Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cease-fires and Peace.................

Anybody else find this just plain IRONIC?

Arabs demand UN call for immediate cease-fire

That's the AP headline echoed at Yahoo! How many times has Israel had innocent people killed in buses, cafes, etc., and what's the UN DONE? ya. zilch.

Funny, the real irony is that, were the cease-fire to happen and Palestinians were to hold up their end of the bargain (Fatah and Hamas included), we'd actually have PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST... I think that's a given, don't you?

OOps...I was Googling for a picture for this blog piece. Do me a favor and Google "israel palestine war images". Tell me how many pictures you see taken in Israel. Two out of 300? Any injured Israelis? No. Zero. More irony. Now Google "Arab Israeli War" ....ya, same thing.



The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Arabs demand UN call for immediate cease-fire

Where was the outrage when Hamas was lobbing rockets?

Papa Frank said...

Is a call for peace the same thing as crying uncle when you know you're about to get your butt kicked?

Anonymous said...

HA! Papa Frank's comment cracked me up. And as usual, I used the phrase 'cracked me up' following the phrase 'get your butt kicked'.


The media bias is beyond disgusting.

Oh, Z. I met a man from Israel this week (a patient). I asked him how he felt about the situation in Gaza. He was hopeless and defeated regarding America's attitude towards the situation. I told him I supported Israel. His face lit up! (Can you believe he was shocked to hear me say that??) He smiled and said, "It's SO GOOD to hear you say that out loud!"
Whoa. How long has it been since this Israeli-born American has heard something positive about his homeland? I assured him that there are many of us who feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo for Hamas, and the Palestinians,and the rest of these Arabs!!! Lets remember 9-11 and these people dancing in the streets!

cube said...

When Hamas was raining rockets on Israel, I didn't hear a peep from protestors. Is it anti-semitism?

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's the old Son-of-a-bitch Game I've described so many times.

You know, a schoolyard bully picks on a small innocent kid, and loudly proclaims, "You're a Son of a Bitch!"

The kid says nothing, and tries to edge away.

The bully follows, pinches the kid in the arm and repeats, "You're a So\n of a Bitch!"

The little kid still doesn't respond, but looks a little frightened.

The bully continues, pinching, shoving, kicking the kid, slapping the little boy in the face each time yelling, "You're a Son of a Bitch."

FINALLY, after the kid gets thrown to the ground and is about to be stomped, the little boy arises, puts up his fists and comes at the bully full speed knocking him to the ground after giving him a black eye.

The bully starts to cry loudly and complain bitterly to the schoolyard audience. "WAAAAAAAH!!! He HIT me! Did you see THAT? --- he HIT me. I TOLD you he was a Son of a Bitch! Call the Principal. He should be punished. Wait till my mother hears about this. WAAAAAH!"

And that's just about the way things go in a world that refuses to know and love God.

heidianne jackson said...

it's all so disgusting. hamas attacks and attacks and attacks and israel finally raises up and they call it an asymmetric response. what the heck is an asymmetric response????

btw, go to google and do the search you indicated but this time, select "i feel lucky" and this one item is returned. i may need to read this one.

Always On Watch said...

I'm pleased to see the GWB is standing his ground about Hamas during this Gaza War.

Getting Hamas to observe a cease-fire is an exercise in futility as well as an exercise in idiocy. See the Hamas Charter.

Z said...

Wordsmith...exactly. That's the whole point, isn't it. WHERE was the outrage? Where were the journalists, for that matter?

pops! SO good to see you back! And, sadly, I believe the "butt kicked" will now go away; I think the US is shaming Israel into backing down again. This will NEVER end.

I just watched Meet the Press for a while and the leftist panel (ALl leftists, typical FAIR AND BALANCED, right?!!!) all agree with NYTimes' David Sanger that this is all because Bush was unfocused for having spent too much time in Iraq, etc.etc.....And an author named Goldberg, I think it was, (not Jonathan), said he spoke to Hamas leaders who said they would NEVER allow Israel to stay in the ME because of Allah, etcetc...and then the panel went on to discuss how there can be peace in the ME. I'm thinking "WHAT? Are you SO agenda driven you didn't even hear the panelists WORDS?"

Pinky..GOOD ONE!
And God bless you for making that man feel so good. jews in America MUST know how so many of us feel it's important to protect them AND Israel.

ANONYMOUS? Great comment..thanks.

Throwing Stones! Man, it's good to see you here and I apologize for not coming by your site lately..the computer slow-down (we think it's the server but can't tell until we get an expert in) has made it unpleasant to surf some of my favorite blogs...Glad you're here..And you are SO RIGHT in your comment, as is CUBE..

AOW: I'm pretty sure the US is backing down...we'll know in a few days, in my opinion.

all your comments are heartening...maybe I feel a little like Pinky's Jewish patient; Good to see there are still average Americans who don't want Israel destroyed.......

Anonymous said...

Where's the President elect on this? In fact the only one to have his own "office of President elect". He's had plenty to say about everything else.

Oh, we only have one President at a time. Kind've like voting "present" huh?


Z said...

Pris! On Meet the Press, that English journalist, Katty something or other, admitted Obama's been silent on Gaza and talked about the economy, BUT, she said he came out on Mumbai, too, and he really didn't. He made no statement of any merit, if any at all.

He's quiet on muslim things.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Z. I think he'll take his lead from the international community, much like Clinton did, and we all know how they feel, don't we?


Anonymous said...

I've seen this tactic used in professional wrestling. After attacking a defenseless victim, the heel tries to call a time-out right when he is about to get his come-uppance. It doesn't work in wrestling, but Middle East politics usually aren't as sensible as professional wrestling, so it's worth a try for Hamas.

My take is that it's not anti-Semitism but rather a prejudice against the successful. Israel is too successful, too afluent to elicit sympathy. But poor, backward Palestine. The only possible explanation for their poverty is that they are the victims...or so the theory goes.

-Tio Bowser

dmarks said...

Anon: A perception that Jews are "successful" and the jealousy it drives is a big part of antisemitism.

Cube is right. The protesters don't mind when the people being bombed are Jews.

Brooke said...

RE your Google searches... I'm shocked.

< /sarcasm>

Z said...

Tio Bower; great point and one I consider valid, too.
The underdog is the winner; mostly in the leftist world. Righteousness need not rear its ugly head, right? It's just the POOR DOWNTRODDEN. Even when that poor downtrodden is beating the snot out of innocent successful Israelis every week, month and year after year.......sickening.

Ducky's here said...

Remember z, many of these Hamas missiles have a very small charge. Damage is limited and unless you have a camera ready when the missile hits there is nothing to photograph.

It hits, a small black cloud and its over.

I would like to point out however that the hated (by the right) PBS has run clips of Hamas missile launches and hits on both Newshour and World Review.

I've had no problem finding coverage in the mainstream.

I suspect similar coverage will be available when this is going on after the 2012 election.

Nothing was revealed.

Z said...

PBS is mainstream? OH, God, help us.
I have to pay for that bias, would you like paying for Hannity?

Great that someone's finally covering the Hamas damage in's only been going on for YEARS.

Ducky, it makes no matter how powerful ammunition is; Israel HAS TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP HAMAS FINALLY AND FOREVER. MAYBE KILLING THEM ALL IS THE ONLY ANSWER? EVER OCCUR TO YOU? OR , they can choose, and they've been given enough choices, huh? STOP and you live. Why's that difficult to comprehened?

Ducky's here said...

Well z, the Israelis just caused extensive casualties as they hit two U.N. schools.

Myself, I don't think it was intentional but I do believe in an operation like this it is predictable. So Israel will take the world opinion hit, they will NOT stop Hamas and even right wing ideologues like yourself might be able to figure out that this current operation is doomed to failure.

That's the great right wing fallacy. You are to tunnel visioned to understand that "kicking ass" is not an effective tactic. They never learn.

As for PBS. I have no idea why you consider the only programming running extensive coverage of the effects of Hamas missiles on Israeli citizens to be biased.

You compare a legitimate news organization like PBS to an ignorant moron like Hannity? Might tell you something.