Monday, January 19, 2009

A different view from Canada than the one you might hear on the news........?

News from Canada that will surprise you. This link somebody just sent me was so serendipitous because it completely supports something that I learned walking up the steps to my home a few hours ago. There they were, two young fellows installing some electrical things (SEE UPDATE BELOW!)........One had a metal stud poking a half inch out of the middle of his chin, staples on the corner of his eyebrow, and was, in general, a very handsome young guy. The fellow working with him was about 15 ft away, short dark hair, tall.

I said hello and then asked "How's business been?" "Not too bad...and the economy will pick up, I hope!" I said "With the messages we're getting these days about the situation being so grave, as bad as the Great Depression, do you know ANYBODY who'd buy anything expensive or HIRE anyone?" He looked at me rather oddly and I continued.... "You think things are going to improve with what we're hearing now? We need optimism!" He said "You not for OBAMA?"

I took a deep breath and echoed that great line from my commenter, Rick..."I feel like today is Doomsday minus one!" This young kid (I found out his name's Phil), says "YOU DON'T LIKE OBAMA....EITHER!?" I said "Wait, you're kidding me, right!?" He high-fived me and then yelled for his buddy, Vinny, to come and meet me..."HE listens to Rush every day.." Okay. I felt like I'd landed in the Twilight Zone. Metal studs, young, handsome guys..........Conservatives.

Phil proceeds to tell me "I'm Canadian...and I came to America to ESCAPE Socialism....I'm so depressed with this election! You know, the healthcare is terrible there, you're not hearing the truth here, it's getting worse by the month. I came here to find a life different than what I was living and now I'm facing the same awful problem here, too."

Well, it was good to get to talk to young men who GET IT. As I went into the house, I turned back and said "Make sure you TALK TO PEOPLE!" "Oh, WE DO!" they both laughed.

I think they do! Keep talking, guys...we've got a country to save.

SO...2 hours or so later, I go outside again and there's STUART, the BOSS/Owner of the electrical company. Metal sticking out of his face, bleach tipped hair..... I see Phil and say "Glenn Beck's show debuted just now!" Stuart says "COOL!" I say "Stuart... COOL? You're not telling me YOU'RE a Conservative, too!?" ".........." well, I can't QUITE say exactly what he said here in my post, but I'll just say yes, he is. He continued.."...and we've got to DO something because these socialists Pelosi and Reid are going to get their way and we won't recognize America anymore...we need people who work HARD not expect handouts.."

We talked a while longer, with both Phil and Stuart assuring me that, even in their Heavy Metal Rock world (they have a band with 3 CD's and are apparently going gangbusters in Iraq with our servicemen!), there are LOT of young people who want America to stand for self reliance and to stand up stronger to terrorism. Conservative Heavy Metal. HOLD ME DOWN!

I'm a happy girl. I hope you feel inspired and a bit more optimistic, too.? SOMETHING has to help us get through tomorrow, their coverage of which CNN is entitling: THE MOMENT.

ya, I know. OOPS! I heard that! And, you really oughtn't swear. much



DaBlade said...

Warm and fuZZy! Thanks for this bit of optimism on this dark eve. It really is true that you can't judge a book by it's cover (or the political leanings of an individual based on his/her body art)

Z said...

DaBlade? You're DaMan! I'm glad you got out of it just what I hoped some of us would get.....

By the way...I stop short of more than 2 tattoos..those walking billboards just can't be thinking! (See? I'm not SO COOL!)


Law and Order Teacher said...

Every Vietnam Veterans thing I go to I am struck by the look of some of the vets. They look like stereotypical bikers. But they are honorable people who served honorably.

I was glad to hear about these guys sharing their story. I hope they loud and clear, even to those who don't want to listen.

Socialism doesn't work. History is replete with examples. I hope we aren't the latest example of a country taking the fall.

shoprat said...

These guys and people like them are the foundation to rebuild this country. The Obamessiah is in for a rude awakening when he has to deal with the real world.

Z said...

Well, SHOPRAT....I talked to Phil and Stuart about your point..rebuilding the country, and I said my old mantra about how I fear our schools have untaught a whole generation or two of to speak. That we've learned to feel it's an entitlement to have a home and a good salary and free healthcare, etc......
I reminded them our kids generally seem lazy and uninspired and even cynical, and oh, so eager for the UN to lead because "who are WE to do that?" etc know?

They said they thought things will have to get WAY worse and then even those kids will rise up. Got me thinking, Shoprat. They felt that if it goes like we think it might go, and things get too out of control, enough people will put a stop to it...

Anonymous said...

You met someone from a country that has a reputation for being socialist/liberal/progressive (a communist by any other name would smell so foul) and were surprised to find that he believes in conservative principles. Why does this remind me of the time I met Mr. Z.

-Tio Bowser

Z said...

Tio, good point!

The thing is, his country's CHANGING! The elections in Hessen were very good for the conservatives yesterday! And they'd have been even better except people already know the conservative would win so conservatives stayed home. They have a coalition gov't, of course, and the CDU and FDP together put the lib SPD party down handily!

Mr. Z says the experts are saying this is an excellent foreshadowing for the September nationals in which Angela will be running again. (thank you, God!)

Brooke said...

"I'm Canadian...and I came to America to ESCAPE Socialism....I'm so depressed with this election! "

That says it all!

Thomas Lawrence said...

Great to hear that some youngsters - and Canadian youngsters at that - have the good sense to "escape" socialism.

I hope it isn't a wasted trip. We're circling the bolshevik bowl pretty quickly with the advent of Obamanomics.

Anonymous said...

Okay... so where can we go now to escape?

Just kidding. We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we're ever going to take back our country.

Anonymous said...

Rock On!

Khaki Elephant said...

"The Moment"?
Here come those dry heaves again

Z said...

FJ! MORE heavy metal-ers who love this country?
I'll tell you what..this is JUST what I needed tonight..

because I'm feeling a little like Khaki Elephant just now in anticipation of THE MOMENT of THE ONE.


Chuck said...

Conservatives are not just the old white guys in suits anymore. I like heavy metal and I don't even have a suit from this decade. I'm a jeans, t-shirt, and sandals/tennis shoes person. I, on the other hand come out right of most Republican politicians. This is why we need to bring in someone like Michael Steele and Sarah Palin. Gte rid of the white guys in suits.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, Z!!!


Yep. Conservatives come in all kinds of crazy colors, with piercings and tattoos, too! Heehee!

(did you know that I have three piercings now?)

Each time I went to get another one, I'd have the greatest political discussions with the freaks in the area. My piercing guy is a gun-toting liberal. He's a closet-conservative, not ready to break free and admit it, yet. His tattoo artist friend is a staunch conservative, so laid-back and friendly. They're so fun to talk to! They can't believe that this crazy chick wants to talk politics all the time. ;-)

Z said...

pinkster..3, huh?

Look, if you want to talk politics, CALL ME !(Smile!) it'll be far less painful!! HA!!

in normal clothing, how many are SEEN!?? HEE !!!

Anonymous said...

All three, MOM!!
I'm not THAT bad.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will fess up. I have five holes in each ear, and listen to heavy metal rock myself.

It has been my experience a lot of the hard cores are more right wing than you might think.

And, my husband is a Viet Nam veteran and a biker too.

Has someone been spying on me?

Hey, keep the faith.
I do not think Obama really even understands America.
Things could get exciting.


Z said... DO NOT! Five in EACH EAR??
And I thought I KNEW YOU! COOOOL!!

Obama knows an America we don't know...

ours is far, far better.

Average American said...

Congressional elections are coming people. We have to start now if we want to tip the scales back in our favor. You know the dark side won't wait for the last minute. Glad to hear we still have a few of the younger generation. I know a few here also. Actually, a lot of the 20 to 30 year olds are getting sick of hearing the messiah every time they turn on the tube.

Anonymous said...

I am taking the fact that my wrist is still aching and hard on typing as a good omen, don't waste it anymore writing on "THE ONE" - he is the devil incarnate.

Today Z they will be eating cake, but there is a God, and He is good. Woe to them for their tears will be as rivers!


Anonymous said...

And is there any stronger advocate of the Israeli state than the teetotaler Chaim Witz, better known as Gene Simmons?

--Tio Bowser

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise!


Ducky's here said...

I'm not sure what works. Looking at the mess unrestrained free market capitalism has created here I'm a bit surprised that even the far right can't admit their blue eyed boy pooped his diapers.

Fact is that you have a difficult time finding what "worked" It's like trying to optimize to multiple variables. Usually not possible.

So you need the back and forth between left and right. Without it you have stagnation. Clear heads and honest discussion not a bunch of aphorisms are what is needed.

A little honesty and courage is also useful and frankly I find them very lacking on the right. Lot of fear folks and we can't allow it to drag everyone down.

CJ said...

Sorry to inject a sour note here, but I'm watching the inaugural warmup on CBS (the only functioning channel I have) and had this sudden impression of the motorcade with its slow-moving big black cars as a funeral procession. Even my unconscious knows what's going on.

How coincidental, that they just now described how the Presidential entourage is filing through the Capitol Building, through a room called the Crypt! (They gave the historical reasons for it, but the timing with what I'm writing is just too weird).

It's been surreal. Colin Powell talking about how this is America returning to its true nature.

Well, at least I now know how to pray for Obama - for his safety of course, and the nation's peace and safety, but also that all his antiAmerican socialist abortionist one-world-ist plans will be a crashing failure. Thanks to Z for the perspective, and to Rush Limbaugh.

Z said...

CJ, Colin Powell is speaking like that, and the MSNBC team is treating Bush as if he were sneaking out of town in Nixonian disgrace!
It's a gift to hear Chris Matthews and Keith Oldenburg and Rachel what's her name doing the color commentary because it shows how far from dignity this country's gone. We must be prepared. Their mischaracterizations and insistance on their own agenda beyond all truth is starting the sycophancy for THE ONE in the media early....thankfully, MSNBC isn't much watched, but it's good to hear just how low our journalists have gone. Sad, but important for us to work on changing that.

unrestrainted free market capitalism was a gift from the left, Ducky. How many times did the Right try to warn the powers that be that the Housing crash was coming? That Fannie and Freddie were out of control. Didn't matter; the left needed votes and it needed very good folks to be out on their bottoms in the streets because they'd been promised a housing utopia and couldn't afford their mortgages anymore.
NOTHING totally unchecked works.

To read someone here slamming CAPITOLISM IN AMERICA is chilling! But, I'll admit, people must be GOOD and KIND for capitalism to work....I've always thought that.
You should be bemoaning goodness because, with that back (through faith and an honest media which doesn't slam all most of us hold precious in this country), we could be repaired.

But, usual, the Left won't educate itself, it's just too darned beguiled by Socialism, and just goes off in a tangent that'll make them feel warm and gushy.."helping people!" Which is what got us here in the first place. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powelli is a highly over-rated idiot.
So just what the heck is America supposed to be reverted back to?

Good golly .

Capitalism like anything else falters and fails when people who are frail are overcome with their own dark natures and faults, like greed and fraud and lying .

There is not one system on this planet that works when everyone is on the take.

The socialists and commies had the same thing.

Those in the higher up offices were on the take.

Sooner or later, they all fall into temptation and either overcome or induldge it.

We are not beaten by a long shot.

Things have a way of happening.


Average American said...

....the motorcade with its slow-moving big black cars as a funeral procession....

CJ, it seemed like that because IT IS THAT! It's not the funeral of the whole country(I hope), but the messiah will make some changes that may never be repaired. Iran will most likely have nukes within 4 years. Our economy will take decades to recover, if it ever does. There is even now a movement to abolish the 22nd? amendment to allow the messiah to reign forever. Can you imagine that? It's day one and already they want an extension to the 8 possible years. I don't think even most conservatives realize just how dangerous this political machine is. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Z said...

Average, he has to disarm us just in time to arm his ridiculous civilian group he wants to PROTECT us....has NOBODY told him we have a National Guard?

Hi, WV....I hope you're right. I LOVE your optimism and will be clinging to it for days!!!!

every time I feel a little warmer toward THE ONE, I remember his flipping off McCain and Hillary as he did and I remember we have a president now with that little WAVING TO THE CROWD as he came out to be sworn in. This man is SICKENING.
God, forgive me to get over the shock and give him a break.

goddessdivine said...

I've never heard a positive thing about Canada's socialized medicine. Maybe it's because it doesn't work! Most experts know that. Unfortunately the MSM is too busy blasting Bush and praising Obama to report any facts.

The problem ducky, is that we have seen even more govt regulation in the past 8 years (anyone who thinks Bush is a conservative needs to crawl out of their hole). Our free market is not so free. This is what leads to many of the problems we face today.

Anonymous said...

Unrestrained free market capitalism? When/where has that ever existed in the past 45 years?

Anonymous said...

CJ---so funny you should mention "funeral procession". An angle to the current national Obamagasm is that Inauguration Day is also the debut day for the newest presidential limousine (happens every four years). This year's model [Google "Cadillac Stagecoach"] has been described as looking like a hearse! (Of course a commenter on's story put it better: "Hey, it's another black man in a Caddy. Classic.")

Z---The Gordon Sinclair 'article' you linked to was first a spoken-word single, released as a tribute to the USA during its Bicentennial in 1976. My state's dominant radio station played it many times that year. Mr Sinclair had a very distinct voice and delivery, not unlike Paul Harvey and that 'song' was a favorite of mine as I was growing up. Sadly, I believe Mr Sinclair was about the same age as Paul Harvey and his sentiments and perspective are a rarity in Canada today. I still think about that recording every time I hear someone make a comment about how the US has "f-ed up the entire world".

So glad you met the hot metal Canadian boyz, though. Perhaps there is hope!

Average American said...'s story put it better: "Hey, it's another black man in a Caddy. Classic.").....

ummmm, Nah, I better leave that one alone.

Z said...

Scott, welcome to geeeeZ..thanks for commenting, I hope to see more of you.

Average? Um..tsk tsk!!