Friday, May 30, 2008


I'VE HATED THE REBATE WE'RE ALL GETTING SINCE I FIRST HEARD ABOUT IT. Though I could use it just as happily as the next person, I thought it was pandering and so wrong on so many levels. America doesn't give money to people for no reason. DOES IT?

Here's an article I found interesting and some 'highlights' (quoted below) from this very professional "business writer" with no agenda! By the way, throughout the article you're made to get the impression Mr. Bush thought everybody'd only be buying flatscreen TV's and other if he doesn't understand we might need necessities, too.... Well, it seems like he wasn't QUITE as stupid as our writer wanted to suggest. This article says this: "President Bush said tax rebates will start going out Monday, earlier than previously announced, and should help Americans cope with rising gasoline and food prices, as well as aid a slumping economy. " (the article also shows when YOU will get YOURS, by the way)

Oops! Mr. Carpenter, oh Mr. Business Writer? You didn't let your agenda get a little ahead of you, DID you? You aren't paying attention...!

Anyway, check the article out and ponder on these quotes from it! Enjoy:

By DAVE CARPENTER, AP Business Writer

CHICAGO - Many Americans allowed themselves to fantasize about large-screen TVs, European vacations and other luxuries when they learned of the federal rebates they'd be getting this spring and early summer. Or maybe — shh, don't tell the president — they'd pay off a credit card or set the rebate aside for a big purchase in the future, notwithstanding Washington's intentions that they pump it immediately into the flagging economy. (z; Anyone else see that as an insult? Isn't this usually how the president gets thanked every time he panders to the left and makes a decision like this?)


"Vanessa Church, a 49-year-old Chicagoan with six children, was grateful for the rebate but found there wasn't much left over after big payments for utilities and other basic needs were taken care of. "Things are getting tighter and tighter," she said, adding jokingly: "I'm thinking they should do this twice a year." (z; Anybody surprised at that reaction? 'Give them an inch and they'll take a mile'?)

and a bit more:

"I thought it was a really cool thing. It made me see my president in a different light. I was like, 'Attaboy George!' I can be swayed, I can be bought!" (z; Geez, I WONDER who SHE'LL be voting for, huh?)

Beautiful, isn't it? This is the new America. How many of you supported this rebate in all its implications? I'd like to be dissuaded from hating it so much. I'm very curious....thanks.


CJ said...

I don't have the time to read through the article, wish you'd condensed the point about why you hate the rebate because I'm sure I don't understand the implications. Pandering, sure, I guess, but is there more against it? I knew I wouldn't be using it for anything they were saying it was for, but it helped me get through the last month a bit easier than I might have otherwise. I hate taxes a lot more and my rebate offset my tax for last year quite nicely so I'm happy.

Brooke said...

A rebate (debt to) from China to supposedly buy Chinese made things. Can you say double-whammy?

Almost everyone I know who will get a 'rebate' is going to save it or spend it on debt reduction.

Z said...

Hi, cj....and, of course, I understand that money helped you. It will help us, too. Who can't use a free chunk of change?

My gut feeling (and Lord knows, I'm no economist or philosopher) is that this is a slippery slope. America has always been known as a country whose inhabitants work hard to make their livings. Sure, there have always been people who have needs they can't meet and charitable foundations have tried to meet those needs.
Seems to me that, today, we're heading toward getting everything for free!: i.e. healthcare, college, etc.
We have what many consider viable candidates talking about raising taxes so high on us to help PAY for that gov't giving to the needy that we won't have a middle class anymore! These candidates are talking about raising taxes on corporations so high that those places which HIRE US are either going off shore or will close under the burden, to say nothing about the fact that our greatness in innovation/invention has been larely due to having the money in pharmaceutical companies, etc., to have labs working on great things! That will stop. Quickly. "Closed" "Out of Business"

As will America be. We will not be the trendsetter, the admirable country from which such great things come. WE, too, will be mediocre; just ripe for joining all the other mediocre countries under the auspices of the UN. But, I digress...

I hate what this rebate feels like to me. It represents everything I hate about where we're sliding to.

We're mocking faith when faith-based giving was a staple for helping our poor! We're probably going to stop faith tax exemptions soon (as should that be stopped in Obama's church, especially after hearing the latest idiocy from their guest speaker!..some sermon, huh?)...and that will FORCE us to go TO THE GOV'T.

I don't like Government big giving or spending. It's just a gut feeling I have that this wasn't the way to handle our economic situation.

But, I'm so willing to listen to anybody who can educate me into feeling differently.. I hate worrying this much about a country!!!

Z said...
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Z said...

BROOOOOKE? If you're still around, did you think this was a good idea on ANY level?

You're so right about the China connection

EDGE said...


I bought a fridge and a grill for my new house thanks to the rebate! Both made in 'merica by 'mericans!


Z said...

EDGE! You're the man! GOOD for you! Buying American is SO important. I'm delighted you could FIND a fridge and grill made here! And congrats on the new house, guy!

NOw, tell me if you thought it was a good idea for America to do this....

nanc said...

i believe this was but a baby step to get u.s. ALL used to a handout.

the idea of it makes me want to hurl - of course i know it will more than likely be spent by people to offset housing and utility debt and will help some people TRULY worthy of it.

the understanding behind the whole idea was plain stupid - there's no other way to put it.

why not give that money to our military? or some other worthy cause?

hell, our government gives hundreds of millions every year to planned parenthood to kill the unborn - why not give the "rebates" to a cause that stands up to this abomination?

you may say that's a conflict of interest on their part, but what isn't anymore?

just when i think i've got my perplexion cleared up...


The Merry Widow said...

Can you say, "Bread and circuses?"
Garbage on tv and some pittance to buy necessities...
I'm still waiting by the way.

Guess I'm too conservative to deserve one! :rolling of eyes:

Anonymous said...

Whenever a car dealer discounts a $30K automobile (rebates, other incentives), then obviously that vehicle isn’t worth $30K. It makes you wonder how they get away with selling it at the MSRP. Similarly, when the government offers up tax rebates, it tends to suggest they didn’t need that much money to begin with . . . so we should wonder why we're being forced to pay it. Common sense tells us that that the primary reason for government is to make decisions on our behalf, and then tax the living daylights out of us to pay for their ideas. The bottom line is the government never gets enough.

In the case of tax rebates, what they’re giving out “free” now will be collected in spade later; especially with a tax and spend liberal in the White House (even if the GOP isn’t much better). In short, government tax behavior is appalling. If any of those bozos in congress had the country’s best interest at heart, they’d restrict government spending to no more than what can be reasonably collected in any given fiscal year. The rate of taxation (too high, too low) is a good excuse for “tossing the bums out.” We don’t do enough of that. Tax code is confusing on purpose; they want to keep us in the dark, and feed us crap about what a good job they’re doing on our behalf. Barf.

So I think Z is right . . . it is a very slippery slope. I continue to believe computers would be a better investment in our country than those 535 members of Congress. At least we can turn computers off . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I guess I see this differently than some. I don't see this as a 'gift'. I see it as getting back a small amount of our own money.

The money sent to those who don't pay taxes is a gift IMO. However, for the rest of us who pay taxes, it's payback. A small portion, but, payback just the same.

As for it being spent on "doing some good", that's in the eye of the beholder". I'd rather make that decision than have the government doing it.

This is our money folks. The taxpayers. If I thought Washington would suddenly behave responsibly, I'd say let them keep it and pay down something on the national debt. Yeah, and if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

It'll do more good for the economy, than it would in government coffers. We can call the rebates the 'taxpayer's earmarks'.


CJ said...

Yes, what Pris said, payback for the taxes. It's our money we're getting back. If we get our taxes back that already corrects a big part of what's wrong with liberal economic policy. Why should the government get to spend it on ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

Z is absolutely right when she says that this handout makes her feel uneasy. Actually, it should not be necessary in the first place. But in order to reach that, several things need to be done:

1. Absolutely no more pork barrel stuff added to laws. That process is a mockery to human intelligence, and should not exist.

2. Fire 80% of government employees at all levels. They are useless and counter productive.

3. Send them into the fields to replace illegal immigrants whom we are sending home at the same time.

4. Add the welfare recipients to those working in the fields so that they know why they are receiving a check.

5. Fire Congress entirely, and make sure that nobody can be elected any more through a process of bribery (in other words no more campaign contributions, campaign expenditures cut down to 10% and paid by taxpayers). Then make sure that normal people can get elected and not only lawyers.

6. Introduce a flat/fair tax. It woks in 28 countries around the world very well and stimulates the economy.

7. Make sure that no communists are elected to higher office.

Having done this, the country will bloom again. And we need no more handouts.

Mr. Z

Karen Townsend said...

Well, all you have to see is the AP in front of his description to know where he is coming from!

About the handouts - I'm a Republican so my first gut reaction is what a racket. Political posturing. If the government didn't take so much, they wouldn't feel guilty and 'give' some back! It's still all our money. Nothing will change until McCain gets into office and stops all the ridiculous waste of money in earmarks.

Papa Frank said...

I LOVE the opinion here of Mr. Z. Put it on a ballot and let me vote YES. Actually, not yes but HELL YES!!!

The clear winner of the tax rebates is --- CHINA!!!
Borrow the money from China to give the rebates, pay it back with interest, give it to Americans who will use it to buy stuff made in China.

Me! said...

I never supported or agreed with this tax stimulus payment as it only benefits those who already get enough benefits from tax payers plus when it comes to "giving money" you can never "give enough" and normally people will always expect (in many cases demand) more!

Those who received the rebate, should be thankful, be quiet about it, spend it wisely and remember... there are some of us who did not qualify for the rebate and we're still paying high prices for gas, food, etc. So.. count your blessings!

Anonymous said...

Because I do contract work, we owed taxes this year, so ours is going right back to Uncle Sam.
I think it was Bush's way of trying to go out on a good note. Maybe that's too simple. But lately he seems like a simpleton to me. If we hadn't spent it on taxes, it would've gone into savings.
No 'made in China' here!

nanc said...

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nanc said...

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Z said...

This is a friend of Dora's and her city is "Mount Dora"? How unsavory!! :0)

nanc said...

sneaky, aren't they...

funny thing - dora's is a "request to be invited" site, but she never answers requests to be invited - if you'd have seen her site, you'd've been appalled at best.

she's been busy at brooke's of late.

nanc said...

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nanc said...

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