Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's that cold?

According to this afternoon's news, Mr. Obama is sporting no jacket in the Oval Office because he's so warm. I personally like my president to have some decorum and a bit more respect for the office, but that's fine, he doesn't care what I think (TRUST me). So, like a hot house orchid, he cranks the heat up so warm he has to take his jacket off. Some people didn't like that after what he said in bold below, so David Axelrod, his spokesman, said that it's because "he's from Hawaii!"

See, if the guy's cold, I don't have any problem with the PRESIDENT turning the heat up in his office, do you? But, he said this not too long ago, when running for the job:

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK"

Secondly, he's from Hawaii HOW many YEARS AGO? He's from Chicago! I live in a city which is warm pretty much all year long. When I moved to Paris, France, I was frozen the first year and then, when we moved back a few years later, I was too hot all the time! Hasn't he adjusted to 15 or so years in Illinois?

I'd just like to say: "Mr. Axelrod, we're TIRED of the lies, the excuses. Just be REAL. Tell us 'you know, Barack's cold all the time...he's turned the heat up'." FINE. "Thanks, Mr. A. That's MUCH better. At least we can believe you now." That'd be an improvement.



Ducky's here said...

Here's the deal, like it or not you have to degree that his decisions are going to have serious import.

I want him to be comfortable when he makes them. This is trivial in the extreme.

Z said...

Ducky, why can you NEVER see anything that's an ethical question?

The point of this is his telling US to lower our thermostats so Europe will be happy and then cranking his UP.The point is they LIED!! "HAWAII? WHAT? You're from ILLINOIS, surely you'd acclimated in TWENTY YEARS, Barack!!"

You want him comfortable when he's making decisions of serious import, I want him truthful. That's a huge difference, I guess.
Lying is never trivial. But, maybe you're right, didn't seem to keep him from being elected, did it.

Funny, something deep inside me (honestly) keeps telling me "this man is your president, be easy on him......." ...I wish the Left had been that patriotic and respectful when Republican presidents have been in office.
But, I do feel I should comment on things which wake people up...we can't have four more years of this man. We just can't.
I believe he won for a reason bigger than having got the vote (tho I think ACORN had too much to do with that) and I know it'll work out for the good..but I'll keep commenting...Whether you think it's "trivial in the extreme" or not.

Chuck said...

Duck, you are right, his decisions will have a significant impact.

As far as rather it's trivial, welcome to our world. This is what Bush put up with for 8 years.

My thought on this post, Z, was that he is looking a lot like Clinton in that he appears to be a serial liar. Clinton lied just to hear himself talk. I can't help but wonder if Obama is the same in that no lie is too small for him. I got to the point that if Clinton said the sky was blue you didn't know if you could believe him.

Papa Frank said...

Do as I say and not as I do!!! He must be calling plays out of Al Gore's playbook again.

CJ said...

Shouldn't he just turn the heat down until it's cool enough for him, or am I missing something?

Papa Frank said...

Ducky -- the point here is the hypocrisy that is so prevalent in this administration. We don't want HIM to have his thermostat set at what level WE choose. We also don't want Him to choose what level we set OUR thermostat at. We don't want a damn "smart grid" to police our energy and charge us more for it during peak hours. We want LESS government control and not MORE.

WomanHonorThyself said...

maybe he's all warm and toasty inside from his recent meeting and apologizing to terrorists on A-rabbbbbbbbbbb radio!

Brooke said...

It's the hypocrisy that is the issue.

Obama wants all of us to suck it up and put on a sweater, but he cannot be expected to do what he tells us plebes we must?

And then to add injury to insult, we receive a feeble lie.

I.H.S. said...

What do they have the heat on 80 DEGREES? 90?

Z, I'm with you. It really only takes about a year to get acclimated to the weather, maybe two.


DaBlade said...

Crank it up and put on a Hawaiian shirt! You're in the process of stealing $819 billion. You can "afford" it.

highboy said...

He has big ears he can use as ear muffs.

Anonymous said...

Trivial? Trivial?
This so called fearless leader stood out on his platform shaking his finger , chastising people , preaching to them about being cold and turning up THEIR thermostats and now turns around and cranks up the thermostat in the whitehouse, which by the way...I AM PAYING FOR.

NOt only that , the ONE was strutting around yesterday complaining about Washington D.C. closing schools because of the storm bringing ice and snow.
He stated that they all needed to get Chicago Tough.

NOW . WHICH is it?

Is you is or is you ain't , Bammy?

And by the way, I am so not pleased with this punky attitude Obama likes to show to Americans as he grovels and genuflects to the Islamic brethern across the water.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, I honestly did move from Honolulu to Witchita , Kansas one year, in December.
Guess what?
WE wore coats and long sleeves as we got aclimated.

Trivial yes, but hey, you know what they say in hickville?

If you can't run with the big dogs you better stay on the front porch.

President Obama needs to just quit trying to be the boss.
Let people alone.

This shows me so much about how he views himself.

It is not good.

Anonymous said...

Christians live under the belief that they, themselves, are all sinners.

Secularists (democrats) live under the belief that they, themselves, are all hypocrites.



Sue said...

Ducky, you can be my spokesman anytime.

Z said... problem with "HAWAII" being the reason for his being cold?

Or the hypocrisy of asking us to turn things down while he cranks it up? Like I said, I DON"T CARE if my president's cold or hot..he's my pres and he has every right to do what he needs to get comfortable...just don't tell Americans we can't.

I want the truth, that's all...Axelrod's given us ENOUGH phoney excuses, mischaracterizations and untruths.

Sue said...

To quote Ducky: this is trivial in the extreme

Anonymous said...

It is trivial, indeed.
But the O, made it this way when he lectured the American People, you see.

So nice Obama can turn up that thermostat and throw cocktail parties while some Americans are sitting out there with no power in the cold where these storms have hit lately.

Remove the mote from thine own eye first.


Papa Frank said...

Sue -- you must have your head in the sand right next to the duckling. BY ITSELF this may be characterized as trivial but accompanied by the words and life of Obama this is hypocritical and elitist. He demands that we change our lifestyle but hasn't the character to act like he talks. Just yesterday he chastised the entire city of DC for being weak and wimpy for calling a snow day and taking the day off school. He told them to toughen up like a Chicago man.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I heard that he likes the thermostat tuned way up so the White House will be toasty warm. Apparently it was the same way in his home in Chicago. Way to set the standard for the rest of us, dummy.

Z said...

And, Pasadena, that is, of course, the whole thing in a nutshell.

But the HAWAII connection almost bugs me more. So weak an silly a thing to say. WHy can't they just TELL THE TRUTH?

Sue said...

papa frank - I'm just a liberal wandering around Washington, D.C.
looking for the lower case building.

Anonymous said...

Ducky and Sue, it's only trivial to you b/c he's your man. If Bush had done the exact same thing after saying the same crap about SUV's and thermostats, liberals would be peeing in their pj's.

Ducky, why do I have to degree?
And how will his decisions have a serious import? (just wondering...)

Sue, don't make fun of children, only hateful asshats do that.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you know I'm just playin' with ya. ;-)

Average American said...

Ya know, I don't really give a shit if he keeps it at 60 or 90. What DOES piss me off is the lyimg bullshit. The freakin election is over! You can take your mask off now NObama. No need to lie any more! Sue, quit drooling over Ducky.

Sue said...

pinky - I wasn't making fun of any children. I thought that was a remark that one of my grandchildren could have made.

Aver. American - I'm old enough to be Ducky's grandma. I think he ought to have his own blog.

Papa Frank said...

thanks Pinkster! I refrained even though my protective Papa blood pressure was rising.

Sue said...

papa frank: you have misjudged me. I saw that remark made by your daughter on your blog and thought I would use it -and you would like it.

In your haste to judge me as a hateful liberal a--hat, you actually thought I was making fun of your daughter's remark. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because I am not conservative, and don't agree with all these comments, therefore I am bad.

Anonymous said...

Jason, :-) Always.

Sue, it's not your liberalism that set me off, it's your hateful tone in previous comments. It's hard to go from argumentative to cute and be understood, ya know?

I'm sorry that I called you an asshat for the 'lower case building' comment. I did misunderstand you.

And don't think that you can't disagree. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Sue said...

pinky: In his poem To a Louse,
Robert Burns says:

O wad some power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!

You are right about how I express myself. I don't always realize how I come across.

But you can't see how many of the comments come across here - from someone on the opposite side.

I will try to be more careful about what I say.

Papa Frank said...

My apology Sue. I actually saw your comment the way you saw it as well as the way that Pinky saw it. That is why I refrained from replying. I was not sure in which manner you meant it. I do not see you, or Ducky for that matter, as bad. My daughter's question is the wisdom that is needed here. It's all about perspective - as you have pointed out. I have great and dear friends that are liberals and I treasure their friendship. As I like to say: politics are politics but peoples are peoples and that's important.

Papa Frank said...

Besides, without liberals around us conservatives wouldn't look so darn smart!!! ;0)

Z said...

Sue, we all know that the perception of Conservatives is now very different and, frankly, unAmerican, because of the leftist media. There is a new equation and that is:

Democrats = Correct

Republicans = not incorrect..but EVIL

If some of us are a little uptight about that, forgive us. The comments here are sometimes angry and critical because we see our country going a way we would like to prevent. We're blocked out of everything now in the gov't because of the congress (no checks and balances, which even scared me when the Republicans were like that, believe it or not, and SHOULD bother Dems, too) and we feel completely at the mercy of people like Pelosi and Reid and obama..not a good feeling. So, we write here and we get upset and excited and it's very gratifying to find others feel like we do.

Your opinion is different but NO OPINION is disrespected and nobody's BAD for whatever they think. It's how things are said we need to be careful about....I'll censor when Ducky, for example, he won't quit the typical belittling and demeaning stuff. I did not set up a blog to have someone use my energies to disrespect everything I hold near and dear.

One CANNOT give a conservative comment at well known Liberal sites........this conservative blog world is all we have....
I'm proud of it and happy to be part of it.
I'm glad Liberals comment here, too...I really am. We can all learn...I'm sure not against hearing why people believe things I don't helps me to understand and I'm not above changing my mind, either.
I hope we can all be open minded at geeeeeZ! I think we can!

Anonymous said...

Sue, I'm not always sure I'd want to see myself the way others see me. That's something to ponder.

But I know what you mean. And frankly, I think you're quite brave to visit conservative blogs. We tend to be quite friendly unless attacked. I personally seek out liberal blogs that have the same guidelines. Who needs more needless stress in life?

Papa Frank is right. People are more important.

Sue said...

Perhaps there is no constructive purpose for me to be commenting here. As I've said before, I'm not really sure why I do it.

I'll see if I can resist visiting in the future.

Anonymous said...

The exact same complaint was made about nancy Reagan.

The only difference was that SHE didn't pretend to be "green."

However, I think this is very petty and not worth much attention and certainly no passion.

Z said...

Sue, did you read any of our comments..? I think they're welcoming.
Must we agree with you to carry on dialogues? Why?
WE're willing to discuss subjects and we give facts and we hope liberals here give their viewpoints...

Anonymous...I thought it the HYPOCRISY was worth the post .... Some people just can't see it. Fine. We do.

Anonymous said...

And why should the president live in a place like the White House? Surely it's the height of "elitism" and a bastion of privilege, if ever there was one.

Thee White house should be turned into a museum and given to "The People."

All future presidents should be made to live in 1,400 square foot ranch house on a suburban lot.

And their kids should CERTAINLY be forced to attend ordinary public schools.

And The First lady should buy her own groceries, do her own cooking and wash her own dishes. And do her own laundry and scrub her own floors.

And the president should be expected to mow his own lawn and clip his own bushes.

And all their clothes should have to come off the rack at Walmart.

If everybody is BORN equal, they ought to made to ACT equal.


After all that was what KARL MARX wanted, isn't it?

DOWN WITH PRIVILEGE and all its decadent trappings!!!

If EVERYONE can't work in an Oval Office, NO ONE should be able to work in an Oval Office, etc., etc., etc.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

PS: I do see the hypocrisy, BELIEVE me, but hypocrisy is what defines politicians. Being hypocrites is the sum and substance of their CAREERS. And it doesn't make a dime's worth of difference WHAT party they belong to.

Since George I took over when Reagan's time ended, the Republican Party hasn't done anything but play footsie with the Marxists. I'm fed up, and not going to pretend there's anything meaningful to be loyal TO in American politics anymore, since NO ONE stands for PRINCIPLE.

Welcome to The New World Order.

America is ceding her sovereignty to OLIGARCHS, and the nation is kept occupied with trifles and SHAM opposition from both parties.

~ FT

Sue said...

z - at any rate, I can't stay away for long. (I wouldn't say that being called a jerk and a hateful
asshat welcoming - although I do accept the apology for the latter.)

Papa Frank said...

Please know Sue that what Pinky said was not out of hate of you but rather out of friendship towards me and a love of children.

Sue said...

Her comments hurt but I intend to put them aside and start over tomorrow.

Z said...

FT....they're saying Bush had a tight hold on the RNC while president (tho I can't imagine that) and I'm hoping Michael Steele can REALLY steer us in the right direction..I REALLY think a lot of him. NO MORE FOOTSIES!!! DEFINITELY not..THAT I know of him.

Sue, Papa's right about Pinky.....I think you would VERY much enjoy her site, by the way...I really do. Very little politics, excellent photographs (she's terrific) and very interesting discussion....

Sue.. Who knows why you're here and I'm glad about it! We're different in many ways, but I suspect more similar than not.
Papa's a treasure, and so's Pinky...maybe this was a rough and tumble way to get to know each other!? Anyway, I'm glad you're here. And I DO want other opinions.

Sue said...

z - I believe in a 'reason' for things. And I believe that there is a reason that I'm drawn to your blog. Not to become a conservative, but perhaps to learn a few lessons in dealing with other people. And I am learning.

I'm sure you are right about Pinky but we got off to a bad start so it will take time for trust.

I need to mention that I am a very defensive person, and that is probably why I have reacted the way I have.

Live and learn...

Anonymous said...

The power is still out in parts of Kentucky.
People are hurting and cold, 42 people have died.
Where is President Obama?

When there was a power outage in New York , the press screamed for President Bush to get something done.

So, where is the current president?


Z said...

Sue, thank you for that. I can be defensive, too, so I do understand.
Someone very wisely once told me (upon opening my blog) "If you disagree strongly with someone, keep it privately in emails, the blog is nowhere to show too much anger or vitriol" Boy, has it been a good reminder because it's kept me from unloading from time to time! Very good advice.

I'm hoping that the conversation here is a good give and take with you...that we can see better why you feel as you do and you can see why we do. It could help both sides. Thanks so much!!