Friday, April 23, 2010

Are you a "BIRTHER?"

Whether you are a birther or you're not, doesn't THIS strike you as a little, well.....WEIRD?

It would take about ten minutes to finally prove one way or another whether our esteemed president was born in Hawaii or Kenya. Why won't he, finally, definitively? Allow one of those court cases to continue...let's be DONE with it, okay? Hawaii's hospital in which he was probably born went "paperless" in 2001, apparently...I just you have a copy of YOUR birth certificate in case your hospital of birth goes paperless? Sure you do!

But, I'm NOT going to fight the birther fight here because I'm not sure what I think about the whole thing.............though something nags me in the back of my mind about how darned easy it should be to shut birthers up once and for all with not too much information, you know?

My point is that my link above shows us that, suddenly, Hawaii needs a LAW now to evade questions about Obama's birth certificate?? WHAT? WHY? Well, let's be fair, maybe they got SO many requests to see final proof about this whole subject that they just couldn't take it any more and had to MAKE A LAW, right? :-) Ya, I know...sounds nutty to me, too. And just a bit extreme.



FrogBurger said...

It's messed up and weird indeed. And it shows we have definitely entered the era of a banana republic with a small dictator.

Greywolfe said...

The ease of which this could be put to bed, is indeed interesting. But to me the more germane piece of information is the $1.7 million that Barry has spent to keep his records from grade school through college sealed.

If he didn't have anything to hide, why spend the money as he has?

FrogBurger said...

Maybe he's cultivating the myth. (sarcasm)

FairWitness said...

I think he's hiding something, but what that is, who the hell knows? Regardless of his country of birth, the man is unfit to occupy the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

It feels more like The Twilight Zone than a Banana Republic, FB.

The only thing I can think of is that somehow allowing this nagging QUESTION to persist and REFUSING to provide the evidence that would put it to rest works to Obama's POLITICAL advantage.

"They" can BOOMERANG it back to the questioners and make it look as they "we" are "crazy."

Surely you've noticed the way ANYONE who questions the wisdom, ethics, or legitimacy of the O-Regime is branded a "lunatic" or an "extremist" in the enemedia?

The more "we" protest, the more it feed "their" beast. The process has become INFERNAL.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

The question is only important because our Constitution requires that a president is born within the United States, or within the confines of US property, such as a military base hospital overseas.

From a practical standpoint, the question is moot because no one in Congress gives a rat's patooty about the United States Constitution. And I supsect neither do the American people. If Obama's birth place disqualifies him as president, it's just an example of a cool dude getting over on the system. Dig?

You are correct: there is an easy avenue toward putting this question to rest; I too wonder why Obama and his handlers haven't taken it.

Semper Fi

Opus #6 said...

We need to stop using the term "birther". That is an Alinsky-style put-down, unworthy of those who seek to uphold the Constitution.

Always On Watch said...

something nags me in the back of my mind about how darned easy it should be to shut birthers up once and for all


Or is something else on that certificate? Religion? A different father named?

Z said...

Opus, I think you have an excellent point. I used it as it's a quick way of saying what I meant, but I don't like it, either. It IS Alinsky-esque and I'm sorry I fell for it today, you're right.

Greywolfe...ya, and he won't say who paid for Harvard, either. I saw a video of a very aged Arab man who said he'd been contacted by "someone" and agreed to pay Obama's tuition but, when people saw that and asked about this, they were told the old man had become too infirm to be interviewed. I wish I'd kept that.

Always...good point. Maybe it's not that he wasn't born in Hawaii, maybe there is something else on it.
I remember when he went to visit his dying grandmother, he also got the courts in Hawaii to seal his B.C. that very day.

Now this? It's just plain odd.

FrogBurger said...

That's why the White House didn't like the series V. Maybe he's a reptile. (He's a snake for sure.)

Leticia said...

It is weird. MCcain was questioned about his birth place and he came up with his birth certificate to verify he was indeed an American.

So, why does Obama hire attorneys and spending all kinds of money to insure that no one gets their hands on his alleged birth certificate?

And now a law has to be passed to protect this man?

Something stinks.

beamish said...

Obama is the Messiah, and I have thousands of respectable media links saying so to prove it.

As such, performing miracles such as being the most disliked President in 50 years and having a disapproval rating higher than George Bush after 8 years are simple for such a divine being who can be born before eye-witnesses in Kenya AND in two seperate hospitals in Hawaii simultaneously.

Let's put this to bed already. Obama is the Messiah. Nobody could have played more golf than Bush did in 8 years, yet our Messiah already has in 15 months.

Z said...

Beamish, right..he is the Messiah, so there IS no birth certificate :-)

Leticia, there's a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH (which, actually, is something Obama voted against 4 times in the Illinois senate, come to think of it!!) and my friend who comments here, WVDOTTR, has a bro who was born in that hospital just around the same time. He has his BC and I believe she told me that it looks very different than that which the Obama thugs are producing....

Lefty lawyers, Paul Berg for one, were taking this to court, others, too...but it keeps getting shot down before it gets very far. Presidents have power we didn't vote them in for.

beamish said...

Well, given the history of Obama's mother, it's more an issue of paternity worthy of a Maury Povich investigation rather than a virgin birth. That isn't really significant. Bill Clinton didn't know who his daddy was either.

But the issue of Obama's messiahhoodednessness is indisputable.

FairWitness said...

You know something Z, it just dawned on me; as American citizen-voters, we have a right to see Obama's original birth certificate. And Obama, as an elected President has an obligation to show us his original birth certificate --- NOT the unoriginal, computer-generated "Record of Live Birth" but the actual birth certificate issued at the time he was born.

It doesn't matter why we want it, WE ARE ENTITLED TO SEE IT! The fact that Obama won't produce it tells us many things about this man --- and not any of it is good.

Chuck said...

I'm with you Z. I can't say I believe in the whole birther bit but why doesn't he simply release the birth certificate.

Greywolfe, among others, summed it up quite well in that Obama has spent a lot of money protecting something.

Teresa said...

The birth certificate is one of many records he could have released like other presidents have in the past.

Heck, if I have to produce a birth certificate( NOT a certificate of live birth) to transfer my license from one state to another, a presidential candidate or president should have to release his birth certificate.

We could rename "birthers" Verifiers of authenticity?

Anonymous said...

Something is rotten, all right -- and it's NOT in the state of Denmark. It's right HERE in our midst.

I wonder if we will ever learn the truth?

But then the government has been keeping deep dark secrets from us for MANY decades. This is not all that new.

Jefferson SAID we should always be "jealous" and highly suspicious of ANYONE in power.

I've maintained for many years, myself, that power IS our worst enemy, because it RUINS all who obtain it for any great length of time.

We already DO have term limits. They're called ELECTIONS. What mystifies me is how and why incumbents ALWAYS seem to win, except in rare instances.

Every few years the parties change place, but NOTHING ever seems to change the nature of GOVERNMENT.

Why do you suppose that's the case?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Tis article might provide more grist for the mill on t˙is issue:

Sorry, I can't do "hot" links, but copy and paste into Google and you'll be right there.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Beamish, I don't care who his father OR mother are, I just don't get the cover-up and that our media's not raised the holy hell they'd raise were he a Republican.

FW....we are definitely entitled, but we're entitled to our constitution and entitled to being heard and entitled to have a VP who doesn't swear and entitled to have a guy explain why he lied that he didn't know Bill Ayers...right? there's a list a mile long, I'm sure...

Teresa "We could rename "birthers" Verifiers of authenticity?" Yes, you are so right!

FT....why are the CANADIANS getting it so right lately and our American media just can't get the truth? Because THEY DO NOT CARE, HE'S THEIR GUY; it's the road to socialism and that's all they care about, in the guise of KINDNESS! what a terribly cruel joke on the American spirit.

sue said...

beamish - Clinton knew who his daddy was. But his daddy died before Clinton was born so he never knew him.

beamish said...

But he wasn't born in front of witnesses in Africa plus two hospitals in Hawaii so there's no way Clinton was the Messiah.

We got the real deal with Obama, Sue.

Anonymous said...

Beamish you're only HALF right.

Obama is not the MESSIAH, but he sure is a MESS. ;-)

~ FreeThinke

Karen Howes said...

I believe that Obama was born in Kenya-- because I don't think his grandmother is lying when she says that he was and that she was present.

Also very interesting how Michelle referred to Kenya in a speech as Barack's home country."

But as another commenter said, either way, he's unfit to occupy his office.

Only thing is, if it could be proven that he was born in Kenya, he'd be impeached.

beamish said...

C'mon FT,

Don't make me whip out all the media links that proclaim Obama the Messiah.

Who else do you know could increase unemployment with a job stimulus bill or raise medical costs with a bill alleged to curb them?

The man is miraculous.

Anonymous said...

He's a MESS, Beamish. Just a MESS.

Needless to say whatever the enemedia thinks I generally think the opposite.

THEY may treat him a The Messiah. I think he's The Curse of Misplaced White Guilt aka The Revenge of "People of Color."

So, WE are paying for the sins of those black Africans who hunted down, captured and sold their black brothers and sisters into slavery, and those white men who bought them, transported them here, worked them like beasts of burden, and bred them like cattle, etc.

All that terrible stuff was true, but what's come in its place seems even worse to me.

Free enslaved people to do what -- act like bums, live at the public's expense, and spread social disease of many different kinds all over the land?

WHite liberals have done as much harm to blacks as the original slave traders did -- and even more harm to the rest of us.

One bad turn does not deserve another.

~ FT

Ducky's here said...

Orly Taitz is a man.

Ducky's here said...

... and I got news for the Baggers. This one has long since been put to bed.

Or you can file another suit, Alan Keyes, Ambassador from the Planet Mongo, did and got nowhere along with upteen others. Must be those activist judges.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

No -- but you ask a good questions, Z. Why not just release the certificate and be done with it? It's not like it's a private divorce file or anything.

Probably because it would put a divisive issue to bed. Don't think they want that just now. If you were reeling in the public's eye, wouldn't you like to keep a fire burning that can make your opponents look ridiculous, divide some, discourage others and generally slacken the wind in your opponents' sails when you control the trump card?

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky should remember this all started with the left's insisitence that McCain was not able to legally be president because of his birthplace

Anonymous said...

Well, Deborah, you said exactly what I said in my first post on this issue, only you said it more clearly and directly.

Thank you!

There's "something" PHONEY about this fandango. It smells like week old garbage.

The stench distracts the public from the MUCH more egregious faults in Obama and his Agenda. I think that's why "they" want it to stay alive.

And as we see, liberals use it to throw back at those of us who QUESTION, and successfully make us appear "deranged."

It's satanic the way "liberals" turn every thing upside down, inside out and backwards and make "normal" appear "crazy."

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Ya, Ducky, OR Alan Berg, liberal Democrat, can put his suit to bed, too, right? :-)

Obviously, there is no clear cut end to this or nobody'd be even thinking about it..we've got plenty else to worry about with this awful man as it is.

Ducky's here said...

I don't care how it started(and you're lying), it's finished and the Baggers are making fools of themselves.

Elmers Brother said...

nope not lying...the leftys said McCain wasn't qualified because he was born in Panama and so Congress got together one day and made it official.

Read it and weep *itch. The liberal NYT brought it up and Congress had to pass a non binding resolution.

you lefties are the crazy ones

Elmers Brother said...

I personally don't care duhkkky where Obamam was born, what could we do about it even if it were true, but don't act like you guys aren't the wacky ones. With a
capital "W"

Ducky's here said...

Yes, Elmo, everyone and his brother knows that the issue of McCain being born in Panama was raised.

However, like a disciple of Glenn Beck or talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine you state that the left "started it". Utter crap. The birther nonsense with such stellar right wing minds as Alan Keyes, Jerome Corsi and that idiot Orly Taitz were in court quite independently f any question of McCain and even having multiple suits thrown out of several courts hasn't stopped you.

Once again it is tie to remember that this things ends by telling the Baggers to shut up and stop disturbing the adults.

Greywolfe said...

Good God in heaven. Did Ducky just try to refer to himself as an adult?!?!?

I think I threw up in my throat. Ducky, I've never seen anyone in real life act as you do. You come to an argument, throw your written version of crap in a paper sack, and then when you start to lose, run away without ever answering the heart of the argument.

Why on God's green and blue earth has he spent almost 2 million bucks to hide. That's a lot of scratch even for the usurper himself. Doesn't make any sense. You never try to see anything past your talking points and Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Try, just for once to put some meat in your arguments, instead of just lobbing crap grenades and running.

Anonymous said...

Z, I think this is an issue that serves a greater purpose for those behind the installation of Obama as President. Those people can always deflect the argument by using the epithet "birther" and asserting the question has been settled simply by providing a copy of the "certificate of live birth" from Hawaii.

The real issue,IMO,is — how do you define a "natural born American"? This is the legal requirement for anyone to be President. From my understanding a natural born American is one whose both parents are American ... at least that was the definition at the time of Obama's birth. And obviously he would not qualify under that definition since his father was not American.

The way the issue sits out there in the media provides a convenient smoke screen and diversion and is readily picked up by those who assert the question has been addressed and answered while providing a convenient vehicle to provide assertions that anybody raising this question is mentally unbalanced — that theme is readily apparent to any casual observation of the issue muddling leftist MSM.


Anonymous said...

Another important point to remember is that President Obama has spent big bucks defending the issue of actually presenting those documents for an independent verification. And also noteworthy is that individual citizens are at the mercy of public vilification —just for raising the question they can be faced with huge financial losses as well. Of course, the expense to Obama is not out of his pocket but rather the taxpayer picks up his legal bill.


Z said...

Waylon, can you find somewhere that verifies your hypothesis that both parents had to be American? Are you sure? That would be something...but, something must not ring right because that would have been too obvious and easy to prove.

beamish said...


Ducky has told you many times that he's a leftist.

There has never been in the history of human civilization a leftist capable of rational thought and it's pretty cruel of you to expect it of Ducky.

In fact, most leftists are content to attack and destroy all notions that leftists are even intelligent at all.

Let him be.

Anonymous said...

If you want to plow through it, here's a lot of stuff collected at WIKI on the subject of who is a natural-born citizen.

I skimmed most of it. It's tedious reading. Legal opinions usually are, because they are written in legalese instead of English.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

As things stand NOW, anyone who was born in the geographical confines of the territorial United States, which include Alaska and Hawaii, is AUTOMATICALLY a US citizen, even if his PARENTS are here ILLEGALLY or just TEMPORARILY.

I'm not sure when this became law, but I believe it was a long time ago -- nothing ginned up recently for Obama's benefit.

What MIGHT be interesting is whether a person born OUTSIDE the geographical confines of the USA to AMERICAN PARENTS living or traveling ABROAD is in fact a "natural-born" US citizen? You'd think the answer would certainly be YES, but the Legal Mind is a bizarre and terrible thing, so I'm not sure, but I think SO, or McCain might ACTUALLY have had trouble.

Of course, questioning McCain's antecedents was just another mischievous, malicious LEFTIST ploy deliberately designed to make a kerfuffle.

Frankly, if it were proven conclusively that Obama was NOT a natural-born US citizen, it would NOT dislodge him at this point.

Remember, as Da Kingfish and convicted felon, Alcee Hastings, of the US Senate said,"There ARE no rules anymore. We just make 'em up as we go along."

I'm afraid that's absolutely true. When no one in power is the least bit interested in enforcing the Law, when it interferes with their plans, what GOOD is "The Law?"

~ FreeThinke

Elmers Brother said...

Yes, Elmo, everyone and his brother knows that the issue of McCain being born in Panama was raised.\

The point is duhkkkster that wackos abound on the left as well, you wacko.

Z said...

Some points someone sent me tonight on the birth situation:

- Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party did not certify that Obama qualified to run as a candidate for President of the U.S., but only that Obama was the Democratic Party candidate;

- the news media previously and numerously referred to Obama as “Kenya-born” before he ran for President. Afterwards, “Kenya-born” was dropped;

- Obama has spent over 2 million dollars in hiding what they say exists (his birth certificate) and supposedly have in hand;

- the Justice Department is doing everything they possibly can to keep Americans from pursing Obama’s eligibility in court;

- federal judges have dismissed over 400 hundred court cases on Obama’s eligibility, ruling that these citizens do not have standing to know who is acting as President of the U.S.;

- Michelle Obama has described Barak’s home as being the country of Kenya;

BY THE WAY..DUCK? You didn't KNOW that McCain's birth was questioned, too?

Z said...

And immediately resolved?

Anonymous said...

his grandmother claimed she was at the birth in Kenya too

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the delayed response,Z. I had originally read about the definition of "natural born citizen" sometime ago. It was on the CFP site and I didn't bookmark the column so it would be difficult to find.

Here is a link to a more recent column which does discuss the specific topic ...


Anonymous said...

There are some enlightening comments on the above linked column at CFP.

Some discuss the 14th Amendment redefining American citizenship. That was written in 1868 so that would be long before the birth of Obama.

I was wrong in saying that the original definition existed until after Obama was born — it was changed after the Civil War. So if that has been the law for that long then Obama could well be a citizen under that definition.

The question could be resolved legally by Constitutional lawyers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Z, for the list of" highly suspicious" items.

FOUR-HUNDRED suits DISMISSED, because the plaintiffs have no STANDING?

The US Judiciary is uniformly STONEWALLING for Obama?

What IS this -- the former SOVIET UNION reincarnated???

Great God in Heaven!!!

~ FreeThinke