Saturday, April 10, 2010

Those of you who've been in a prayer group....

....... know the language. There are ways people put things that they might not normally use somehow. Mostly, people use the word "Just" a lot, have you noticed that? "And God, we JUST come to you so we can JUST be in your presence and we thank you for JUST being all you are to us as we JUST lift this problem up to you......" (You're smiling with recognition, aren't you!)

Well, yesterday, I was at my Friday prayer group where a few women pray for friends, family and our country, and one of them said
"....and Lord, we lift up our president to you....." And I chimed in "..... and you'd be doing us a great big favor if you'd (just) KEEP HIM!!"
I hope that puts a smile on your did everybody there! :-)



Mustang said...

Unless you were praying to the moon god, I am afraid your words fell upon deaf ears.

Z said...

so far ! We're a pretty darned powerful group :-)

I'd settle for a secular old TV plea some of us still remember... "to the MOON, the MOON!"

Z said...

oh. except he's cutting NASA, too.
Everything that was great about America...our economy, our pride, our goodness, our exploration superiority.......


Faith said...

Cute. Prayer groups I've been in also sprinkle "God" and "Lord" and "Lord God" and "Father" so generously in a prayer that the person praying can hardly get through a sentence without making four or five such repeated appeals.

Z said...

Faith, that made me smile, too! You are SO RIGHT.."And Father, we pray, Lord, that you help our friend Mary, God, who's struggling with a problem that only you, God, can know, and Lord..." SO TRUE :-)

Faith said...

You nailed it!

Anonymous said...

"Everything that was great about America...our economy, our pride, our goodness, our exploration superiority.......

Z, the two things he can't cut out. Being American is in our DNA, and being American is being free. It may be battered and bruised, but, being free lives in us. It can be down but never out.

The other is faith. In fact, for over 2000 years, the Christian faith has overcome, and outlasted men's evil doings and attempts to stamp it out, yet it endures.

I would venture to say that faith is most strong, when we as people are at our most vulnerable. There's a lot of truth in, "there are no atheists in foxholes".

No cadre of cowardly hooligans will achieve what no one else has been able to.


FairWitness said...

Z!!!!!! You bad girl!!!! Good for you.

FairWitness said...

Wish I had the courage to do that in my prayer group! The "ladies" who rule our church would definitely not approve. No sense of humor whatsoever.

Z said...

FairWitness, we have a pretty light hearted bunch for I know I push the envelope :-)

When I first started going to our church and was invited to some meeting like "Church Growth" or something a few months later, we were all chatting before Pastor started the meeting and he said "Okay, everybody, let's get started with a prayer...okay?"

I said "naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I do it every once in a while when he least expects it. He has a very fabulous sense of humor!

Faith said...

Yes, everything that was great about America came from our CHRISTIAN beginnings. I won't include any other religion. The first Christians were CHRISTIANS and the first American institutions were Christian through and through, from the New England Primer which taught first graders from the Bible and the Westminster Catechism, to the charters and constitutions of the colonies and states. We're so used to hearing this claim derided that we come to disbelieve it. We need a refresher in our history.

And may I recommend for that purpose something called The Truth Project put out by Focus on the Family that I recently heard about. I've almost heard the whole thing through. THere are twelve lectures in the series, done in an attempt to lay out a specifically Christian world view, covering everything from philosophy to science to society and law.

Lesson 10 is all about the Christian underpinnings of America and it should make any Christian cry over the lies we've been told about the nation's origins. I don't think it's possible to get just one of the DVD's I think you have to get the whole series and it's expensive. But if a group is interested it can be shared.

Anyway I just wanted to bring it up. It made me cry for what we've lost, and wish I had a way to contribute to reinstating it.

There's plenty of criticism of this series too, a lot of it based on evolution, so be warned that some here may not like it. If that hangs you up I feel sorry for you. I'm sure it has flaws, it's put together basically by one man, Del Tackett, but I already believed most of what he teaches anyway.

For what it's worth.

Faith said...
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FairWitness said...

Too cute, Z!

Z said...

Faith, Glenn Beck the other day dealt with the faith of the founding fathers...Jefferson's written six letters that apparently make him come off Deist and something like 15,000 that have the respect and love of Christ's divinity in them...of course, it's the SIX that our academics tout in their attempt to downplay and dismiss Christian roots in our country.

I SO WISH you could have seen that was absolutely INSPIRING...
Check out Wallbuilders by David Barton...I think that's the blog name; some very good stuff there. David Barton was Beck's guest that day. This man has one of the original Bibles printed here...there are 22 left and he's got one.

Also, did you know that, until about 1920, new Congressmen were greeted at the House with "the Words of Jesus of Nazareth" Imagine our government if they still lived up to those words?

Faith said...

I used to collect stuff from David Barton, but it's hard to hold onto the truths in those studies when you are daily up against the kind of derision we all encounter from the left -- and not just the left really, it's everywhere now.

Yes, Jesus of Nazareth still invoked in government in 1920! Amazing to realize that sort of thing.

I have trouble with Glenn Beck's being a Mormon, though, sorry to say, but if you know anything about what they really believe it's hard to accept this kind of information from them.

I do think Del Tacket does an exceptionally good job of bringing it all home in his hour lecture on the subject though.

Z said...

Glenn Beck's wife's a Mormon, Faith. I've never heard him say anything about Mormonism but I've sure heard him sling the Gospel pretty darned good.
I told a friend who's a big Beck fan and big Christian that I think he says he's a Mormon for his wife :0)

I do know about what they believe but, with Beck, I can only go by what he espouses on the air...I don't watch that much, but I've only heard SOLID Christianity from his lips.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Fiddler on the Roof line. May the Lord bless and keep the czar....far, far away from us.


Z said...

tio...very good!

Faith said...
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Faith said...

I try not to say things I don't know for sure if I can help it. I had looked Glenn Beck up some time ago and found out he was a Mormon convert. He's a Mormon. He and his wife became Mormon together. Here's his own description of how it came to be;

Mormons can use all the Biblical words that describe the gospel while meaning something entirely different by the words -- physical Father God for starters, physically begotten Son and it goes down from there. I can't take the gospel from a Mormon.

Anonymous said...

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven."

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" Which means, as if anyone needs to be reminded, "Treat other people the way you wish they would treat you."

I hasten to add we should not give others what we may think they deserve when they have not treated us well or kindly. Meting out judgment and punishment truly is God's job not ours.

All will unfold as it should -- in GOD'S time not OURS.

We all need to learn how to look at the "beam" in our own eye and not dwell on the "mote" in someone else's.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Faith, you said "I try not to say things I don't know for sure if I can help it." and I'm not sure what or whom you're addressing. You can see I was telling you MY interpretation of Beck and Mormonism, nobody needs to take that to the bank.

I can't say much more without sounding critical of Mormonism, whose tenets I don't at all agree with but my blog's not for that.

The only thing I'll say is I have two friends who are more in the Bible every day than anyone I personally know and they keep calling me with "Beck was amazing today, NOBODY on TV tells the gospel like this guy, NOBODY has the guts to say what HE's saying..."

Anyway, nary a golden plate's been mentioned and I hope America's listening because they're getting not only good stuff about Christ there but VERY good stuff about politics and culture in this country!

thanks very much for the video...he's obviously drawn to a feeling of community at his church, no doubt about that.

FairWitness said...

I'm not sure what the big deal is to be so exact and precise about Glenn Beck's particular Christian denomination. I watch his show every day and he tells everyone to hit their knees and pray for our nation. He espouses living a righteous life, all while candidly telling everyone he, himself, is a sinner and has made serious errors in his past.

Glenn Beck is a courageous man who has been targeted by the President of the United States and his radical friends for speaking the truth about their evil agenda and policies. Being an American means you are free to worship as you please. I don't care what church the man goes to, it just doesn't matter.

The man's a Christian and none of us has the right to evaluate his own personal walk with the Lord. I find it petty and a waste of time to play the "more knowledgeable" & "better Christian than you" game.

Z, there was absolutely nothing wrong or errant in what you wrote about Mr. Beck's faith. Rather, your critic's challenge was rude and unnecessary. There's no such thing as a morally superior Christian and anyone who pulls that crap needs to get on her knees in prayer.

I like what Beck says on his program and thank God for his wisdom and bravery. And Z, I thank God for you and your blog, too. This is a wonderful source of truth and information.

Z said...

FairWitness, I thank you so much for that last sentence...that's why I blog; to get and publish information all of us might not have heard and to have discussions like these...I really appreciate that!

What's important about Beck is his undying and staunch support of the Gospel and his incredibly important and well researched information he's got on his show about AMERICA. what he wants to do at church is his business.

Anonymous said...

And in the final analysis ALL that matters is whether or not the interests of TRUTH and LOVE are well served.

God, of course, is the perfect expression and the embodiment of BOTH.

God also "works in mysterious ways." Sometimes "out of the moths of babes" -- and even the worst sinners -- great wisdom comes.

"Great is Jehovah, the Lord, let Heaven and Earth testify to His great power.

'Tis heard in the fierce raging storm, in the torrent's loud thundering roar.

Fierce it's heard in the thunder's loud roll, and flames in the lightning's brightly quivering flash.

Tis heard in the rustling of leave in the forest, seen in the waving of golden fields, midst loveliest flowers gaudy array, 'tis seen in myriad stars of Heaven.

~ The Omnipotence (set to music by Franz Schubert)

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

The man's a Christian and none of us has the right to evaluate his own personal walk with the Lord

Mormonism is a cult.