Friday, January 16, 2009

Condi and .... them

Yes! By now, you've all received this photograph via email, right? With the caption "Woman with the biggest boobs?"....(then you scroll down and see this photo...and then read.."Were you expecting something else?" hardy har har)

Well, I'm challenging you: WRITE A CAPTION! I love to see what you guys come up with! Speak for Joe, Condi or Barack.....or all of them!?

Have fun! Z



Steve Harkonnen said...

Obama: Sorry, Joe. She's seeing me tonight. No play for Mr. Gray."

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Steve...oh, brother. MR GRAY?!

D...thanks, and I hope you come back, but I can't publish that one!!
I think you'll understand!!

Z said...

I don't know why, but obama's face looks like he's thinking "Ah, YOU like her, TOO, huh, Joe!?"

Biden's almost looks like "You know, you were a REAL good sport when I thorougly insulted you these last few years. Thanks SO SO much!"

I hope she has her tongue out at him, or a choice word on her lips.

Anonymous said...

I do understand...but yer not gonna get a funnier one than that!

Z said...

Daniel, thanks so much! I appreciate your understanding.

And yes, it was VERY funny!!!

Anonymous said...

BIDEN: "The two of are such a nice clean articulate couple -- for a pair of Negroes. It's a shame, Barack, that you never thought of marrying this lovely lady.

OBAMA: (Smilng sweetly while thinking to himself) "Why can't you stop running your mouth, you fatuous blowhard? You never know when to shut up."

RICE: (Thinking to herself) "My back is to the camera, thank God. Maybe I'll be lucky and no one will recognize me. It's so embarrassing to have to be seen in public with the likes of these two jerks. Three more days and it will all be over, and then I'm OUTTA here. WHOOPEE!"

~ FreeThinke

M.A. said...

Biden: I just can't get over how articulate you two are!

Anonymous said...

Biden: At least you met with world leaders, I'll be stuck with their funerals.

Condi: Oh Joe that's not so bad, for at least half of them, dying will be the biggest favor they ever did for their people.

Obama: Bless you children.


Z said...

FT....that's kind of cold and I deleted another's comment like yours...but I'll let it stand.
After all, you're quoting BIDEN, aren't you. So was the other commenter, but........

I didn't quite expect those kinds of lines.

MA...shame on you!

WEll, if we're talking for Biden and Obama..who knows? Biden might just have those thoughts. I hope not.

Z said...

Pris.."dying will be.."
EXCELLENT! true, too!

Average American said...

Condi speaking:

"Z, put my original comment back! Your visiters won't come up with anything truer, just look at these foolish boobs!"

Anonymous said...

Condi thinks:
"Oy! George promised me that I'd NEVER have to deal with this void surrounded by a sphincter muscle EVER again! Where's my hand sanitizer?!"

Condi says:
"No Joe, I'm not really interested in sticking around to train volunteers on dealing with emissaries from Hamas. The NFL beckons, and I LOVE the thought of working with the NFL commisssioner."

Barack thinks:
"That's one fine, smart sister! I wonder, Michelle has access to the steak knives."

Barack says:
"Madaam Secretary, I sure do need a good Ambassador to Russia right now, are you interested?"

Condi immediately thinks:
"NOT IF I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS SCHMUCK! If you can keep this hair transplant cultivation farm away from me I MIGHT even consider it!"

After an inexplicable delay, Condi says:
"Mr. President-elect that's a VERY generous offer, may I get back to you on that?"

Condi beats a hasty retreat in search of hand sanitizer, after all she no doubt touched the verminous Biden. :-)


Anonymous said...

Pris THAT'S FUNNY! And so true.


Anonymous said...

FT, I liked your too! Biden is SUCH a putz! What a revolting snake in the grass!


Anonymous said...

Lots of luck Joe, you're gonna need it!

kevin said...

Condi to Joe: No, no, no...the half-hug is plenty thank you!

BHO laughs in the background.

Ducky's here said...

Condi, I swear I just wanted to see if your wardrobe fit me. I'll never touch your clothes again.

Gayle said...

LOL! You've got many good one's here. I can't think of anything. Maybe I need to get a cup of coffee! :)

PetersPaper said...

Cool Blog

Z said...

Peter..thanks. I hope you come back. And start writing yourself on your new blog!

Gayle, get the coffee....I'd love to hear one from you!!

Ducky..A sense of humor? say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Condi--"Note to self: No more agreements to meet with unsavory characters without preconditions."

Z: I see there is a category on the blog titled shameless plug. Pictures of the vice-president elect's hair, perchance?

--Tio Bowser

Law and Order Teacher said...

BO: Articulate, huh? We're both so much smarter than you. I hope you enjoy doing my light work.

CR: Guys like this used to own us? Ha-Ha-Ha, now we own you. Enjoy the funerals, loser.

Kris said...

Two wrongs don't make a right...

Z said...

BEEEEEamish??? GIVE ME SOME CAPTIONS!! pulleezzze!??

Tom said...

Condi's thoughts - "I can't get out of Washington fast enough with these two clowns in office."

Z said...

Tom....were I in Washington, I'd feel the same way.
Actually, just being in AMERICA makes me feel that way!!!
Good one!