Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kate Gosselin...What's she DO?

Can someone PLEASE tell me the attraction of Americans to KATE GOSSELIN and her CHILDREN? I don't watch much TV other than news, HGTV and the Food Channel....old movies, etc. What talents does she have? What entices people to want to see her? I am not being mean, I'm legitimately CURIOUS! She has a new TV show, described in the link above............WHY? HELP~!

But, if you're not interested in this, maybe you'll be interested in what will be the next big celeb story.... Elizabeth Taylor's NINTH marriage which we'll never hear the end of.

Then, we have the latest Lacy Peterson-like story that will go on forever......

I know we can't always be watching and seeing and discussing politics (wait, yes, we CAN:-), but the stuff above that so many people seem interested in enough that the media covers it all so much is troubling, isn't it?

Tell me, is it US or the MEDIA? Would we even know about this stuff if the media didn't delight in sharing it? OR, as so many say, is it 'we' who demand it? What do you think?


FrogBurger said...

No appeal to me. I find her and her ex husband pathetic human beings who should take care of their children emotionally, not just financially through fame.

That's the drawback of capitalism and a free society. You get a lot of junk like this.

But at least we don't have to watch.

Faith said...

I'm pleased to say I don't know a thing about any of it.

LASunsett said...

And we wonder how Obama got elected.

Ducky's here said...

Cheer up, z, you can always move up in class and listen to The Vulgar Gasbag or Glenn "He's Psycho" Beck.

The right has so much to offer.

But no fair complaining when the market does its thing.

Elmers Brother said...

not the market duhkkky, the marketeers.

The news media is a huge dumpster and we got a choice of a half eaten burger or a rancid apple. Either way it's *hit, so if you eat the half eaten burger it's ratings go up. Then we hear from the likes of duhkkky that it's the market. yeah right.

Linda said...

The Gosselin's sadden me. They have 8 beautiful children that probably don't have a chance for a 'normal' life, whatever that is.

I heard about Elizabeth this morning, and thought, 'Go for it!' LOL! You know he's marrying her for the $ and not the least IMHO!

Misfit410 said...

Love how the left likes to call Glenn Beck crazy, but has yet to refute anything he's actually said..

Care to explain why Van Jones is not longer in the white house if Beck is so "Crazy and Wrong" there Ducky?

Beth said...

I doubt lefties actually ever watch Glenn Beck to be able to form an opinion on him. SNL skits about him do not count as actually watching him.

Anonymous said...

Who's the Vulgar Gas Bag?
I'm sincerely curious.
Are you referring to Keith Olbermann, because that would make sense to me.

Z, Kate Gosselin has the uniqe ability to turn nothing interesting into an enterprise.

Z said...

all good comments, everybody.

So right about Glenn Beck, too, except Ducky who relies on the left to tell him what he does and says...which is wrong, of course.

Yes, he got Van Jones fired and the left absolutely can't refute what he says...which is typical for the left.

It's sad for America because, until people wake up and realize Beck's right, we're in trouble. Thank GOD more and more and more are watching. But, I guess Ducky feels they're the great unwashed dopes in flyover country who didn't go to Harvard so they haven't a clue and watch and listen mindlessly because they're too stupid to know better.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky hasn't realized that those crappy shows exploiting children are made most of the time by the Libs in Hollywood. The same who criticizes capitalism unless they can use it to make the big bucks.

sue said...

I always wonder the same thing when I see her name on the internet.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It's a vicious circle. It wouldn't be popular if the American public didn't want it, and the American public wouldn't want it if the American media weren't pushing it.

And pushing it because American education has been warped by those persons valuing individual kids' esteem over all else. We have the largest generation of new narcissists EVER.

I couldn't care less about any of those thing or Tiger Woods or Survivor or Americal Idol or any of that ignorant and thoughtless crap.

Opiate of the masses, indeed.


Z said...

BZ: YOu said "It wouldn't be popular if the American public didn't want it, and the American public wouldn't want it if the American media weren't pushing it."

If the American public didn't know about it, they couldn't want it...
that, I guess is something that I think a lot about when I see this goofy stuff.
of course, it's probably the PR people for these 'celebs' to get their names OUT THERE so they can all rake it$$ in.

Anonymous said...

Kate who? "We demand this stuff"? Who the heck is this "we" we're always hearing about?

I think Elizabeth Taylor's a little different. She's been a famous star all her life. People probably are more interested in how she is and what she's doing. However one day's news blurb is enough.

The last one is about a murder, so no surprise this is being covered. It involves a crime.

The problem with our tabloid media is they don't know when to quit. They wring every bit of gossip out of all of these stories, and turn them into circuses, some of which are non-stories such as "Kate who"?

As for Glenn Beck, there is a story there, but, it won't be covered.

There has been an ongoing plan, by those close to the President, to go after him. It seems the plan is to lean on the sponsors of his show to end their sponsorship.

It looks like Ducky is right in line with that. The old humiliation, demonizing game which is played by this WH against anyone who dissents or criticizes President Obama and his administration.

Gee Ducky, so many targets, it's hard to keep up eh? I mean, when you take on the American people what's left?

Ducky, Z move up in class? She's already up there Ducky. The proof is, she allows you to come here and make a fool of yourself, even though you are a mere caricature of what every lefty is.

This demonstrates that Z has a sense of humor, a tolerance for one much less intelligent than she, and takes pity on you.


Z said...

thanks, Pris, my Monday blog, or maybe I'll publish it this afternoon, covers some of your points well, too.

If it's not THEIR IDEA, KILL IT!

And, also, you're right about Taylor and the murder. That's why I mentioned Lacy Petersen, will it EVER END, will it go on like her coverage did? Taylor's marriage will never be enough for one or two days of coverage, sadly...but yes, we care about her. I do. She's been a wonderful actress and has contributed to some of our good films, but...........a few days of coverage is enough whatever she does!

Ducky's here said...

The Vulgar Gasbag? AKA "Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine". The one who sent his maid out cruising a Denny's parking lot to score his oxy?
Surely you can guess, Jen.

Z said...

Ducky, you poor, poor person. Still just can't accept that conservatives can be pushed to desperation, can you.
I hope you're never suffering that badly and never feel that need Limbaugh must have felt.
But, he's a Conservative so your hatred has to SHINE! :-)

Anonymous said...

I still think you meant Keith Olbermann. It just makes more sense. Vulgar. I mean...vulgar.

Z said...

Jen, isn't he? he's SO far crueler and more snide and, well...too many words and none of them kind. ...more than Limbaugh ever dreamt of being....

but, of course, the media and comedians stay away from Olbermann and scorn Limbaugh! I just wish ONE of them would listen to each's show for one hour...boy, would they get the true picture.

Anonymous said...

Z, this is by no means the MSM, but it is funny, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Like you , Miss Z, I have no idea what people see in this Kate person or her husband.

But, you see, I do live in a free nation and thankfully, I don't have to watch the crap that is put on television.

As for old Elizabeth Taylor....she is an old interesting bird, I suppose.

She is not my favorite "star", but what the heck. If people find her newsworthy, so be it.

The last Lacy Peterson type story, I am not up to speed on that one.


Z said...

Jen, that's good but any exposure to Olbermann makes me a little queasy.
Stewart sure got it right...Loved that!

Z said...

WV, we can turn it off, all of us can, but I do think the exposure is too widespread to ignore and my question's more rhetorical and is WHY? and do we bring this on ourselves or does the media dump too much on us.
I know I'm even careful now about what I click on when I see the Yahoo homepage...'Madonna' 'Tiger Woods', etc...I just don't look anymore because I don't want them doing MORE because people are looking.

Who'd even CARE if we didn't know about the garbage in these peoples' lives?

FrogBurger said...

Funny thing about Ducky: he posts less during weekends but more during the work week ;-)

beamish said...

John Stewart rocks.

Well, sir....

Z said...

Beamish, do you know some people use HIM for NEWS?

Ducky's here said...

I'm still trying to figure out why Hollywood is considered "leftist". Just a bunch of suits making as much money as they can.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who this woman is, don't particularly care. As most of you know by now, I have NO respect for Pop Culture.

It's trivial and inane at best -- ANATHEMA at worst.

The MEDIA is our worst enemy, which is why I have called them the ENEMEDIA for many years now.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart MOCKS would be more to the point. ;-)

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Poor Liz Taylor had pretty well had it by the time she made Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

I think she's probably a very nice person who was deprived of any semblance of a normal home life. I suspect she's been veery lonely all along, despite her fame, fortune, and endless succession of (mostly) interesting, greatly gifted and (sometimes) distinguished husbands.

Like Judy Garland there's something pathetic about Liz Taylor, yet she must be a lot stronger than Garland was, because she has SURVIVED into her seventies.

Whatever she's been searching for all these years I doubt she will find it in this ninth husband -- whoever he is.

But, I wish her well. She's given a lot of people a lot of pleasure for a lot of years.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Ducky, I'm proud of shows that you don't watch the crap made there.
(but, things WILL change, I happen to have my finger on that pulse and eager to start seeing it...because IT IS :-)


FT...Elizabeth Taylor is FAR more a survivor than La Garland, that's for sure.......But, Taylor suffered more from physical ailments than Garland did; Garland's were emotional...My friend owned Ryder Sound for years and they had to get a comedian in to cheer Garland up when they were recording, I think, the voices for Gay Puree...or something? Imagine? And pills to sleep and pills to wake......

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Taylor about 24 years ago...she was drop dead GORGEOUS still and does have purple eyes. And a doctor who stands behind her at all times. yes. AND, she greets you as if YOU are the person SHE came to meet that night. Quite a woman.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, Miss Taylor was and is a physically beautiful woman.
So, if she is as polite to people as you found her to be , then that is good. Either she IS that polite or she IS a great actress, after all,yes??

Probably she IS a gracious lady, as some people do have a bit of manners and breeding.