Thursday, April 8, 2010

RNC: is it slamming FOX on PURPOSE now?

THIS information fascinates me. Rupert Murdoch said the NY Times "has an agenda." I think we'd all agree with that. ....after he said this, at the National Press Club, he "....fielded a question from the audience about Fox News' own reputation for advancing a conservative agenda — and lately the conservative, grass-roots Tea Party movement — in its coverage, Murdoch waved off the allegation. "I don't think we should be supporting the Tea Party or any other party," he said. "We have both sides in our news shows, our politics or whatever. We have Democrats and Republicans and whatever."
Of course, Murdoch is right, and you know that if you've watched FOX for more than ten minutes. They have Democrats and Republicans on FOX every single day. The news is right down the middle with both sides portrayed and the 'editorial people' like O'Reilly and Hannity, always (ALWAYS) have the other side on and fairly represented.

Olbermann and Maddow never (NEVER) have a Republican on to give their point of view.

By the way, as most of you know, Shepard Smith can HARDLY be called "Conservative", and he's got the bulk of the FOX afternoon NEWS SHOW, most of you know that. Megyn Kelly gives both sides of the news...I could go on and on. Beck is more like an Olbermann or Maddow in style because he doesn't have many guests and he CERTAINLY is opinionated!.... (aren't we as entitled as libs are?)

If you watch CNN's Wolf Blitzer and his stance on Israel (dismissive and very pro-Palestinian, even giving credence to Biden's saying "Palestinians have nowhere to live" when that's a TOTAL lie), or any other subject, you have to wonder "How's his bias different than any on FOX?" Watch CNN's RICK SANCHEZ once in a while...tell me he's not TOTALLY biased to the LEFT :-) He's hilarious!

THIS is why I publish so much media criticism on my IS important the constant ribs at FOX and ignoring of CNN and MSNBC's bias STOPS because people are persuaded by what they read and Independents, who should be finally persuaded that our message is the better one, are suddenly constantly reading how, especially lately, "even Republicans are slamming FOX!" (see my first LINK above)

I'm going to volunteer a wild idea here: The RNC isn't thrilled with the Tea Partiers, we all know that. So...........could this be a push by the RNC to discredit real Conservatism, to slam FOX when there really isn't much truth to what even Conservative critics like Tom Coburn (see the 'lately' link) are saying? Is this planned? I'm not sure it is, but it strikes me odd that FOX is so balanced in their NEWS and suddenly mainstream Republican talking heads are criticizing it and Coburn's saying we should be NICE to PELOSI because she's "NICE?" WHAT? The criticism isn't that she's not NICE, the criticism is she's doing things conservatives can't STAND ! I found the question by the reporter who questioned Murdoch (in italics at the top of this piece) particularly fascinating...he says FOX is advancing the Tea Parties when all they've done is cover a movement of hundreds of thousands of people.................."advancing?" I find it odder that CNN or MSNBC give no credence to the TPers except to report incorrect stories of nasty invectives being hurled.

(oh, THIS is fun...if you want to see some bias, Google "FOX NEWS IMAGES" and then Google "CNN IMAGES"...ya, check it out.)


FrogBurger said...

It's half surprising. I don't trust the Republican Party because they too need big government to justify their existence and get their money. After all neo conservatives do believe in government intervention in some situations. Maybe I am wrong but I was reading somewhere that some neocons evolved from being marxist minded.

So to me, as a freedom lover and a libertarian, I do not trust them at all as a party.

I think we all have to pay attention to candidates now. And with the web, we can bypass parties and fund candidates directly. That's the beauty of it and I think democracy should be exercised this way.

FrogBurger said...

About Fox, it's a lot more balanced than MSNBC for sure. Is it 100% balance, no? But Greta is playing middle of the road. Even O'Reilly is driving me crazy sometimes because he plays center big time. I don't know if it's for the ratings but he does and he hasn't been super critical of Obama like Hannity who spills the same rants everyday.

You know who I miss on TV? Tucker Carlson. Even MadCow was better when she was on his show.

Faith said...

I know this is a bit off topic but the elections are coming up in June here in Nevada and I really have to put in a plug for Sharron Angle. She hasn't been heard from enough, though her picture was at least up on Hannity I heard -- why she wasn't interviewed I don't know. It's very frustrating for me because she's far and away the best candidate to put in office and get Reid out.

But she's actually ahead of Tarkanian according to the LA Times:

>>>> They show former state GOP chairwoman Sue Lowden whacking Reid, 54 to 39; former state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle has boosted her lead and now beats Reid, 51 to 40, in a hypothetical race; while businessman Danny Tarkanian beats Reid, 49 to 42.<<<

I know there's some preference for Tarkanian here and he's probably OK but I'm SO glad to see Angle pulling up in the polls as she really is a known true-blue conservative with a record to show for it. So I hope some will go to her website and think of sending her a few bucks to support her campaign.


Faith said...

Just a couple more refs.

Something called the Nevada Newsplatoon.

Las Vegas paper

Always On Watch said...

The RNC isn't thrilled with the Tea Partiers...

In my view, the reason is that the RNC desires to promote RINO's over true conservatives.

As far as I'm concerned, both of our major political parties are out of touch with WE THE PEOPLE.

Chuck said...

I think the GOP fears the Tea Party. There is an entrenched old boys network in the GOP and it is intertwined with the RINOs like McCain, Graham, Gingrich, etc. The Tea Party reflects a challenge to this leadership.

Notice that Palin doesn't seem real chummy with the RNC, same with Cantor, Paul Ryan, so on.

MK said...

Personally i think that aim should rather be more news outlets biased towards Conservatism. We've be struggling for so long for media outlets to be in the middle that we end up on average on the left. Aim for the right and we might end up in the middle.

Besides why do we want to be fair to leftist scum, how much more treachery do they have to commit before we figure out that they can't be trusted to butter bread.

Misfit410 said...

Good piece, I mean Glenn Beck had Al Sharpton on yesterday, and treated him with far more respect than that race baiting moron deserves.

Elmers Brother said...

CNN's RICK SANCHEZ once in a while...

I love it when he conducts a scientific poll using his twitter page.

Anonymous said...

LOL, ElBro!

Rick Sanchez is such an airhead. I feel embarrassed for him, honestly.

I agree with Chuck. The GOP seems too afraid to make any big changes. Looks like Palin got a glimpse of that.

FOX is more balanced than CNN, but neither is unbiased, in my opinion.

Brooke said...

"I'm going to volunteer a wild idea here: The RNC isn't thrilled with the Tea Partiers, we all know that. "

You're idea isn't so wild. Your politician Repub isn't served by a backlash of true conservatism any more than a Dem is.

Ducky's here said...

Does the resurgent Teabagger Movement still require a Saint Ronnie Raygun purity test?

Does the party faithful realize he raised taxes, grew the federal government deficit, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants and went all soft on terrorism in Beirut? If Raygun was a RINO then where are we?

Or are the teabaggers trying to fashion a new conservative movement to take us away from all that and back to the plantation system?

Other than the Virginia legislation to ban microchip implantation I am unfortunately not aware of any TeaBag Party accomplishments.

Z said...

I'm SO glad some of you see my point about this being, perhaps, a purposeful dissing of FOX; the RINO, RNC thing, etc. Who knows?
I mean, imagine Tom Coburn saying Pelosi is 'nice' so we can't criticize her? Who on FOX has done anything but whine about her as Rick Sanchez or anybody else did about BUSH?..for EIGHT LONG YEARS?

By the way, look how Obama and Robt Gibbs get SO testy if the slightest criticism comes down on them and remember how Bush was about it. He NEVER mentioned the most heinous name-calling and belittling the left did. I remember Brokaw trying to trip him up on the tarmak after a long flight, "how do you like what the Dixie Chicks are saying about you in Europe?" Bush says "Well, this is America, and they have every right to think and say what they like.."

WOW, what a difference.

FrogBurger, we can't really blame any party for wanting money. If we want anybody to win, we need money to get their names put forward, but I see your point.
Tucker Carlson WAS good and I thought they were trying out a new show with him as host, which I think I saw once or twice, but haven't seen it for a while.....
Greta was a lib, so it's kind of fun for me to see her eyebrows raised at this Obama stuff.

Faith, yes I do support Tarkanian here on my blog. I'm hoping people send money to him, but I'm glad to hear Sharon is so true-blue. And, if she can beat Reid better than Tarkanian, I'm all for her, too.

Always...No doubt about that.

Chuck: I adore Ryan. So, do you think that this COULD be a concerted effort by the RNC to demean FOX a bit, to get them to stop promoting very true Conservative people instead of their guys? What do you think?

MK: We don't want to be particularly fair, but every single time Conservatives act like Olbermann or Sanchez, we get kicked in the media so hard it's dangerous to our Independent voters...

Misfit, I saw that interview and couldn't help but think the same as you...Beck respected Sharpton.
IMAGINE SHarpton complaining that the 3 founding fathers Beck chose for FAITH HOPE AND CHARITY were WHITE? Remember that? I thought "You IDIOT, the founding fathers WERE WHITE, you can't change that!
Beck is someone I can't watch too much cuz he gets my BP up!! But, he did say the other day he doesn't have guests on, so it surprised me he gave Sharpton that chance......tho nobody watching Beck can respect a race baiter like him, you're right.

Elbro....that is SO FUNNY...and SO typical of Sanchez.

Jen...FOX's news isn't really biased, do you think? Well, maybe a TAD. But, even their panels are always including a liberal.

Z said...

Brooke, my wild idea was more about wondering if Coburn, for example, is slamming FOX suddenly because he doesn't like their supposed promotion of the TP Party? What do you think?

Ducky, you're so far off here it's not worth responding. Don't you pay ANY attention? I watch left/right/center. You ought to, too.

Ducky's here said...

Beck had Sharpton on?

Man, think of the entertainment value. Fox News, one big medicine show.

Brooke said...

You're correct that in general, Ducky is not worth paying attention to, but in this case I must point out his use of the vulgar term "teabagger" once again illustrates his intolerance and irrelevance.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, you watch it all, z, and you probably still can't define exactly what this teabagger thing is other than a ratings booster.

One big medicine show.

Brooke said...

Ooh, "teabagger" times two.

What's next, Ducky? A little racism, or your personal favorite, misogyny?

Z said...

Ducky, Sharpton's YOUR guy, get over it. I know it's shocking when you're faced with LIBERALS on Conservative shows because you're not used to seeing that, but...

You think that Tea Parties are a 'ratings booster'? Then why won't CNN cover it beyond insulting them with the slightest lie they can find to disparage?

You wouldn't understand or honor what the Tea Party people are about if I did take the time to tell you. Just suffice it to say that it's full of Conservatives, Independents, and Democrats and I'm not biting your bait. NOBODY doesn't know what they're about so you obviously have insults ready if I bother. Sorry, not today.

And, yes, should be REALLY apparent by now, I DO watch and read ALL SIDES. You ought to try it.

Z said...

Brooke, put a tea bag in hot water you have tea.
Put a duck in hot water, the duck disappears :-)

Chuck said...

Z, I am not even convinced it is really about politics as much as power.

I don't think the current leadership is opposed to conservatism although they aren't overly conservative themselves.

I think they are opposed to giving up power to someone else. I think the Tea Party movement represents that risk of losing power. If the Tea Party group were to make inroads in the RNC, they would displace the current leadership and bring in their own.

Personally I think the Tea Party is representing a shift in American politics towards conservative. A lot like the early 80's in which we had a lot of young people attracted to conservatism.

The real danger we have to watch for is letting it get co-opted again by a Newt Gingrich who retook Congress for us which eventually led to an entrenched GOP leadership in Congress that veered away from the principles of conservatism.

Look no further than your resident fowl population for this fear. He feels it coming and is getting all worked up.

Brooke, this is the Duck's version of rationale argument. Throw in a couple of "clever" nicknames, insult either Reagan, Palin, or Bush (again with "clever" nicknames and not worrying if they have anything to do with the discussion), type a bunch of other crap, and then hope no one realizes that he doesn't actually haven't anything relevant to say. Yawn.

Z said...

Chuck, you make very good sense with your comment...this interests me "Personally I think the Tea Party is representing a shift in American politics towards conservative. A lot like the early 80's in which we had a lot of young people attracted to conservatism."

See, I'm of the mind we've totally LOST our kids. The Tea Party event I went to wasn't huge like most of them, but there were fewer kids there than I'd have liked...tho more than I'd hoped for, too!
You really think this COULD happen with the years of leftist indoctrination in our schools? Most kids can't read and write let alone know the founding fathers or the constitution, etc etc...
I just don't see them leaving the entitlement nonsense they're being taught and deciding hard work is better than hand-outs. I hope you're right.

Misfit410 said...

You know what Ducky, I'm really sick of hearing this stupidity, the way you leftist dolts defend morons like Obama while assaulting Reagan and Bush.. to keep bringing up the debt they brought this nation while defending the debt Obama is pushing on us.. is like dumping a really nice girlfriend because she has a chest cold, then running out and marrying a hooker with herpes.

Chuck said...

Z, I agree with you on the kids to an extent.

I see a lot of high school kids and work with a lot of younger staff that are very responsible and self-reliant.

Too be fair though, we do live in different areas. I live in a fairly conservative part of Michigan (which granted is not a conservative state) and you live in the People's Republic of California ;)

So we are going to see different people.

I do want to say that I joke a lot about California but do not take offense, I would love to visit your state eventually.

Finally, I have seen article's in which there is a rise in conservatism on college campuses. We are constantly seeing kids fighting back against the state run indoctrination of college campuses.

It is easy to give up on today's youth, I feel the same way often. I think though that there may be hope for them yet.

Z said...

Chuck, thanks, I hope you're right...I DO have conservative relatives in their twenties...most of them...but some were caught and indoctrinated, I have to admit.

you know, I hope you haven't noticed I've had a rather short wick lately and, if you have, or anybody else has, I apologize.
Lately, the 'anesthesia' I think we get when we face such a HUGE LOSS is wearing off and I'm not hearing "the operation's over and you're FINE!"
thanks for understanding.

Ducky's here said...

z, Sharpton and Beck are CARNIVAL HUCKSTERS.
They are sideshow geeks that intelligent people AVOID.

It is a medicine show. Nothing more.

Ducky's here said...

teabaggers going wildover what's going on in Kyrgyzstan? The "people" have revolted and taken over! Do you feel lucky, well do ya?

Chuck said...

Z, hang in there. At least you have (mostly) intelligent conversation here to help keep you company ;)

Anonymous said...

"You wouldn't understand or honor what the Tea Party people are about if I did take the time to tell you."

Z, methinks Ducky protesteth too much, don't you? So predictable! Pretty sad that Ducky participates in propaganda that involves lies, dirty tricks, and union goons.

No question the GOP feels pressured by the Tea Party movement. They don't have the courage to throw caution to the wind and step outside that box they exist in.

Some Republicans politicians do, but most try to play it safe, and most have forgotten the Reagan advice to "think in bold colors not pale pastels".


Z said...

Ducky, don't EVER watch Beck, you'll be in a humiliated puddle on the floor realizing that no matter what ridiculous demeanor he sometimes displays, the man's right.
Heck, I even think that awful Sharpton deserves better than what YOU called him. I keep watching Sharpton because people who know him say he has a remarkably good sense of humor and I keep kind of hoping to see it. I like humor!

Chuck, thanks. YOu can't imagine what writing for the blog does for me...and then when people who are this intelligent come and remark, it's gold. Keeps me excellent company, too, you're right.
I especially will NEVER be able to thank all of you who commented even when I wasn't up to visiting and commenting at your blogs......I felt so very, very honored. I just don't have the energy to visit much anymore but am trying to get back into it....I've lost some readers and I can't blame them "out of sight, out of mind" but, mostly, my dear pals like you and so many others really hung in there.
What a feeling....I don't really know most of you and feel such affection somehow.

Anonymous said...

Z, I do think that FOX is biased. Just my opinion. Doesn't mean that I don't watch, though. I watch PBS if I want little or no commentary.

Brooke, put a tea bag in hot water you have tea.
Put a duck in hot water, the duck disappears :-)


Anonymous said...

You said the Reagan:
1. raised taxes
2. grew government
3. was soft on terrorism
4. granted amnesty to illegals

So, which of those should be considered bad things?


Anonymous said...

"teabaggers going wildover"

You disrespectful little prick. You come here and mock decent, good people with your sexual slurs. You are an asshole cum laude. I'd like to show you a tea bag you'd choke on.

And I wouldn't show you the "love"'d understand.

You are a disgusting piece of lowlife trash...and you know it. I'd even set up a little time for you in boston.


Anonymous said...

I wish the RNC were as passionate as this thread. I often think the Republican Establishment suffers from low blood pressure, lack of imagination, reflexive and excessive politeness to political enemies, and a generally lackadaisical approach to the defense of Liberty -- our most sacred right.

~ FreeThinke