Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obama filled out his Census Form........and the results are in...."envelope, please..."

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I was wondering, does Obama's only checking BLACK for race make him a liar again?

The New York Times HERE, says "It's Official; Barack Obama is the first Black president".

Isn't he fifty percent Black and fifty percent White? And isn't that common knowledge? Now, any black American can write anything he or she wants, but he's the PRESIDENT, does he know how this appears? Imagine the outrage if a mixed race Republican president only checked WHITE?

And, while I'm on it...."
NEGRO?" Why "Black, African American, or Negro?"
Well, the NY Times mentions NEGRO is there because "...some older blacks still refer to themselves that way." What? As if "some older blacks" can't figure out "Black" or "African American" doesn't include them? I don't know about YOU, but I'm pretty sure they could :-)

(I wanted to avoid politics this holy weekend, but geeeez, sometimes you just can't help it, right?)
And no...this story hasn't turned up on the Yahoo homepage yet...of course.


FairWitness said...

Further proof of Obama's contempt for his white family ties and white Americans in general. So he doesn't even admit to his biracial heritage? Why should anyone be surprised?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So: do you foresee Keith Olbermann addressing this? The Daily Show? David Letterman? Larry King? Daily Kos? HuffPo? Asking: if the reverse were true, would that GOP individual not be taken to the proverbial political woodshed?

I submit: of course. I charge: facts in evidence in consideration of DEM/MSM history.


Anonymous said...

So, Obama lied on his census form?

Funny thing is, if you lied about your race, would you need to have a blood test? Could it be proven you lied? How ridiculous.

And since when is Chinese a race. Or Guamanian for that matter, or Korean?

Basically it comes down to what you look like, or wherever you or your family were born, which has nothing to do with race.

Add this unnecessary nonsense, to the other unnecessary nonsense, and you have profiling pure and simple, which to my recollection is forbidden in America.

The one thing left off the form is, "Are you an American Citizen?"
This is a requirement to vote in this country.

So, since they have to know how many, which is the only info required by the Constitution, in order to estimate the need for representatives, why, if they want to know so much, don't they want to know our citizenship? Eligible voters?

The census, if done right, would have required a postcard. But, profiling requires sticking their noses into the people's personal business and that requires invasion of privacy, which is none of the government's business.


Z said...

Pris, it's so mishandled....I can't believe how many radio and TV ads there are for it$$$

Also, the fact that all of those ads include "Getting your FAIR SHARE"'s absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Even before Obama was elected President, I recall CNN running a special called "Black in America".

I was at the home of someone who is Black and when he said he would be watching the show, I asked who was doing the show. When he said it was Soledad O'Brien — I was surprised. I questioned if she was Black. The answer was that if you have black lineage you are black. I didn't ask, but would only the smallest per centage of black blood in your ancestry make you black? Or could you choose your answer? Would someone of mixed race be considered a traitor to their race if they answered "white"?


Faith said...

Kind of like how the Nazis determined a person was Jewish if you had just one Jewish grandparent. Though you'd think that if you have the option as Obama does in a nonracist society, you'd simply record the whole truth.

Anonymous said...

Z, You'd think if we were all not pigeonholed into groups like race, we would indeed be more likely to get past this racist way of looking at things, wouldn't you?

But, evidently, those who would have us all be tolerant, will not cease pigeonholing us. As if it accomplishes anything positive.

I think it's counter productive and so unAmerican, and for the left especially, it serves their political purposes to keep a tension level between all manner of groups so they can continue playing the race card, class card, gender card, you name it.

It's simply a separatist mentality, in an age we should be just the opposite.

Yes Z, fair share of what, other people's money? Goverment handouts?
No thanks.


Anonymous said...

Why does the government even care what color or racial group people belong to?

We could simplify this:

( ) American
( ) Illegal Alien

In my mind, the government failed to prove it has a need to know racial/enthnic information.

Z said...

Mustang..."Why does the government even care what color or racial group people belong to?"

As I said in a comment above: "Make sure you send in your census form, so you GET YOUR FAIR SHARE"

et voila

Debbie said...

Well he is not really "Black", so yes that is a lie.

I'm reminded of the old Cher song "Half Breed". He only brings up his dead White mother and grandmother when he needs to use them for something.

Honestly, I don't care if our president, any president, is pure White, Black, or any mixture of any number of nationalities...

As long as he is truly an AMERICAN, eligible to be president. And I'm not convinced.

Right Truth

Brooke said...

No one should be checking a race in America nowadays. Continuing to identify ourselves by race keeps racism alive.

If BHO were a decent president or man, he would stand up for that.

Just ask Morgan Freeman.

beamish said...

I'm a human. We're the smallest minority group in America.

Anonymous said...

"Also, the fact that all of those ads include "Getting your FAIR SHARE"'s absolutely disgusting.

Which is why 90% of hispanics..are doing the census....including illegals. They want...OUR piece of the pie....and want the same gerrymandering and redistricting that the...errrrr...Negroes...( I'm not sure what they want to be since I'm older too....that's how I remember it ). Watch out for all the new ethnic groups in congress shove aside the CBC and all the other AA groups with..."LATINO" Power! Yup...bring the troops finish building the wall. Then we'll man it.


Oh....Happy Easter all.

Opus #6 said...

I can't figure out why Obama wouldn't want to own up to being related to his "typical white grandmother"....

Anonymous said...

Obama insulted his white mother. Totally inexcusable. He should be ashamed. (Also, is lying on the census form a crime? I don't know -- I'm asking.)

Big Bubba said...

I checked 'other' and wrote in American on my census form. The only 'black question' that I know the answer to is that it was a black day when Hussein was elected President.

Z said...

Bubba, I (and Pris) wrote AMERICAN, too.'d THINK lying on a census is at least a hefty fine.
How can someone be FIFTY-PERCENT of anything they're asking, answer ONE HUNDRED PER CENT one thing and not have been dishonest? I just can't understand that.
But, then, there are many things I don't understand anymore...
Including how our media's survived, as dishonest as it is.
Imagine, they haven't even made mention of this?

This morning on Meet the Mess, David Gregory had a VERY 'erudite' discussion with two far leftwingers (one still idolizes Mandela even as poor S Africa's totally fallen apart) and they discussed how "Obama is just a PRESIDENT, he never wanted to push the BLACK PRESIDENT thing.."
Not ONE of the 3 mentioned this census and Obama's answer on it.

That's what I mean when I blame MEDIA for not getting Americans the TRUTH.

Z said...

No comments from the libs here?

Anonymous said...

"one still idolizes Mandela even as poor S Africa's totally fallen apart"

I guess you guys just don't get you?
Why would SA be any different than say...Detroit or Liberia ( here check this out unbelievers... comapre that to videos of the Detroit. But...let's not call a spade a spade should we.

It's always the same with the left...hug a murderer...a despot....a black thug...even if he is a politician ( Clever ). After's the "cause" that's counts...just not the inevitable outcome.


Ducky's here said...

This country will never overcome its obsession with race. The beat goes on. But the fault is in ourselves, not the MSM.

Z said...

Ducky, as long as the msm like CNN keeps having specials like they've run over the weekend entitled things like


we're in trouble.

FairWitness said...

All this talk about race, black, white, brown, purple --- none of it matters. The fact is that ALL Americans are terribly hurt by the Obama Socialist agenda. Socialism robs the liberty, wealth and happiness of all human beings. Race is of no consequence.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, if what you say is true, then why does the government divide us up into groups?

Why is there a black caucus?

The government encourages separatism. In every area you can think of, class, race, sexual orientation, gender, young, old, rich, poor, you name it.

Politicians exploit it. The media lauds it.

Sure, there are biases on all sides. So what? Everyone has a bias of some sort. Would it be better or worse, if we were still seen as a melting pot?

I think it would be better. The American melting pot was American. A commonality shared by everyone.

Now, that has been fractured by multi-culturalism, and separatism, which has led to resentment, victocracy and mistrust.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the government would do if you were a Negro and identified yourself as Caucasian -- or vice versa?

I happen to be Anglo-Roman-Franco-Celtic (both Scottish and Cornish) -Teutonic-Amerindian-Italian-American -- as far as I know. So what?

IF we are in fact trying to discourage and get away from "racism," why is nearly every facet of our entertainment and information media, our educational and governmental systems obsessed with singling out and over emphasizing our ethnic and cultural differences.



~ FreeThinke