Friday, April 30, 2010

God..... in 1 Minute and 41 Seconds?? And a Charlie Christ suggestion

By the way...I posted that cartoon below AND this video now mostly because I am SO TIRED of all that's going on with Obama ....I can't decide which of all the horrible things that are happening should be posted on so I decided to wait a day..........You feeling the same way? GeeeeeZ
OKAY, OKAY...After writing the above, I read my buddy Rich's MULLINGS column and he wrote some food for thought (below) that I thought you might agree with so I changed my mind about not posting anything political today:
  • Gov. Charlie Crist (I-Fl), who, until yesterday afternoon, was Gov. Charlie Crist (R-Fl) has decided, that because he can't win the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, he will run for the Senate in November as an independent.
  • I hope every person who, and every PAC which, donated money to Crist's race for the REPUBLICAN nomination sues to get his or her money back.
  • Not a bad idea...........Pay up, Charlie. Move over, Arlen.


    Linda said...

    Wow! What a great video. I'm taking it for my blog and I'm posting it on FB!

    You always find the greatest things! Have a great weekend, Z!

    Brooke said...

    Yes, Z does find the good stuff! :)

    And I agree. Time for Charlie to give it back!

    Z said...

    thanks, ladies....
    I get this stuff sent to me via email.....I call my friends 'cub reporters when they find good things for my blog! Glad you liked it, too.

    Ya, Brooke, time to give it back is right..why shouldn't he?

    Ducky's here said...

    I can't decide which of all the horrible things that are happening should be posted on so I decided to wait a day...


    Primarily because you are pretty much just being riven by a blind anger and can't point to anything substantive.

    Ducky's here said...

    Pretty good rap, little hint of Snoop Dog.

    Does bring something to mind. I think it's a mistake to believe that all religions are just roads to the same place. Clearly there are critical differences, but there is one consistent similarity. None of them believe things are going too well here and that dissatisfaction is critical to religion's existence.

    Now, myself, I do need something that offers hope for resolution in the here ad now. Resolution of our situation and L'il Miss Rapper ain't offering that.

    Ducky's here said...

    Did Joe Lieberman (I - Tel Aviv) give his back?

    Z said...

    Ducky, PLEASE stop speaking for me or psychoanalyzing.
    As I said, there are too many things...but oh, yes, it is anger, trust me, it's definitely that.

    The rapper isn't supposed to solve the problems of the world. Actually, she has, but you can't get it.

    So, I won't enumerate and she can't solve all your problems; why the need, ducky?

    As for Lieberman, your antisemitism is showing again and yes, I think that, if he was running under one party and got money and then changed, he needs to give it back, too. Absolutely.

    FrogBurger said...

    "Primarily because you are pretty much just being riven by a blind anger and can't point to anything substantive."

    L'hopital qui se moque de la charite.

    FrogBurger said...

    "As for Lieberman, your antisemitism is showing"

    Ducky is indeed racist. We've seen it with the fact he wants african-americans to be put in the same box.

    He's the 1930s anti-semitic socialist type. Except this kind of sentiment cannot be too much in the open like it was back then.

    Ducky's here said...

    Oh, did I imply that LIEberman has an irrsolutely too boring for words.

    ational attitude towards israel. Yeah, criticize Israel and it must be anti-semitic.

    Absolutely too boring for words.

    And once again, z you drift back to gross generalities. Just what is it that is particular to Obama. Nothing extreme going on so I assume you feel an extreme far right position is what "real" (LOL) Americans want.

    Dialog is impossible and that is sufficient to insure we stay in this hole.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry, I just can't listen to ANY kind of "rap." The genre, itself, is OBSCENE to my classically-oriented ear.

    I have to ask one possibly important question, however:

    Since when did Charlie's last name become synonymous with that of Our Lord?

    He's Florida's RINO governor, and he's ALWAYS spelled it C-R-I-S-T.

    It rhymes with MIST not SPICED.

    Or was this spelling an intentional joke I missed because I couldn't make myself listen to the video?

    ~ FreeThinke

    FrogBurger said...

    How does it feel Ducky when the type of 'logic' and labeling you guys like doingis appled to yourself?

    Feels good, doesn't it?

    Ducky's here said...

    As I said Froggy, you are unable to enter into extended dialog.

    Anonymous said...

    Charlie Crist's rough road to November

    Politico, by David Catanese

    ST. PETERSBURG, FL—The modest crowd, low energy and slapdash feel to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s announcement Thursday underscored the needle-threading political exercise ahead for him. By bolting the Republican Party to run for the Senate as an independent—or more specifically, on the “no party affiliation” ballot line—Crist is taking on a low-percentage challenge that few before him have been able to accomplish. Political strategists in both parties are betting against it. With no party infrastructure to assist him, a hemorrhaging donor base and daunting electoral math, Crist must rely on his ability to cobble together an unlikely coalition of independents,...

    ~ FreeThinke

    FrogBurger said...

    Not with you, Ducky, because when I asked you questions, you were unable to come up with facts and substance. So I stick to your own game when dealing with your deficient mind as far as facts, stats-based analysis.

    Leticia said...

    AWESOME VIDEO!! I may have to post this on Facebook.

    As for Charlie Crist, he is saying he will give back the money, really? All $7.6 million? I doubt that.

    Glad he is no longer a member of the GOP. Good riddance.

    Anonymous said...

    "Primarily because you are pretty much just being riven by a blind anger and can't point to anything substantive."

    That's a cheap shot Ducky. Anger is rational when there are real issues to be angry about, and believe me it is not blind.

    Details still dribbling out about the healthcare plan. Little things like, oops, guess what, it's going to cost more than Obama and his liars in chief said it would. And, Alan Greenspan's announcement that it will require rationing. Surprised? Not Z or the rest of us conservatives.

    Of course you heard it here on GEEEZ first, long before these revelatory statements. Blind? Really?

    Then there's the government takeover of the financial sector, with details beginning to dribble out about that. One detail is, the government will have real time access and authority to monitor private accounts down to ATM withdrawals. Stay tuned. Blind? uh uh.

    The government takeover of American education on a national basis. You don't know about that? You will.

    Illegal immigration. A big issue. I guess we shouldn't be concerned about that either, huh? No, we shouldn't be angry about the feds refusal to enforce it's own laws regarding this. For some reason (votes), Obama doesn't want to control illegal immigration. Which is one thing we want him to do. He's too busy controlling Americans.

    So Ducky, it should be clear that there's plenty to be angry about, and that anyone who pays attention, knows it. There are two kinds of people who aren't angry, those who agree with this President, and the clueless.

    You fit into one of these two categories, while Z keeps up with the myriad of issues and has reason to be angry because she's informed.

    If you think all of the above lack subtance, I suggest you take your blinders off.


    Anonymous said...

    Charlie Crist is a loser who couldn't accept losing, even though he had the support of the GOP.

    Joe Lieberman was hung out to dry by the DNC and democrat leadership, because of his support of the war and defense of Bush for that reason.

    Two totally different circumstances. Lieberman had no reason to be loyal to the democrat party they left him he didn't leave them.

    Crist enjoyed the support of his party, he left them. And IMO, with Crist's outreach to Rahm Emanuel, conservative supporters of Rubio were right from the get-go.


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, Pris, for making such good use of Ducky's taunts and gibes by simply stating facts.

    It's too easy just to get annoyed and stop thinking when "opposition" steps into the arena.

    I wish I could think as clearly as you on these occasions. Come to think of it I wish our REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES could think as clearly and speak as calmly to the vilification they and abuse they constantly face from "Government Media, as Rush so aptly calls it.

    I have to laugh whenever Democrats accuse "us," whoever "we" are, of using "hate speech" and threatening "violence," whenever their agenda is opposed or even politely questioned.

    One Way Rudeness and taking the position that "We Are Never Wrong" has been the standard operating procedure of the left for many decades.

    Now that they are getting back a little of what they've been dishing out since before most of us were born, they CAN'T STAND IT, and resort to self-righteous posturing, name-calling and out-and out mendacity

    How could anyone hope to have a profitable discussion with ANYONE who takes the position that he is never wrong? It's PREPOSTEROUS.

    ~ FreeThinke

    Ducky's here said...

    Anger is rational when there are real issues to be angry about, and believe me it is not blind.


    You sure Pris, because the big issue here is that what I hear coming from the right is just anger. Nothing focused, just a lot of rabies radio aphorisms without content. Now that can certainly expose you to the charge of blind anger.
    No cheap shot.

    The government takeover of education? What are you talking about? Are you trippin'. The only recent takeover has ben by the schoolbook committee in Texas which sure didn't slant anything left. Again, what are you talking about?
    My guess is that you have become so extreme that you can't accept the presence of anything you brand as left, you somehow think the right has been the sole mover in American history. That's seriously foolish.

    Now as for government observation. President Empty Suit is merely continuing the grand efforts of the Patriot Act. because, if you remember, you, AOW, z were freaking out because the crack Iraqi spec-ops were going to pull a Red Dawn and make you wear burqas. Sheer irrational hysteria and now we pay. Thank you and the rest f the hysterical right.

    Is immigration a serious issue? Darn straight. Has been since your hero, Saint Ronnie Raygun granted amnesty and we washed our hands of the issue. Then you get a construction bubble with Kapital looking for cheap labor and here we are ... so don't pretend the right hasn't been front and center in the list of screwups in the last three decades starting with you know who.

    Now we'll get some huckleberry talking about "the facts" and "the liberal media" and you'll hunker down in the bunker because you backed a bad horse to begin with and the last jockey sure gave it a dead ride. The right is pathologically incapable of accepting its errors.

    Ducky's here said...

    Any thoughts on "drill, baby, drill".

    I'm making book that BP cut corners on safety again just as they did in Alaska. Meanwhile, Glenn "He's Psycho" Beck is blaming Obama. But that's a right winger for you, don't discuss, just look for someone to blame and never, never accept their complicity.

    Anonymous said...

    FT, thank you for your generous comment.


    Anonymous said...

    Yes Ducky I'm sure.

    I've explained the anger to you, and I'm not going to repeat it.

    Furthermore, I don't do trippin'. Do you?

    More will come out about the plans for public education nationwide. The government has already taken over student loans with strings attached. There's more to come, watch for it.

    I know the history of illegal immigration. (You keep forgetting that word "illegal"). However, this President goes, once again, into his Alinsky rule book. Political correctness about "fairness" towards people who have broken federal law.

    Nevermind the fairness towards kidnapping victims and their families, imported gangs, drug cartels, murders of Arizonans, etc.

    Yes Ducky, drill baby drill. Accidents happen. What do you want, stop the world I want to get off?

    How did we make it to the moon? Because we feared there would be an accident? No, we did it in spite of that.

    Ducky, I never hunker down.


    Anonymous said...

    And the downfall of the West continues:

    "A Muslim protester who daubed a war memorial with graffiti glorifying Osama Bin Laden and proclaiming 'Islam will dominate the world' walked free from court after prosecutors ruled his actions were not motivated by religion.
    Tohseef Shah, 21, could have faced a tougher sentence if the court had accepted that the insults - which included a threat to kill the Prime Minister - were inspired by religious hatred.

    And the murdering Ft. Hood bastard Hassan...wasn't motivated by his "religious" ( cult - murder ) convictions either!! Even though he shaved his tukus....wore Islamic garb...shouted "Allah Snackbar" and had business cards printed as a "Soldier of God".

    Just WTF is our malaise in this dumbed down, moronic culture that we've accepted suicide over retribution and the preservation of our (80%) Christian heritage? Hey..are any of you pissed enough to....ummmm....sheet on a mosque? Didn't think so...even if we know they house terrorists in waiting. That we know what their plans are....that we prosecute a few slugs in militia outfits....when we know there's hundreds of islamic training camps....right here! The Marines left the squalid sheetholes of Iraq to come home to sit by and watch the mutts palnt their cultist IED's in our backyards?

    I want to form a new with a backbone. One that wants to preserve our history, culture and our lives.


    Law and Order Teacher said...

    Lieberman was actually defeated in the primary and had to run as an independent in the general election to take on Neddie, the candidate of the Daily Kos crowd. He pounded Lamont in the general. Crist is bailing in the primary because he's a Dem in sheep clothing. Big difference.

    MK said...

    Nice video Z.

    Ducky's here said...

    Furthermore, I don't do trippin'. Do you?


    Getting a little self righteous there, Pris.
    No I was political in the 60's but never in the drug scene. Sorry to break another right wing stereotype.

    Anonymous said...

    So government is not dictating policy that drives up costs and deeply affects our quality of life, eh?

    Take a peek at this -- from the WaPo no less. I'm sure advocates of ever-greater Centralized Power and more and more expanding bureaucracy will adore this. The REST of us have reservations.

    It all rests on this question: Which should come first -- Liberty -- or Safety?


    ••• Auto Bill Draft Would Require Black Boxes, Allow NHTSA to Issue Quick Recalls

    By Peter Whoriskey

    Washington Post Staff Writer

    Friday, April 30, 2010

    All new cars would have to be equipped with "black boxes" that record performance data and federal safety regulators would be granted the authority to order immediate recalls under newly proposed auto-safety legislation being considered by Congress.

    The draft of a bill was released Thursday by one of the House committees investigating Toyota's massive recalls for unintended acceleration in its vehicles. Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House commerce committee, and Sen. John D. Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), chair of the Senate commerce committee, have said they intend to collaborate on automobile safety legislation this year.

    The draft contains a wide array of provisions. Some require new safety features, such as the black boxes -- called event data recorders -- and brake override systems that allow a driver to stop a car even when the throttle is stuck open.

    Other elements of the bill give the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more power to crack down on automakers that break the rules. ... •••

    That is just one tiny little item in broad spectrum of increasingly aggressive and oppressive moves on the part of the Central Government to MICROMANAGE our lives.

    As far as Education is concerned, the Feds have ruled eductional policies with an iron hand ever since 1954.

    "Everyone" is now hooked on Federal Dollars. In fact you can hardly do any public project anymore without "matching" Federal Funds.

    The hitch in it is that each LOCALITY must adopt the policy that suits the DICTATES of the Central Government or they don't get any of the dollars they MUST have to satisfy all the "requirements" the Feds impose on us all.

    The irony is that many LOCAL governments run by liberals are even WORSE. Look at what Bloomberg has done to New York City -- once the most most sophisticated, energetic, creative, inspiring place in America. They now can forbid restaurants to serve you certain foods. No one can even smoke on the sidewalk anymore, if I hear correctly, and in Massachusetts you can be EVICTED for smoking in your OWN apartment.

    Those who love the idea of a government acting forever in loco parentis -- a government that seeks to treat us all like babies in a high chairs being spoon fed ONLY what Big Nanny wants us to have -- will ADORE these ideas. The REST of us DEPLORE them.

    This country was established so that Men could be FREE. It was not intended to become one gigantic DAYCARE CENTER from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    ~ FreeThinke

    Anonymous said...

    Well Ducky you brought it up, not me. Self righteous? No, just telling the truth. Hard to take huh Ducky? So now, telling the truth is self righteous?

    Have it your way, it makes no difference to me!


    FrogBurger said...

    "Now before it went private the government made the loans at low cost and made a modest profit. All was well."

    The gov made a profit? That's the job of the gov to make a profit and compete with private enterprise?

    Plus I thought profit was evil.

    Ducky you keep proving to us, the utter lack of logic and principles of your kind. (See post about the 10 reasons Z posted the other day.)

    FrogBurger said...

    Forgot to add: Insurance companies make a modest profit too: 2%. How come it isn't fine then?

    Anonymous said...

    Now, students have to borrow the money directly from the government, and the profit goes to the government at a higher rate than the original cost to the government. Let's not pretend the government is any different than any corporation or bank that you hate.

    The profit the government makes will be spent. You know it and I know it, and the student will be paying into an inflated government bureaucracy.

    Furthermore the student (borrower) will be required to work for the government as repayment of said loan.

    IMO the government shouldn't have been involved in the first place.

    To my way of thinking, if the government can require a student to work for the government in indentured servitude, what's to stop the government from approving loans only if the student agrees to certain educational requirements?

    Before you ask, no, sadly, I don't trust our government.

    My son worked his way through college. If he could do it others could too. He remained independent of government reliance.


    Anonymous said...

    L&O, the reason Lieberman was defeated in the primary is because the DNC and leading democrats withdrew their support for him and put their money and endorsements behind his primary opponent.


    Karen Howes said...

    Neat vid, Z. And Charlie Crist (my governor) is pathetic.

    The only good thing he's done that I can see is vetoing that bill about linking teacher pay to student test scores.

    Deborah on the Bayside said...

    ... yet still on the subject of Hope and Change!

    Anonymous said...

    One-hundred years ago -- before "Progressivism" -- a humble immigrant could arrive here penniless, marry, father several children, work at a low level job, and STILL save enough to buy property and build a house large enough to accommodate a set of parents and eight children on acreage for roughly $1,500.00. And they were able to accomplish this without succumbing to neurasthenia because of the constant ethnic slurs and racial epithets they had to endure on the sidewalks of New York.

    Calling people nasty names and beating each other up was standard practice in those days, No one like it, but no one died over it either. You toughened up, rose above it, and OVERCAME the challenging atmosphere.

    This is simply a statement of FACT, because it is the story of my own family.

    When you compare the lives and prospects of today's poor, who have received so much Federal State and Local "help," to the poor of yesteryear who received nothing but kicks in the shins, there can be no doubt that those left on their own to find ways to cope with adversity became MUCH better people than those who live on Food Stamps.

    The Welfare State has produced generations of pathetic, feeble, drug-addicted, violence-prone, prison-bound thugs and countless other disgusting, discouraging and dispiriting phenomena.

    The State makes a LOUSY substitute for good, hard-working, God-fearing, goal-orientated, ambitious, upwardly-mobile, legally married families who raise their children ON THEIR OWN.

    This is not THEORY; this is FACT. Look what the poverty pimps, bleeding hearts and guilt mongers have produced. It's MONSTROUS.


    ~ FreeThinke

    Yul said...

    Kawanio che Keeteru!

    Ducky's here said...

    Now, students have to borrow the money directly from the government, and the profit goes to the government at a higher rate than the original cost to the government.


    Well Pris, at least you've backed off from the earlier "state takeover of education".

    Now mind you, the government interest rate is LESS than the noble private sector was charging and when the loans were privatized the government assumed the liability for defaults. So the banks were loaning at higher rates with no risk and in the warped far right world this was okay. You like getting squeezed both ways.

    I wear, I wish the right could be consistent. It's like all you phony Libertarians screaming about illegal immigration when in fact free migration would be something I'd expect these Libertarian sand box denizens to support since otherwise the labor market is distorted and private profits (the ONLY thing that matters in the right wing Bizarro world are impaired. Thoughts? Come on, Plunk your magic twanger Froggie (remember the old Buster Brown show?).

    Ducky's here said...

    Pris, remember when First Marblehead (BIG private student loan outfit lending government funds) nearly went belly up bundling the loans with low grade mortgage paper?

    Ah, all those jolly japes from your precious "free market" (LOL)

    Z said...

    Bad deals don't make the whole free market bad, Ducky. WHEN are you going to learn that there IS no UTOPIA?
    How long do you think it'll be in the climate this WH has created before our gov't won't give loans for faith-based colleges? Two years? Wait for it.

    Anonymous said...

    FINALLY I listened to this. Another friend sent it to me via email.

    It's BRILLIANT -- and very appealing.

    Thanks. I just wouldn't call it "RAP" because that stuff belongs with a "C" in front of it ALL the TIME. This is clever wordsmanship with a GOOD message.

    ~ FT

    Anonymous said...

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