Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Spring............America?

I guess I have Spring Fever!? Check out the BLUE FLOWERS
z loves blue flowers
Thanks for the flowers, TMW....and for your friendship


Z said...

I was hoping
you'd stay
that Sunday

You could have

There was a blue bouquet
by the back door
for you,
your favorites

I was wearing
and no makeup
You liked me
that way,
at least
that's what
you said

The slam of the screen door
rang for hours
while I pulled dandelions,
singing love songs
in my head

The Merry Widow said...

I'm glad you're my sister! Feeling better today? DID YOU GET SOME SLEEP?

Glad you liked the garden, drop by any time and kick your shoes off and smell the flowers.

Anonymous said...

How lovely Z,
The flowers are truly beautiful as is your sentiment.

If I may, perhaps beat someone to the punch, there is something else that ushers in spring.

And that's...... Baseball!

Goooooo Dodgers!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Z! Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

I'd sing a little myself, but I'm afraid I'm about all sung out...

Z said...

JSG, you don't have to sing, you COULD compliment the poetry. It doesn't have to be by a muse, right? !!!
I may can my poetry career.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely poem, Z, but it's poignant. I see that someone hurt you, and that you memorialized a time of disappointment in this unique way.

The need to assuage one's private heartaches is one of the things that inspires the writing of poetry.

I should know!

Don't, even CONSIDER not writing. It's good for the soul.

So you love blue flowers?

Consider this:

Weeding my bed of plumbago
Can give me a case of lumbago.

Backaches make me feel blue,
But I'd still tend those flowers for you.

Love without pain isn't true.


Anonymous said...

PS from FreeThinke

If you are unfamiliar with plumbago, please use this link to see lovely illustrations and some explanation:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem and lovely photo.
If this poem is a result of past hurt, I hope it doesn't hurt so much any more.

Z said...

WVDottr...I'm so glad you like the poem.
We all have had past boyfriend problems! This isn't autobiographical, but a conglomeration of a lot of things.