Thursday, January 29, 2009

How soon will the signs come out in the streets? "GIVENCHY MUST DIE!"

So, the middle model here (Designer: Givenchy) struck me as 'interesting'.....let's cover the face, a la muslim women's wear....but let's put her in a camisole!? Is this designer going to become the new Geert Wilders? I hope not.



kevin said...

It does have a satirical feel to it. I wonder if it was intentional or if the designer was trying to be "inclusive"? Either way, lose the absurd shoulder pads.

Average American said...

Are those shoulder pads Kevin, or wings? I figured she was one of those 72 virgins they always look forward to meeting. Damn, if the muzzies start thinking they might get 72 of those, watch out for a lot more suicide bombers.

Anonymous said...

It's not a death shroud?

Anonymous said...

It's been such a long time since Audrey Hepburn was photographed by Fred Astaire running down a set of marble steps in the Louvre in a gown by Givenchy with her arms stretched high, a blood red cape swirling gracefully aloft behind her, while Winged Victory looked down with seeming approbation from her niche at the top of the stair.

Such style! Such grace! Such atmosphere! Such joy!

Givenchy, as seen here today, looks like a candid shot of the dressing room in a run-down Burlesque House --- or maybe an antechamber at the Mustang Ranch before it went into receivership.

More signs of degeneracy and despair. Givenchy --- like most of Western Civilization today -- is making a mockery of itself and has become a travesty.

Quel domage!

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Kevin, it does look satirical, but there were other designs with the face covering looking very islamic, too!

I was just amazed and wondered when angry protestors would be calling for Givenchy's demise...a la Geert Wilders, for 'insulting' them.

Let's face it, some of us wouldn't love it if this were a nun's headdress with this 'abbreviated' an outfit, either! (but I doubt if anybody'd march in the streets)
And, of course, it doesn't seem that this IS happening, so maybe that's a promising sign?!

I.H.S. said...

Z, I'm no fashion guru, but I know what I like and don't like.

I don't like, and besides where would you wear this stuff anyway? Church? Wedding? Court? PTA meeting?

Just wondering.


Elmers Brother said...

I agree with IHS...

who would wear that POS?

Z said...

excellent points, gentlemen!

Well, in the boudoir? If you've not got a pretty face?
Most haute couture isn't really 'wearable', let's face it! I've often wondered about that!

I.H.S...DEFINITELY not CHURCH! (smile)

Brooke said...

I feel that most of these 'fashion' shows are intrinsically misogynistic, and covering a woman's face while objectifying her body is just another example of it, whether it was taken from Islamic dress or not.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Brooke. Covering a woman's face period is wrong.

I.H.S. said...

Brooke, I'm sorry but I just have to not go with the whole misogynistic veiw; only because these women made up their own minds to walk around half naked with their faces covered or uncovered.

I guess if it's the hatred of women then I guess when it's men walking on those same stages then its whatever word is for the hatred of men.

I personnaly think it's useless but I've learned that everybody don't think like I do about things, you know. I also think that misogynistic is more readily shown in abuse whether mental or physical toward women rather than paying them exhorbinant amounts of money to walk down a runway showing off someones idea of fashion don't you?

I.H.S. said...

Misandry- the hatred of males.

Ducky's here said...

Cover the face but leave the legs bare? Muslim fashion?

Gonna be a fatwa against that.

I think the idea that Givenchy is designing a burqa is a little far fetched.

Z said...

I don't think he was designing a burqa, Ducky..........

Sue said...

I've never really been interested in high fashion or the anorexic runway models.

christian soldier said...

I wasn't going weigh in but :-)
Artists tend to resort to 'hidden messages' to get their point across-perhaps this is what Givenchy is doing..

As to the men/women conversation ...I am lucky to find a suit suitable to wear from the designer section at my local Loehman's -the last one was 10 years ago!! -the pin stripes or plaids never line up at the top of both shoulders-the sides and the back so ...what are the designers for women doing!?
The next suit I buy will be made by a mens' wear tailor...only w/ the buttons on the other side...
You guys are lucky to be able to buy suits that are made the old fashioned way-correctly!!
Z-couldn't help it-I needed a rest from politics...

Anonymous said...

It used to be pronounced "Zhee-voan-SHEE."

Today it looks much more like Guh-VENT-chee!

Whatever it is, it's dreadful.

Of course the French have always had a satiric sense of humor in their fashion designs. I remember that Jacques Fath, a famed couturier back in the fifties, opened his new collection one year with a MATERNITY WEDDING GOWN.

That just was NOT done back in those days, so it had great "shock effect."

Today, if a bride walked down the aisle in a bra and thong on gold stiletto heels, few would so much as bat an eye.

What next? THE NAKED BRIDE with SHAVED HEAD meeting a groom sporting shoulder-length, bleached-blonde hair hair dressed in a bouffant, sequined ball gown?



~ FT