Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too Clever not to Post!!

Let's see how they make lemonades from those lemons they've been trying to squeeze on us!
(thanks, Imp!)


FrogBurger said...

Funny but they still make a lot of money and their sales are up big time. Unlike Government Motors. The administration is so incompetent they can't get GM sales up and Toyota's down, even after going at them like crazy.

beamish said...

Why is this clever, or "too clever?"

It's like drawing a Hitler mustache on a portrait of President Bush and calling it an argument. Now, we can understand why a leftist would do that, leftists having a vested interest in refuting all notions that leftists arte capable of rational thought.

Are Toyotas lemons?

They typically last over 300,000 miles and hold their resell value, two things that GM, Chrysler, and Ford can't seem to duplicate. Ford only makes trucks worth a damn and they can't even match that level of quality. Chrysler has never made a quality vehicle. GM is almost as good as Chrysler.

Toyotas are the best American made car.

Michelle said...

I have no idea if you've reported this already, so if so my apologies. If you haven't, this needs shouted to the roof tops....the liberal media sure won't!

PLEASE read this and report to your readers, if you haven't already.

Leticia said...

Clever! Indeed. At this point I think I will stick with my 14 year old blazer. I am too afraid to buy any new vehicles.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Beamish,

We've always bought GM cars. Our most recent, is a 2008 Saturn, before the government got involved. My previous one was also a Saturn. They run like a top, no problems.

Unfortunately they are no longer in business thanks to the government. But, for me, I loved 'em and still do.

We had an '83 Olds Firenza which I drove for seventeen years. Can you top that?

We had a '68 Pontiac Firebird, new. Our son has it to this day, same transmission it came with.

Not one of these GM cars had a sticky gas pedal, or sticky anything.

To my way of thinking if you buy a new Toyota, and the gas pedal sticks, or has anything wrong with it, it's a lemon. If it kills you, it's a coffin.


Z said...

Beamish, come never see a Toyota repair shop...I grant you that, but you know very well this is about the problems they're having right now, which are serious and probably deceitful.

Chuck said...

I saw on Fox today that Consumers Report gave their SUV a "don't buy" rating. Ouch.

Me, I'm sticking with American

David Wyatt said...

I tell you, Z, if anyone CAN make lemonaid out of lemons, it will be Toyota! But I'm very satisfied with my Hyundai!

beamish said...

Pris, Z, et. al.,

I'm not buying into government / media efforts to defame Toyota.

The chances of buying a new Toyota that has any problems whatsoever are small enough to be negligible.

We're not even talking about thousands of vehicles here. Maybe a hundred or so, if that, actually have a problem with a sticky accelerator.

That problem hasn't been duplicated in any safety testing, so it amounts to me to be a rather rare exception hyped up by US government owned competitors that haven't made a decent car in 20 years.

If I were buying new, Toyota would be my first choice.

Buying old or used, Toyota would be my first choice, followed by the "luxury" models of "American" cars because everything else in the sedan and compact lines made by Ford, Chrysler, and GM are pretty much disposable. Chrysler in particular forgot how to put a lasting transmission in their vehicles back in the mid 1980s.

I'm happy with my 1995 Buick Park Avenue I bought back in February that was rarely driven by the previous original owner. I do need to baby it better though... I've put close to 6000 miles on it since I bought it LOL.

WomanHonorThyself said...

cute image Z!

Z said...

Chuck, there's video of their SUV's which can't take sharp's BAD.
I do like Toyota and hope that they recover from this. Like I said earlier, YOU NEVER SEE A TOYOTA REPAIR SHOP!
But, if they kept anything quiet that could be dangerous, it wasn't right; and they're pretty much admitting it.

I wish we could rave more about American cars......the unions are killing us because the prices are so stupid high because of overhead.

Misfit410 said...

Yea, I personally think our government is playing up the Toyota issues to push up GM.

I will buy a Toyota long before I'd ever buy a GM, the day our government took over it was the last day I'd ever consider paying a cent for one.

It turned out the Prius issue was made up by a guy who had been trying to get on TV and pull off many bogus lawsuits for years... but the media overlooked all of that for a chance to jump on Toyota more.

Anonymous said...

I've been driving Toyotas since 1972 -- a response to the FIRST jerry-rigged "oil crisis," when motorists were lining up to top off their cars half way down the block and sometimes waiting hours. We were only permitted to purchase fuel on alternate days according to our license plate numbers back then.

Small, fuel-efficient "economy" cars were OBVIOUSLY the wave of the future. I picked up my cues, acted accordingly, have never looked back and never once had cause to regret my switch to Japanese cars.

IF there really HAS been any widespread safety troubles with the new Toyotas -- which I seriously doubt -- I suspect it's probably because these cars are now made in the USA. An irony I can't help but find humorous.

Nevertheless, my FIRST thought when this "crisis" emerged was either SABOTAGE on the part of Government Motors (The Obama-Union Coalition) or a widespread CAMPAIGN to spread DISINFORMATION about the products of a NON-UNION shop.

In short it's ALL "politics." which is a synonym for for MALFEASANCE.

~ FreeThinke

PS: I agree with Beamish's response to the "clever" use of lemons in lampooning and defaming Toyota. - FT

Anonymous said...


Whenever a murder, rape, or armed robbery rate is quoted -- or when some stupid government official is caught with his pants down or with his hand in the cookie jar -- we should always ask ourselves, but what PERCENTAGE of the TOTAL whatever do these spectacular misdeeds represent?

We'd probably find the answer very comforting.

Although I have to quote the adage "One rotten apple can spoil a whole barrelful." Just as one fart in crowded elevator makes the ride unpleasant for everyone in the car.

How humanity to loves to pounce on FAULTS and mischaracterize the perpetrators thereof!

This is not to say that true villainy does not exist.

~ FreeeThinke

Anonymous said...

Sorry to seem "sour," but the image is NOT "cute," it is DEFAMATORY. I admit that it is "clever," but cleverness has often been used for mischievous and malicious purposes.

Before we PRAISE anything, we ought first to discern the MOTIVE behind it.

~ FreeThinke

Big Bubba said...

Bubbette drug me kicking and screaming to Toyota. Actually after years of resistence I relented. I wanted her to buy a Tundra and she insisted on a Tacoma. Now she wants a Tundra. Guess who will get the Tacoma.

When given a choice of Toyota or our government for reliability I'll go with Toyota.

beamish said...

One reason you never see a "Toyota Repair Shop" is that Toyotas are not assembled with highly specialized, proprietary tools that require dealing with Toyota to acquire. A simple metric socket set and screwdrivers is all you need for most maintanance needs on a Toyota. You can do everything that ever needs to be done to a Toyota largely yourself.

This is unlike Fords, for example, that you almost have to take to a Ford authorized mechanic to fix, the vehicle itself is designed to "create work" for unionized Ford mechanics who are leased the odd and widely unavailable tools required to do what should be simple backyard shade tree work.

And, knowing what I know from working in auto repair shops, many of the problems that occur in newer Fords, GMs, and Chryslers that require a specialty shop to repair are DESIGNED to occur.

Instead of making quality vehicles that owners can work on and maintain themselves, the Big Three opted to make vehicles that keep you dependent upon them for repairs.

And they wonder why no one is buying their crap anymore.

lovelyprism said...

Interesting, all of it. I don't think I've ever owned a foreign car. My Saturn was the best car EVER, that thing got 32 mpg! I absolutely love my Cadillac, it's a beautiful car but will have to go soon. Now I'm driving my Dad's GMC truck and it's very nice! Mind you I've only had it for two weeks. Being a conspiracy theorist at heart I do think beamish was right about some of the problems that occur being designed to occur. I've often wondered about that!

Z said...

FT, for PETE'S SAKE, it's a JOKE.
I'm the one saying there are no Toyota repair shops, I'd say that's a pretty high praise, wouldn't you?

Beamish: down:



Drive Toyotas, I think that's a DANDY idea...I just thought that, considering the news lately, it was very cleverly done.
"Defamatory?" Chacun a son gout

Anonymous said...

Somehow, sometime, somewhere, SOMEONE is going to learn that observations and opinions expressed to the general public on a topic of interest at a public communications forum are NOT meant to be taken PERSONALLY by ANYONE.

I hope that day arrives soon.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT, that's enough.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have seen:

G (lemon) VERNMENT M (lemon) T (lemon) RS.


F (lemon) RD

LINC (lemon) LN

CHEVR (lemon) LET!


~ FT

PS: Z, Alice Adams is a good movie. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I? Bette Davis won the Oscar that year for a stinker called Dangerous, but publicly stated Katharine Hepburn deserved it more for Alice Adams. But I guess you already knew that? I didn't, till Robert Osborne mentioned it recently at TCM.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

Geez, FT. we're talking about a couple of lemons on a logo.

You're comparing this with murder rates? Just because two lemons appear on this blog? Are you kidding me?

For crying out loud, how about YOU not taking this personally? Do you own stock in Toyota or something? It's a car!

No people don't have to agree, but there's no need to take this blog to task. It's a reasonable portrayal of a real situation and topic of discussion in the news.

A blog deals mostly in commentary by the owner, and isn't meant to be a personal attack on you. It's meant to stimulate discussion and opinion.

I suggest you go outside, stroke your Toyota, and have a glass of lemonade.


David Wyatt said...

Granted, American cars ain't what they used to be, but I am an old American car fan, especially American muscle from the '60's & early '70's, & most all American cars from '49-'70. 2 of my dream cars would be a '57 Bel-Air or '63 1/2 Galaxie 500 with a 427 SOHC!

Sorry Mrs. Z, I have an alternative acrostic (from the '60's when they had "Total Performance" program)


Anonymous said...

FYI (in case anyone's interested):

I admit to being a dummy about things mechanical and electronic, etc. Because of that -- and a feeling that somehow it's not quite cricket "to fall in love" with mechanical objects -- I've always relied on Consumer Reports to aid in selecting automobiles or major appliances, etc.

Whatever CR rated as the cheapest, best constructed, most durable and least apt to need repairs wound up being my choice. So far they've never led me astray.

That's how I first became acquainted with Toyota. Sentiment, Patriotism, and Aesthetics have never had anything to do with it. Whatever serves me best and costs me least is what I will drive.

Planned obsolescence, an evil that's been around for a long time, took all the "romance" out cars and kitchen appliances ages ago.

~ FreeThinke

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I tend to really like Toyotas; I'm biased by having three of them, a 2007 RAV4, a 2007 Tacoma and a 2008 Corolla. Lots of miles on all of them and not a problem amongst any of them. I suspect a percentile of the "uncommanded throttle" may be due to driver error and/or age, in terms of mistaking the throttle for the brake. I've seen it many times in training.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Additionally, the driver has to take at least SOME responsibility in the driving equation. Taking an exit at, say, the testing speed of 80 mph and then lifting the throttle in the turn will generally induce oversteer in just about any RWD vehicle, particularly in those with higher CGs such as forms of SUVs. CR stated the obvious when it wrote "Obeying the speed limit and being alert for potential road hazards should limit the risk of experiencing a problem, like that recorded at the test track."


Anonymous said...

I cannot find e'en an iota
To distrust about cars by Toyota.
They're vastly superior.
Gas-guzzlers inferior
Should be phased out with no future quota.

~ FreeThinke

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