Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Priscilla's Post...........from our special guest contributor!

Goodbye Mr. President

I preface my remarks here by saying that September 11, 2001 so influenced my priorities as to what I expected from my government and the President of the United States that, for me, the War on Terror and the Islamic-fascists, became and still is, priority number one.
I find disagreement with President Bush on some other issues, but on the one which I feel is most urgent and threatens our very survival, I am in agreement.

President Bush chose to go on offense in this war and to do everything in his power to protect this nation and her people. He did so under constant opposition and assault from the left here at home and around the world. He did so while tolerating a drumbeat of accusation, vitriol, the consistent undermining of his actions, and a lackluster support from his party.

He did so while some, or someone, in the CIA leaked classified information which the press printed on the front pages of their newspapers, complicating the management of the war. At every turn in this endeavor, we heard “failure” from his adversaries. We heard “incompetence“, accusations of lies, ugly name calling, and generally speaking, actions by his detractors which emboldened the enemy.

Yet the President stayed the course and there have been times he appeared to be alone in this mission. I blame the Republican Party for it’s silence at times when they could have had the courage to stand up and loudly proclaim their support.

I expected nothing from the Democrat Party after the first months of this war. Therefore, I’ll waste little time on a party which would risk defeat for America in the name of gaining power for themselves. They are not worthy of my attention.

As a layperson I accept that there have no doubt been mistakes made in this fight. However I am not qualified to carp about tactics and strategy in war. I reject the “expertise” of arm chair generals who are not privy to classified material or the complexities involved in decisions regarding life or death in war.

In Iraq, the President changed strategy. It was dubbed “the surge“. Immediately anti-war voices, the press included, were heard to say it would fail. That we had lost. They were wrong. President Bush forged ahead, determined to have victory in Iraq. He endured the slings and arrows as he has during the entirety of his Presidency. His resolve in this has been unwavering.

Yes, we have more fighting to do in Afghanistan. That is to be expected because it is the nature of terrorists and terrorism. They are tenacious, and will not accept defeat easily. As the President said after 9-11, this fight will go on for decades. The only question now is, will we continue the fight after January 20th?

I know this. We have not suffered an attack in America in the seven years since 9-11. This is now mentioned by the press and others, in passing, as if it is not a huge achievement. I consider it something akin to amazing. The President put methods in place which gave us an advantage in preventing another attack. He has engaged cooperation in this endeavor of other countries. It has not been a matter of mere luck.

For this, I say, thank you Mr. President. You have saved American lives due to your diligence and dedication to doing so, and in the face of lawsuits, and loud cries of opposition and fear mongering. I thank you too, for shouldering this burden in our name, with grace and dignity. Finally, I respect your willingness to forego political expedience, for the greater good, and the safety of the American people.

With that, I wish you and Mrs. Bush, all the best, and the luxury of serenity as you leave behind the burdens of the Presidency. A special note of appreciation for Mrs. Bush who, as First Lady, represented the people and you with a gracious and supportive commitment which has been above reproach.

Goodbye Mr. President, and God bless you, from a grateful American.



Anonymous said...

Priscilla wrote: "I reject the “expertise” of arm chair generals who are not privy to classified material or the complexities involved in decisions regarding life or death in war."

Amen to that! Well said Pris, I also REJECT the Dems who were willing to risk defeat to gain power.


Anonymous said...

Priscilla: "For this, I say, thank you Mr. President. You have saved American lives due to your diligence and dedication to doing so, and in the face of lawsuits, and loud cries of opposition and fear mongering. I thank you too, for shouldering this burden in our name, with grace and dignity. Finally, I respect your willingness to forego political expedience, for the greater good, and the safety of the American people."

Also PERFECTLY written! He and Laura have returned grace and dignity to an Oval Office that was used as a toilet by the previous inhabitants. I was also impressed with his press conference yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Well, I voted for President Bush twice. But to tell the truth, I think the war in Iraq was a mistake, because in the end it turned out Sadam wasn't a threat and I don't care a bit if he was murdering the Iraqis. That's their problem. I think President Bush did a good job of holding the line on the terrorists, and the war in Afghanistan makes sense to me. But just about everything else he tried to do, like letting illegals become citizens, I didn't like. By the same token, if Obama will leave my guns alone I'll go along with the program, maybe he can do some good. He can't do much worse, and I've been voting Republican since I was 18. That's 38 years and I never missed an election, even during the 12 years I was overseas.

Always On Watch said...

I know this. We have not suffered an attack in America in the seven years since 9-11.

I used that very reasoning in an argument over Thanksgiving dinner.

And what response did I get? "We haven't had any attempted attacks."


Now, I can criticize GWB on many things. But I do believe that had micromanager Al Gore been in the Oval Office on 9/11, we'd have been up the creek, big time.

GWB's press conference yesterday was outstanding, IMO. Pity that he didn't hold more conferences like these during his two terms.

Elmers Brother said...

And what response did I get? "We haven't had any attempted attacks."

Sure we did. This is from an ABC news article in 2006.

The West Coast Airliner Plot: In mid-2002, the United States disrupted a plot to attack targets on the West Coast using hijacked airplanes. The plotters included at least one major operational planner involved in planning the events of Sept. 11.

The East Coast Airliner Plot: In mid-2003, the United States and a partner disrupted a plot to attack targets on the East Coast using hijacked commercial airplanes.

The Jose Padilla Plot: In May 2002, the United States disrupted a plot that involved blowing up domestic apartment buildings. One of the alleged plotters, Jose Padilla, also allegedly discussed the possibility of using a "dirty bomb" in the United States.

The 2004 U.K. Urban Targets Plot: In mid-2004, the United States and partners disrupted a plot that involved urban targets in the United Kingdom. These plots involved using explosives against a variety of sites.

The 2003 Karachi Plot: In the spring of 2003, the United States and a partner disrupted a plot to attack Westerners at several targets in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Heathrow Airport Plot: In 2003, the United States and several partners disrupted a plot to attack London's Heathrow Airport using hijacked commercial airliners. The planning for this attack was undertaken by a major Sept. 11 operational figure.

The 2004 U.K. Plot: In the spring of 2004, the United States and partners, using a combination of law enforcement and intelligence resources, disrupted a plot to conduct large-scale bombings in the United Kingdom.

The 2002 Arabian Gulf Shipping Plot: In late 2002 and 2003, the United States and a partner nation disrupted a plot by al Qaeda operatives to attack ships in the Arabian Gulf.

The 2002 Strait of Hormuz Plot: In 2002, the United States and partners disrupted a plot to attack ships travelling the Strait of Hormuz, the entrance to the Persian Gulf from the Indian Ocean.

The 2003 Tourist Site Plot: In 2003, the United States and a partner nation disrupted a plot to attack a tourist site outside the United States.

Casings and Infiltrations
The U.S. Government and Tourist Sites Tasking: In 2003 and 2004, an individual was tasked by al Qaeda to case important U.S. government and tourist targets within the United States.

The Gas Station Tasking: In approximately 2003, an individual was tasked to collect targeting information on U.S. gas stations and their support mechanisms on behalf of a senior al Qaeda planner.

Iyman Faris and New York's Brooklyn Bridge: In 2003, and in conjunction with a partner nation, the U.S. government arrested and prosecuted Iyman Faris, who was accused of exploring the destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Faris ultimately pleaded guilty to providing material support to al Qaeda and is now in a federal correctional institution.

2001 Tasking: In 2001, al Qaeda sent an individual to facilitate post-Sept. 11 attacks in the United States. U.S. law enforcement authorities arrested the individual.

2003 Tasking: In 2003, an individual was tasked by an al Qaeda leader to conduct reconnaissance on populated areas in the United States.

Elmers Brother said...

Have a gander at this.

JMK said...

In my view, I give G W Bush credit for having done TWO GREAT things; (1) he belatedly (after 9/11) engaged us in the War on Terrorism (WoT) aganst Islamic extremists who'd been actively at war with this country since 1993 (the 1st WTC bombing) and (2) the across-the-board income tax RATE cuts that greatly INCREASED revenues and a 5% Cap Gains RATE reduction, which also increased revenues.

Aside from those TWO great things (that do indeed balance out a LOT of negatives) he was pretty much as Keynesian ("there is a big government solution to virtually every problem") as his Dad was.

Ironically enough, it was those now long forgotten business scandals, that broke in the summer of 2001, that did the most to harm his tenure.

They resulted in the quick passage of Sarbannes-Oxley (not so jokingly called "the full employment for accountants" Bill) which put a huge drag on the economy by raising the cost of doing business for companies going forward. THAT resulted in the "jobless recovery" from the Clinton era recession of 2002 and 2003.

It was those economic woes (that drag on the economy) that, coupled with war and homeland defense, let alone gobs of insane social spending (like the prescription drug boondoggle and the NCLB Act) that began to swamp the revenue increases from those tax rate cuts...and amidst an unpopular war and a faltering economy, led the Rockefeller-wing to feel it necessary to marginalize any Conservative candidates (Thompson, Huckabee and even Guiliani, who'd begun to make some real Conservative overturs despite his "big government Republican past") and champion more "Centrist" or anti-Conservative candidates as "the only viable Republican options." Remember that?!

The leading anti-Conservative Republican in the field was John McCain, who went on to run an inept and stultifyingly dull and listless campaign - one virtually DESIGNED to fail.

In that regard, it's not at all unfair to argue that the Rockefeller-wing of the GOP (INCLUDING the Bush's) screwed Conservativism royally and enabled the current change in course that may prove as disastrous as the Carter debacle, depending upon how Keynesian it leans.

In short, I see G W Bush's tenure as a mixed bag. On the one hand he did engage the WoT and his policies PROVED that across-the-board tax RATE cuts, while benefitting higher income earners the most, are the ONLY tax cuts and the ONLY kind of stimulus that actually INCREASES tax revenues.

Still, his unpopularity, coupled with a panic within the Rockefeller-wing of the GOP allowed those Republican Keynesians to discredit Conservatism and throw it under the proverbial bus, making way for a very POSSIBLE (probable?) major change in course - AWAY from a sound security policy that has kept America free from jihadist attack over the last 7 years, and AWAY from tax rate cuts, and toward "tax rebates" which will ultimately DECREASE tax revenues and INCREASE spending!

G W Bush was an apparently good man who delivered a very mixed bag for Conservatism in particular, and for America, overall.

JMK said...

There've been more than that, Elmers Brothers - the plot in 2006 to set fire to the jet fuel pipeline to JFK airport in Queens, NY, an attempt to set up a chemical weapon dispersal unit in a NEw York City subway in 2004, the Fort Dix Six (who planned an assault on Fort Dix in NJ), and the capture of numerous other terror cells (Detroit, MI, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Orange County, NY,, FL) ALL within the U.S. and post 9/11 and there were many more we haven't heard about.

The sharing of information between the FBI and CIA has been a huge help and greater surveillance has been, as well.

People who claim "We've been lucky" since 9/11 are complete dolts, although many of them are also 9-11 Truthers, so what can you expect from a pig but a grunt?

Ducky's here said...

Well it's pretty classic stuff. When things are going down the toilet look for an external foe to focus everyone's attention and take their minds off the failed capitalist system.

However this time the economic failure was so fundamental and the external military action so ineffective that it probably won't work.

Better come up with something better for 2012 or the right is going to be extraneous for some time.

Ducky's here said...

(2) the across-the-board income tax RATE cuts that greatly INCREASED revenues and a 5% Cap Gains RATE reduction, which also increased revenues.


And the deficit is over a trillion dollars. Yeah, the tax cuts were genius.

JMK said...

CLARIFICATION: "THAT resulted in the "jobless recovery" from the Clinton era recession of 2002 and 2003."

It was the "JOBLESS RECOVERY" of 2002-03.....the "Clinton era recession began with the implosion of the NASDAQ in March of 2000 and the dowturn continued through 2001.

Also, those business scandals (Enron, Tyco, Worldcom, Arthur-Anderson, etc) ALL thrived during the late 1990s and only broke and were "smoked out and brought to justice" by the Bush administration, which also pushed for and signed onto the Sarbannes-Oxley Bill to keep them from heppening again.

My wording of that was so poor, I needed to clarify that.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Keep it up!

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Ducky's here said...

Well JMK you got one thing right. The seeds of the economic disaster were sown by Clinton (why do people call him a liberal?) and Alan "Mr. Bubble" Greenspan.

The were watered and cultivated by Bush's crew until everything bloomed and gave us this wonderful fragrance.

Bush smoked out Enron? Ridiculous

Yo bro, don't Bogart that blunt.

JMK said...

"And the deficit is over a trillion dollars. Yeah, the tax cuts were genius." (Ducky)
Those rate cuts INCREASED tax revenues....EVERY year since they were enacted.

Back in 2002 Paul Krugman argued, "They may temporarily increase revenues for a year or two, but in the long run, they'll cost the government needed tax revenues."

At that time, I said, "Income and Capital Gains RATE cuts, down to about the 20% level for income tax rates and about 10% for Capital Gains rates) ALWAYS INCREASE those tax revenues for a very simple reason - 'People respond to incenitves.' That is, when the top 10% of income earners, who pay appx 71% of ALL U.S. income taxes see income tax rates DECLINE, they take more of their incomes up front (deferring LESS of it) and income tax revenues soar. Likewise, when income tax rates RISE, those same people defer more of their income in tax-deferred vehicles (IRAs, 401-Ks, 457s and other tax-deferred and annuity-type vehicles) and income tax revenues go DOWN. Even hiking taxes on the bottom 90% of income earners doesn't help, as they only account for about 29% of all U.S. income tax revenues!"

Well, I've been proven right and Krugman has been proven wrong on that score. Man! Maybe I should've gotten that Nobel Prize in Economics. Ya think?

Subsequently, Krugman has said, "Still, less tax revenues are generated at 28% than at 36%, that much is obvious."


While, YES, IF there were a way to get rid of all these tax deferred (SAVINGS) vehicles, it'd be harder for most higher income earners to pay less in taxes by deferring more of their incomes, they'd either (1) have to find new tax avoidance measures, in the form of investments and other vehicles. (N.B. While tax AVOIDANCE is an "honored American tradition", tax EVASION is a criminal offense...and a distinctly different act) or (2) work fewer hours for less compensation in order to reduce the problem of "diminishing returns", resulting in a starkly LESS productive and prosperous economy.

In other words, so long as people (1) respond to incentives and (2) rightly, as ALL civilized beings do, look out for themselves first and everyone else second, there is NO WAY to make the most productive people pay more than the 71% the top 10% of American income earners now pay.

JMK said...

Now, there ARE tax hikes that DO increase revenues - gasoline taxes, taxes on alcohol and tobacco, etc. but those target the poorest among us the most.

Ironically enough, I've recently done a comparison of income to tax ratios within the U.S. and reference it on my own blog. (Eat your heart out Paul Krugman)

It turns out that the top 50% of U.S. income earners account for appx 87% of the AGI (aggregate gross income) which seems reasonable since that group includes the highest skilled (most valuable) professions, and is comprised almost exclusively of full-time workers, while the bottom 50% of U.S. income earners account for appx 13% of the AGI, which again seems reasonable considering that this group includes ALL the part-time and per diem workers, the lowest valued skills (fruit pickers, bus boys, etc.) and includes wages paid illeg-uhhh "undocumented workers."

Interestingly enough, while the top 10% of wage earners in the U.S. pay a whopping one and half (or 150%) times that income's percentage of the overall income tax burden, the mid 40% pay 0.62 (or 62%) of that income's percentage of the overall income tax burden, AND the bottom 50% (with all those p/t and per diem workers) which garners about 13% of the AGI, pay only 3% of the total income taxes, so that income is taxed at a measley 0.25 (or 25%) of its percentage of the overall tax burden.

PROVING that, if ANY group is "UNDERTAXED", it's the BOTTOM 50% of American income earners, while the top 10% are almost certainly over-taxed!

But the idea of trying to get rid of SAVINGS vehicles (like tax-deferred IRAs, 457s, 401-Ks, etc) in a lame attempt to try and make it impossible for the most productive and valuable Americans to avoid paying over 50% of their incomes in taxes, is just too dumb to imagine.

People respond to incentives.

I'm betting no school teacher, for instance, would be surprised that a good Thoracic Surgeon, for instance, earns, on average, $4.2 Million/year compared to their $70,000/year. Hell, given the skill level differential, the incredible amount of hours in extra training surgeons must go through and the incredible "life and death" responsibilities they take on, I'd bet most teachers would be surprised it isn't more like $7 Million/year to their $70,000/year.

There's no way a surgeon is going to work 12, sometimes 16 hour days, take on months of advanced training each year, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in malpractice premiums and pay an office staff, IF they're ultimately going to be left with maybe $250,000/year after taxes and expenses.

It'd be easier for that person to simply cut back....way back on their workload and enjoy more free time and keep their incomes at a level where the tax bite doesn't result in such harsh diminishing returns."

shoprat said...

The history books will treat Mr. Bush far better than the press has.

Perfect by no means

Flawed definitely

Made some mistakes Yup The worst ones were when he tacked too far to the left.

But at heart he is a good man who loves this country which is something I am still doubtful about when it comes to Obama.

It's going to go downhill from here for the foreseeable future. We will now see just how disastrous, and how much worse than capitalism, socialism really is.

JMK said...

"Bush smoked out Enron? Ridiculous..." (Ducky)

Worldcom, Tyco, Enron, Global Crossings and the BIGGEST Arthur Anderson (and the others) ALL flourished under the Clinton administration...and NOT because of Clinton, but almost entirely due to some oversights at the SEC.

They were vigorously prosecuted ("smoked out and brought to justice") by the Bush Justice Dept. which is part of the Executive Branch of gov't.

It was Bush who pushed for Sarb-Ox and got it...the biggest regulatory reform in over a century, just as it was Bush and McCain who virtually alone, fought for regulation and oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Democrats (people like Frank and McAuley) supported and benefitted FROM Enron and Global Crossings (GX) all of whose boards were comprised primarily of major and reliable Liberal donors.

Terry McAuley made $17 million off GX in less than 6 months, getting out mere weeks before it tanked.

I'd been in GX for a much longer period and had about 3,000 shares (I made a LOT less than Terry M) but I also got a heads up from a relative who was on the staff of a Democratic Senator (thanks Gary Winnick).

The ONLY legislator I can remember (before 2001) who outrightly questioned the goings on in companies like Enron and GX was then OK Rep. Tom Coburn (R-OK) who said, "I don't know if there is illegality going on in some of these companies (referencing Enron and Tyco), but there certainly does seem to be a lot that is outright unethical about it."

At that same time, Barney Frank angrily defended those companies, going so far as to call them a "part of the new economy, one not bound by the strictures of profit and loss, nor bound by principles like supply and demand."

I'm a Conservative Democrat...a "Zell Miller Democrat" and with only 41% of Democrats self-identifying as "Liberal" or "Somewhat Liberal", we Bluedog Dems fully EXPECT to take our Party back within this next decade.

Elmers Brother said...

Yo bro, don't Bogart that blunt.

Duhkkky you ever get tired of using the same cliche?

Karen Townsend said...

I completely agree, Priscilla. And, especially with the acknowledgement of Laura's service to our country.

kevin said...

From AOW's comment,

""And what response did I get? "We haven't had any attempted attacks."

Print this out or email it to your friends or relatives.

Foiled Terror Plots Against America Since 9/11

It's a real eye opener to those who would rather forget.

Z, a nice send off. Like Hermit, I voted for Bush twice too and lived to regret it. Sure he's better than Gore or Kerry would have been been, but that's hardly a consolation.

Ducky's here said...

Surprised Elmo didn't mention the gang bangers in Miami who were entrapped into agreeing to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Elmers Brother said...

what gang bangers duhkkky?

what's up duhkkky are you sorry we haven't had another terrorist attack so you can blame it on Bush?

Hey duhkkky why don't you have a conversation with them to determine their "strategic goals"?


Ducky's here said...

...and I hear that while Bush couldn't find bin Laden he did catch Keyser Söze

Anonymous said...

That's right, ducky, Chuck Norris kicked his *ss!

Anonymous said...

Of course, for Obama to get re-elected in 2012, he's going to have to send the entire American voting population to Recall for memory implants...

Elmers Brother said...

Soze doesn't even top the list of 'usual suspects' that we've captured of killed

Elmers Brother said...

captured or killed

CJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JMK said...

“Surprised Elmo didn't mention the gang bangers in Miami who were entrapped into agreeing to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago.” (Ducky)
Whoa Ducky! You grossly mis-speak.

There have been NO/ZERO documented acts of entrapment by law enforcement in any of the post 9/11 anti-terror procedures.

Entrapment is the act of “Getting a subject to do something that they otherwise wouldn’t do, OR engage in an act that they are unaware is criminal in nature.” THAT’S entrapment.

Law enforcement undercovers CAN infiltrate groups and even suggest embellishments to a plot, SO LONG as the subjects initiate a discussion involving the engaging in criminal acts. That’s a FACT.

The classic case of entrapment is an undercover officer asking an unsuspecting stranger to hold a brief case, the subject is unaware contains drugs or other contraband and then arresting that person for “possession.” That case is virtually mythological in nature. That is, it tends to exist only in law school scenarios.

BUT, that WOULD BE entrapment because that person was unaware that they were engaging in a criminal act.

Another example was displayed in the Randy Weaver case, where undercover FBI agents purchased a shotgun from Weaver (perfectly legal, especially since shotguns are NOT regulated as rifles are). They then go back and demand that Weaver cut the barrel down (which WOULD BE illegal). When Weaver refuses, they tell him, “The deal’s off unless you cut that barrel down,” and then sign out a warrant for his arrest, subsequent to that illegal transaction. FBI agents were charged and convicted in that case and Weaver won a civil judgment for just over $4 Million.

However, MOST law enforcemtn undercover operations DO NOT involve entrapment.

For instance, internet pedophile stings are NOT entrapment because (1) those men ALL know the actions they’re engaged in are illicit and (2) sent illegal emails (it’s illegal to send lewd pictures or lascivious content to a minor) AND entered strange dwellings (the decoy’s houses) willingly, demonstrating that they INTENDED to commit a crime (pedophilia) and were thus NOT enticed into “doing something they otherwise wouldn’t be inclined to do.”

In the case of the Miami nitwits, they’d uttered their plans of supporting al Qaida to a paid FBI informant, who reported that to the FBI.

Subsequently, the FBI sent in an undercover agent posing as an al Qaida operative. “All seven men swore an oath of loyalty to al-Qaida...” Funny story, just as sending lewd pictures to a minor is now a felony, so is “swearing allegiance to al Qaida.” So, these guys, like the guys in those pedophile stings, were already guilty of a felony BEFORE consumating the final act.

In the case of Those Miami guys (1) were aware that what they were planning was a crime and (2) were NOT enticed or coerced into doing anything “they weren’t already inclined to do.”

THAT is the legal standard.

Their situation is exactly similar to the angry spouse who unwittingly asks a paid FBI informant if he knows how to contract a hitman (unaware, OF COURSE, that the handyman they're talking to is also a paid FBI informant)...the FBI subsequently sends in an undercover agent, posing as a hitman (instead of an al Qaida operative) and the spouse proceeds to set up a contract with the FBI agent he/she believes to be a hitman. In that case AGAIN, (1) the subject KNEW what they were doing/contracting for was a felony crime and (2) they were NOT enticed or coerced to do “anything they weren’t already predisposed or inclined to do.”

Like the Miami case, that was GOOD POLICE WORK, and NOT “entrapment.”

See how that works?!

I guess it's a subtle, but vital distinction.

JMK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJ said...

Hi Pris,
I thought you'd written this more directly to President Bush but on rereading it I see I was wrong.

I do think it would make a very nice letter to send to him personally, however, and I hope you might do that. I have many gripes against this President but I agree with your assessment overall and after the beatings he's taken in office I'm sure he'd appreciate your support.

JMK said...

That's actually one of the better lists Kevin.

Great link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone. I love the debate, and opinions. A lot of good info too.

Hermit, don't count on his leaving your guns alone. His nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder, filed a brief with the Supreme Court last year when they were hearing the DC case on the people's right to own guns.

Holder's opinion argued that the Constitution does not give the people the right to own guns.

Hopefully the Supreme Court's decision will chasten the gun control advocates, but I wouldn't count on it. Pray that the five who voted our way, remain healthy.

"The seeds of the economic disaster were sown by Clinton (why do people call him a liberal?)"

So when a liberal screws up he's not a liberal?

Look for an external foe? I think they found us, or weren't you paying attention.

Only you Ducky, have the ability to use smoke and mirrors on yourself. Amazing!

Hi CJ, thanks for the suggestion, I believe I will do just that.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'm not a particular fan of GWB; I will state, however, that in the annals of time seldom has there been another American president who has more commonly been savaged and undermined from as many directions and concurrently.


Anonymous said...

How lovely to write such an eloquent farewell letter to the President and his wife. I admire your expressed thanks and gratitude and honesty. It was beautiful Priscilla.

God bless you.

Gayle said...

Wow, Z! All you have to do to irritate the liberals like Ducky is write a wonderful post thanking President Bush! And it is a wonderful post. I enjoyed it immensely.

So what does the future hold? I guess we will find out soon. For the sake of our country, because our country is more important than any political party, I hope that the new administration is a wonderful success, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Good job, girlfriend! :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo, super post.

Z said...


SO good.

I don't always agree with Bush on things..TRUST ME..(have you heard about the nuclear exchange of secrets with "OUR FRIEND THE EMIRATES which is even BETTER FRIENDS with IRAN?!!"? WHAT?)..

BUT, what Priscilla said needs to be said.

Thanks, Priscilla!! xxx

sue said...

To say that history will judge a president is to say that he was not a good president

Z said...

The media skewered Bush...not the truth. They wouldn't take the truth, they undermined him and turned popular opinion away from him.

That's why history will be kinder..more realistic...not persuaded by the media.

Plus, they'll have obama to compare Bush with...Bush will win.

David Wyatt said...


Masterful post. I agree on almost all fronts. What an amazing turnaround President Bush made after the laughingstock the previous White House occupants made of the office. That in itself is to me one of his major accomplishments.
The way I see it, also presidents can set precedents, & the direction we are about to head is disastrous at best. I am thankful that I know Christ as Savior, & my Life (Col.3:1-4). I love this country as well, & I know President Bush does. But, having dual citizenship (Phil.3:20-21) I am likely going to focus on the One above more often, & of course that shows that God can bring good out of even the worst of disasters ,as was election '08. God Bless you, Priscilla, & (as Jimmy Stewart, aka "George Bailey" said in It's A wonderful Life, "that goes for YOU too" Z!)

Anonymous said...

Sue, time has a way of tempering emotions and permitting some objectivity.

What happens today, affects what may be tomorrow. Events or realities that have not yet taken place, in many instances, can be traced to past events.
History is rife with examples.

Thank you Z.


sue said...

When are people going to stop using the media for excuses ( i.e. the Vietnam War, George W. Bush )
That war was lost and Bush is a loser.
Farewell and may he be strong enough to not take to drinking again.

Khaki Elephant said...

nice post. very nice. Thanks!

Z said...

Sue, I know you're a leftist but how terribly unkind. Or should I say "I know you're a leftist AND how terribly unkind" or "how typically unkind..?"

You should be thanking your lucky stars no liberal democrat "we're better than they are" dope was in charge during 9/11. You think we'd really have still been safe?

Be careful what you wish for......

sue said...

z - Unkind? George Bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, yet he chose to spend his life drinking and going out with the boys. He had every advantage, but chose to take that path.

Unkind? When I speak of the one who made so many mistakes, not to mention taking the lives of so many of our troops.

The difference between you and me is that you are conservative and I am liberal. You will support anyone who takes that stance. Nothing else matters.

I see George Bush as an idiot. That's not unkind, just the truth.
He appears to me as being someone leaving town with his tail tucked 'tween his legs.

Good riddance, y'all.

You betcha.

Z said...

Sue..I support anyone who takes a WAR STANCE? For the sake of going to WAR? Are you kidding? You think conservatives LIKE WAR?

It was silly of you to say he's "spent his life" drinking when, really, he's about the only person I know who had a drinking problem and hasn't substituted that with AA mtgs 5 times a week. Pretty amazing that someone wouldn't cut him some slack for that.

I have never, on this site or anywhere else, said I totally agree with George Bush. Did you totally agree with CLinton? Yes, probably....... but, you think you're less idealogical than I am, right? WHY?

He's an 'idiot' because he kept you and your family safe? This man whose armed services keep reenlisting and supporting HIM is an 'idiot'? Those guys I have personally heard have reconsidered reupping because they won't work under obama? And I've heard that from blogger wives and friends ...of men who could retire but had thought they'd stay in with mcCAIN, BUT not NOW. Who's going to fight our enemies, Sue? YOU? You think they just might see something more in this war THEY are giving their lives and limbs for than YOU in the comfort of your home?

You don't think islamist extremists are VERY conscious of the fact that they have nobody who'll hold their feet to the fire anymore? You DO know whom they supported, right? OBAMA.

OH, it's too boring to continue.

It's pretty darned lame when someone can't find enough against the guy that they have to go to his drinking in his twenties. I'm not sure I know anyone who didn't party pretty hard into their mid thirties.

I'd have DETESTED BUSH and couldn't have voted for the consummate liar YOU voted for...God help this country.

sue said...

z - Why do you ask me a question then answer it for me.

Perhaps my comments are a bit rash, but the feelings behind them are not. From the day I read about George Bush running for president I had a bad feeling and it never went away.

As far as the protection he provided us, did it ever occur to you that after 9/11 the terrorists just didn't hit on us again.

It's later here than in Califoria so I need to go to bed.

I don't want to show my 'uncivil' side but you have a way of getting under my skin by taking a 'superior' know it all approach. Know what I mean? There is more I'd like to say. I'll save it for another time.


Z said...

Sue, "superior"? WOW.

Sorry you feel that way...I just like to present my opinion and read the opinions of other people.

And I thought the drunk line was really unnecessary.


Elmers Brother said...


As far as the protection he provided us, did it ever occur to you that after 9/11 the terrorists just didn't hit on us again.

I'm sorry I'm having to squash a laugh.

See the links in the earlier comments.

Z said...


Sue...check that out for foiled attacks.
I know it's FOX, but sometimes (usually), that's the only place that would print this information, sadly.
Then see Elmer's Brother's list above and imagine the amount of attacks that nobody knows had been tried. Or attacks that didn't happen because of better security.
Or that terrorists were over there fighting....

...and planning another one.

sue said...

z - now that I've had six hours of sleep and we've gotten 5 inches of snow I'll continue.

This is a no win situation called politics. Whatever you think I don't. Whatever I say you disagree. I see all the good things in your blog that you say about God but with everything else you and your hysterical friends say I have trouble seeing the Christianity in it. I'm sure along with Ann Coulter you think liberals are Godless. I can assure you I'm not. I simply do not like G. Bush and do not think he was a good president.
Maybe he is a good husband and father but not a good president.

Why do I read your blog if I feel that way? Because I am constantly amazed by what I read. Everone sounds scared. Well, I was scared for eight years and now I'm not.

Did it ever occur to you that you are not right about everything. That's how you come across.

Anonymous said...

So, you don't think Bush was a good president, and Z thinks he was.

Perhaps you should define what a "good" president is, Sue. Especially since you state that if someone say's that "history will judge them" automatically means they were a "bad" president.

Are you implying that for a president to be considered "good" he must be contemporaneously "popular"?

I'd comment that it's a pretty "shallow" morality that equates popularity w/"good"ness. Especially in a Republic (& not a democracy).

Anonymous said...

...and if "popularity" is still your criteria, then GWB NEVER lost an election... ergo he was "popular" ergo "a good president".

Anonymous said...

ps - I never voted for Bush... either time. And even though I never voted for him, I still think that "popularity aside", he was "on the whole" a "good" president.

But I'm sure that the "counterweight's" on your scale of overall goodness is a little different than mine. And if you want an argument, you'll have to "explain your settings".

Anonymous said...

ps - Obama used to take lots of drugs in his youth... is he already doomed to being a "bad" president?

Anonymous said...

...or does the fact that Obama's birth "spoon" was made only of bronze, and not silver, make his youthful indiscretions more "palatable" to your highly discerning and refined moral sensibilties? As if one's birth "class" were to also decide whether one should be considered a "good" president or not.

Sounds like you're full of resentment and envy, Sue. Do you suppose that class envy may be affecting your moral judgements?

Z said...

FJ; I do NOT think Bush was a 'good president' on every level....I've said many times that I don't agree with him on major things like the China/Dubai ports thing OR this awful new exchanging nuclear information with the Emirates because they're 'our friend' when they're better friends with Iran. Nor do I agree on his bailouts. I do admire his having warned Congress for the last 4 years about what was coming. I am frightened by a media that doesn't admit that, by the way. Frightened.

I believe he was such a good man that he thought he saw the same goodness in HIS eyes in Putin's..and that people will look back and see him as naive.
BUT, he did an excellent job in keeping our dukes up REAL HIGH in this country so ALL those incidents Sue isn't addressing now that we showed her, didn't happen.

Good point about obama and his admitted drug abuse. Many say he also sold drugs but the media won't go there; they won't even investigate. They'd go to Alaska to insult a woman about who had her child, but not check on so so many things about Obama. I'll never forget wondering when it first was shown he was lying, how he could have thought our country would believe he only knew Bill Ayers from having lived in the same neighborhood. Then I realized how much he's counting on the media. And why he detests FOX and Hannity, etc. And what he did to Joe Plumber was Brown Shirt tactics and that's scaring me witless. We're living in a country where we don't hear the truth anymore and some people think that's great.

Sue....This is my blog. It's an opinion blog. I give my opinions and have never begrudged others theirs. Just don't insult. I didn't open a blog to be insulted or to have values I hold insulted.

And I'm quite sure we'd agree on quite a bit, and we have. And I think most people around here would say I do listen and contemplate others' opinions.

I won't argue Christianity here. But I will celebrate it here or discuss it in depth sometimes when certain commenters have wanted to. I try to avoid that because a blog site isn't really the place for indepth discussion on anything, in my opinion. We give more extremist views because we have a small space to make our points. I'll just say what you said is another low blow and something I would NEVER say to anyone else and I'm sorry you sound so angry.
Let's just agree to disagree there...

I will say that there are Christians I know who don't agree with Obama on many levels and yet they pray for his success. I pray for America's success. I do not believe the two meld. I believe we must give from our hearts and not from being forced to. And I believe most of us do. Republicans, as a matter of fact, make less money than Dems and give more to charities. But the media will never tell you that. Statistics do. I believe abortion is a sin and we as a country should not pay for it but I believe a woman has a right to sin as we all do..I just don't want to pay for it. I believe we must be open to immigrants as we have always been but not when they start their lives here by breaking the law. I believe America has every right to protect her sovereignty because she's been a beacon to all people and will have to stop being that beacon if we continue down the road we're on in regard to embracing illegals, etc etc.

whatever...I wish you well.
Good luck with the snow. I hate the heat in January and it'll be about eighty degrees here today. Beautiful.......For June.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

There's a time and place for criticism and/or praise. Perhaps during the Eulogy is not the time for the former. Save it for the wake.

sue said...

z - I sound angry not because I am. I'm not. I just come across that way.

You are deluding yourself that you don't insult. Because you believe those things, to you they are truth and not insults. The things I believe about George Bush are not insults but truth and reality to me. I don't like George Bush.
I don't think he was a good president. In America I can think and even say that.

FJ - you couldn't be more wrong that I suffer from class envy. Could that perhaps be something you say to stir up my emotions?

At the top of your blog you speak of 'no room but for one language here, and 'no room but for one loyalty.' Do you think the Lady of Liberty would have tolerated those words as she opened her arms at Ellis Island?

Perhaps your attitude is one of exclusiveness, selfishness about this country and let's throw in a bit of racism.

z - It's still snowing here. We'll think back on it in the hot days of July.

Z said...

Sue, I think that calling into question someone's faith and suggesting Bush will go back to drinking are insults.

I NEVER think points of view are insults, but that kind of thing is. You know that. You also have read that I think there's a lot wrong with Mr. Bush's last few years.... I'm proud that conservatives argue amongst themselves because I never see that on the liberal blogs. Do you? I'd honestly like to know. I'd like to see that. Sure, they're actually arguing about Caroline Kennedy now..but that's very unusual

Yes, you sound angry but I know I can sound strident, too.
As I said, it's because I have a few inches in which to make a point and all of us go a tad further to make that point.

Where does 'racism' fit in with any of this. You simply can't be someone who honestly believes conservatives who can't STAND Obama have a shred of racism attached to that. That would be the highest insult of all.
Please read up on civil rights and what finally made them happen. The Democrats fought it. But, that's history.
Still, to suggest FJ is a racist? WOW.

Funny, this morning, I do my preschool music/patriotism class and I'll be covering the inauguration with my 4 and 5 yr olds....i'll be talking about Obama in terms of Abraham LIncoln freeing the slaves and Jackie Robinson, who I covered a few weeks ago, and now a Black President...I'll be talking about the Obama children and their time to come in the White House.
I will be cheerful and optimistic and tell them that I don't agree with the man but he is my president, and theirs, and that's the American way. I just did my lesson plan.

It'll be tough, I assure you. But, I don't believe in indoctrinating children. I wish all people felt that way.

JMK said...

“I see all the good things in your blog that you say about God but with everything else you and your hysterical friends say I have trouble seeing the Christianity in it. I'm sure along with Ann Coulter you think liberals are Godless. I can assure you I'm not. I simply do not like G. Bush and do not think he was a good president.

“Everyone sounds scared. Well, I was scared for eight years and now I'm not.” (Sue)
I’m not a Christian...I’m not religious at all, BUT I do find humorously incongruous this idea of a “Liberal Christian.”

Sure, Liberalism, period is predicated on the naïve idealism that, among other things, believes that “inside every bad person is a good one trying to get out,” BUT even the most devout Liberals prove they don’t REALLY believe in that, given their visceral hatred of police who abuse suspects, corrupt judges, etc. No, they don’t see “the good” in those folks, as they so readily do in the gang member who sprays a street with bullets and kills a five year old.

America was indeed founded on “Biblical principles,” among them the belief in complete self-ownership and the grinding responsibilities that come with that, private property rights...in fact, one of the founding credos was the Biblical one, “If you do not work, you shall not eat.”

THOSE Biblical principles are not merely religious in nature, they are extremely pragmatic, as well, in fact, they are as pragmatic and workable as Liberalism is unworkably idealistic and naïve.

The only Americans who aren’t fully engaged in a hatred for radical Islamic jihadists are those who’ve been unaffected by 9/11 and deliberately WANT to believe “there is no terrorist threat.”

It is ironic that the fringe anti-war movement in this country has supported an incoming administration that brought in an anti-terror hawk (Rahm Emanuel) as Chief-of-Staff, retained Robert Gates as SoD and has promised to “ratchet UP the war in Afghanistan, as Iraq’s new government, more and more, fends for itself.

The Bush administration, like almost EVERY administration (Carter’s was the ONLY administration that was a complete disaster in my living memory) was a mixed bag – the Cap Gains rate cut and the across-the-board income tax rate cuts GREATLY increased revenues and after 9/11/01 we belatedly engaged in the War on Terrorism (WoT).

Bush’s reckless social spending (he spent MORE money on social programs, even adjusted for inflation, than even LBJ did) and his BILLIONS wasted on sub-Saharan anti-AIDS programs was NOT GOOD. His support for a guest-worker (SHAM-nesty) for ILLEGAL immigrants was NOT GOOD and their failing to accurately define the enemy in the WoT (radical Islam or “jihadism” NOT terrorism or al-Qaida) is the real enemy.

In fact, terrorism is a time tested and effective military strategy. It IS, “unconventional warfare, waged primarily against civilian targets.” The fire-bombing of Dresden (a non-military, “University City) in Germany in WW II (more civilians were killed in Dresden than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined) was “an act of unconventional warfare used against a civilian target,” in order to demoralize and horrify an enemy. So terrorism is NOT “the enemy” we face, it is merely a tactic.

The domestic WoT will last a VERY looooong time. So far the FBI, CIA, NSA and local law enforcement have all done a good job. It is believed that over 200 terror plots have been thwarted and that hundreds of suspected terror cells have been arrested. The sharing of information between the CIA and FBI has been a HUGE success!

If anyone committed a “criminal act” in that regard, it has to be Jamie Gorelick, who increased the wall between the FBI & CIA in the 1990s.

The NSA Surveillance program has been validated – passed by Congress, supported by both Obama and Emanuel, as far as the immunity for the telecom companies involved, their good-faith cooperation with their government SHOULD COME with an “implied immunity,” as most such cooperative actions do.

Any American who’d echo that mouth-breather’s retort that “the Bush administration eroded America’s privacy rights” is an idiot...and that’s being very kind. People who claim such things, don’t know what they’re talking about.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Priscilla, good job on the post.

As far as the protection he provided us, did it ever occur to you that after 9/11 the terrorists just didn't hit on us again.


Bush does deserve credit for keeping us safe. Do you not recognize that there have been subsequent terror plots foiled? And that's on account of initiatives Bush took?

White House fact sheet:

Secured the Homeland

* Protected our Nation and prevented another attack on U.S. soil for more than seven years, modernized our national security institutions and tools of war, and bolstered our homeland security. Under the President's watch, numerous terrorist attacks have been prevented in the United States. These include:
o An attempt to bomb fuel tanks at JFK airport;
o A plot to blow up airliners bound for the East Coast;
o A plan to destroy the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles;
o A plot by six al Qaeda inspired individuals to kill soldiers at Fort Dix Army Base in New Jersey;
o A plan to attack a Chicago-area shopping mall using grenades; and
o A plot to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago.
* Arrested and convicted more than two dozen terrorists and their supporters in America since 9/11.
* Froze the financial assets in the United States of hundreds of individuals and entities linked to terrorism and proliferation.
* Doubled the Border Patrol to more than 18,000 agents, equipped the Border Patrol with better technology and new infrastructure, and effectively ended the process of catch and release at the border. Increased border security and immigration enforcement funding by more than 160 percent and constructed hundreds of miles of fencing and vehicle barriers.
* Instituted a process to screen every commercial air passenger in the country, launched credentialing initiatives to better identify passengers, and expanded the Federal Air Marshal Program. Replaced the multiple watchlists that were in place prior to 9/11 with a single, consolidated watchlist, and incorporated biometrics in screening and identifying individuals entering our country. Created US-VISIT to screen foreign travelers and prevent terrorists from entering America. Required secure identification at our ports of entry to better monitor individuals entering the United States.
* Invested more than $38 billion in public health and medical systems, created a biothreat air monitoring system, and developed a national strategy and international partnership on avian and pandemic flu.

Waged the Global War on Terror

* Removed the Taliban from power and brought freedom to the 25 million people of Afghanistan.
* Freed 25 million Iraqis from the rule of Saddam Hussein, a dictator who murdered his own people, invaded his neighbors, and repeatedly defied United Nations resolutions.
* Captured or killed hundreds of al Qaeda leaders and operatives in more than two dozen countries with the help of partner nations. September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is in U.S. custody and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, was killed in 2006. Removed al Qaeda's safe-haven in Afghanistan and crippled al Qaeda in Iraq, including defeating al Qaeda in its former stronghold of Anbar Province.

Transformed Our Approach to Combating Terrorism After the 9/11 Attacks

* Increased the size of our ground forces and number of unmanned aerial vehicles and strengthened special operations forces by increasing resources, manpower, and capabilities. Increased the Defense Department's base budget more than 70 percent since 2001, including increased funding for military pay and benefits, research, and development. Started moving American forces from Cold War garrisons in Europe and Asia so they can deploy more quickly to any region of the world. Modernized and transformed the National Guard from a strategic reserve to an operational reserve.
* Forged a new, comprehensive cybersecurity policy to improve the security of Federal government and military computer systems and made protecting these systems a national priority.
* Improved cargo screening and security at U.S. ports and increased containerized cargo screening overseas.
* Established a more unified, collaborative intelligence community under the leadership of a Director of National Intelligence to ensure information is shared among intelligence and law enforcement professionals so they have the information they need to protect the American people while respecting the legal rights of all U.S. persons, including freedoms, civil liberties, and privacy rights guaranteed by Federal law.
* Consolidated 22 agencies and 180,000 employees under a new agency, the Department of Homeland Security, to foster a comprehensive, coordinated approach to protecting our country.
* Advocated for and signed into law the USA PATRIOT Act, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, and a modernization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
* Shifted the FBI's focus from investigating terrorist attacks to preventing them. Created the National Security Branch at the FBI, which combines the FBI's counterterrorism, counterintelligence, intelligence, and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) elements under the leadership of a senior FBI official.
* Created the Terrorist Screening Center and the National Security Division at the Department of Justice.

Invigorated International Alliances And Partnerships To Make America Safer And More Secure

* Partnered with nations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Western Hemisphere on intelligence sharing and law enforcement coordination to break up terrorist networks and bring terrorists to justice.
* Transformed NATO to face 21st century threats, including strengthening the Alliance's capabilities against WMD and cyber attacks, while leading the international military effort in Afghanistan.
* Established the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) and other multilateral coalitions to stop WMD proliferation and strengthen our ability to locate and secure nuclear and radiological materials around the world. Dismantled and prevented the reconstitution of the A.Q. Khan proliferation network, an extensive, international network that had spread sensitive nuclear technology and capability to Iran, Libya, and North Korea.
* Worked with European partners to limit Iran's ability to develop weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles and finance terrorism, and initiated targeted sanctions against Iran's Quds Force. Gathered support for and won passage of three Chapter VII United Nations Security Council resolutions that impose sanctions on Iran and require it to suspend its uranium enrichment and other proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities.
* Established the Six Party Talks framework in partnership with China, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. Obtained a commitment from North Korea to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs. Since November 2007, USG experts have supervised North Korea's activities to disable its plutonium production capability.
* Persuaded Libya to disclose and dismantle all aspects of its WMD and advanced missile programs, renounce terrorism, and accept responsibility for prior acts of terror. Normalized our relations with Libya as a result.
* Signed agreements for missile defense sites in the Czech Republic and Poland to help protect America and its allies from the threat of WMD delivered by ballistic missiles. Obtained NATO endorsement of plans to deploy missile defense assets in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Well Sue, if you don't like the quote in the header of my blog, I'd hate to ask your opinion of President Teddy Roosevelt... obviously one of the "great white racists" of his day.

Anonymous said...

...as for your "other" charges, I think this chart about sums it up.

sue said...

Z, FJ and JMK: I would like to say a few things then put the current discussion to rest (unless someone wants to hold me accountable further - that's fine.)

I apologize to Z for anything I said on her blog that she considers insulting. I meant everything I said, but I do not want my comments to be unwelcome so I will try to temper them. It is a good political blog - in fact the only one I know of. The problem is that virtually everyone that comments on it is totally opposite to what I believe. But that's my problem. I will continue to read the blogs and comments and do the best I can when commenting.

humbly yours

Anonymous said...

Loved your post, Pris.
Anyone who thinks America has not been hit again, because the little old radicals just gave up is being very dishonest with his or herself.

Just go back and review the Clinton Years by the way at all the little attacks too.
Don't forget that hit on the USS Cole in October, 2000.

And, someone has listed a gaggle of plots that have been released to the public.

9-11 was not just a bad hair day for the radical , west hating boys from the mid eastern hood.
9-11 was the result of some very careful and determined planning.

To ignore it, you risk worse.

But, I too think President Bush will be judged well .

By the way, there was more to the strategy of us being in Iraq than some might think.

Well, Obama gets crowned next week, another big fancy show , of course, people are out of jobs and some even think Obama is going to buy cars for them and all that good stuff, but Obama will get his moment in the sun.
So be it.

And someone made some good pronouncements about the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party having panic attacks. I think you are right about that.

Seems George Will , Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol had lunch or dinner with Obama. How sweet.


Z said...

Please do come back. But, do yourself a 'favor' and click on any of these commenter's blue names and you'll find far better blogs than mine. Or check out my blog roll. I know your blog is very different than these blogs and I think you'll be interested in looking around.

I've been to leftist political blogs and they infuriate me, too...so, I understand. But, we have to try to engage and talk and throw opinions around.

I'll be trying not to totally thrash obama....I think what the Left did to Bush is unhealthy and created a terrible ambiance here and really REALLY affected the world. I lived in Paris and Munich, so I saw the damage our media did to our standing.
If we'd stood behind him and not been SO eager to insult and demean, I think we'd have had a lot less terror threat today...they'd have been more afraid of us than they are because of our disarray..especially now that Obama's coming in.

I'm sorry, but I think they're sharpening their claws and taking the gloves off soon, the people who want to bring down America; no more waterboarding, no more Gitmo, no more tough talk but appeasement instead.

let's pray I'm wrong. Let's pray the daily intel reports obama is reading are what's made him change his mind already on some anti-terror stuff.
I don't want you to leave, Sue...I'd like you to stay and participate. Thanks.

sue said...

z - I couldn't go to bed without checking one more time. I knew you'd come up with a decent remark.
I kept thinking all day - why do I check your blog and 'torture' myself, but got no answer.(Of course you have some non-political stuff.) I liked what you said about checking a couple of liberal blogs and it infuriated you. So maybe I'll eventually be able to read yours without 'losing it.'

Check mine once in a while. Most of the time it wouldn't infuriate you. Sue

Anonymous said...

It's okay to "lose it", Sue. It helps to get some of the frustration out of the system. But it helps more to be specific. General comments like, "Bush sucks!" are not helpful.

...and yes, I was fishing for a response. I love a good argument. ;-)

Z said...

Sue, I do check your blog from time to time but hadn't for a while. Will do...it's fun to read.


If you come around more often, you'll learn to like FJ. Maybe not me, but FJ!

Have a great day!!

sue said...

z - if you think of my blog as just 'fun' then you've missed a great deal of it

there's more to me than meets the eye - so the saying goes

don't be fooled that I 'backed down' i did so because i was wrong about the insults - i wouldn't enter your house and immediately say that your furniture was not stylish or that your walls were the wrong color

i do like you - considering i only know you through a blog - and i think i could like fj

11 below this morning

Z said...

SUE! I am SO sorry. I by NO MEANS meant that your blog is some fluffy fun site. I meant NOT SO MUCH HARD HITTING POLITICS....I meant I go there to get my mind off this stuff .. Which, no matter how provocative the thinking there is, is fun to me in comparison!

Thanks, I don't want my readers to think it's 'fun' nor keep them away from it. I urge people to check it out; you have some very interesting topics and viewpoints.
And you're never shy about sharing your thoughts, which I think is courageous.

Thanks for straightening that out, it was not an impression I meant to give.

11 BELOW? I have never been in anything that cold. Good luck!! I hope you can stay in!

sue said...

When it's this cold it gets to you
even when you are inside - right down in your bones.

Tonight: -14

Tomorrow a heat wave: 13 above!

Z said...


INSIDE is cold, too!?

good luck!

JMK said...

"It is a good political blog - in fact the only one I know of. The problem is that virtually everyone that comments on it is totally opposite to what I believe." (Sue)
If you look closely here Sue, there are people all over the map.

Ducky seems very much in the Leftist camp, even though most of the commenters here do seem Conservative.

I have no problem with disagreements over opinion. I respect your opinions and your right to be as Liberal as you please. I DO have a big problem with people insisting on different sets of "facts."

For instance, the NSA surveillance program was not only Constitutional and necessary, it did LITTLE (via the Patriot Act's expansion) to change existing surveillance protocols. That's a FACT.

From 1979 up until 9/11/01 NO WARRANT was NEEDED for the government to track calls/emails FROM "suspect foreign portals" INTO America.

The FISA law allowed for that.

What the Patriot Act DID, aside from breaking down the wall between our domestic law enforcement (FBI, etc) and our international or Intelligence arms (NSA, CIA, etc), allowing those agencies to share information, was to broaden that FISA standard to include the flip side of that very same coin - it allowed for the warrantless tracking of calls/emails FROM the U.S. TO "suspect foreign portals."

Congress recently PASSED a Bill that Re-AUTHORIZED that NSA sureveillance program AND gave the telecom companies, that cooperated with the government, IMMUNITY from prosecution, which SHOULD HAVE come with that cooperation, in the form of implied immunity.

In re-authorizing that program, Congress officially approved that program and officially recognized it as NECESSARY and saw fit to legally grant immunity to the telecom companies forced to cooperate with it.

Those are the facts.

IF that tactic is used down the road to go after Americans who are politcally unliked (ie. anti-government activists, various American militias, the KKK or the NOI) I'd join those denouncing THAT use and THAT targeting of American citizens.

BUT, neither foreign nationals NOR their American supporters (ie. Americans who, for instance, work with al Qaida) have any right to such privacy....foreign nationals because non-citizens have none of the rights that U.S. citizens have under the Constitution AND American collaborators because their collaboration is an act of treason, so long as we are engaged in the WoT.

I don't begrudge people's opinions, but opinions SHOULD always be based on existing FACTS.

The statement/opinion that "The Bush administration has eroded America's privacy rights," is demonstrably wrong, given the existing facts.

That's why I always react to statements like that.

sue said...

jmk - I did notice that Ducky has some leftist views.

Are you attributing the quote 'the Bush administration has eroded the American privacy rights' to me, because I didn't say that.

I apologized to z for remarks made on her blog. I did that realizing that I am in over my head trying to keep up with all of you.

I will still continue to read her blog and your comments hoping to gain insight on this whole thing.
My ratio is 80% emotion and 20% percent intelligence. That is why you will most likely hear less from me. But I will be reading.

I'm proud of you for being a N.Y firefighter.

Anonymous said...

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