Monday, April 5, 2010


I have nothing to add to my Title Line but the ARTICLE where this video came from....And, to say that I'm now more worried about a stinking dishonest media than I am terrorism.
By the way, HERE is another lie, this from CNN. They reported "dozens" of Tea Partiers at the pictured event. You decide.
thanks, Imp and Pris.


The Merry Widow said...

A mighty oak is seldom felled from without...but rather by the rot at the heart. It may still produce leaves and acorns, but a brisk wind will send it crashing down.

Teachers/professors introduced the rot, the politicians are the beetles that take advantage of the downed defenses and the media is the mildew and mold that further sap the strength...when "we the people" threw GOD out of the public forum, the schools AND OUT OF OUR CHURCHES...we allowed this to happen.

Circumstances are the winds that will cause the fall, and mighty will be the destruction thereof!

Sorry to be pessemistic, but face it, no nation has ever come back from this stage...except Israel. NONE!


Always On Watch said...

I'm now more worried about a stinking dishonest media than I am terrorism.

Actually, the two - dishonest media and terrorism - are linked.

The media spins and obfuscates whatever it will. Keeping the masses ignorant and wrongly-informed and all that.

We are living in an Orwellian world, and I lay most of the blame at the feet of the lamestream media.

Of course, as you know, Z, a few of us tried to break through into the mainstream media last year. We couldn't get the necessary funding and ended up spending a lot of money. Yes, we had a few donations, but many conservatives are not willing to put their money where their mouths are; apparently, they'd rather bitch about not being able to break through in the media.

NOTE: I know that you, Z, are not one of those conservatives unwilling to step forward. We need more like you!

The Tea Partiers can march all they like, but to no avail with the media being what it is.

Anonymous said...

Let us recall what we are actually talking about whenever we discuss news media. The issue here far transcends personal bias of nitwits like Olbermann. I mean, liberal bias must help when applying for a position with a liberal outlet, but the fact is ... this is a state run media.

We should begin calling it that. State Run Media. This is where the White House snaps its fingers and voila! A new 'spin' is born. This is where the Speaker of the House can get access to microphones and camera at any time she desires, spew forth any lie at all, and she will receive maximum coverage.

Lenin was absolutely correct: a lie told often enough becomes the truth. We might wonder, therefore, if Obama, Pelosi, actually believe their bile.

Now as to the CBC, there was no racial incident ... other than that perpetrated by those who attempted to provoke one. Why is any honest American willing to put up with this?

shoprat said...

There were dozens there. Hundreds of dozens. Hiding the truth by giving the facts dishonestly is an old trick. Like the old joke about TASS reporting that the Russians finished second and the Americans finished next to last omitting that there were only two competitors.

FrogBurger said...

The more they do it, the more people will get pissed off and the less we'll watch morons such as Keith or Rachel MadCow.

Z said...

TMW, we're also turning our backs now on Israel and that's a very bad sign, too.

AOW, I'm not sure I'm as brave as you've been....I wish your endeavor had worked out.
And, yes, if the msm hadn't hidden so much truth about Obama, we'd not be in nearly the mess we're in now.

Mustang, that's an interesting point; when the WH et al can get the kind of media coverage and hiding truths as they are, it truly is state run media.....and the left constantly whines about FOX! Imagine that. But, that's just another way to cover what they're doing

Shoprat, glad to see you. And you're so right.

FB, I hope you're right.



But, look at it again..NADA, ZIP, nothing. There WAS no nasty thing yelled and no spitting. check it out again....nothing. It's right there in the viewing.

Brooke said...

I am also beginning to believe that our media is more of an enemy to us than the ones from without. At least they are honest.

Anonymous said...

Mustang - You're right on all counts IMO.

The drone media at work. Dozens, ummm, sure. What's several thousand more or less

The House members paraded through that crowd in DC, gloating, and taunting those people, trying to incite inappropriate behavior. When that didn't work, they made it up. they lied.

That's the real story. Of course the state run media (yep, mustang's right about this too)wouldn't report that, unless republicans were the majority, behaving in such a despicable, unstatesmanlike manner.

When is the last time we've seen such a display by elected representatives? Basically, they gave the proverbial "finger" to the American people, figuratively speaking.

We should be celebrating the restraint of that crowd. But no, we are suddenly the enemies of the state, as so clearly demonstrated by the democrat party.

The left, have taught children to question authority.

The left, herald dissent as patriotic.

The left, have many times, demonstrated and thrown bricks through windows, vandalized private property, and some, like Bill Ayres, who have killed.

The left, are spearheaded by union thugs, who intimidate, and beat up people.

For any democrat who may come here, and read the truth, you must be very proud. Thuggery is now your MO. Congratulations on your slide into a gang mentality.

How does it feel when you are the target of passionate dissent? How does it feel when your authority is questioned? We know it bothers you not to have the free hand you'd planned on. You overestimated yourselves, and overreached. Arrogance, is your Achiles heel.

AOW - If the TPer's weren't having an effect on the electorate, the democrats wouldn't be in full attack mode.

Tea Parties are active in their local areas raising money for campaign ads, working the phones for certain candidates, and will be getting the vote out all over the country. Members communicate, and meet.

It is true, there is no one leader, but, this is a huge voluntary effort to have a voice, and to make a difference.

The fact that we're a thorn in the side of the left, is in itself, a positive result. We can, and have already made a differnce, or Scott Brown would not have won.

We can force them to spend money on campaigns they once thought to be safe.

Or, we can do nothing, and hope, as we have done for fifty years, and lose. This time, we will NOT do that!!!


FairWitness said...

Hi Z, I posted this same article on my Facebook page on Friday. My sister has two female "roommates" and one of them replied to it.

Here is her reply and my answer to her.

"This is utter BS, others heard and saw these events" ("Roommate")

Here's my response to her:

With all the cameras, video cellphones & press all over the place on that day, ("Roommate"), not one caught any violence, racial slurs or homophobic insults on tape. There were thousands of people there, and hundreds of reporters & Capitol police everywhere. NOT ONE SHRED of audio or video proof of anything other than angry voices shouting "Kill the Bill" & "Don't Tread on Me" etc. The accusations came from members of the Congressional Black Caucus & House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank who are intent on smearing average Americans LIKE ME, who disagree with this legislation and the radical agenda stealing the rights that belong to all of us. It is a deliberate, cynical completely fabricated strategy to smear those opposed to this legislation.

Even Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who was supposedly spat on, has backed away from his accusations because the incident in on tape and there was no spitting, just an angry verbal exchange with the protester in question cupping his hands over his mouth so the Congressman could hear him about the noise of the crowd. Here's the link to the news story and video:,0,2660745.story

In the last 35 years, political demostrators have mostly been on the Left until the last year and a half, when our government started directly attacking our liberty with this crap. Now they are the ones walking through throngs of angry people screaming at them and carrying picket signs decrying their unfairness and assaults on the Constitution. The shoe is on the other foot and they don't like it. They're not accustomed to being yelled at, they're accustomed to doing the yelling.

Instead of defending their legislation, agenda and political philosophy, they have resorted to LYING about violence, racism and homophobia because such behavior is reprehensible to ALL of us. IT DID NOT HAPPEN. There are always a few nutjobs at any gathering, BUT accusing Americans who object to this agenda of being violent, racists & homophobes is outrageous. If this legislation is so great, explain it in a manner that persuades us to change our minds. Resorting to untruths just pisses us all off even more. I, for one, am sick of these tactics.

("Roommate"), why don't you respect the rights of Americans who disagree with what's being done to our country? We have the right to debate, we have the right to protest, we have the right to oppose this agenda, we have the right to be angry, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK.

There's BS in the air all right, you can smell it from coast-to-coast, but it's coming from the ruling class Leftists in the White House and Congress. Not from average Americans in the Tea Party Movement.

Z said...

Pris, "If the TPer's weren't having an effect on the electorate, the democrats wouldn't be in full attack mode. " So true.
Scott Brown made a remark the other day I wish I'd noted; it just bugged me So big time, something about how the Republicans are running out of steam, or burning themselves out too early in the election process? I've forgotten, but that was the essence of it. Man, I wish Republicans were more of one mind, not the big tent Democrats think THEY are (which is utter nonsense since they very rarely go off their reservation of the WH "memo" mantras)..

FairWitness....anybody who watches that video can see nothing I said in my comment, wouldn't people have gone berserk if anybody'd said that word? But, they just keep walking.......
the roommate's fairly typical and you handled her well..any response yet?

I spoke to a liberal at my Easter celebration; a very, very good guy, bright and nice, but I somehow get the impression that they only consider the very FAR rightwing and don't give a listen to us. I don't believe he's necessarily like that, but it gets to feeling odd when I hear things like how that "Rightwing MILITIAR was arrested...what do you think of that?"
What do I THINK? They don't represent me anymore than Bill Ayers represents most Democrats, right?
Yet, this is what we get..this is how the media works it; emphasizing the VERY far rightwing and running with it.......
what should people think of Republicans when they hear that kind of stuff?

FairWitness said...

No reply, Z. Yes, you're right the crowd would have gone berserk and so would the reporters. Most importantly, Capitol Hill police officers were out in full force and NO arrests of anyone were made. I daresay that anyone who spit on a Congressman would have been arrested on the spot. I further believe had the crowd been shouting racial epithets, arrests would also have been made for inciting a riot.

I'm so angry remembering Nancy Pelosi as she carryied that gigantic gavel, about to shove it up the American peoples' arse. Pardon me, Z, but a frigging bitch! Walking so arrogantly with the Congressional Black Caucus right through the protestors, almost daring anyone to start something. That's what she was hoping would happen.

The contempt oozing from them was palpable. I really do believe this rage will continue to grow until November. I don't put any stock into the notion that we've peaked.

Z said...

FairWitness, the other day I heard a newsman say "The group of congressmen chose to walk through the crowd INSTEAD OF THE TUNNEL" AHA, so there's a tunnel that would have worked just fine, huh? interesting.

I don't think they've peaked, but I think the news is doing ALL THEY CAN to discredit them and make the public weary of the TPers.

I also find it fascinating that the left went CRAZY over "everything George Bush" with the MOST hateful rhetoric but, when we speak out in peaceful and mostly NON nasty ways, WE're the bad guys....

FairWitness said...

Z, it's too late. The Progressives have exposed themselves for who they are, there's no going back. The tactics that worked in the past won't work any more. The "jig" is up, the scoundrel has been found out.

All they're doing is pissing us off more and more. They are going to be sent packing at the next election and the one after that and the one after that! We are going to kick these SOB's out of our government. Then we're going to dismantle and abolish all the crap they built up inside the government apparatus. We're going to reverse all the government tenured labor laws that keep these assholes' jobs safe, we're going to abolish all the pensions for former Congressmen and Senators and their health plans. We're going to take a wrecking ball to the whole thing!!!!!

Chuck said...

A week later in Searchlight, NV the Tea Party held a peaceful protest and supporters of Senator Reid harassed and threw eggs at them. This was not reported by the media.

I am with Mustang in that it is now a function of the State. This is not unlike Venezuela. In fact the Obamites want to do the same as Chavez and shut down opposition media with the "fairness doctrine".

We're not the only ones noticing though. It's become a part of the national conversation.

Chuck said...

BTW, I will start doing as suggested. The fringe media is now the State Run Media

Anonymous said...

"I daresay that anyone who spit on a Congressman would have been arrested on the spot."

And who are these sacred cows that can't be criticized....or "spat" upon? Since when did these vermin become immune from their treasonous actions? That's our problem....they're not beatific, sacred idols...they're assholes we put into mock and slander us?

Me...I think they're fortunate given the intensity of the time...that they only got a "spray".


FairWitness said...

Great point, Major. They certainly do deserve to be spat upon. I just don't think the perpetrator of such would escape arrest in the Capitol ruled by "Madame" Speaker. That's why I don't think it happened.

Anonymous said...

" I just don't think the perpetrator of such would escape arrest."

We're between a rock and a hard place all right. Me...I'd give all six a swift kick in the nuts. Barney too. ( a d-bagger like him..would love it ) hard as it would be to for me resist legitimate targets...I wouldn't disparage the actions of all those profoundly, legitimate, reserved, sincere...AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

That's all that "M S No Black Commentators needs. No one watches Communist New Network anymore.

So...with a dishonest state run media...what do we do?

To intel and experience with insurgents tells me...they fit the same bill....insurgents and enemy combatants all.


Anonymous said...

It just may be coming. Prepare folks.



Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm appalled by the news media and their selective amnesia. They have no historical reference from which to write. History to them is the great heydays of protesting against the Vietnam war. Ah, the good old days, when we mattered or you thought you did.

Now some of the former silent majority, oops sorry for the Nixon reference, lefties, has taken up the protest and it's a fearful occurrence. Of course it is, because it threatens their all encompassing power. Once again, Madison was right in his fear of the tyranny of the majority.

In class today we began to discuss the War of 1812 and the students were amazed at the violent protests against that war depicted in a History Channel video. One of them said, "What's wrong with the tea parties then?"

Out of the mouths of babes. History has a way of focusing one's thoughts.

Z said...

Did you guys see DEMOCRATS Mark Schoen and Pat Caddell on Hannity tonight? HOLY SMOKE!
They sure do see the Obama situation like most of us do.....very dangerous for this country.

"When people start calling Americans names just because they disagree with the White House, this is REAL trouble for America" They can say THAT again.

Imagine that 46% of FOX viewers are dems?

RightKlik said...

That's a really great video. I was at that protest. The protesters were angry, but they were well-behaved. The media coverage was a MSM smear job.

Interesting stuff here:

Z said...

very interesting, indeed, RK; how anybody can watch the video and think anything horrid was said is beyond me.
VERY cool that you were there...I love putting your money where your mouth is. Good for you and America thanks you:-)