Thursday, January 15, 2009

"An Emptiness Only The Holy Spirit Can Fill"

Orson Bean's written a wonderful piece (title above) for Breitbart's BIG HOLLYWOOD.
Take a look!
And enjoy................Z


Anonymous said...

Z, I really enjoyed reading Mr. Bean's article. What a great sense of humor he has. Of course I knew that from seeing his appearances years ago on the Tonight Show.

He is right about God and that everything makes little sense without Him. Thanks to Mr. Bean for his candor, and his commitment to Christianity.

If we believe we have a soul, as I do, earthly pleasures, except matters of the heart, cannot fill it.

For me, food for the soul is intangible and must be sought outside the temporary pleasures available to us on this earthly plain.

In short, I agree with Mr. Bean. He is a thoughtful man and has come to a place where so many of us have.

Thanks Mr. Bean for making it clear that one does not have to fit into the mistaken stereotype that secularists or non-believers would like to portray us as. In this, you do us a great service. Keep up the good work.


I.H.S. said...

Z, that was a good article.

And, he's so right; we don't have to be a Ned Flanders to be effective Saints (you know I don't particularly like the Christian word because it has become so watered down) it really does just take The Holy Ghost (Spirit).

Anonymous said...

What a great article, Z!

I especially liked the last bit.

David Wyatt said...

I'd love to meet with & talk to Mr. Bean. He seems like he'd be easy to communicate with. Thank you Z. God Bless you.

Z said...

David...if you come by, I can arrange it!! He's a wonderful man. was HOLY GHOST when I was young, too. Oh, well! I'll take it any way I can get it,no matter what the name, i guess! Yup...that is 'ALL' it takes. Not up to us.

Pris, I'll let you know if he responds!!

Incognito said...

Hey Z, is this the new website Breitbart was set to create?

Z said...

He's Orson's son in law and they alerted me to it. Some VERY good writing on it. I find it a tad bit difficult to negotiate and I'm still looking for Archives but I'll figure it out..and so will Andrew, I guess!

Z said...

This is from a dear friend who just read my blog and found Orson's piece...she is also a friend of Orson's. I thought I'd share it here as I think it's important and inspiring for Christians and anyone toying with the idea!!

"Loved the first reply on your blog, re his book, from Anonymous: "Thank you, Mr. Bean, for making it clear that one does not have to fit into the mistaken stereotype that secularists and non-believers would like to portray us as." Because I read the book to my husband before he died and a week later he accepted our friends' offer to come and talk to him about Jesus Christ, I have to feel that God used that book in R's life and will do so in others' lives. I think of it as a witnessing ministry and have given the book to as many as come to mind. It has been received with amazing enthusiasm, which encourages me to continue. The most recent person to whom I shared it with was my college roommate. Always I have thought she was a lost cause for the Lord, going to psychics, astrologers, new age babblers and other religions. She raved and raved about Orson's book and said, "I love that man!" She plans to pass it on to others. As Orson himself says, "Things have the effect that they have on people and then, when the time is right, everything comes together." That is a good reminder that it isn't just one thing that leads adults to conversions"

Take heed!!!