Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hillary Clinton

So, listen....if Mrs. Bush had said that she's given enough evidence that her husband's charitable foundation "will not be in the atmosphere" when she becomes Secretary of State, do you think the senate or the media would give it a pass? Check out the link and the video in the link.......Mrs. Clinton is obviously very confident she's given enough information, and here's a clip from the article:

"The AP reported Tuesday that Hillary Clinton intervened at least six times in government issues directly affecting companies and others that later contributed to her husband's foundation. The AP obtained three pieces of the correspondence under the Freedom of Information Act.

The letters and donations involve pharmaceutical companies and telecommunications and energy interests; all said their donations to the Clinton foundation had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton's previous work on their issues.

"Throughout her tenure, Senator Clinton has proven that she acts solely based on what she believes is best for the state and people she represents, without consideration to any other factor," spokesman Philippe Reines said."

Will this be treated like Obama's been treated?....If the spokesman says it, it MUST be true?

Do you think this will go any further for Hillary and the senate will demand more information and better details of future donations to the foundation? Or is she scot free of any impropriety and could we be hanging out to dry if she does act in interests other than our own for the cash? Or for history which included payback of any kind?

Anybody think she's a really terrible nominee, or do you think she'll be fine. I have mixed feelings about it, myself.



Anonymous said...

HER again?


"The Thing That Will Not Die!"


~ FT

Warren said...

It seems that everything the Clinton's touch carries the stench of rotten fish.

Chuck said...

As far as the hearing, it's a joke. Is there any real mystery here as far as her confirmation goes?

I do agree with Warren.

I think she was a horrible choice and is most likely to embarass the US.

To be fair though, I think she actually would have made a good Homeland Security Secretary. I think she is qualified, she did a good job after 9/11. Plus, she has the biggest balls in the Democratic party.

Khaki Elephant said...

I have to admit that I find the image of Hillary Clinton sitting across the table from our enemies more comforting than the same image of Barack Obama . . . not that I find much consolation in the fact.

I do think Hillary is smart and tough. It's the whole honesty & integrity thing that seems to be her hang up.

Brooke said...

Hillary is adept at damage control for her husband.

If only she would dump his butt...

Nothing will come of this, of course.

Z said...

Ya, I agree with you all.

But, mostly with Khaki...better her than obama.

Mike said...

Didn't Kerry jump in and defend her once? Hmmm, is that common protocol at confirmation hearings?

It's a joke, but does anyone actually think that she won't get confirmed?

It's all stupid procedure right now. She could probably state, on the record, that she plans to share all of our secrets with Iran...and she'd still get confirmed.

Z said...

M.A...you're SO right.

Even ABC Radio tonight, in their short news clips between show segments, said "Today's confirmation hearings were a LOVE FEST..." I thought that was pretty perceptive and honest...for ABC.

LOVE FEST is right.......
What a joke we've become.

Average American said...

I guess if it HAD to be a demoncrap, she'll have to do. It could have been worse. At least we know this enemy.

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton ever wear a skirt?

Because her balls would show.

highboy said...

HRC: Hillary Meal Deal. 2 small breasts, two fat thighs, and a bunch of left wings.

Elmers Brother said...

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton ever wear a skirt?

it's because then you'd hear her thighs apologizing to each other when she walks

excuse me...pardon me...excuse me...pardon me...

Z said...

Highboy, nice to see you here again!

Average American and Elbro? tsk tsk tsk!!


Anonymous said...

I've said this for the last 12 years at least.
The Clintons are THE most corrupt people to hit the national scene in our lifetime. Maybe in American history, I don't know. What a shame that two obviously bright and talented people should be so OBNOXIOUSLY evil! In a perfect world, these two would be buried UNDER the jail.


Anonymous said...

I listened to some of the hearing, with Kerry gushing to Clinton about how wonderful she was, and how wonderful a Sec. of State she would be. I thought, "now I know why our secretary is so good at kissing the bosses behind, she must listen to this same stuff."

Anonymous said...

She's a Democrat and like all of the Obama cabinet members, will not only get a pass from the MSM, but a couple of hundred "Get out of Jail, Free" cards.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. The American people said so . . .

Ducky's here said...

The current bobo we have as Sect. of State had an oil tanker named after her by on of the majors.

Wow, there's corporate money being thrown around in government. The Saudis have economic leverage. I'm thankful that Hillary's nomination brought all this to light(that's sarcasm, Warren).

We are a sorry people.

Elmers Brother said...

only leftists are a sorry people. Unless you'd like to keep talking like Jimmy 'malaise' Carter duhkkky?

Pat Jenkins said...

z i think i saw 11 out of the 12 possible republican commitee members failed to even show up for this hearing? i think that is proof enough she is rubber stamped!

Z said...

Morgan.."Under the jail" exactly.

Hermit...your secretary an obama fan!? But, I guess brown nosing is widely practiced by ALL parties, that's sure clear enough!

MUSTANG.."It doesn't matter. The American people said so." WOW. On SO many levels.

What about GEITHNER? THERE's a story!

He neglected to pay $34,000 of taxes and paid them JUST in time to be nominated. And nobody cares.

The Treasury Secretary is a tax cheater. And even the Left, this lastnight on FOX, even Bob Beckel!, and this morning, said THAT's a PROBLEM! But, some Dem talking head...Jami something or other, said IT DOESN'T MATTER WHEN HE PAID THEM...HE DID PAY THEM.

I was stunned...He didn't pay them on time, he paid them JUST in time, but it doesn't matter....ethics mean NOTHING to these people

highboy said...

Obama is the change, his cabinet is the experience. That's what he said and so far he's right. So basically he's the young black face America can feel good about while the other liberal hacks run the country into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Z ... that is exactly my point of view. The man is a tax evader and eligible for high office. On the other hand, if a republican nominee hires an illegal alien house-maid, he's clearly ineligible for high office. So the American people decided to favor Chicago politics, and as Highboy said ... the Clinton cabinet will go back to setting us up for another terrorist attack.

PS. I would have said "The Clinton Era," but apparently we're still in it.

Anonymous said...

Good post "Z"

I posted on the same subject today.
I don't believe Hillary should be appointed but i knew this would happen. Barack owes too many favors!!

shoprat said...

I think Obama will get rid of her once he consolidates his political power, though it won't look that way from the outside. Her appointment is a short-term maneuver to contain a political enemy.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
"that's sarcasm, Warren"

Good for you, my comment was a metaphor. Maybe someday I'll explain irony to you.

Z said...


HOW? If Obama does, I want to know how WE CAN!! (Smile)