Saturday, April 3, 2010


Please come to my FOOD BLOG, Mac 'n GeeeeeZ and share your Easter food traditions with us.
I hope you enjoy hearing about the Z family Easters. I know we'll enjoy hearing about yours. Thanks so much. (you know me, it's all about FOOD!)

Also, allow me to wish our Jewish friends at GeeeeeZ a belated Happy Passover....(would LOVE to hear about a favorite passover food, too...I adore TSIMIS!)

Also, there's a bit in the comments about how Obama's mentioned Easter....worth reading, I think, though I've been trying to avoid politics this weekend...sometimes, it's just impossible, sadly.


Joe said...

I left the following comment at your food blog:

I totally love your take on the meaning of Easter.

I have to admit, I have always wondered why we celebrate the resurrection of a Jew with ham.

Just interesting...that's all.

Z said...

Obama actually mentions conjunction with ALL religions...The article includes that "He also embraced a broader, more ecumenical audience. "While we worship in different ways," the president said, "we also remember the shared spirit of humanity that inhabits us all — Jews and Christians, Muslims and Hindus, believers and nonbelievers alike.""

So sorry he can't embrace, as the president, this religion which 85% of Americans identify...just ONE day of the year, let it be the Truth of Christian faith, but...

"On this Easter weekend," he said, "let us hold fast to those aspirations we hold in common as brothers and sisters, as members of the same family — the family of man."

No, Obama, let's hold fast to the aspirations of Christians across America who are of THIS family of God. For just one day, let it be about that.
Of course, in his Easter address, jobs and healthcare were also discussed.

Z said...

Also, "He called health "the rock upon which our lives are built.""

As Christ is so often referred to as "the rock", I found that a particularly interesting term for him to use in a supposedly Easter Address.

Z said...

Here is George Bush's Easter Sunday address of 2001: It's sent to "All those observing Easter"..makes sense, huh? Why not give a REAL Easter message to THEM? Would anybody feel excluded? REALLY? here it is:

I am pleased to send warm greetings to all those observing Easter. On this day, Christians around the world join in celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Son of Man.

For Christians everywhere, Easter is a day when, in the words of the ancient Exultet hymn, the earth "rejoices in shining splendor, radiant in the brightness of its King." It is a time to be humbled by and grateful for God's sacrifice and boundless love and to rejoice in the sheer wonder of life and the promise of victory over death.

Easter comes at the end of the Lenten season, a period of penitence and solemnity in many Christian traditions. The Lenten season prepares Christ's followers for the joyous affirmation that "Christ is Risen!" Holy Week activities, including Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday, remind the faithful of the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

Many traditions associated with Easter have become a part of our American way of life. Although these customs may differ, the universal message of Easter draws all Christian communities together. As families and friends gather to celebrate, we renew our commitment to follow the example of Jesus Christ in loving our neighbors and giving of ourselves for others. On this joyous day, let us also remember all those in need and those Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith.

Laura joins me in sending best wishes for a wonderful Easter.


cube said...

I left my Easter foodie message at your other blog.

Thanks for mentioning a real Easter message from a real President.

Obama has fealty only to Obama. He will be worshipping himself this Easter.

Z said...

Joe said "I have to admit, I have always wondered why we celebrate the resurrection of a Jew with ham."

very, we don't do Kosher! I worked once with a Jewish woman whose husband was a Rabbi and she asked me to join their Passover party...(my invites to passovers disappeared when I married my German, by the way...just sayin', but it's true, sadly)...I said "Nancy, what do you're having such a huge crowd, do you just do a big buffet like turkey, potato salad, ham..." She says "no, HAM" We both had a good laugh! What was I THINKING?

Anonymous said...

Z, Bush's message was as it should've been. An Easter message. A beautiful one at that.

Of course as we all know, Obama disregarded the
traditional "National Day of Prayer", and waited instead to have a muslim only, day of prayer at the WH.

It's a shame that Obama couldn't release a statement about Easter without letting politics creep in, but, everything, all the time, for him, is a political opportunity.


Z said...

The above link is obama's ramadan message...which includes:

"But I also know that Ramadan is a time of intense devotion and reflection – a time when Muslims fast during the day and perform tarawih prayers at night, reciting and listening to the entire Koran over the course of the month.
These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings."

I wish he'd mentioned the beauty and devotion of Easter in his Easter message.

He goes on "And the support that Muslims provide to others recalls our responsibility to advance opportunity and prosperity for people everywhere."


Then "All of these efforts are aimed at advancing our common aspirations – to live in peace and security; to get an education and to work with dignity; to love our families, our communities, and our God. It will take time and patient effort. We cannot change things over night, but we can honestly resolve to do what must be done, while setting off in a new direction – toward the destination that we seek for ourselves, and for our children. That is the journey that we must travel together."

As a Christian, he's so off base about "our God". They can worship ANY GOD THEY LIKE (please, liberals who read this, we know they have what they call a GOD, nobody's here taking that from Muslims..)but, if you understand the Christian Bible, a kindergartner knows our God is a VERY different God.

And "I look forward to continuing this critically important dialogue and turning it into action. And today, I want to join with the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world – and your families and friends – in welcoming the beginning of Ramadan, and wishing you a blessed month. May God’s peace be upon you."'s pretty astonishing, isn't it. He wants to join with the billions of Muslims ...great.

the difference in Easter/Ramadan greetings is astonishing and worrisome.

Z said...

as my friend Mike emails me on this subject, he's SO INCLUSIVE on Easter greetings but pretty darned specific to Islam on his Muslim Ramadan greeting..

Z said...

On this subject, FOX is doing a special on Christianity "Faith, FACT,and FICTION" (or something like that)

Imagine them doing ISLAM: FAITH, FACT, FICTION?

Anonymous said...

I can't argue with the logic of Obama by recognizing that "health is the rock on which our lives are built". That is perfectly true, IMO.

Ask any person dying of any affliction and having even all the wealth in the world what they would most desire in that position — their money or their health. Would not almost all answer that by saying they would give up all else for their health?

But, of course, Obama could be implying that health care provided by the government will ensure health of all. Of course, I would disagree with that implication and say that the answer to that is obvious and the government will not provide more than the minimum care for the health the majority of citizens.


Z said...

Waylon. It's the "Easter message from the American President".
Christians view Jesus as THE ROCK, as it says in the Bible.

have you ever heard "Rock" used in regard to HEALTH CARE?

no, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

If there would be a "ROCK" referred to as American, it would be FREEDOM upon which our lives are built, not health.

In America, without freedom, we are no longer America.


Anonymous said...

Funny! The census was less intrusive this time around than it was when I lived in another state. Twenty and thirty years ago census takers would knock on thee door unannounced and come back again and again and again if you tried to ignore them. This time it was just ten questions.

Yes a lot of it was based on race and ethnicity, which I think is silly, but I answered the questions -- all except one . I didn't give them my phone number.

I wonder if there will be knock at the door over that? We'll see...

~ FreeThinke