Monday, January 5, 2009

Leon Panetta nominated for Head of CIA

It sure was a wonderful country, wasn't it? This is unbelievable news....Happy New Year, folks.

"Panetta was a surprise pick for the post, with no experience in the intelligence world. An Obama transition official and another Democrat disclosed his nomination on a condition of anonymity since it was not yet public...........He served on the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel that released a report at the end of 2006 with dozens of recommendations for the reversing course in the Iraq war."

What in the world is the payback HERE? What TIT did Obama TAT for ol' PaneTTA?


Ducky's here said...

Not a bad pick. Most of the regular intel guys are going to be vulnerable to grand jury probes for their roll in facilitating Tortureboy's little japes.

At least Panetta is not on the Bush's and Bin Laden's holiday card list.

Thomas Lawrence said...

He may not be on Tortureboy's "holiday" card list Ducky, but he is an old tarnished ornament from the Clinton Oral Office Christmas tree.

What's next, Jocelyn Elders as Sec of Defense?

JMK said...

To be fair, Panetta was picked to be little more than a budget-boy for the CIA, an agency who's budget will almost certainly be cut in the next administration.

Panetta will be working UNDER Dennis Blair, a former Admiral and former head of the Navy's Pacific Command and a leader who supported a "no prisoners" approach to international terrorism - LITERALLY.

Blair based his anti-terror tactics on "Small, fast-moving, Special Forces task forces, charged with eradicating terror cells within their regions..."

I don't see ANY significant numbers of Americans getting wound up over the FACT that Special Forces Teams CANNOT and DO NOT have either the time nor the resources to take and keep prisoners.....I know I don't.

According to one article announcing Blair's appointment as Director of National Intelligence, "Blair would have control over the CIA's planning and its role in overall intelligence strategy but not over the agency's budget."

So, Leon Panetta would be safely operating under the direction of an experienced Military/Intelligence operative.

Panetta's probably going to be the guy to deliver the budget cuts....the direction and focus of that organization will apparently be carried on under Dennis Blair the new DNI.

Always On Watch said...

with no experience in the intelligence world

Well, that's just lovely, isn't it?

The BHO administration is beginning to look like the Clinton administration reloaded.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, he was picked as an administrator. He is very able in that position.

Time to find out what rat holes the neocons have been using to finance there escapades.

Z said...

Ducky, you're getting on my nerves and sounding silly.
This is a guy with ZERO experience.

And, imagine a country which has grand jury probes of people who tried to keep it safe? Only in America.
Every time I watch one of those lib senator groups grilling the people who tried to protect us, I wish Osama had the same group publicly insulting and badgering HIM. He doesn't.

I guess Panetta's kind of like Obama in the inexperience thing, huh? With Obama, it's either NO experience of CLINTON EXPERIENCE.

Larry; Elders for SOD...PERFECT! (Gag) Well, at least she COULD help us if we DID gag, huh? Maybe?

JMK: Where was Blair when it came to GITMO!?? No prisoners? I like the sound of that.

AOW...did any of us ever think we'd be getting the Clinton folks again?

JMK said...

"JMK: Where was Blair when it came to GITMO!?? No prisoners? I like the sound of that." (Z)
Yeah that would've been a better alternative, in my view as well, though I haven't heard where Dennis Blair stands on GITMO.

I know that I was personally outraged when American-born, John "Taliban Johnny" Walker-Lindt was brought home, tried for treason....and sentenced to (gulp) a measley 20 years!

They should've hung him....OR, better still, either left him in that tunnel that they were about to flood, or handed him over to the Northern Alliance to do with as they wished.

The War on Terrorism (WoT) is going to continue unabated and largely "AS IS" under the direction of good Americans like Robert Gates (SoD), Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security Director) and Dennis Blair (DNI).

To date no one I've heard of has made a credible argument AGAINST the current WoT.

In England, one local official, Reginald Smythe(?sp) suggested "greater dialogue between the West and the Muslim world" and kidded (I hope) that "intractable points of disagreement might be best settled by bouts of mud-wrestling between representatives of the two groups."

Unfortunately for those who'd oppose "confronting the radical Muslim menace," Reginald Smythe was murdered outside London late last (ironically enough) a radical Muslim.

How appropriate is THAT?!

Apparently, folks like Reginald Smythe are blithely unaware that radical Muslims don't take prisoners either...and NEVER have!

Dennis Blair certainly seems to understand that...and he responds appropriately.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is YUCK!

~ FreeThinke

WomanHonorThyself said...

ugh..more clintonian tactics..just what we need Z..NOT!

Z said...

FT and WHT..pretty horrible, isn't it. OF ALL PEOPLE.

JMK...I believe I heard there's something happening with an early release or people working hard for it. I heard something on the radio but came in too late the other day to catch it. The word was "he didn't really do's outrageous he's in this situation and has said he'd be okay if we let him out"...I'm big time paraphrasing, get the picture.

There's also word that obama might pardon the 2 immigration cops who Bush still hasn't pardoned..Campos and what's-his-name (sorry, i don't mean to be disrespectful but I can't remember).. So he can look good to the conservatives ...

as if.

Anonymous said...

You think Panetta can actually read simple sentences and give us back our 4th Amendment? That psychopath Hayden is bad news. If it weren't for BHO getting elected, our next "Republican" Pres. would be in full military dress.

Chuck said...

Wonder if this group of unqualifieds will get the same level of scorn as Michael Brown (Brownie) did when they screw up?

Ducky, you put so much wrong in such a short sentence, I'm impressed. My real question though is: Is "not bad" the new standard for the safety of the country? This is what you get when you elect the party of affirmative action, they have no inkling of the concept of qulaifications.

Papa Frank said...

"What TIT did Obama TAT for ol' PaneTTA?"

Don't you mean what unqualified BOOB is Obama going to nominate next?

Karen Townsend said...

Panetta as CIA Director nominee brings to mind Harriet Miers for Supreme Court - but at least she was an attorney.

Obama is not serious or interested in Intelligence Agency matters. He'll make token gestures to be re-elected in 2012 but homeland security is not his priority.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say, Mr. Pris, now retired, was a dedicated member of the intelligence community for forty years, and his response to this appointment was, "oh no"!

Broad oversight such as "CIA's planning and its role in overall intelligence strategy", which Blair allegedly has, is not day to day operations or decisions.

This appointment puts me in mind of when Clinton appointed Deutsch, who was a University Professor, as director of CIA. It's laughable, and would be funny if we weren't at war.

The CIA Director is responsible for briefing the President and must be up on and involved in covert operations and classified programs for which the CIA is responsible.

JMK, The following agencies, military intelligence services, and other Depts., fall under the aegis of the office of the Director of National Intelligence:
Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, CIA, Dept. of Energy, DIA, DEA, Dept of State, Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, NGIA, NRO, Dept.of Treasury.

So, I would say Admiral Blair will be rather busy directing yet another unnecessary bloated Bureaucracy.

It is my understanding that, The Senate Intelligence Committee has the responsibility for approving or disapproving the budget for specific intelligence programs.

The intelligence community is still recovering from Clinton's budget cuts.

Leon Panetta, IMO, is just a political appointee with no experience in intelligence matters.

This, at a time when we are living under daily threat, and with troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This has to be a nightmare, and we'll wake up any minute now.

Ducky, You know zip about regular intel guys, as you call them. You're a babe in the woods, and I suggest these men and women you disdain have participated in protecting your sorry a--!


DaBlade said...

Who said: "Democrats have a tremendous opportunity right now to hit Bush where he's weak, which is on oil prices and the war. Don't hit him where he's strong, which is these values issues."

Yep. you guessed it. Those pesky values issues again. Well at least we can look forward with hope. Gas prices will plunge and the war will be over in 2 weeks!


Law and Order Teacher said...

Wow, this is an interesting choice. Panetta as CIA director. My response is that BO hasn't a clue and is just hiring Clinton retreads because he can't think of what else to do.

After all, Bill ended up with a surplus, right? When BO's done with Gates, maybe LTD's right. JE will be monitored by the JCS who really know all about that military stuff, right? I heard if you blow up condoms you can hook messages to them and stuff. Cool.

I wish BO would approach me about taking over GM, now a government entity. I don't know anything about making cars, but I've drive a lot of them. I've bought some too.

Z said...

Chuck; wonderful line: "Ducky, you put so much wrong in such a short sentence, I'm impressed."

Papa..."Qualified BOOB" Indeed..I have to admit I looked at your Mickey Mouse ears avatar a bit differently when I read BOOBS! LOL!

Karen; after having watched a little news just now, I'm seeing that even Dems are a little perplexed by this nomination.
Apparently, the Reid who was SO 'happy go lucky' that he was brimming over in smiles on MEET THE PRESS yesterday was asked what he thought of Panetta and gave the journalist nothing..just walked away! My sentiments exactly. can the left not grasp any part of THIS?!! "This, at a time when we are living under daily threat" duh.
Wake UP, Leftie administration..we have a COUNTRY TO SAVE!

DaBlade...I'm SO glad you're enjoying the conversation.
I LOVE these days when you good people come and chime in on important subjects. JUST love it.

Anonymous said...

It's Amateur Night at the Apollo...

Z said...

FJ..that's TERRIBLE.

And hilarious, of course!

Anonymous said...

So, we're in the middle of a war... and what does the most inexperienced president ever elected to lead the USA do? He does the most irresponsible thing he possibly can, pick ANOTHER novice to control US Intelligence.

I'm not sure who's the bigger fool. Obama for making the appointment or Panetta for accepting it. It's irresponsibility bordering on treason.

Z said...'s the voter for Obama who's the biggest fool.
isn't this incredible? Even the Left's unhappy; he might not get in, anyway.

Brooke said...

..."with no experience in the intelligence world..."

Wow. Just like the President Elect's previous experience! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Torture Boy? You really claim the fame of inventing that term, Ducky?

Sweetie, sitting where we all are in this wonderful country, we have no clue as to what real torture is.

The day will come Darling, when you will wish for the good old days.

Leon Panetta..oh boy.

Seriously , looks like the Clintons have already pulled off the first coup of the magic one's administration.

Bill Richardson has withdrawn his name for commerce sec.

Janet Napaliantano for Homeland Security, oh whoopee.

Well, I tell you what, just one little itty bad nasty thing happens to some citizens and there will be crying in Democrat Land.
actually, I think some Democrats are already scared at what is about to happen with Obama at the reins.

All I know for certain is Obama is not really going to be a president, he will PLAY president.

Already the excuses are being lined up for Obama's future failures.

Z said...


WVDottr...even the Left's not real happy. I doubt Panetta will get in after all.
As of when I first posted this, it was said that the Obama team hadn't come out with the announcement but several people had it on good authority this was the choice.

I'm thinking that now that nobody likes it, maybe they'll say "It was inartful, we didn't mean, we never said that. GEEEEE, where did you hear THAT? US? Place somebody with NO EXPERIENCE in THAT job!? "

wait for it!

JMK said...

" I would say Admiral Blair will be rather busy directing yet another unnecessary bloated Bureaucracy." (Pris)
I agree he'll be very busy and it's an incredible amalgam of agencies, with a history of a fair amount of turf battles between them.

I guess that's why they created that position, to have an overriding responsible party to make sure that the various agencies share information.

Pre-9/11, thanks in large measure to folks like jamie Gorelick, there was an unnecessary and deleterious wall between the CIA and the FBI. The CIA had information that may have helped thwart those attacks, but it couldn't be passed on, in that it can be and we're all better off.

I am concerned more with the suggestion in the article that the funding for such agencies will be cut.

I don't see much good coming from that.

Anonymous said...


That rhinomaximatic sad sack looks like a long-term eject from a poorly run dog pound.

He has that sick, "I'm licked before I start" look in his eyes.


"O, Judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason."

Thanks, Will.

~ FT

Ducky's here said...

Diane Feinstein (D - Torture girl) hates this guy. I'm really beginning to think he rocks.

If this is Obama's way of telling fascist dems like Feinstein and Jay Rockefeller to hit the bricks then I'm liking Obama more every day.

Anonymous said...

What Z has said after my posting is already confirming what I suspected.
There are so many factions within the Democrat Party , that Obama is in for one rude awakening.
Feinstein wields incredible power as does Rockefeller.

I doubt Panetta will get to be chief.

And more and more I suspect the deal struck to get Obama elected is coming into focus.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope your're right, WVDotter.

Good to see you here again. You've been missed.

Ducky, I hope correcting a minor inaccuracy is not seen as rude, but the lady's name happens to be DIANNE.

And frankly compared to Barbara Boxer, Hellary, and Nanny Pelosi, and the two RINO cyphers from Maine the well-spoken ladylike Feinstein has always seemed like a breath of fresh air to me.

And aren't you just looking forward to the antics of paragon of restraint, refinements and good taste AL FRANKEN in the senate?


~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Freethinker, I'm afraid that Franken will be well behaved.

Not that I wouldn't like a little guerrilla theater in that mausoleum we call the Senate but it's not to be.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's here said...
Not a bad pick.


Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ducky's a Leftist, Dave. That should answer all your questions.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well , whew doggies. Hey, just read that Obama and Biden have apologized profusedly to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) for :"not consulting with her", regarding Mr. Panetta.

Now, there you go, change you can believe in.
Foreign Policy is going to be so exciting.

Pinch me, this is just getting too good.

And Obama is tied to Bill Richardson's funds , well, this is shaping up into one heck of a year already.

Thanks, FT, for the kind and gracious words.


Z said...

Hi, DOTTR...

First, Biden said "CONGRESS SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONSULTED.." Rich Galen thought that meant BIDEN HADN"T BEEN CONSULTED>

Check this out:

If the day's gone by and you can't find it, make sure you archive today's date, Jan should be there till Friday though, as Rich's column is three times a week.

He really explains it..and I love the way he does!!

They really are amusing, these dishonorable people trying to form an administration, aren't they?

Still, I hope Obama picks more people like Blair whom he's picked for National sEC. Director..not a bad pick at all.
of course, Panetta's just overshadowed that!!

OH, brother!

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

When trying to figure out the Panetta nomination, it is important not to overlook the main priority of leftists like Obama, which is to convince everyone that all leftists are imbeciles.

Think about it. Does Leon Panetta as CIA Director make you say "Damn, that Barack Obama is one smart mofo."

No, it does not.

Z said...

No, it does NOT!


Z said...

I'm crying here, Beamish...laughing my head off.
Mr Z is, too.

You kill us.