Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will our Left finally GET IT??

I guess it just couldn't be that the guy who did this would have done it before being detained at Gitmo, right? What do you want to bet the liberals will blame us? Couldn't be that they were terrorists already and THAT'S why they WERE detained, not that their detainment made them so angry they couldn't help but become terrorists!?? You think the truth shown by an attack like this, by a guy like this, might make some impact on the war-hating left?

Funny, there are plenty of people who think we've created terrorists because of having gone into Iraq. Couldn't be that the USS Cole, and the African embassies and even 9/11 happened BEFORE we went into Iraq, COULD it? (oops..)

So, is the cart before the horse, or..............?


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

You've got it all wrong about the left, Z.

Fighting wars in Islamic countries will only create terrorists among people we shouldn't profile at the airport.

Anonymous said...


this is Iraq Daily.

you talked about the USS Cole, Nairooby, and 9/11 among the others that was produced before Iraq WAR.

You'r right, and we had 77 of London and 3/11 of Madrid after the Iraq war.

the terrorism before the Iraq war and after the Iraq war have the same characteristic and has the same source and is resulted from the same politics.

APPEASEMENT, YES zin, You had the terrorist attacks because of the USA APPEASEMENT politics before BUSH,

the 3/11 of Madrid was the direct politics and even personal involvement of AZNAR, he had transformed Spain on a heaven for the Islamists.

and UK, Nobody is surprised to have the BOMBS in LONDON, Tony Blair and Jack Straw, if one day the details of their personal interest and mutual interest with the mullahs is disclosed, you will not believe your eyes to read what they have done to the humanity.

UK now is called Londonistan.

If you want, I can write more about the terrorism, you have a Resistant, A victim, and an expert of anti-terrorism in your BLOG.


Anonymous said...

on FPM now

Iran’s Lobby in the U.S.

To be read, outstanding article.


Z said...

Thanks for the info that the FPM article's so good. I'll go there later, SAM.

Do you see in this article where our detainees in Guantanamo are being released by American Leftist lawyers eager to show it's OUR FAULT they're there, and now they're getting out and doing great harm? The title story says only one's done real harm, but in the article, halfway down, it admits about 35 have tried to cause more trouble.
We are being SO lied to, SAM...and I don't see it stopping.

What would you suggest we do with these people who can't be in the world anymore because it's too risky to allow them to live? I mean it. We can't have them here, they want us DEAD, we can't allow them back into their countries because they're only going to do havoc there, too. SO, what do we do? We know ANY ANY Arab country would murder them in private and nobody would know, the gov't wouldn't tell the truth, the families would never see them.

In our zeal to be nice and make sure nobody dislikes us, we are facing ruin. Sounds horrid for me to say this, I wish nobody DEATH!!, but I don't see a solution for these people, and there are thousands of them.

Anonymous said...


There is no individual terrorist, it's nonsense, nobody becomes terrorist alone.

We don't have a self stand auto emotional terrorist.

Your feeling is based on your American misinformation of the truth.

The people at GITMO, some of them are guilty, and terrorists, but, you can find the individuals who want to do the same harms everywhere,

Of course, I don't want to Disculp any of the GITMO prisonners, but, the Quest is not GITMO, and the Question is not the individuals of GITMO, Gitmo is a Curtain of FOG to hidden something very important.

For us, and for the rest of the world, GITMO and it's prisonners have no importance and no interest, GITMO is created for you the Americans, so that you do not see the reality and to make you believe that the devil is locked in GITMO.

zin, the terrorists of the GITMO are not the devils.

Terrorist is not the devil, Terrorism is the devil, and the tools of the devil is the terrorist.

Nobody is terrorist, the terrorist is a tool that the terrorism manufactures.

even if you kill all the terrorists, the problem remains the same, because the terrorism will manufacture other terrorists.

Your administration do not fight against the terrorism.

like that, the police arrests only the drug dealers, and leaves the mafia.

Your military could kill all of them before transferring them to GITMO.

Your military did it before, and continues doing, just last month, your military has killed 1088 terrorists in SADRE CITY(BRAVO), but, the result remains the same, because at the same time USA provides the safe heaven for their commanditories, read the Articl please, you will understand more.

There is absolutly no will to fight and irradicate the terrorism by your Administrations.

David Schantz said...

If we was to call these slugs POW's instead of enemy combatants could we hold them until the war is over without hurting any left wing liberals little feelings? Have any of them carried out a suicide attack killing innocent civilians while locked up?

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in taking prisoners when there's a war on.

Dead men tell no tales and make no trouble. What's more they can't avail themselves of the services of lawyers.

I would categorize the type of lawyers who caters to political activists and Gitmo prisoners as enemy combatants and send them to live among the monsters they would force us to set free.


I friggin hate 'em.


Incognito said...

once a terrorist, always a terrorist. it's like pedophiles and rapist, let them out, and for the most part, they will re-offend.

MathewK said...

The left will not get it Z, perhaps when the jihadists have them by their throats, but when that happens it'll be too late and it won't really matter.

They will close Gitmo, one way or another and even organize compensation and try to get America into some sort of national shame day or something. As far as the left are concerned, like the criminal, thou shalt not punish the terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Z.