Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BLACK CONSERVATIVES? Ya, lots of 'em........

HERE is an article about Black Conservatives and how they get called names for not being Democrats. Sad, isn't it? Got to think like a Democrat, or you're not BLACK, apparently!?
Here's a video on just this's fun, I LOVE this guy... please give it a watch.

z *thanks, Imp


Anonymous said...

Another in an endless number of examples that proves the adage "You learn more about Peter from what he ways about Paul than you learn about Paul."

I don't admire this man's style at all, but his heart sure seems to be in the right place.

I think we all need to learn how to separate style from content -- another way of saying judge by content of character instead of skin color.

Interesting to find someone who "talks black," but "thinks white." I still prefer black conservatives like John McWhorter (and where is HE these days? Long time no see!), but this fellow is refreshing. Good for him, and God bless him.

~ FreeThinke

FrogBurger said...

I love it. The libs love putting people in boxes. Shows how narrow minded they are because of their collectivist thinking. If you don't want to be put in box, they adopt a fascistic attitude.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that video says it all. A black man decides to step off the plantation to think for himself and he gets sneered at by those of the leftard persuasion. You even can't say that he gets called everything in the book except for being called a white man, because I think he was called that as well.

It just proves you are not supposed to even think for yourself and form any opinion that has not been sanctioned by your tribal elders and they think betters. This man merits an award recognizing his courage to step forward and think for himself to understand the world through his own mind not those who assume the voice of the tribe.An excellent example of the difference between individualism and collectivism, right here on that man's video!


Z said...

FrogBurger, this is part of why I blogged this today....
the leftwingers are the ones who complain about how small the Republican 'tent' is and it's SO much HUGER than theirs; actually, they're smarter because there's so very very little dissent in their party...they are very lock-step.

Also, you'll NEVER see another side represented on Olbermann or Maddow...NEVER. Oh, except when it's misrepresented by them or their very liberal guests.
I don't always agree with FOX but they don't do a show without someone on each topic dissenting with the Conservative. And the left calls US close minded and unable to defend our stances?

Free Thinker.. That's the whole way of thinking I hope starts to change! This guy doesn't 'talk black' and 'think white'!!, he's talking and thinking for himself, whatever his color happens to be, right?
Maybe, some day, this will stop feeling "refreshing" to us (and doesn't it feel good, though!?) and start being so mainstream we just look at a guy's words more than anything else!

Z said...

Hi, Waylon...he is courageous, isn't he? But, there are a lot of minorities out there who are conservative and we need to get that KNOWN. I wish our media'd tell that story!

Anonymous said...

Zo's good at pointing out the hypocrisy. He lays it out...the gritty details of the bad behavior.

"They hate you for being white and Christian but then punish you for being less..."...or something like that.
Wow. That's what it boils down to.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, isn’t it? The people’s party —proving beyond any doubt— that they are the worst racists in America. It was true during the Jim Crow years, it was true during the civil right’s movement when black *leaders discovered that they could make a fortune perpetuating racial hatred (Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, Farrakhan, Obama); it is true now that we understand that there are no black conservatives in the Tea Party movement, or —if there are— they aren’t really black people. Why, black people demonstrating racism toward other black people must be the final conquest.

It isn’t enough that the Democratic Party wants to keep minorities enslaved and dependent upon government largesse; it isn’t sufficient that black-skinned racists contrive with white liberals to make it so. Today we have black people despising black people for no other reason than they have the audacity to think independently.

There is nothing soft about this bigotry. This is the same in-your-face corruption and hatred displayed by the ACORN organizations, now operating under aliases. But let’s be clear: only a complete moron could think it is acceptable for Bertha Lewis to head up an organization guilty of racketeering while condemning black people for joining the Tea Party movement. Amazing, isn’t it? You can’t make this stuff up.

Debbie said...

There really are a lot, but who on the Right counts? We don't look at people that way, we just see PEOPLE, human beings created by God.

The Left on the other hand always sees a category of people to either be used or abused.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

John McWhorter, Ward Connerly, Starr Parker, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas are all good solid individuals who have transcended "Black Culture, " shed all traces of Ebonics and entered the mainstream by dint of hard work, dedication to principle and strong faith in Something bigger, better, higher and more important than themselves and their little lives.

I used to think that of Colin Powell. Now, I'm not so sure since he ardently backed Barack Maobama. I still think well of Condoleezza Rice who is a wonderfully accomplished person by any standard, but her performance as Secretary of State was less than stellar. It was in fact quite tepid.

All of these people present themselves with great dignity and refined style. To say they don't act like black people might be taken as an insult to most black people, but it's meant only to praise those who've succeeded in shedding the trappings and narrowness of any kind of regionalism and parochialism -- a transition I applaud in people from any race or socio-economic background.

All that aside, I have to admit substance trumps style every single time, but it's always most desirable to have both.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT, I agree, it's best to have both, but we live in a world where people like this video guy are the majority and at least he thinks like we do :-)

MK said...

That's the left for you, hateful, bigoted and racist to the core.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Z. I agree. This man's heart is in the right place, and it DOES 'take all kinds of people to make a world."

My mother was fond of that saying. I heard it often in childhood.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Interesting to find someone who "talks black," but "thinks white."

This confuses me.
Are you making this statement, or are you inferring that someone else thinks this?

My question is: how does a person "think white"?

Regarding Zo's style: I think he's being himself, first. How else can he behave? He speaks quite a bit to black liberals / democrats in some of his videos, and he speaks about issues that the dems have been dominating for decades (abortion, welfare, racism). Seems to me that he's trying to reach out to an insulated demographic and speak some LIFE into that group, some truth, from his perspective.

I'm just looking for some input and clarification, FT.