Thursday, May 29, 2008

From a Soldier's Wife.......

Steeling for Silence

In the last 18 years I don't think there've been

this many nights without hearing from him

And, just as the ocean--pulsed by constant repeats

of powerful, surging crests that pound and retreat--

would stagnate were the moon muted to compel tides,

the instruments of my ear stand, silent, they bide

to conduct that symphony arranging my life

as lover, as friend, as confidant, as wife:

Their moon being his intonation.

His voice was my first experience of him;

Waves that struck some chord, echoed some need within,

composed a new score, a new rhythm, a new theme

accompanied every subsequent act and scheme

Now, sudden silence stresses sensibilities

stifles, smothers, suggests the senses will seize

It's like trying to wean from dependence on air

Starving every cell, every fiber, its fare

Their oxygen his conversation.

This poem is by our friend, Norwegianwood, Pati, written a few days ago, only weeks after her Air Force husband, Scott, was deployed to Iraq for a year. I thought it was beautiful and it's important to hear from a wife. Thank you, Norwegianwood, for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your kids. And, of course, thanks to your husband for what he's doing for our country. May it be an easier year than you all expected and may he come home safe and sound.

Please keep Scott, Pati and their children in your prayers.


CJ said...

That made me feel it, hard. Thanks, NW, and I pray for him to come home well so you can breathe again.

Anonymous said...

I think I glimpsed into your heart, NW. Thank you so much for your sacrifice. Thank your dear husband for his tremendous act of service.

EDGE said...

Great post!

Brooke said...

Thank you!

Trying not to get teary...

heidianne jackson said...

should have warned us to have the kleenex (or puffs) box handy. this is an incredible post.

do you have a link for nw?

heidianne jackson

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Z! And, thank you all for you kind words and of course, the good wishes and prayers! You don't know how much they mean.

To you they may just be words; maybe they seem little consolence from so far away, but the fact that the effort, the time, was given to considering them and then making them known is a statement in and of itself...more beautiful than any poem I could write.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing the beauty of what true love is.
Bless your husband, and you and your family.

May God keep him safe, and may the time go quickly for you both.


Z said...

Brooke, if I remember correctly, I think I saw you mention it's your birthday today?

IF I'm right..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! z

Elmers Brother said...

My wife and children are/were the real heroes in my 20 year career in the Navy. I've often told my wife that I appreciated her putting up with that other woman in my life for so long.

Here's to all the military wives who shoulder the responsibility of raising children, paying the bills and making the sacrifice for our lives and liberties.

God Bless you NW...I'll be praying for you during this season of separation.

The reunions are so so good.

WomanHonorThyself said...

beautiful piece Z..God bless them all.

Karen Townsend said...

Very beautiful. Thanks to NW's husband for his service for our country. Thanks to her and their children for their service, too.

Z said...

Thanks, everyone...
Pati's a wonderful woman and your lifting her up like this is the best.

Heidianne, I'll email you Pati's link information; it's a different kind of blog.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you Pati. G-d bless and keep you, your family, and your great husband. You will be in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Similar sentiment?


Anonymous said...

Okay, this one, maybe?

Z said...

oh, MUCH better, fj. (except for the voice)

Beautiful video...thanks...Great sentiment. Imagine how difficult it was for wives of soldiers before email and other quick communication stuff? MONTHS without hearing. I don't see how they did it. God bless'em all.