Monday, April 26, 2010

The new Arizona bill..........does it make Arizonans feel safer? Does that matter?

Before you get into my post (and thanks for coming by!), I ask you if you consider that waving Mexican flags might not be JUST the thing protesters to the bill want to do? just a, take a look and see if you agree or disagree with me on the following points..........

Take a quick look at THIS ARTICLE; All text in black print is from the article, the RED writing is my thoughts:

The protesters have largely dispersed from the lawn of the state capitol building, the camera crews are packing up and heading back East. But in Arizona, three days after Governor Jan Brewer signed the most aggressive anti-illegal immigration law in the country, the question remains: what comes next?

Then they quote La Raza here: "It (implementation of the bill) will probably be in July or August," says Daniel Ortega, a Phoenix lawyer who is chair of the board of directors of the National Council of La Raza. "That's the first thing I am telling people. There's panic in the community." (Z: "panic in the community" is right......Oh, wait, they don't mean the panic in the community due to illegal gang wars or theft or drug cartel killings or taking jobs from citizens, sorry, that was confusing :-) (sarcasm)

SB1070's broad instruction to police that when there's "reasonable suspicion" that a person is an illegal immigrant, a "reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable" to check for documents has the state's top prosecutor fearing that it will be used excessively and will lead to ethnic profiling that would irrevocably damage relations between police and the Latino community. (Z: I ask again, what documentation will naturalized or America-born Hispanics have on their persons to show if they're stopped? I don't have docs that prove I was born here, do you? And, when you're fighting a border war in your country, shouldn't the whole idea be to ask people for documentation to prove they're legal?! Also, Obama was worried Hispanics won't turn in the crooks amongs them... I wonder how many illegals ever did help finger other illegals to the police!? Did anybody ask him?)

As for the border crime and cartel violence that has fueled much of the state's anxiety about immigration, there's little in SB1070 that would directly address it. "The Teabaggers and company aren't only ones that are frustrated. We need more border patrol," says Attorney General Goddard, who is running for Governor as a Democrat. "But the serious crime is the human smugglers, the dope smugglers. [SB1070] doesn't do one thing to fight that." (Z: Except now, if the cops run into smugglers, they can at least attempt to get their identification and get them to the INS...and deport. It would be LEGAL then. Maybe THAT would help?)

The legislation looks certain to increase the divide between Hispanics and non-Hispanics in Arizona. At last Friday's protest in Phoenix, more than a thousand people, many of them Latino students, cheered as speakers likened the bill to South Africa's apartheid race laws and the World War II Japanese internment act. "We will survive this," said Alfredo Gutierrez, a former Arizona State Senator. "The people who passed this law will not." (Z: I wouldn't be so sure. Hispanics are only 12% of the electorate and I'm thinking that, deep down, a lot of those good legalized Hispanic citizens aren't too happy about living under the fear of drug wars, either. And, of course, as much as most of this is geared toward Hispanic illegals, there's apparently evidence of Arabs stealing across the border to Mexico. Of course, that would be all those Arabs living in San Miguel De Allende for the art community, right? :-) Sarcasm there, too.)

That same day, at the Briarwood Country Club in the "active adult retirement community" of Sun City West, J.D. Hayworth and other Republican candidates gathered for a lasagna fundraiser held by the Arizona Federation of Republican Women where praise for SB1070 was universal and enthusiastic. Just as Hayworth, a former sportscaster with a lustrous tan and a sternly knitted brow, entered the room, one of his supporters stood by a table selling "Republican jewelry" and made a prediction of her own: "We will be the last ones standing." (Z: that last sentence being a disgusting choice of words by a Hayworth supporter, in my opinion, that's not why I featured this paragraph from the linked's why:

"Lasagna fundraiser" at the Country Club!? "Former sportscaster with a lustrous tan..." "Republican jewelry"? Has one of you EVER heard those adjectives when Democrat functions have been discussed in the media? Please try to find an article if you can, I'd very much love to see it. Let's face it, here's the attempt of a liberal journalist to portray the party most against this bill exactly as HE sees them..........excellent attempt, by the way..."Darn those Country Club Jewelry-Selling, lustrously tanned Republicans, what the HELL do THEY care about Arizona?" :-) ............They care enough to stop the drug wars, stop the taking of jobs from citizens, stop the killing of ranchers, stop the fear THEY live under in Arizona from illegals. The point of my piece here is legal Arizonans and why it's more important to make THEM uncomfortable and fearful than ILLEGALS?

PS: While researching this post, I ran across THIS ARTICLE from angry at THE WHITE HOUSE, so accusatory at WASHINGTON for not closing borders as should have'll see Napalitano and Richardson fighting to FIX THE BORDERS (those two declared the problem with illegals "a state of emergency" back then!!!!!), you'll even see mention of FUEL PRICES! BOY, they throw EVERYTHING into an article on immigration and blame Washington...when Bush is in office:-)

I'm hoping Hispanic commenters will chime in today; the Conservative naturalized Hispanics I know are totally for this bill.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Arizona. AdiĆ³s Amigos!

Steve Harkonnen said...

I'm happy for Arizona but apparently the so-called conservative judge on fox news (the one with the impossible hairline) isn't.

Linda said...

I agree with David! Hooray for Arizona. I do feel the day is coming when we will have to carry papers to prove where we were born. In Kansas, you can get a copy of your birth certificate that is a laminated credit card size. My BIL and SIL are missionaries in Argentina. They've carried papers since they'be been there. I think all people carry papers there.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lets hope they stay strong!

Chris said...

Great points. The law is the law and now Obaqma wants to stick his nose in states rights. This is a hot topic and the left feel it is OK to start rioting again. And the media is too busy telling everyone about the pending danger of the conservatives that they forgot to cover the real riots and violence. I have some video you might like on my blog.

Elmers Brother said...

let's be honest here the protesters are not upset about potential civil rights violations, if they were they would be protesting about every other bill passed into law out there. What they are really protesting is the potential loss in income to their family members back in Mexico. I listened to comments on the local news from the protesters and almost to a person they were upset about the economic implicaitions of the law.

Chuck said...

I personally would not have a problem with carrying an ID card. We carry a driver's license.

As far as the left, I am not convinced this is a winning issue for them like they think it is. There is the notion that at the end of the day what they are doing is protecting illegal activity. Also there is quite a states rights issue here. We are going to have a scenario in which Obama is going to sue the state of Arizona on an issue in which 70% of people support.

Finally, I ma not convinced all Hispanics are against this law. Obviously if there is racial profiling they will be, I will be against that. But I think a lot of LEGAL Hispanics are secretly supportive of doing things the right way.

I think a lot of this opposition is coming from a minority of the community. Further, I would be interested in seeing how many of these protesters are actually from Arizona. This whole thing has the feel of an organized outrage. Almost a manufactured protest.

Anonymous said...

"consider that waving Mexican flags might not be JUST the thing protesters to the bill want to do?"

Wake up! it's exactly the message they want to telegraph. Wake up!!! They believe that the SW states...actually belong to them! They and La Raza are committed to the destruction of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas...and Florida ( under the old Spaniards who would never be considered Mexicans! ) to be "returned" to that flag. They...THEY have by the waving of that flag have declared their intentions and a war of occupation on these states.

Just WTF don't you see?

Hey...Adios America....the pugs...the PC'rs have won.

Just remember...ILLEGAL ISN'T RACISM!

And..since when are Mexicans or Hispanics or Latinos....a RACE?

Arrest all of the Mexican flag waving traitors....NOW.


Anonymous said...

"And the media is too busy telling everyone about the pending danger of the conservatives that they forgot to cover the real riots and violence."

Chris, you're right of course. Peaceful protests are not acceptable if they're middle class, too white, or not politically correct left wing favorites.

However, we're supposed to pay the bills, worship at Obama's altar, and generally be censored. Just be good boys and girls and shut the hell up!

Well, there are state's rights involved here. Obama evidently believes that while it is the government's responsibility to protect our border, it get's in the way of his constant polarizing, vote getting, statism.

For him, who cares if foreign gangs thrive in America, who cares if our prisons are crowded with illegal aliens, who cares if illegals swell our healthcare rolls. As long as he can exploit them the way he exploits his own race.

This was bound to happen. It's been building for a long time. The President himself came out and appealed to blacks, hispanics, young people, and women. Those he believes belong to him as supporters.

He didn't appeal to the American people as a whole. He does not consider himself to be President of all the people.

If you don't belong to one of those groups you don't deserve representation. You are persona non grata. You will be demonized, or ignored.

While the Constitution gives rights to the states that the federal government doesn't have, it doesn't matter to this President. He has made this congress damn near irrelevant with the cooperation of his own party.

There's no reason to expect now, that he respects states rights, or the individual's rights.

So, if I may, I'd like to say, if we do nothing else, while trying to insure we have conservative candidates, vote Republican in November.

If we don't, things will get much worse. There's no telling how much worse, but we can't take the chance of a point of no return.


Z said...

David, good to see you here, Amigo!

Steve...Napolitano with the weird hair? LOTS of Conservatives adore him. I do not.

Linda...hi! And yes, HOORAY! What the left fails to realize, or loves to mischaracterize is that the right does not HATE anybody, but we want people here LEGALLY, we happen to respect AMerica and think SHe has RIGHTS, TOO, right? All people carry papers in Europe and nobody gets their lederhosen in a twist, TRUST me.

WomanHonorThyself..we have to!

Chris, welcome to GeeeeZ...will come by your place soon. I did see the video but didn't comment yet..I had 3 hours of sleep last night and can barely get through THIS!

Elbro, REALLY? there is NOTHING in the news about that because I guess the mainstream media doesn't want that nationally known....especially when legal Americans are hurting so badly financially. Thanks for that insight.

Chuck, I'm fanning myself with shock; you do NOT think an ID card is BIG BROTHER? I thought I was the ONLY Conservative to know it's not. In Europe they've carried them forever and even VERY Conservative Mr. Z, from Germany, never felt it was an imposition. As a matter of fact, when voting comes around, they use their ID swipes and it's shown it's voted and NOBODY ELSE CAN VOTE with that's MUCh safer. Chuck, we really were separated at birth :-) It probably IS 'organized outrage'..compliments of LA RAZA, right? was a rhetorical question about flags..I'm on YOUR side, buddy !! :-)

pris..VOTE REPUBLICAN OR LOSE YOUR COUNTRY. It's a simple choice. God bless America.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Well said. Arizona needs to stick to its guns and not let these leftist @$$h0l&$ break them down. I'm posting a Paco Update on this tomorrow.

Misfit410 said...

I've heard those horrible bastards in Arizona want to get all radical and pass a law that enforces Federal Laws that already exist!!! how racist!!! [/sarcasm]

FairWitness said...

Z: I ask again, what documentation will naturalized or America-born Hispanics have on their persons to show if they're stopped? I don't have docs that prove I was born here, do you?

Sure you do, Z, your driver's license, your social security card or your US passport. And the documentation need only prove you're in the country legally, not that you're a naturalized citizen. Resident aliens, green card recipients, aren't citizens, but are allowed to drive, work, own property, etc.

In order to obtain an Arizona driver's license, you must present other identification which proves you're eligible to apply for a license. Birth certificate, green card, passport, and various forms of legal ID. Here is the link to Arizona's driver's license ID requirements:

A valid driver's license proves your legal status, because only those citizens and residents who are here legally are allowed to obtain driver's licenses. All 50 state have requirements like those of AZ.

And the AZ police are not going to be stopping law-abiding folks out in public and checking their ID's. It's during the course of their duties, with reasonable suspicion while detaining someone who is suspected of criminal behavior, like "casing the joint."

Z said...

FW, that's can't get a driver's license (YET) without being legal in SOME way. Mr. Z always had his green card in his wallet, too, of course. Thanks ... And, there are cards you can get if you don't drive, from what I understand, which give ID information, too.

Yes, the cops can't stop JUST to ask for immigration status, somebody's got to have done something to warrant being stopped. The Left can't trust anybody to do that right (remember, ONE MISTAKE and this bill will be toast because the left also believes in utter utopia...if there's ONE problem in a million we have to make a LAW:-)...the cops are supposedly being trained to even better understand this law. I hope it's not under the guise of sensitivity training ... which would mean they'll be so afraid of stopping the wrong person they'll never ask.

Leticia said...

Bravo Arizona! And did you hear Obama is pretty incensed by this new bill, oh well!

I am Hispanic aka Mexican and let me tell you, my family has been in the US for generations. My grandfather received two purple hearts serving on a navy ship in WWII, my dad served in Korea, etc. We are very proud Americans and do not consider ourselves to be Mexican American. We are AMERICAN, with mexican/spanish heritage.

If someone wants to come into this nation then they need to do it LEGALLY. If not, arrest them or deport them, no exceptions.

Furthermore, if an illegal alien has a baby here in the states, that baby should NOT be considered American. That's what they are doing right now. They have many babies and they get all this free care they could want. Too bad Americans don't get all that free help. Nope, we are the ones stuck paying off their bills.

Americans NEED jobs right now, and anyone who hires illegals should be arrested and made to pay high fines.

We have to protect our American heritage no matter what. Nuff said.

MK said...

Ultimately Z, it's all just red herrings, smoke and mirrors and sometimes just outright BS that's coming from the open borders crowd.

They will never accept any form of border control, no matter how reasonable or fair, because in their heart of hearts, they don't want any borders. democrats need new voters, poor people want jobs and the third world shitholes they come from want a useful idiot they can transfer their problems onto.

If they don't like it, tell em' to @#$% off to some liberal state where they love illegals.

Z said...

Leticia, honey, you humble me. God bless you and your family!'re so right...let them go..anywhere but HERE

Leticia said...

Thanks, Z. *blushing*

Anonymous said...

The REAL agenda of the advocates of Open Borders -- both active and passive -- is to dissolve US Sovereignty -- and that of all OTHER individual nations -- and establish ONE WOLRD GOVERNMENT under the yoke of Socialist Tyranny.

Disbelieve this at your peril.

~ FreeThinke