ISLAMISM and TERRORISM and KILLING EVERYDAY the innocents and your soldiers is BAD, why the whole west's representatives are in TEHERAN just now to offer another bigger package of incentives to the MULLAHS??!!, why?

OUR biggest BARRAGE to liberate our country from Islamism is the west, zin, If Iran is freed from the MULLAHS, if you can find one person in the mosques, you can say that SAM was lieing all the time.

After the liberation of IRAN, if you hear the name of Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, HAMAS, and any other kind of Terrorism, you can say that we were all lieing,

ZIN; this is the west,

MARYAM SAID, Ahmadinejad is the result of the Mariage of the Mullahs and the west.

BARIL of oil at 135 usd$ paid to Ahmadinejad!!! who had increased the prices, with this price paid to the Mullahs, the economic sanctionns of BUSH against the Mullahs are avorted, and who is increasing the prices?

the OIL CARTELS at HOUSTON, SOROS and company, and Clinton and Tony Blair as dealers among other worms.

Yes zin, there is a question of the big DOLLARS and not the religion.

Islam or any other ideology is a pretext for those corrupted politicians, and of course the other profitors are the ISLAMISTS, but the ISLAMISTS( with their ISLAMIC EXACTIONS and terrorism) and the western rullers are the double faces of the same coin.

We can continue tomorrow if you want, Madame.


Z said...

Tell me why Tony Blair OR the Queen (especially, who is working stupidly to get Turkey INTO the EU..BIG mistake) would give England to Islamists.

Anonymous said...

Zin you said;

Tell me why Tony Blair OR the Queen (especially, who is working stupidly to get Turkey INTO the EU..BIG mistake) would give England to Islamists.

MONEY; too much money,

Tony is the stock holder of an Australian company who has an exclusive deal with the Iranian Diamond mines(1,2 Billions of USD$ / Year).

His last FM, the woman, (BECKET); her Husband was the Brooker for the Iranian Regim, he had smigled all kind of prohibited warfaires to IRAN, even DUBAI who don't care about any kind of UN SANCTIONS has warned the UN about the danger of those huge deals during more than 20 years.

And he had used his wife's authority in the UK government to BREAK all the international interdictions about the arms deal to IRAN.

All the Acounts of OSAMA BIN LADEN are in the City Bank of LONDON.

The UK has become un-liveable, you can find all kind of Jihadists and Islamists there, just you pay a lot of money to the UK Government, you can even buy the higness titles like, LORD, BARON, Baroness, KONT, every thing is to sale.

I think that you know BBC.

BBC comes to you and suggests you to make a program to diabolize your enemy, the size and importance of the program depends on the budget that you make.

LOOK, they have a deal with IRAN about the BBC in persian language and all the news about BUSH,

You can never and never find any BUSH/IRAN Relating news which is untouched.

For Example; BUSH Said Iran should Halt his Uranieum Enrichement,

the same News on BBC Persian Language transmitted directly to IRAN with powerfull HF, FM, Satellites, Internet and Written daily journals;

Bush Threatened IRAN, and he has taken the Iranian Civil and Scientific nuclear work as pretext to attack IRAN, the same words and situation was used before 2003 to invade Iraq, BUT, nobody found the Nuclear sites in IRAQ.

I have the tenths of these kind of examples.

Zin, during the last 2 years, at least 200 Billions USD$ is missing from Iranian Treasury, only Ahmadinejad has spent 72 Billions without providing any prooves.

and a lot of that money is spend by the MULLAHS in EU and USA to the Mullah's lobbies,

Zin, Your Democrat party, Madelain Albright via TRITA PARSI and NAMAZI and AMIR AHMADI / SOROS, and Mullah Khatami, is one of the Mullah's hands in your political American life.

CORRUPTION MADAME Corruption, and the money of CORRUPTION,


Z said...

SAM, i just don't believe any American or Brit would give their country over for money and terror, which is certainly promised by the Terrorists. (I don't use JIHADIST anymore as I understand they look at that as a kind of holy compliment).

I'm sorry, but to think Blair could do this is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps this kind of naivite is what the terrorist islamists are counting on, I've frequently said that, but on THIS level? I just can't believe it.

I do feel Arab money has bought a LOT of English property and we don't know how much they own here, either...but it's huge, I'm sure. We have given them the money by giving them their oil potential and they are desperate to ruin us at every turn...there is no doubt about that.

I will never believe relatively wealthy people like the Blairs or the Bushes would sell their country to be even MORE rich; no more than I believe the Iraq war was to make Haliburton and Cheney even MORE rich.

I'm sorry to let you down; it's just hard to imagine. If it's true, and you have proof, perhaps the publication of this kind of inforation with facts and figures and dates which can be proven would help MEK get off the terror lists?

Anonymous said...


Would you please read thisarticle below;

and this one please;

Anonymous said...

The child is adorable. But I could easily burst into tears when I think of all the dreadful things it will have to face all too soon.

I thank God, every day, that I never brought children into this treacherous, threatening, demented, deceitful valley of despair.

But God bless that child, and all the children just the same. I hope it can enjoy a wonderful life experience, despite the odds against it.

~ FreeThinke