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Positive Outlook for 2009 Some info from Germany...from Mr. Z (BUT ARE AMERICANS POSITIVE? CAN THEY BE?...Z addresses that below)

Germany is not necessarily known for positive statements, the glass is normally half empty in Germany, while the attitude in the U.S. has always been that the glass is half full. It's just one of the things which attracted me to this great country. On the other hand, the German people live well, have six weeks of paid vacation per year, new cars, etc., a situation which we call “living the high life!l”

This situation has suddenly switched – gloom and doom in the United States (amplified by the media in order to provide Obama with a blank check and a lot of excuses in the beginning of his what I feel is a doomed presidency)... and what do we hear from Germany? Positive attitudes, both from the media, and more importantly, from the Government. Here are some excerpts from Angela Merkel’s New Year’s Message (delivered on TV – Of course, unlike in England, there was no alternative speech by Ajmadinejad! And OH, did the Germans condemn that).

“My motto is: We don’t just want to overcome the effects of the worldwide financial crisis. We want to come out of it stronger than we went in. We can dare much, and can achieve more by doing it jointly.”

Merkel appealed to the German citizens “to rely on Germany’s power and strengths”. The German population has coped with much higher challenges. “We rebuilt the destroyed Germany after the war, and anchored it solidly in Europe. In 2009 we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Federal Republic, and with the Basic Law [the German Constitution] we have the most free and just system which Germany ever had.”

The Chancellor showed confidence that the German citizens can dare to do a lot in 2009, and can achieve more through joint effort. “I am convinced: If everybody pursues something in the New Year which for him is particularly appreciated and livable in this country, then we all will live better,” Merkel said. “In the crisis, the spirit of community comes back. This public spirit will help us to advance us everywhere.”

Z: Are our new American leaders optimistic? Is our media?

Case in point: I just heard a news clippet during which the news reader said that the Auto Club is warning of rising gas prices. WHAT? It might go up 2 cents, to $1.83. But....but.......3 months ago or so it was $4.80! Is this two cent raise a BIG enough PROBLEM for Los Angelenos that it's worth including in a 2 minute news bit between talk show and commercial? Maybe some Israel/Gaza info might be more important. Ya think?

What was it Obama said about THE DEPRESSION? He's saying we need to know that things are not as bad as the Great Depression...NOW. But....on September 15, 2008, Obama said "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression." Which IS it?

Here are a couple of Ronald Reagan quotes: Will we hear things like this again!?

July 17, 1980 (from his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention) "[The Democrats] say that the United States has had its days in the sun, that our nation has passed its zenith.… My fellow citizens, I utterly reject that view."

"I hope the people on Wall Street will pay attention to the people on Main Street. If they do, they will see there is a rising tide of confidence in the future of America."

Z: Will we EVER get back the glass half FULL? Can we survive an administration which has never shown a great love for this country but has attacked people like Joe the Plumber for not agreeing with them, who've lied about knowing certain people, denied dealings that are common knowledge now but our media's keeping things quiet?

Obama's our president, and we Americans try very hard to support our president...we believe in THE OFFICE, don't we. I find myself sometimes getting a tad defensive when people go TOO far off on Obama, I really do (believe it or not), but we have to be careful: We can't have someone who depresses us into a depression, someone who's adored by a media with so much power they can set the tone, influence buying/spending, optimism.

We need to stay OPTIMISTIC. Don't let the Germans outdo AMERICAN PATRIOTISM AND OPTIMISM!! It's a NEW YEAR.............let's all try to stay upbeat and stay on the media.

I feel our biggest blogging goal this year should be EXPOSING THE MEDIA, writing to the media, holding the media's feet to the fire.....sending blog information about the media's lies to people you know who do NOT them..MAKE SURE AMERICANS ARE GETTING THE TRUTH.

So, what do you say? Let's start seeing the glass half full again...........KEEP ON THE MEDIA, FOLKS...They're a big part of the pallor in America today. A BIG part, and that should not be allowed.

Just a very few examples:

z (and Mr. Z!)


Anonymous said...

That's a tall order, Mr. and Mrs. Z. I admire your gung ho spirit. I'm battening down the hatches here, myself, and hoping to ride out the storm. Don't know if I will or not, but it's all I know to do.

shoprat said...

It's got to be done if this country is going to survive that nitwit intact.

Z said...

Hermit..We have to start somewhere! We've got a country to save!

Shoprat...That's what I think...
I'm watching CNN just now...or was.
They're talking about how the Middle East is desperate for some word from the White House, that Bush is "doing nothing right now but waiting to hand this to Obama" and the TRUTH IS CONDI RICE HAS BEEN IN CONSTANT CONTACT and had at least one press conference about it...AND Bush has been in contact personally with all the leaders of the countries in the area.

WHAT are they talking about in saying 'nothing's being done'? AND, if we do get involved..WHY? What're they in the ME going to do then? Cream us for having done or said the wrong thing, right?

And, CNN is waxing eloquent about obama's silence ....apparently, it's good to "keep his powder dry before he's actually in charge", according to the esteemed CNN!!! HAA!

I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for me to have confidence in the immediate future of our country in light of several socio-political developments over the past too many years. For example, in the recent election, I never believed Americans were capable of electing another iteration of Jimmy Carter. I did not think that in the face of economic danger signals as far back as 2003 that elected officials would ignore the pleadings of Mr. Bush to look into the effects of the CRA on financial institutions. I did not think Democrats would watch an approaching train wreck, and do nothing in order that they could have a political advantage. The stupidity of Pelosi and company continue to amaze me; they steadfastly refuse to address government spending, preferring instead to borrow heavily from Red China and the Islamic Middle East. And, as we have discussed, western bankers have signed on to the idea of Shar’ia compliant policy in order to fulfill their greed.

And while all of these things are going on, American Muslims demonstrate in the streets against Israel, and they do it in such a manner that if they were members of the KKK or Neo-Nazis, authorities would arrest them for violation of hate crimes laws. Apparently, such behavior is only a crime if you are not a Muslim. Meanwhile, most Americans remain unconcerned and clueless about any of the major events, whether foreign or domestic . . . and they remain uninvolved because when the economic collapse does materialize, they can simply point to congress and blame them. Ignorance is bliss and American voters love to shift blame to someone or some thing other than themselves.

Glass half-full or half empty? How about . . . the glass is empty, or nearly so? Oh, and yes . . . the press loves this because it gives them something to yammer about. But let me point out that if you are waiting for a grass-roots movement to rise up and flood Congress with letters, don’t hold your breath. WE THE PEOPLE have control over our government for 12 hours every two years, so let us not deceive ourselves about how WE have to save our country. If WE wanted to do that, we would never have elected Barack Obama.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I hope Merkel is worthy of the glass half-full. The ultimate optimist was RR who deeply felt that we as Americans would survive to be the shining city on the hill. I shook his hand twice in 1980 and 1984 when I was a police officer.

I believed in him, but not in the BO sense. RR was a human being. BO, to his supporters is not. Scary.

I posted a video of RR and it is very good. I feel he was the ultimate president. He is a giant when it comes to glass-half full.

Z said...

Mustang, if we can clean up the media, a TALL order, and demand the truth, and demand the cessation of demonizing Republicans...if they can start telling THE NEWS and not their slant, we have a chance.

And, we have to stop being Politically Correct...we have to stop accepting euphemisms like "youth" for mus lim teen extremists, 'homeless' for bums, 'a right to a woman over her body' for abortion, etc etc. We have to stop the tyranny of the minority..

We have to stop ignoring the education of our kids and start all over again teaching them about this country's greatness, stopping the publication of textbooks by Arab-owned companies who tell our kids all America's ever been is a racist country which hates blacks and bombed the Japanese to show Russia we could.

i could go on, but what's the point? We're in big trouble and I'm pretty pessimistic, but trying to stay UP and FOCUSED and.......

...with my head in the sand!!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about education, Z. In all honesty, I have written volumes on my blog about what is really happening in American public schools, from coast to coast; I have offered common sense solutions to our problems, and yet no one has done a thing about it. No one has ever asked me for specifics. No one has ever said, “I’ve demanded better from my elected officials and local school board members.” No one has ever indicated their refusal to continue subsidizing failure through taxes . . . and so yes, I am pessimistic. Clearly, most Americans don’t give a damn. I served my country for 45 years, Z . . . I’ve done my duty – in uniform and in the classroom. And it seems to me, it was all for naught. Depressing.

christian soldier said...

The conservative blog (ashpere) is the new media....
I'm excited to be a part of it..
re: education-
we allowed it to be taken over ...however...
the homeschool movement is exponentially growing...we even have homeschoolers writing books worthy of being made into $$$ making movies!
I see the glass 3/4 full...because-thanks to the blogs--I know there are more who think like I do than I thought! :-)

Average American said...

The information highway started out as a foot path with the pony express, and a few newspapers. Then along came the radio. What a difference that made. Not far behind radio, the television popped onto the scene. It took a long time before that medium got destroyed by opinionated, self-serving news coverage. Add in CNN and a host of other global cable channels and mix with newspapers on the internet, and you get to our recent predicament. Well ladies and gentlemen, the newest news platform, THE BLOGOSPHERE, is just past it's infancy and ready to REALLY take off. It is our job, especially this year, to make sure we do all we can to make a huge positive difference in the dispersement of knowledge. I know we mostly have been "singing to the choir", but I also have noticed that our audiences are getting a little more diverse with each passing week. We can make a difference. We just have to keep up the good fight and "don't let the bastards get you down"! Use e-mail to supplement our writings and don't be afraid to comment on newspapers blogs and write letters to the editors. Do what ever you can to make the difference we have to make this year.

Dam--I sure did ramble on this comment--sorry.

Anonymous said...

Alright, Z.
You're motivating me.

I don't know if it's the correct approach or not, but I've boycotted many media outlets for their bias. But having done that, I no longer see the bias and can't be effective in combating it.

Anonymous said...

Help New York State Stop Caroline Kennedy

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

David Wyatt said...

Another great & insightful post, Z. You are so right about good ol' President Reagan. We certainly need another of his ilk, but I trust you'll forgive me if I say I just don't see another one anywhere in sight. I do hope that we see a pendulum swing toward the right, but I must admit that I don't even see that, because the pendulum is about to come off its hinges (if a pendulum has hinges!) Mustang hit it on the head about the disasters in the making & most Americans being oblivious. Forgive my pessimism, but I still have the ULTIMATE optimism when I say....Keep looking UP! (Lk.21:28)
We as believers in Christ must simply keep on allowing Christ to shine through us each day in the dark world. God Bless you!

miradena said...

It seems like a lot of us have been evoking the spirit of Ronald Reagan. The post and video that DI and I did for the first day of the New Year was likewise inspired by Reagan quotes.

"Those who would trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state told us they had a Utopian solution of peace without victory - they call their policy "accommodation" - and they say if we'll only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy he'll forget his evil ways and learn to love us."
Ronald Reagan - 1964

Talk about true "heads in the sand," Z - ;)

Anonymous said...

It's impossible to be hard-wired to face reality, as I think most of us here are, and yet have our heads in the sand. It just can't be done.

At the same time, I have a need to be hopeful. To have faith in the American people, and America.

We have muddled through before, through dire times, but always with the knowledge it would be hard and require strength and a willingness to hold firm, and not get "wobbly".

It's just a question of how many are willing to fight the prevailing winds to keep the American dream alive.

Hope does spring eternal.


Always On Watch said...

Yes, the economic situation is terrible right now. But it's also being played to the left's advantage, as stated in this post: in order to provide Obama with a blank check.

I admit that I feel much as Mustang does -- not optimistic about America's future.

Ducky's here said...

If WE wanted to do that, we would never have elected Barack Obama.


WE are content with Obama. Now, when we admit that the Ronnie Raygun years that started us into this incredible debt and foreign policy naivete (we are all like Holly Martins' silly naive American in The Third Man) are over and we have to discard the neoconservative movement (I do believe it's toast) then we get somewhere.

We need to think clearly and dispassionately so there's also some reason for pessimism.

Ducky's here said...

No one has ever indicated their refusal to continue subsidizing failure through taxes . . .


Odd mustang, when I posted here that Massachusetts had itself tested as a separate country using the same tests that the right mentions when it says we are way behind and Massachusetts often came in first and never worse than third all I got in reply here were reasons why the test is invalid.

I'm quite happy with how my nieces were educated with my tax money . Maybe your state needs more leftists.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's real proud of Massachusetts. It's 88% white. I'd love to see his state's test results if he had Maryland or California's demographic.

Z said...

Ducky, re: your recap on Reagan. GROW UP, liberals have taken to admiring him, too........friends of mine are wishing for the good old days when we were proud of our country and he put us back on the map, our European friends love Reagan now. Trust me.

As for Massachusetts..WHO CARES? I SAID we have SOME good schools here still. OBVIOUSLY we do, but the most part? PLEASE.

But, then, of course, your nieces are liberals and what we're including in this discussion is INDOCTRINATION. You see, Conservatives like BOTH SIDES of every subject. You know, like FOX! They're the ONLY channel that has panels with both sides ALL the time, not 10% of the week... Ya, like that. We want the FACT that there are thousands of scientists who do NOT believe humans are responsible for global climate...change (it was WARMING until it started getting colder) . We don't admire groups who invite only THEIR side to GLOBAL CHANGE CONFERENCES, we're intellectually curious enough to want BOTH sides and THEN c etc etc etc.

We want schools to TEACH again, not about BILLY, who "HAS TWO MOMMIES" or safe sex for 8 yr olds, or special transgender bathrooms for 7 yr old boys who're confused about their sexuality. Who the HECK KNEW what sexuality was at 7 until our schools started this CRAP?

I could go on, but it's boring.

Suffice it to say we want education, we're tired of teachers spending time disciplining because lefty parents think "let him run or do whatever he wants to do when the mood hits him" is wise for school situations...and we want FAIRNESS taught. I don't WANT kids to know what their teachers' politics are.....even in university. It's stupid and unAmerican.

Anonymous said...

Just you watch, the media and obama will turn this around once he is in power. All that 'depression' and all that was just to get him some votes. Spin, spin, spin possibly on a scale you folks have never before.

Law and Order Teacher said...

My school district is still somewhat sane. There are many teachers who are conservative, they're just shut out of NEA politics. I recently resigned from the union because of their leftist contributions of my dues money. A few teachers have followed me.

Let's get this straight right off, I am not anti-union. I've been in a union since 1975, serving as union president for four consecutive years. I quit when the state/national union tried to make me endorse a slate of candidates. Unions should focus on gaining benefits for their members.

As for my classroom, I don't discuss my political leanings with my students. The classroom discussion is student-driven and focuses on them not me. That's as it should be.

After the election I received a great compliment from an African-American student who said she told her parents that she couldn't tell who I was for in the election. They thanked me for being fair.

It's not about me, it's all about them.

Gayle said...

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Z. I read your entire post, but I honestly don't have time to read this entire comment thread. My apologies!

You're both absolutely right. We must "keep a stiff upper lip" as the brits used to say. Maybe they still say it, I don't know. But we must be positive and still be aware and informed. I plan on being easier on Obama than the libs were on President Bush, and that should be easy. I also plan on being tough on him if he messes up badly. The office of the president I respect, no matter who holds it. I would like to respect the office-holder as well, but we'll have to wait to see if that's possible. I understandably have many doubts but I'm willing to at least hope that he does things right. We shall see.

Blessings to you both!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

There's an interesting book called "The Progress Paradox". It goes through statistics and points out how life is generally getting better for everyone, even as people feel worse. We tend to romanticize the past and act as if things were better in some fabricated golden age, and focus on our daily woes and travails. Yet overall, quality of life for everyone continues to improve. There is so much we take for granted that our ancestors never had; even from a decade ago, life is generally better.

There's an annual report, too, that has consistently shown that armed conflicts have been on the decline for decades. You'd never know it from watching the news, though.

Z said...

L&O..good to hear about your school. There certainly are good ones out there.. What kills me is the left are mostly indoctrinating and the right know it's not right so they don't..........
I HATE that we know better and we lose because of it.And America loses.

I'm not 100% anti-Union, either...but I'd be hard pressed to see a really good thing they do anymore. You should hear the stupidity a friend has with his...and it's a gov't union. AWFUL, the most ridiculous red tape I have EVER heard of..difficulties everywhere he turns. It's nauseating.
They were wonderful for what they were implemented for but, after that, I think they mostly just stand less for their people and more against their companies just to 'fight big business'...don't you?

Gayle, I swear I can think of nothing I like about the finger like he did to Hillary and McCain in those campaign speeches almost haunts me because I think it showed such terrible the constant lying, etc. I just don't trust him, and I SO want to. talk me into it!!!

Wordsmith/Sparky (as I like to call you!), that book sounds good and maybe wars are on the decline but you're right..we're hard pressed to believe that.

FOX tonight is being pretty tough on israel, too......
What people don't understand is that NOBODY HATES the PA's and wants innocent kids dead....WHy can't people give the same respect and sympathy and outrage for Israel when THEY are so constantly hit? (Answer: we rarely hear about that then)


Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of argument, let’s talk about “quality of life.” I suspect the term as applied in the book you mentioned is at least subjective even if generally true. What has gotten better? No doubt, the list would be a long one. On the other hand, what good is improved health care if no one can afford it? What purpose does improved automotive safety serve if no can afford to purchase that technology? Has the quality of life improved among seniors, who cannot afford prescription medications? How do people feel confidence about their “golden years” when no one working today thinks that social security will be around in another forty years?

I have no doubt that people in Austin, Texas can afford the Lexus, Kaiser, and imported fine wines. On the other hand, I doubt if the quality of life has improved for people living in places like southwest Virginia where, because all the factories closed, there is NO employment available for people who want to work. It is hard accept a “higher quality of life” among people whose living standard more or less equates to those people living in the Tennessee valley during the 1930s. And as we seem to have plenty of surplus cash to support foreign aid, why does the number of homeless Americans continue to increase? How can we afford to feed starving children in under-developed countries when our own children are under-nourished and sick?

The quality of life is not substantially improved when we provide unfettered access to food and health care for illegal aliens, while depriving American families of those same services. So given this particular view, I suspect the quality of life isn’t so great among a large number of Americans, no matter what college eggheads would like us to believe.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

but you're right..we're hard pressed to believe that.

By way of example, here's Michael Medved:

The best remedy for the prevailing hysteria about the current situation with the U.S. economy is a sense of historical perspective. Yes, we’re suffering a painful downturn but it’s hardly unprecedented and nowhere near the worst crisis since the Great Depression. The unemployment rate has risen to 6.7% but when Ronald Reagan took over the presidency from the hapless Jimmy Carter in 1981, it was sharply higher—at 7.5%. Fighting inflation, Reagan drove unemployment even higher, peaking at an unimaginably dire 10.8% two years into his presidency. It took six full years of Reaganomics before the jobless rate finally fell below 6.7% --its level in the current crisis—and yet we rightly remember Reagan as a great and successful president. The numbers and graphs that alarm the public today only mislead us when they’re deprived of context.

The media likes to lapse into hysterics and hyperbole...bad news sells....especially since it happens on Bush's watch.

Sensationalism and overexaggerations sell papers.

Z said...

I must say I do not disagree with Sam. We all might like to think things are better, but I sure don't see it, and as much as I DETEST our dishonest media, and I KNOW they tweak things to make things look FAR FAR worse than they are (that's a given), and while I know polls taken say Americans are pretty happy with their lives, I think there are a LOT of problems and that, definitely, our allowing illegals to live on US is NOT HELPING.