Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UPDATED POST: Obama's AND Reagan's Reactions to Hecklers.......

Forget the his disgust and impatience. Tell me, have you ever seen a president who spoke like he does to a crowd? To put this post in articulate, journalistic language: IT GIVES ME THE CREEPS. One respects the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY no matter who is president, as long as that president shows respect and dignity, don't you think? This reaction of his, the underlying feelings he must have behind his words and posturing here, really bugs me. BUT, then there is THIS:

Yes, Reagan also once told a heckler to "SHUT UP!" so he could finish what he was trying to say because the guy wouldn't, well...shut up. Not the most presidential thing to say, is it. But, you know, there's a difference in the delivery than Obama's, even though Reagan looks frustrated, too. And, of course, much of what Obama's doing these days, the ways he's spoken to people, called bankers "Fat Cats', etc etc, all makes for a pile so high that ANY more nastiness is almost just too much to take. Reagan was normally pleasant, NEVER bit the bait and insulted back like Obama does so often. To me, there's a difference; maybe it's bias, I'll admit it. What do you think?


Always On Watch said...

I think that his reaction (disgust and impatience) stems from the fact that the hecklers interrupted him and challenged him. If there's one thing that BHO cannot stand, it's being interrupted when he's pontificating.

That's a megalomaniacal demagogue for you!

Always On Watch said...

And now this.

Opus #6 said...

Obama gives me the creeps. There is something really wrong with him.

Anonymous said...

Looking back over the past 15 months, we can find several occasions when Obama displayed his overall contempt for the American people and their views. Yet, we should remember Obama cannot help who or what he is. He didn’t elect himself.

Mr. Obama is a clear indication our society is seriously ill. If we do not address this one aspect, then we need to prepare ourselves for more of the same in the future. There was a time when we respected our elected representatives in Congress. There was a time when we respected the office of president. Most people no longer respect any of these snakes, yet in spite of this, we keep electing scum to high offices. Therefore, WE are the problem.

I very much agree with the sentiments of AOW and Opus … but recall that 46% of the American people continue to “approve” of Barack Obama. He isn’t creeping-out nearly enough people and we may find ourselves stuck with this idiot for two full terms.

Anonymous said...

His speech pattern is dictatorial and confrontational. He's a little pathetic dictator full of insecurities.

FrogBurger said...

In his clip Reagan had a sense of humor. He smiled. Obama smirks and always tries to hide his very deep anger.

Z said...

Always, I don't believe for a SECOND that park police closed Lafayette park to the gay hecklers...
The WH doesn't like how it would look; it's all about how it LOOKS. Thanks for linking that, it's appalling. That cop who's telling everybody to go back look to YOU like a young rookie who acted incorrectly? Of course not. Since when do older seasoned cops take direction from the younger new ones this piece says wrongly closed the park down?

Opus, I think there's something REALLY WRONG with him, too...mostly, it's the influences in his life which have made him so ANGRY that nobody can really ignore that in his eyes. Very sad and very scary. We're being punished for the anti American pablum he got fed all his life.

Mustang, WE are the problem, or some of us are, but whoever backed Obama and paid for his education and got him where he is today is the bigger problem and that's the most worrisome thing. What next?

Anonymous...scary, isn't it.

FrogBurger, Reagan smiled a lot because, deep down, he wasn't an evil sort who'd ever tell someone SHUT UP without REALLY being pressed to do so. He surprised HIMSELF, it looks like, that he actually said that out loud in front of a crowd! It wasn't his nature, one only needs to see other speeches and read anything about him to know that. His political enemies loved him.

Z said...

Always, what I meant to say is I don't believe the WH didn't order it

Brooke said...

Well, sometimes a good "Shut it" is apropros. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry to be the one to dissent, but I, myself, can't abide hecklers, and do NOT believe they are "exercising their legitimate constitutional rights to free speech."

I think hecklers should ALWAYS be quickly and firmly "escorted" from the room, the stadium, the park -- or wherever they happen to be -- and taken OUT of earshot till whoever is speaking has finished what he has to say.

I'm sorry, but I do NOT think Obama's reaction was in any way inappropriate. If anything, he was far too tolerant. I happen to DESPISE people who tolerate intolerance as much as I despise those are intolerant.

We all should have the right to say or write whatever we want to express. I do not believe in censorship and certainly not in "hate speech " laws. HOWEVER, we all have the right to WALK OUT when we are offended. I just don't believe we should have the right to try to SHOUT DOWN those with whom we disagree.

And while we're on the First Amendment, how do YOU feel about the court's decision to strike down a Federal statute prohibiting the sale and dissemination of videos showing animals being tortured, mutilated and killed?

What's next -- HUMAN SACRIFICE FILMED and VIDEOTAPED in a STADIUM -- in the name of Freedom of Expression?

By all means let us bring back the Gladiators in the name of Freedom of Expression!

Cranio-rectal vision seems endemic among our judges.

Whatever happened to Common Sense and Common Decency?

But I see nothing amiss in Obama's reaction to the disruption. I'd be much more annoyed than he apparently was. HECKLERS should be arrested for "disturbing the peace." I'd rather see people free to urinate in public than to DISRUPT public presentations.

Sorry, but that's why my name is

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

PS: In a stellar political career this was one of Reagan's many finest moments. I LOVE it!


Way to GOI!!

Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of people need to be told to SHUT UP.

Whenever I tune in, which is very rare these days, I find myself saying shouting it to Bill O'Reilly -- and all the other talk show bullies who constantly interrupt and talk over their guests.

The beauty of the internet is that we don't HAVE to pay attention to people who irritate us. We have the power to IGNORE them QUIETLY.

Ain't it great?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mustang's statement.

About half the people who inhabit this country no longer have the mentality that most of "us" think of as "real American."

A "paradigm-shift" has taken place. It's the result of decades of crafty, deceitful, ruthlessly manipulative tactics on the part of dedicated Enemies of Freedom.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Well, in the first place, the thin skinned Obama, and his sycophants in the media are, as we know, demonizing every dissenting voice, and every criticism, and we know it's a strategy, orchestrated. So, when it comes back to bite him, we see some retribution in it.

In Reagan's case, he silently tolerated all manner of insults and criticisms. There was no orchestrated effort to silence his critics, no demonization. In fact he said about Sam Donaldson, "he's just doing his job".

In this video, he showed his impatience of the moment, and got a standing ovation because no doubt, those in the audience reacted as if to say, "hooray, it's long overdue", and it was!


Anonymous said...

"but recall that 46% of the American people continue to “approve” of Barack Obama. He isn’t creeping-out nearly enough people and we may find ourselves stuck with this idiot for two full terms."

Mustang, I think it isn't just the polls we have to consider, it's the voter turn out. Everything depends on that.

I don't think by 2012, voters are going to be swept up in an emotional stupor for Obama, as they were in 2008. At the same time, conservatives in 2008, were not very engaged, or high on John McCain. Too many of them stayed home.

Obviously either of us could be right, but I think conservatives in 2012 will be engaged big time.
I don't think that will be the case for mainstream Democrats.

Right now, I'm so concerned with November 2010, I don't want to focus on 2012. Please, one election at a time or i'll go bananas by 2012!


Z said...

"Please, one election at a time or i'll go bananas by 2012!"

We'll be on the same banana boat!

Always On Watch said...

Mustang is exactly correct:

He isn’t creeping-out nearly enough people and we may find ourselves stuck with this idiot for two full terms.

I now need a stiff drink.

Always On Watch said...

How about this poem to describe BHO and his administration?

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw....

Of course, the ending of the poem is ominous.

Anonymous said...

"We'll be on the same banana boat!"

Z, Good one! you've got me laughing now!

Look at it this way, we'd have a lot of company!


beakerkin said...

Did anyone notice that the heckler was not exactly a Conservative

Anonymous said...

"One respects the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY no matter who is president, as long as that president shows respect and dignity

Not as long as he defiles the office, it doesn't apply. This fraud...this interloper who associates with terrorists like Ayers ( why wasn't he executed like McVeigh? ) and labors to undo this nation as a Christian one...this fraud who bows before false gods , kings and an ice cream cone...will get no respect from me. Ever. Or from any Marine expected to lay down his life for...a fake.


Anonymous said...

Hecklers are bad news no matter WHOSE side they purport to be on. It's a LOUSY tactic, and should be abolished.

I don't want anyone who acts like that to represent MY interests.

~ FreeThinke

MK said...

Did anyone else hear the first bit, "...that this is a woman who has a deep passion for fighting freedom...", around the 15sec mark.

I believe zero revealed something about himself that we all have suspected for a while now.

norwegianwood said...

LOL Lefties are TOO PC to tell 'overtly' say 'Shut Up'..what they say instead is "We Won" or "I don't need to hear from the people who made this mess. I don't mind cleaning up after them. I just would like them to 'get out of the way.'"

What an arrogant, small little manchild. I bet he's never had his own words thrown back at him. haha It was rather refreshing to see the lefties eating their OWN for a change. haha

Reagan? Yeah. That was a MAN. A 'take charge' kind of MAN. Obama is no Reagan...not on his best day.


norwegianwood said...

I DO cringe when I see ANY president heckled, because I respect the office and yes the right to have one's say without interruption by folks who want to 'shut their speech down'...however, I would be lying if I said I didn't appreciate that for ONCE a leftie is having to deal with the rude behavior of the far left.

On the animal videos...sorry. We have to disagree. I will draw the line on the government entering into my home or my computer or my private video collection and telling me what I can view or what I can make available for viewing with my OWN camera. There ARE laws against animal cruelty...true. I just think that the law was TOO broad in its scope, limiting even useful documentary films used to try to combat so many things those poor animals have to deal with. Let them 'catch' the violators of the laws WITHOUT abridging the freedoms of the whole to have their privacy protected.