Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama Profiled?! :-)


Anonymous said...



We all know by now...he's a fake...Hawaii or not.


Anonymous said...

Obama: "I've been profiled, I filled out the census"!


Anonymous said...

BAMBI....will most likely go down and be responsible as the second American President...who spawned a Revolution! Thanks Barry...we needed a kick in the ass to jumpstart what history will acknowledge as the second American Revolution.

Way to go Barry. Arizona isn't the real frontline...DC is.

BTW...I welcome Puerto Rico as the 51st State. Every PR I've met...has balls and loves America. It's the Castro lickers that are the problem...and Cubans HATE PR's...and the PR's know it. Cool people the PR's.


Chuck said...

Ooops, that could be awkward

Z said...

Would you believe Costa Mesa, a town about 30 miles south of LA is talking about laws like AZ's? WHAT?, in CALIFORNIA?! :-)

You know, folks, I think we're seeing an example of media bias and neglect we haven't seen in America maybe EVER. The very fact that the AZ bill is so close to the Fed law and no investigate journalist (do they exist anymore except to investigate Republicans?) has told anybody that in the mainstream media is despicable and dangerous. And that's only one example.

I believe there might be problems with the bill, innocent people might be stopped from time to time, but THAT IS LIFE, LEFTWINGERS, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT HAVE UTOPIA NO MATTER WHAT SOME DUNDERHEADED PROF TAUGHT YOU IN COLLEGE, YOU DOPES. And GUESS WHAT, they can prove they're legal!

the very thought that I just heard interviews on television news where people are FIGHTING ARRESTING ILLEGALS is INSANE, people.

Karen Howes said...

LOL!!! Thanks for that, Z.

Janie Lynn said...

Oh goody! I wanna watch!

MK said...

Now we know why he's against it. :)

Anonymous said...

sorry off-topic,Z... I'm sure you already know, but TX is already working on an immigration law similar to Arizona's.

Rick Perry balked when asked about it. What a wuss.

"Asked about the Arizona law, GOP Gov. Rick Perry and his Democratic challenger, Bill White, emphasized through spokespeople that immigration is a federal responsibility.

Jim Harrington, of the Texas Civil Rights Project, predicted any similar effort in Texas would fail because Texas has "a different relationship with the Hispanic community."

"You can take the political temperature by just looking at Rick Perry being quiet," Harrington said.

beamish said...

There's a few towns here locally that have put up city ordinances that will fine property owners that rent apartments / houses to illegal aliens. That's made quite a dent in the presence of illegals here. They might find work, but finding an affordable place to live within reasonable drive time of where they find work made harder has made a noticeable impact.

The area here used to be swamped by illegals and legal migrant workers. Lately, not so much.

But.. the joke here lately is that unemployment is so bad that even Mexicans can't find any work.

Z said...

Jen, thanks for that think it'll pass in TX?

Beamish, that's interesting..especially that the ACLU hasn't raised hell??

beamish said...

The ACLU has to represent someone with legal standing.


Anonymous said...

Jen, thanks for that think it'll pass in TX?

I don't know if we've reached our breaking point yet. Rick Perry doesn't represent me, so I obviously don't know what the tone of Austin is.