Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Superpower" bothers Obama? REALLY?

Media Matter says :

Right-wing sites misleadingly crop Obama remarks on being "a dominant military superpower"

April 14, 2010 9:57 am ET

Right-wing media misleadingly cropped remarks made by President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit to suggest Obama is opposed to America remaining "a dominant military superpower." In fact, Obama said that as a "military superpower," the U.S. has an interest in reducing tensions between foreign nations because violent conflict abroad inevitably "ends up costing" the United States "significantly in terms of both blood and treasure." Their next article is this:

Hoft, Fox Nation quote 12 words to suggest Obama dislikes being "a dominant military superpower"

Hoft: Obama "really believes America is the enemy." In an April 14 post on Gateway Pundit, Hoft wrote:"Yesterday, Dick Morris said, 'We may have the first anti-American president we've ever had.' He was being nice. At his nuclear conference yesterday Barack Obama told Americans, 'Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.' Thanks for the pep talk, Barack." Hoft then linked to a clip of Obama's remarks and concluded, "He really believes America is the enemy." Then they add...

Fox Nation headline: "Obama: 'Whether We Like It or Not, We Remain a Dominant Military Superpower.' " On April 14, the Fox Nation posted the same video clip from Gateway Pundit under the headline, "Obama: 'Whether We Like It or Not, We Remain a Dominant Military Superpower.' "

Z: Did you watch the video? So, which is it? Here's the transcript..what he was asked and how he answered:

"Given the progress you have cited in recent days on your foreign policy agenda, to what extent do you feel like you have gained political capital with which to take further to the international stage for the rest of this year, to perhaps rejuvenate some initiatives in trouble spots such as the Middle East and elsewhere?" In his answer, Obama stated that "[i]t is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them. And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure."

Media Matters says the Right "misleadingly cropped" what Obama said, but the video is right there above these words. He said "Whether we LIKE IT OR NOT, we remain a dominant military power"

What's that MEAN? First, it means, the Right was NOT misleading and, second, it means he's not too comfortable being a dominant military superpower. Who do you think he'd LIKE to be the dominant superpower in the world? China? Russia? Iraq? N. Korea? Pakistan?
Just wondering. I can see how the left can be enraged at the Right taking umbrage with Obama for what he said (and they are)...I can see that he might not have meant quite what some of us sense he's saying, and I can also see he might have meant that we don't like being pulled into conflict (who does?). Still........I think it's an odd thing for an American president to say, I think there's a sensitivity he lacks, a strong love of country, an apologetic tone in this....Do you?



Anonymous said...

I instinctively disliked and distrusted Obama from the beginning. I despise everything and everyone in his background and have northing but contempt for his agenda (as I understand it).

Because I am admittedly partisan about Obama, it's all too easy for me to attribute bad motives to almost everything he says.

Of course, the Left acted the same way about George W. Bush -- and nearly every Republican who's come down the pike since Herbert Hoover. Republicans (as the relatively conservative party) have NEVER got a break from the old established News Media, Hollywood, or "The Professoriat."

In latter years The Right has been mimicking techniques used successfully by the Left for several generations to upset the applecart of American thinking, but our efforts are polite and tepid compared to the outrageous assaults on common decency, good taste and common sense we've suffered from the Left for nearly a century.

However, many of us here have noted the grossly exaggerated, baiting, abrasive, sometimes-intolerant tone of certain prominent Right Wing commentators. You know who they are. And many of us are not crazy about it.

If I were inclined to be more charitable to Obama, I could say that being the world's only superpower and acting as the world's peacekeeper and policeman IS a tremendous BURDEN.

It's a thankless job. We seem to be widely resented for all the good we've done, and maintaining the military machinery we've assembled really DOES cost us dearly.

I don't want to give Obama any break I don't have to. I'd like to see him out of there ASAP, but I do recognize the "game" virtually everyone in public discourse seems to be playing these days, and that is to take words out of context, and twist them to suit a particular purpose.

Whether the treatment of this clip illustrates that point or not I can't be sure.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

I'm not sure either, FT..and, as you can see, my post points out that it might well have been a remark any of us might have made........but, I think it's that we're so sensitive to what he says now because he's said so MUCH we can't respect, so much apology for America, so much socialism, so much cutting funding for things we cherish and overfunding things we abhor, lies about Ayers and Wright, etc etc, that the least thing sets some on the Right off...and I can't blame them (us).

NOTHING the Right says about Obama yet even TRIES to duplicate the vitriol about Bush for the 8 years of his administration, not even CLOSE.
Then the left slams the Tea Party and tries SO HARD to malign them with monikers of HOMOPHOBE and RACIST because they're so threatening to the socialist machine.

Anyway, I think Obama could well have not quite meant what this phrase sounded like about 'superpower' but it doesn't take a huge leap of thinking to realize he very well might think we're too big for our britches. I've heard lefties say "Well, if WE have nukes, why shouldn't N. Korea?" or "We had our day, now Mexicans are going to be the predominant culture's THEIR TURN!"
I'm not sure Obama doesn't think this way.

The good thing about legal Mexicans is the ones I know are CONSERVATIVES!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Z. I do feel obliged to play "Devil's Advocate" every once in a while -- but I hope you know I'm not a supporter of the Devil? ;-).

I've often said you should have kept track of all the observations you've made about media bias. I think you see through these people very well. I think I do too, but the specific instances you catalogue of extreme media prejudice are valuable, because in most instances you skewer them with their OWN words.

I wish there were a more Christian way to combat the ugliness and unfairness of the Left -- and stupidity of politics in general. I'm just not sure that "mirroring" it is a good idea.

And you KNOW I can express anger and vitriol, myself, when stirred up, but I'm rarely proud of it when I look back.

Anyway, it's good that you keep pointing these things out, and asking questions of this kind.

And it's good that we try to think them through for ourselves.


~ FreeThinke

Z said...

"Anyway, it's good that you keep pointing these things out, and asking questions of this kind.

And it's good that we try to think them through for ourselves."

naaaa..I think you should just listen to ME :-)

heh heh heh!

Joe said...

As a world leader, as a president, as a speaker and as a "Constitutional lawyer," President BO is a total amateur.

beamish said...

Who's doing all the fighting?

Naxalite-Maoist insurgency in India (far left radical insurgents vs. the Indian government)

Civil war in Afghanistan (Taliban / al Qaeda vs. Afghan government)

Somali civil war (Islamic Courts Union vs. Somali government)

The Iraq War (Islamic extremists and reamining left-wing Baathists vs. Iraqi government)

The war in Northwest Pakistan (Islamic insurgency vs. Pakistan government)

The Mexican Drug War (narco-terrorists vs. Mexican government)

Sudanese nomadic conflicts (Islamic tribal conflict)

Internal conflict in Burma (communist and Islamic insurgency vs. Burmese government)

Balochistan conflict (Islamic insurgents vs. Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan)

Arab-Israeli conflict (Palestinian Muslim terrorist groups vs. Israel)

Nigerian sectarian violence (Muslim insurgents vs. Nigerian government)

Colombian armed conflict (left-wing paramilitaries and narcoterrorists vs. Columbian government)

Internal conflict in Peru (communist guerrilas vs. Peruvian government)

Insurgency in northeast India (left-wing tribal separatists vs. Indian government)

Papua conflict in Indonesia (secessionists vs. Indonesian government)

Communist and Islamic insurgency in the Phillipines (commuist and Muslim insurgents vs. Phillipine government)

Turkey - Kurdistan Workers Party confilct (left-wing terrorists vs. Turkish government)

Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir (Muslim seperatists vs. Indian government)

Chilapas conflict (Mexico) (left-wing insurrection vs. Mexican government)

Insurgency in Ogaden (Ethiopia) (Muslim tribal / ethnic conflict)

Insurgency in the Maghreb (Islamic insurgents vs. the governments of Algeria, Morocco, Mali, and Mauritania)

Conflict in the Niger Delta (left-wing tribal rebellion vs. Nigerian government)

South Thailand insurgency (Islamic seperatist insurgency vs. government of Thailand)

4th civil war of Chad (Islamic militias vs. government of Chad)

3rd Eritrean Civil War (leftist / Islamic rebels vs. Ertrian government)

Insurgency in the north Caucasus (Chechen Islamic terrorists vs. Russian government)

South Yemen insurgency (Islamic rebels vs. Yemeni government)

Yemeni Al Qaeda crackdown (Islamic terrorists vs Yemeni government)

Seems to me if it were possible to get drug dealers, Muslims and leftists to eschew violence and pursue intellectual paths, the world would be one big happy place.

Drug dealers and Muslims might be amenably persuaded to peaceful solutions, but I kinda doubt leftists will suddenly acquire the ability to be rational.

Brooke said...

The left thinks Obama was taken out of context? That's a laugh riot, considering the treatment Bush got by the midstream media on an almost constant basis.

And who doesn't think our enemies are not going to take such comments and run with them. Obama needs to watch his mouth.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z,

President Obama is uncomfortable with American success, embarrassed by our overwhelming superiority. This nation, in terms of all other civilized countries, is the most successful in history. That is something to respect. That is something to be proud of. That is something to share and encourage the rest of the world to emulate.

But our President apologizes for it, even denies it. Our President slanders the very nation he's been elected to lead. It's outrageous, untrue and unacceptable.

I'll be very surprised if Barack Obama serves out his term as President. His judgment is so poor, his decisions so misguided, his tactics are those of thugs, his Administration is filled with radicals... I think there's a very real chance he'll wind up being impeached.

We are being ruled by a rogue, lawless Obama Administration & Congress. It is not Constitutional and after November's election? Who knows what's going to be revealed. It leaves me stunned and incredulous.

It won't do, Z. And it won't succeed. We will stop this evil.

Z said...

FairWitness says "I'll be very surprised if Barack Obama serves out his term as President. His judgment is so poor, his decisions so misguided, his tactics are those of thugs, his Administration is filled with radicals... I think there's a very real chance he'll wind up being impeached."

How many agree?
I think it would create such a race problem that nobody'd risk this...

FairWitness said...

The opposition can cry race all the want, Z. I don't think it works anymore. We are not racists, we're law-abiding Americans.

Z said...

FW, I couldn't agree with you more about OUR not being racist, but look at the media's spin on everything the Right does. I watched a few minutes of CNN last night; Tavis Smiley in for Larry King ...he had on Ann Coulter and some Black female Democrat talker......they just plummeted Coulter the whole time, much of which was about race. They even tried to insinuate she's been accused of racism and she stopped them dead "I have NEVER been accused of THAT".
It was a free-for-all and difficult to watch. I'm hoping some fair CNN watchers saw the silliness of it, the one-sidedness...

It's like smart Black Americans are still poised to use the race card even when not provoked. Remember, that politician who says he was spat on and the N word was used purposefully had taken his bunch across the Tea party area instead of taking the underground tunnels the politicians ALWAYS take......the 'leap' that it was a plant IF the N word was used (which nobody says they heard) is not a very far leap. "I'll walk through those Rightwingers and you yell N!..the media'll LOVE that"

Ya, I think there'd be rioting in the streets if anybody dared mention impeachment.

Z said...'s, coincidentally, a good blog post on it:

Z said...

another very clever blog post here:


Misfit410 said...

Maybe he would warm up to it more if we let him call it "Black Power"

cube said...

For all his reputation as a sliver-tongued orator, BO does some of the sorriest orating I've ever seen.

This isn't the prime example of it, but I do believe that in his heart, BO would like to see this country being taught a lesson for the evil we've perpetrated in the past.

Z said...

Misfit, I have to admit that IS funny!

Cube, I've been thinking that, too. When you consider he's lived his life bitter about his family situations and then under the auspices of Frank Marshall...and then on to Harvard where he could learn that America's never done anything quite right; oppressive, slave-loving, homophobic, CAPITALISTS...(Oh, my GOSH, how EVIL :-).....what else could we expect?
I have run into so many people who say "Do you think Obama LIKES this country?"

He is definitely teaching us all a which our country might never recover from.

Anonymous said...

The left does not want the US to be the #1 super power. Obama is not an exception to that belief, he is the prime example of it.

If we have paid attention, the President has resisted American tradition and protocol, and the idea we are an exceptional country. He has been an apologist for our traditional Americanism.

A Federal judge today, has ruled a National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. Well no worries judge, our President disdained it this year.

However, a muslim day of prayer was celebrated at the White House. What about that judge, does that count, or are you simply following the example of our President?

Given the President's behavior, and his representations of America thus far, there is no reason to my mind, to give him any quarter when it comes to his comments such as what's included in this video.

"Whether we like it or not", is simply another representation of a lack of commitment to a strong American posture. He doesn't like it.

Well I've always believed it's a plus to be number one, but the left thinks a level playing field is the ideal. They don't realize, I guess, that there can be no such thing.

Once we would no longer be in that position, another country would fill that void. China comes to mind.

I have often thought, what would the world do without America, as she has always been? Strong, generous, an example of freedom and a place in the world, where millions would like to come, and have done.

If anyplace in the world should be number one, it is America. It's a sad commentary that enough Americans took this country and everything she offers, for granted, and have put in office a president who believes otherwise.


Z said...

Well said,'s like the man needs a shrink and we're going to pay for it...BIG TIME.

Always On Watch said...

When BHO goes off his teleprompter, he comes much closer to saying what he believes.


I think there'd be rioting in the streets if anybody dared mention impeachment.

I do believe that grounds for his impeachment do exist. If the grounds for such a Constitutional consequence exist, why should race matter? It shouldn't. But it does.

It seems to me that Americans are afraid of and obsessed with race relations.

Isn't being afraid to charge BHO because of possible riots are form of the rule of thuggery?

Z said...

Always, You said "Isn't being afraid to charge BHO because of possible riots a form of the rule of thuggery?"

You have to realize that this is exactly what the DNC and Obama's thugs were counting on.
Being afraid is DEFINITELY the result of a form of the rule of thuggery, no doubt about it.