Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kevin Eubanks is leaving THE TONIGHT SHOW

After 18 years, Kevin Eubanks, the Black band leader and guitarist with Jay Leno's show's band, is leaving... I say he's Black, though you all know it, of course, because, upon hearing of his leaving, someone asked ..

"So would he like to see another African-American musician take his place? Kevin's response was......

"I want to see a really great band leader replace me. But I wouldn't be mad," he said, with a laugh."

Good for him. I always did like him, now I like him even better :-) He wants the BEST, no matter WHO it is, no matter what color. Good luck, Kevin, you've been terrific, you'll be missed by those who stay up late enough to watch, and I wish you all the best.



Chuck said...

I always thought he seemed like a classy guy.

18 years? I didn't realize Leno has been on that long.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been eighteen years, either. I always thought Kevin Eubanks was a saint for laughing at Leno's lame jokes.


RightKlik said...

Kevin added a lot to the show. Too bad he's leaving.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a pleasant enough fellow. I never watch those late night talk shows -- or haven't since Steve Allen, Jack Paar and the early days of Johnny Carson -- so I have no idea whether I'd like his music or not. I'm sure he was highly competent, or he wouldn't have been able to get and hold a job like that.

Does anyone know why he DID leave?

~ FreeThinke