Monday, January 19, 2009

I just heard Bush has commuted Compean and Ramos but Yahoo has it true!!! IT IS TRUE!! hoorah!

It's confirmed! It's a very joyful day because these men were pardoned!! To think of the message that their imprisonment sent our enemies is almost unbearable.

When I first heard Laura Ingraham mention it on FOX, I quickly went on line...NOTHING. Not on Yahoo!, not ANYWHERE when I Googled. But FOX had it. So, is that.........Conservative BIAS? Of course's facts and they got it and thought enough of it to run it.... Too bad Yahoo and Google didn't. It's finally on Yahoo now.

Congratulations to the Ramos and Campean families and to Americans who know how difficult it is to be fighting on a border and risking lives all day and all night long. Congratulations to Americans who want to ERR ON OUR SIDE. HURRAH!!



Anonymous said...

Z, It's true.
McIntyre just announced it on the radio. They are supposed to be released in two months.

How exciting and wonderful!


Elmers Brother said...

I had heard on the radio last week that this was probably going to happen.

Z said...

I'd heard Obama couldn't WAIT to do this so Conservatives would be pleased at what he did......

heh heh

Bush..FINALLY! Something GOOD DONE IN TIME!! A day before he's out of office. man

shoprat said...

Appears to be true.

Law and Order Teacher said...

He commuted their sentences. They weren't pardoned. They should have been pardoned, but at least this will get them out of prison and spare their lives. What a crock this whole said incident was.

CJ said...

That's good news.

Ducky's here said...

Well you may be risking life at other times but not when you shoot someone in the ass.

Now that individual was a pretty crummy guy but they get due process also and the courts seem to feel the two agents weren't up on that aspect of American justice.

Not a great moment.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I sure hope its true too Z..what a horror!

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAA!!!! I heard it on the radio just 5 minutes ago!!! G-d bless and keep ramos and Campeon!


Z said...

It sure is a great moment, everyone. If you all read the evidence, you'll see why this should never have happened.

Even if it should have, the message it sent was so terrible ...that's why I said we should be erring on OUR SIDE..for a change.

Too bad it isn't a pardon, L&O, and thanks for straightening me out......because I'd heard Obama was considering commmuting or pardoning them so Conservatives would find him a little less objectionable.

It's not enough to be commuted..they need their reputations back. Pardoning will do that. A wonderful day, nonetheless.

JMK said...

They shou;d've been pardoned awhile back.

Better late than never.

There's an irony here, Bush pardons two border patrol agents who shot a drug dealer, fleeing arrest, while Clinton pardoned the FALN terrorists who sought to kill as many New Yorkers as possible, when they bombed One Police Plaza in Manhattan.

Z said...

JMK....sort of a typical situation, isn't it?
Is that the pardon Rahm Emanuel engineered, by the way?

Average American said...

Commutation is a good first step, but, I agree, it should have been a pardon. Ducky, just because he spun around and caught it in the ass does not mean he didn't deserve it. What part of "illegal" don't you understand? He was here illegally and he was dealing drugs. A double whammy. I just think someone forgot that "dead men tell no lies".

Z said...

AVG AMERICAN..he "spun around.."

I don't know if that's in the evidence/eye witnessed or not, but if it IS, that's my point....let's err on OUR side. Give OUR GUYS PROTECTING us the benefit of the doubt.

Here in LA, according to the news, one would think every cop is a stinking racist who can't wait to kill innocent Black babies... Doesn't matter if that poor baby's daddy was holding the baby and they didn't see it and he's a gang member shooting at someone else..........THEY ARE IN HUGE TROUBLE.

The news is all OVER condemning the hard working guys who also have families at home and I believe THEY should be able to err on their families' sides, too. They're tense, they're working with terrible people out there, and they get the blame every single time. Before investigations which often clear them. Who the heck wants to be a cop with that kind of reputation?

And there are bad seeds...OH, brother, have we had some here, but to condemn them all, broad brushed in the media? That's wrong and dangerous.

Average American said...

It's certainly not a job I would want Z.

Ducky's here said...

Average American, the courts disagreed with you.

And there hasn't been much to contradict the courts ruling as the lack of a pardon here may well indicate.

Ducky's here said...

z, the corruption in the L.A. police force is not a matter of imagination.

Remember, O.J? That sort of thing was documented time and time again.

Z said...

"remember OJ"? if you only knew.
I have no idea what you're implying.

Yes, LA, AS I SAID, has its share of bad cops. PLEASE stop taking a few and generalizing for the many .. it's an icky habit, frankly. You read what supports your negativity then expound on it as if you're the law.
I don't admire that.

kevin said...

Surprisingly good news. Given the delay, I can't help but wonder where Bush's heart really is on this issue. Did he feel he had to wait due to some outside pressure? Is he just throwing the conservatives a bone? Did he feel that it was too small an issue for the Presidency to trifle with?

Z said...

interesting question from Kevin.
I wonder, too.
I had heard more than one rumor that obama was planning to commute them, or pardon them... to show Conservatives something.
Maybe he'll actually pardon them now. Look like the good guy.
I'm hoping it wasn't a moment Bush missed because, right now, I think he finally did the right thing.

Law and Order Teacher said...

My best evidence of the escalation in violence on the street was this: When I began my career in 75, we carried a total of 18 rounds with us, 6 in the gun, 12 on the belt. At the end of my career we carried a semi auto weapon that held 18 rounds. On our belts were two additional magazines each holding 17 rounds.

I loved my career and am proud of it. Having said that, I wouldn't go back into it for twice the money. The border patrol agents incident is just a symptom.

As for OJ, that is a great example of how a jury can nullify a verdict through the manipulation of evidence and the ineptitude of prosecutors. It's the best system out there, but it's not infallible.

There are failures in every profession. The police aren't immune. God bless our police, they need it.

Anonymous said...


Hurray and Hallelujah
You had it comin' to ya ...


Why wait two MONTHS? Why not release them NOW --- this very MINUTE?

Dammit! With gubmint there's ALWAYS a hitch.

And as far as I'M concerned, REPARATIONS should be paid to those two families for the lousy, stinking humiliation and injustice they've suffered.

The same goes for poor ol' Scooter Libby --- and GOUBLE for all the PERSECUTED members of the Armed Services who got sent to the Middle East to be targeted by madmen, and had the unmitigated gall to return fire or whatever the hell it was they were supposed to have done.

All this TRUMPED UP CRAP has GOT to END!

Be a man, Bush, and pardon ALL the political prisoners you've let suffer in your vain attempts to appease the left.

~ FreeThinke

JMK said...

"Is that the pardon Rahm Emanuel engineered, by the way?" (Z)
I'm not sure of Emanuel's role (if any) BUT Eric Holder certainly helped push those pardons forward;

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't DARE say what I'm thinking. Not here --- not ANYWHERE.


! FT

Z said...

I see, JMK...
so we've got a president who picked Greg Craig for White House Counsel, and HE defended the guy who tried to kill Reagan..Hinckley, was it? Nice, EH?!!

And Eric HOlder and Emanuel who were instrumental in pardons of terrorist types.

Oh, ya.....we'll be safe. After all, we've got guys who are more intent on the LETTER OF THE LAW and 'being BETTER than THEY ARE'..than OUR SAFETY. lovely, huh? HELP!

Anonymous said...

Way past due. Way, way past due.

I'm thankful that they'll be reunited with their families, but I could give Bush a swift kick in the butt right about now.

Pardon my disrespect for the POTUS.

Anonymous said...


I have a confession to make:


Felt that way for a long time.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Why, thank ya, FreeThinke!

I have to confess something, too.
I learned today that a pardon wasn't possible b/c Ramos and Compean hadn't completed at least 5 years of their sentence. So maybe Bush knew what he was doing afterall. Who knows?

I hope, HOPE, that he will be looked upon with great admiration in hindsight. I'm just more than a little peeved with him at the moment. He did so many wonderful things for us over the past eight years, but he also caved in on so many issues. It's a love / hate relationship for me.

I respect him and I always will, but I'll also speak my mind.