Monday, April 5, 2010

Michael Steele might have just lost me....

I had remained one of Steele's fans in spite of some of the questionable stuff he's said lately that's turned some of you right off.
I saw him two months ago at an event that was probably 20% Black and 80% White.....the crowd went MAD for him. The very idea that he's now saying that he thinks he and Barack Obama have it harder because of their color rankles me SO MUCH I think he's finally done it for me. I'm very sorry about that.

article and video surprised me, big time. I mean, I liked him because he was a GOOD MAN, not because he was Black. And, if I finally get turned completely off, it'll be because of something about his character that bothers me now, NOT his COLOR!!

The article includes "He grants that his leadership style has "rubbed some feathers the wrong way."'s that a race thing?


Law and Order Teacher said...

I've often thought that excuse making is the last bastion of scoundrels. And race is the last bastion of the morally bankrupt. Steele is that. I had high hopes for him as an outsider. He claims to go against the "old boy network?"

He is following a well-trodden path that leads to political corruption because of falling in love with power. Steele is no different or no worse than others he has followed. Will we ever find a politician that works for the people and not power?

FairWitness said...

Michael Steele is saying that screw ups when you're the top man AND black (or brown), as opposed to white, goes harder on the man of color. I think he may be right about this, Z. Should I get you some smelling salts? Remember former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez? Even Janet Reno had an easier time of it than he did.

I don't like Michael Steele and think he should resign, but it's because he's not aggressive enough for the job. We need a scrapper and a fighter heading the RNC, not an intellectual, genteel man like him. The charge card scandal is just silly.

I'm more worried about Steele's style. I wish Newt Gingrich had taken the job, but the job's probably beneath him. Newt wants to be President, but his personal life issues will never allow that.

Z said...

FW, 'harder' from WHOM? WHo're the people making it harder? I hate Steele's statement because it's a presumption that WE are the ones making it harder, BECAUSE OF HIS COLOR, we the Republicans, and that's SO unfair... if we are, it's NOT because of color.
Don't get me on Gonzalez, I could NEVER EVEN LOOK AT THAT PIPSQUEAK and it's NOT because he was HISPANIC, trust me :-) I thought he was a big ZERO on ALL counts.

Law and Order.....that's my problem with the Steele statement..EXCUSE MAKING. Suggesting it's COLOR that has Republicans angry at him now...what HOOEY.

Z said...

And then to suggest Obama's got it rougher, too? Obama RAN ON HIS COLOR and now he's going to cry for Obama because people shouldn't use the race card? HUH?

Big Bubba said...

Steelenever "had me" because I had him pegged as a "progressive" just like McCain and Lindsey Graham. Iam looking for solid unapologetic conservatism.

namaste said...

z, people like steele can't hide their stripes. he's dizzy with the power and attention. he's an attention-whore to be exact.


FairWitness said...

I think Michael Steele was referring, to American society, in general, not specifically about Republicans. I had very high hopes for Michael Steele, too. I cannot believe how ineffectual he's been, especially given the openings the Obama Administration has given the party, practically from day one. I expected so much more from him.

And I do think that Obama's poor performance, stupidity -- today he announced we wouldn't use nukes even for self-defense, and progressive policies are received even more harshly because he's black. Imagine if it was Joe Biden imposing all this crap on us, would it be quite so outrageous? I wonder.

Regardless, though ... a leader's race can't excuse Obama of his evil policies or in Steele's case, failure to perform. Race doesn't matter, in the end. If Obama was a reasonable, bipartisan, patriotic President, we'd all be praising the heck out of him. But he's not and he's got only himself to blame.

Let's face it, the man is the worst President to ever occupy the White House. He's a liar, he's ignorant, he's deluded, he's egomaniacal, he's beyond disdainful and contemptuous of mainstream Americans.... the list goes on and on. Being the first black President, with all the hopes and dreams that went with it, that are now destroyed... his failure is just enormous.

beamish said...

Dear Mr. Steele,

The great Republican civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was jailed and his supporters faced police attack dogs and firehoses wielded by slackjawed yokel Democrats like Eugene "Bull" Connor. His efforts to end black voter disenfranchisement and his march on Washington twisted the racist Dixiecrat President Lyndon Johnson's arm into signing the Civil Rights Act authored by Republicans that Democrats tried hard to kill, setting in motion the end of progressive leftist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson's success at reincarnating the Ku Klux Klan and making police intimidation of black voters confined to something that only happens these days in districts ruled by immovable Democrats.

MLK would ask that you be judged by the content of your character, not the color of your skin.

You are not criticized for being black. You are criticized because you are ridiculously out of touch with your own party's core constituency. You aren't facing fire hoses or attack dogs, or even cross-burning Democrats.

The deed is done. You can't unmake yourself a fool.

Please step down while you have a choice but to do so.



Anonymous said...

I think the GOP's main objection is that Steele is much more public than most RNC chairmen or DNC chairmen for that matter.

He's on TV a lot, and I think they feel he should take more of a back seat to the leadership of the party.

He probably has ambitions other than RNC chairman. We hardly saw Haley Barbour when he had that job.

His race has nothing to do with it. His main opponent for chairman was Ken Blackwell, also black, who came close to beating Steele for this job.

Actually, the fact that the GOP won Governorships in the last three races is a feather in his cap.

I also understand the GOP has raised more money than the DNC, so, since that's his responsibility, all in all I think he's doing what he's supposed to do.

Perhaps he's stepped on a few toes, along the way, and that is not helpful. I also think they're trying to balance the tea party movement, and their own playbook, which may not meld to their liking.

This is no time for infighting, and they'd better get their act together. If they're smart, they'll accept the TPers and stand up for what's right. If they do, the rest will take care of itself.

So far, the GOP has been solid in their opposition to the healthcare bill. If they maintain this solidarity, and remain fiscally responsible, they'll win. I see no reason right now, for Steele to leave.


psi bond said...

It is readily understandable how any black that confesses he thinks race is a factor in American political life would turn off people on the far right anxious to retouch and drastically revise their image of exclusiveness in history. Especially since the choice of Steele to head the RNC had to have been in large part a strategic decision to counter the rise of Obama in the Democratic Party with a well-known black in a top Republican position.

psi bond said...

His race has nothing to do with it. His main opponent for chairman was Ken Blackwell, also black, who came close to beating Steele for this job.

In each round of voting for RNC chairman, Ken Blackwell got less than half as many votes as Steele. In the fourth round, Blackwell had 15 votes and had been losing votes while Steele had 60 votes and was picking up many more.

Steele’s closest competitor was Katon Edwards Dawson, who is described as “fiercely anti-desegregation” and who considers the desegregation of his high-school in the 1960s as a major event that inspired him to enter politics

By round 6, the final round of voting, all other candidates except Dawson had withdrawn, and Steele beat Dawson by a relatively slim margin of 91 to 77.

Anonymous said...

I did notice yesterday that when President Obama threw out the first pitch of the season at the Washington Nationals game that he strode out to the mound in his red Nationals jacket and as he arrived there he pulled out his subversive black hat saying "Sox". I know, it was supposed to be a lighthearted gesture of his support for his Chicago hometown team and then he threw his "high hard one".

Chris Matthews must ave had another tingle going up his leg, because, as he said other presidents all just toss the ball out from the stands — and he actually said that Obama had practiced his throw before. When I saw the replay of his actual throw I thought it was funny that Matthews would get this jacked up about a pitch that was about fi9ve feet over the catcher's head and so far from the plate, that only leftards and their warped sense of reality would even comment on this without getting emotional about "that pitch" from that President Obama — to them it was likely the first strike of the season.


Name: Soapboxgod said...

Might have just lost you?

He was lost by me on day one. His election to RNC Chair was nothing more than playing into the populism that is largely the politics of today.

Ducky's here said...

Don't forget the $2000 for lap dances.

Z said...

i think it really bugs lefties when they see more desired equality and more high expectation of Black AMerica in Republicans than their leftwingers.....

Tbe left has to fight and insult to counteract that truth or it's got ZIP.

Anonymous said...

Waylon - I guess Chris Matthews forgot about President Bush throwing out the pre game World Series pitch shortly after 9-11. He did this against the wishes of the secret service btw.

That was something to be admired. At that time it was a higher risk than at more normal times. A pretty good pitch too. A little high if I remember correctly.
Although I doubt that Matthews got a single tingle.


Z said...

Pris, I had the sickening thought today that Obama will be throwing out another ball.....
get me a blindfold, pls.

Anonymous said...

Steele...has just admitted that he has faults...because he's black. He seeks the same shelter from criticism that jackson and sharpton..and now cleaver do.

He's an embarrassment to his character...not color.


Anonymous said...

FW pretty well nails it:

"Michael Steele ... should resign, because he's not aggressive enough for the job. We need a scrapper and a fighter heading the RNC ..."

Yes, indeed. I liked Steele when he first appeared on the political scene long before anyone thought of making him RNC chairman, but his performance in this job has been dismal. He reminds me of Orrin Hatch -- and SO many other Republican "leaders" who become insipid and acquiescent in the face of Marxicrat atrocities.

There is such as thing as being TOO polite and being TOO willing to give the benefit of the doubt to "the Devil."

Odd -- and sad -- that the same thing turned out to be true of Bobby Jindahl. So much buildup there about Jindahls' "great potential" as a non-white Republican leader, and his performance in the rebuttal to Obama was embarrassingly weak and inept.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Major.."Faults BECAUSE he's Black?" WHAT??

WOW...good point about embarrassment to his character.
I met him about 2 months ago and found him very charming and his speech was very smart and he said all the right things...
even teased about something some politician had just said that was very badly generalizing Blacks..something about "how Blacks talk" or something?

I thought Steele came off very well...lately, not so much!

psi bond said...

While you guys are discussing serious matters, it should be mentioned that Dennis Miller’s pitch (replayed on O’Reilly tonight), albeit high, bounced before reaching the plate. Which, of course, is not to say I doubt that a properly qualified president is one who can throw the ball like a professional pitcher.

Misfit410 said...

Hey Ducky, at least that $2000 went to a working citizen trying to feed a family, had the money been in a Democrats hands it would be with some fat cat banker right now.

LASunsett said...

I have never trusted Michael Steele. He has made other similar race-baiting statements and is not all that conservative.

If anyone ever did trust the man and is now beginning to see him for what he really is, I have to ask what took you so long?

Anonymous said...

What'd you expect from Steele? Jesse got his chance...Sharpton his...Sharpe James his...Willy Jefferson his...Ken Gibson his...Marion Barry his...Kawnme Fitzpatrick his....Cleaver his...Lewis his....the disbarred, impeached federal judge in florida his...and Steele? Cause he's a Repub....he should get a pass? And on and on it goes...repeal the 14th amendment.