Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How's HILLARY going to get OUT of this thing?

I'd love to see how Hillary gracefully gets out of running for the presidency; How's she going to give the nomination to Obama, as only SHE can do right now?

Will Bill play a part? Will she blame Howard Dean? Will she take the high road? Will it be a Right Wing Conspiracy which she feels pushed her into getting out of the race? Can she take the risk of ticking voters off by being the one picked by the delegates at the risk of appearing like the majority lost? (not when they blamed Gore's losing on that, right..or wrong?)



WomanHonorThyself said...

aw poor baby..not! we had better beat Obama or kiss America good bye Z!

Anonymous said...

She can claim a disease, need to spend more time taking care of her husband...hey, work with me here.

Or maybe it will be the old, ya know...America is just not ready for a woman president..blah, blah.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Well, Hillary can make the case by poll numbers that Obama's candidacy would do nothing but concede Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Wisconsin to McCain.

Hillary's last selling point:

"At least I won't lose in a landslide."

Anonymous said...


Up on your heels
Down on your toes
Learn how it feels
See how she goes

Everyone reject the Farcical Hag

YA ta, ta TA ta!

Hotter than hot
Newer than new
Meaner than mean
Bluer than blue

Raise as much applause as waving the fla-a-ag!

Rum pum pum!

You can pass
Many a class
Whether your dumb or wise
If you all, answer the call
When your professor cries:

Up on your heels
Down on your toes
Stay after school
See how she goes

Everyone reject the Farcical
Everyone reject the Farcical
Everyone reject the Farcical HAG!


Anonymous said...

A Clinton's campaign never ends
It just goes on and on, my friends
'Twas vain ambition started it
And knowing what it was
The Billarys can't stop it now.
Not ever, just because
A Clinton's campaign never ends...


heidianne jackson said...

ft - you forgot to say "queue really annoying, never ending song music" at the beginning of that. but, HA! I got it anyhow.

personally, z, I hope she DOES stay in until (if?) the convention tells her she's out - makes it that much easier to pick the dems' pocket - IF mccain gets off his hih horse abou not saying anything about obama...

heidianne jackson

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think we ought to spend all our energy digging up dirt on Boosayno and flinging it around far and wide–––and OFTEN.

Hillary, as they say, is TOAST.

The really BIG question, however, is Did John McCain leave the Hanoi Hilton with his testicles intact?

Sometimes he seems so whiny and wimpish–––and petulant and perverse–––that I want to SLAP him.

Is he a MAN or a MANchurian candidate?


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Well now, what if Hillary takes the Florida, Michigan, fiasco to the Supreme Court? Sure, that's it, the last step before an old fashioned convention donnybrook. One can only hope.

What else would a couple of lawyers like Hillary and Bill do?

Isn't the Democrat Party the group that says "every vote must count"?

Oh that's right it was their own rules that discounted Democrat votes!

It was their rules that decided against winner takes all!

It was their rules which created super delegates!

A perfect example of bureaucratic micro management. Hedging their bets, covering all the bases.

These are the people who want to run your healthcare program.

They can't even manage well enough to avoid their own disaster, how are they going to avoid mismanaging ours? You ain't seen nothing yet!



Z said...

Heidianne, oh, yes..I REALLY do hope she DOES stay in the race till the convention. YOU BET!! stuff!!

Beamish, you never let me down!!

dottr....great job; 'taking care of her husband'!! He'll have another heart thing and she'll just HAVE to step out of the race. Girl, you're GREAT! And, of COURSE, he'll recover past all expectations. "How was he THAT near death and he LIVED!" It'll be better than Eddie Murphy walking again. mhmmm

and Hill's off scott free. Poor Scott.

Z said...

Hillary, Hillary
anything goes
just look at her face while her nose grows and grows

And Bill's watching closely
he won't be outdone
He'd help with campaigning
but what if she'd won?

He'd been in the White House
he'd brought her along
now play second fiddle?
no, not for a song

He financed Obama
and nobody knew
he'd choke before seeing
us vote for his shrew

Travelgate, Whitewater
Vince Foster, too
the death list alone
reads like a Who's Who

She plotted and planned
to get her husband in
she's the type who can't tell
if a sin is a sin

But Bill's not very loyal
payback's not in his plan
and he'll keep her from winning
though she stayed with her man

So let's see what happens
is this really her end?
Is it Barack or McCain
to the White House we'll send?

Z (this is kind of fun..I invite anybody who'd like to post a HILLARY POEM 'a la' Free Thinker and Z......give it a go!)

Me! said...

I'm so glad I'm not a democrat! I would be lost... I guess. All our efforts and strength must go into beating Obama!!

nanc said...

she'll feign something - a terminal illness where somebody else gets sick and she has to tend to them, then she'll "kill bill" and hopefully fade into the backdrop never to be heard from again until the great white throne judgment...?

hey, it's a thought.


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Fact is, I'd rather Hillary than Obama and extending this further, I'd rather McCain too Hillary. The latter is dead politically and she should concede with whatever dignity remains. Following on we have a new concern, the possiblility of an Obama presidency...Lord help us...
Stay well!

Z said...

OH, yes..."Lord help us" about says it all in re: to an Obama presidency WITH a majority Dem congress!! OH, yes.......we'll definitely need help.

Anonymous said...

Here's the typical Dem pickle...

They argue, on the one hand, that rules are rules, and she agreed that FL and MI would not count...they don't CARE in this particular argument about NOT LISTENING to the VOTERS...

Yet, they ALSO argue, that somehow the super-delegates cannot possibly 'overturn' the popular vote..when IN ACTUALITY that is precisely the ONLY reason they were EVER put into oversee the 'party's' interests versus the electorate, and to 'make sure' the 'best' candidate was the, what happens to the 'rules are rules' attitude here? Well, I'll tell's the entire voting block that they drummed 'every vote should count' into in 2000, in addition to the Black Leadership they have 'nurtured' for years into playing 'antagonist' to get their way...who will BULLY the party into NOT following the rules with regards to the super delegates...but may NOT be as successful with the FL and MI voters needing to be counted...why? well... the folks who are saying rules are rules to keep FL and MI out are the same people threatening a demonstration if the super delegates do what they were CREATED to DO...trump the vote...there's no legitimate reason FOR them otherwise...and those folks are OBAMA supporters...

It is so fun to watch them wiggle around the issue...they try to claim it isn't Obama's fault, OR the DNCs fault but the Republican majority legislature...and their voters don't even see this red herring for what it is...I mean, Constitutionally it is the RIGHT of the STATE to legislate on such things; there were Dems who voted for the Bill that moved up the primary as well, if any of their blind masses would bother to look up the data; AND, more importantly, the DNC was not OBLIGATED to respond in any particular way to what the States did...the DNC 'made threats' that they felt the Dems in the states should be able to USE to 'manipulate' the legislatures in these didn't in their usual Un-Democratic, militant style they decided, like Saddam, to gas the ENTIRE Dem voting block in those two states, for the 'heresy' of a few... And NOW don't even have the cojones to CLAIM it for their own, but are using it to make those ticked off FL and MI voters BLAME Republicans in the fall...

and the sheep will do exactly that...


David Schantz said...

I'm going to take a cheap shot. Z, I want Hillary to stay in the race too. My post explaining why will be up in a couple of hours.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Anonymous said...

Hope for Resurrection in Steatopygia*

As Hill'ry passed the magic glass
She caught a glimpse of her fat ass.
"Mirror, thank you," she just said.
“I thought my chances now were dead,
“But you have done me lots of good.
“I see that I must have black blood."

~ FreeThinke
* ste·a·to·py·gia


Etymology: New Latin, from steat-, stear + Greek pygē buttocks

Date: 1879

an excessive development of fat on the buttocks that occurs chiefly among women of some African peoples, especially the Hottentots

— ste·a·to·py·gous\ or ste·a·to·py·gic