Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This woman has REAL CHANGE in mind....

PLEASE CLICK ON THE TEXT AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO ENLARGE AND READ IT EASILY.... Is there ONE POINT you disagree with? Please TELL US. Any you REALLY agree with and would like to add to?




Anonymous said...

Great post Z!

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Average American said...

The most important point she made was the last one, the President can't make any of those changes, even though the Presidential candidates are the ones making all the promises. The congress makes the laws. We can take control back in two years IF we play our cards right. If the dems do as badly as I suspect they will, it might not be too hard to grab back a whole bunch of seats.

Always On Watch said...

This lady has obviously had enough of self-serving politicians.

And I believe that most Americans feel the same way, at least on some level.

The problem is that we have leaders ensconced in their ivory towers, Capitol Hill being a gathering place for them.

Anonymous said...

It works for the ACLU... but you probably need individual plaintiffs who are directly "harmed".

Elmers Brother said...

term limits...NOW that's the best idea.

Gayle said...

I agree with her on all points, Z. I don't have anything to add to it. I think she did a fine job of covering the issues. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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kevin said...

Norma for Congress!

Chuck said...

Smart lady. I like the part about not making babies born to illegals US citizens. This is a scam costing us untold millions (billions?).

Tony C said...

I'd like to meet this lady...she makes a lot of sense.

Just 3, any 3, issues if passed would start making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Everything that lady said made good sense to me. I am especially infuriated when I hear these politicians saying how they "understand" the the average Americans plight when it comes to health insurance. No, they don't. Because they get a free ride on my tax dollars.

Ducky's here said...

Stop all "unnecessary" spending (please define) and then spend it on defense.

Yeah, more of what passes for t"thought" on the right.

Ducky's here said...

Term limits.

Has anyone given a reasonable demonstration that will lead to better governance? Why is a revolving door of bone heads better than the current system?

Elmers Brother said...

Has anyone given a reasonable demonstration that will lead to better governance? Why is a revolving door of bone heads better than the current system?

probably for the same reason we don't allow a president to sit for more than two terms

Polls show that Americans want congressional term limitation by margins of three-to-one.

Shorter House limits would create more competitive elections. They would also reestablish a citizen legislature.

Voters in 21 states (plus Utah, where the state legislature acted) have approved term limits for their members of Congress.(1) Nowhere have people failed to restrict the terms of service of their legislators when able to vote on term limits. Only legislators, especially representatives, have resisted congressional term limits.

Z said...

Ducky, you can know Ted Kennedy and Kerry and Biden and Byrd and not want TERM LIMITS? Imagine if candidates had to really work hard for our country instead of constantly running for the next election? Knowing that they get paid off in their states if they do well for their states? Have you seen how many Robt Byrd Highways and intersections and mountains and buildings there ARE?!!

No more benefits for life, no more anything. Get elected, spend six years, and get OUT. Do your best for the country, not for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all suggestions - I would add one, however. Get rid of the organized bribery and get rid of ALL campaign contributions, however small or big, and replace them by (limited) government support for campaigns. Effect: No TIT for TATs, and limitation of ads (nobody needs the number of ads we are constantly subjected to).

Now, let's make it a New Years Resolution and make these items happen!


Z said...

Thanks, Christopher.

AA...I hope you're right but I believe Americans are far more into STYLE than Substance anymore and the cute, Edwards-type guy's going to keep winning from now on. Not the guy with real change and good fiscal information. They don't listen..that was clear in the last election.

AOW...leaders 'ensconced' and soon to be ensconced....that's why we need term limits.

FJ.... we need to do something.

Elbro, TODAY!

you're ALL right..great comments.

Except Ducky, of course. But,'ll learn, right!?

Ducky's here said...

Hey z, funny you only named Dems.

That's a FAIL. However, I would like to see Dianne Feinstein take a walk. In her case you can be assured the replacement would be an improvement.

I have always voted for Ted Kennedy and we will lose a great legislator when he passes.

As for the presidential limits, the Republican paranoia over FDR isn't much of an argument.

Z said...

Ducky, A "FAIL" you crack me up!
It's THEY who 'failed', isn't it.

Kennedy....what a slime bag. A murderer and a ridiculous buffoon.

As for Byrd, look into it....Most everything in WVA is BYRD HIGHWAY, BYRD you name it......$$$$$$$$$$ But, I'm SURE it's only because THEY LIKE HIM, right?

Feinstein's not a favorite of mine, either, but at least she has dignity. Check out Pelosi's California connections and tell me how dignified she is. Talk about on the take.

Look, it pleases me none to slam American politicians...I wish we could admire them. I really do.
Some day, maybe, we'll get people in who actually DO care about the American people. We can only hope and pray.

So, you're entirely against any meaningful term limits which tell politicians their election does not mean they can walk on water forever?

Mike said...

Term limits would cause a "revolving door" but, in the case of Congress, I think it's a good thing.

New blood hopefully means fresh ideas. Think of the companies that are failing...they have not adapted, they have been complacent. The same thing is happening with Congress.

Congress has an abysmal approval rating, and yet how many incumbents were not re-elected?

These politicians have set up their districts to just about guarantee re-election. So politicians with horrible approval ratings continue to get re-elected.

And if re-election is a concern, elected politicians practically shut down and do almost nothing in the months prior to the election season (which makes a long time for things to not get done). They don't get involved in the controversial, difficult decisions that need to be made (which essentially means they are not doing their jobs) because they are trying to shift to the center prior to the election.

If a politician knew they only got, say, two terms in office, maybe they would try to make the best of it and get some things done. Then the voters could actually see some changes to a Congress for which they overwhelmingly disapprove.

I know this is long, but I cannot stop...I think the PEOPLE should vote on pay raises and terms of health care and pension for politicians and it should be linked to effectiveness and job approval ratings.

cube said...

This is my kind of change and hope.

shoprat said...

One of the founding fathers, forget which one, said that the best government was one that feared its constituents. We need to restore that fear.

Z said...

M.A..YES! They actually might get some work done if they knew they were there for a short period, not just to get rich and famous and the best tables in restaurants and BARS.!
And yes.......we SHOULD vote on raises. WHY NOT?

As SHoprat suggests...let's get our politicians afraid of their employers; US

CUBE..isn't she great? xx

David Wyatt said...

Man, I wish SHE was president, or at least VP with Sarah Palin as President!

Z said...

ME, TOO, David! What a pair!

Anonymous said...

Mr Z,
Get rid of all campaign contributions? I doubt that would work out as well in practice as it sounds. I'm imagining a right to life group wanting to air an ad and naming the positions of the candidates and then finding out that their First Ammendment rights have been pre-empted by a campaign finance reform. As I understood it, that was the whole criticism surrounding McCain-Fiengold.

-Tio Bowser

Z said...

Hi, works in Germany.