Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Santa Monica.........

the quiet..........
the wind..........
the beauty...........

I posted Mr. Z's pictures here instead of something political because I needed a break from seeing this country decline.........if you're up for politics and haven't seen my account of hearing Liz Cheney and Debra Burlingame speak Sunday night, check out the post below.



Anonymous said...

Hey...I've been there.

If anything honorable, noble, praiseworthy, or lovely, think about such things. (Paraphrase of Philipians 4:something).


Always On Watch said...

Beautiful photos!

I fully understand why you need a break from politics, Z.

I grow weary of cataloging our nation's decline.

FrogBurger said...

I love the first photo!
I've been staying a bit away from politics myself as far as reading and listening to news and podcasts. But I'll go vote for sure in November and I can't wait!

Z said...


Always....it's a tough cataloging, isn't it.

FB, no matter HOW weary I get, I'm VOTING! It's Republicans who didn't vote who gave us OBAMA.

FairWitness said...

Good morning, Z,

Very smart lady, you. It does help to see the majestic beauty of life when you're deeply distressed and worried.

There are many things even Obama-Pelosi-Reid, et al, cannot touch. The beautiful Pacific in Santa Monica. So glad you have these photo's Mr. Z took to find comfort when you need them.

What a wonderful man he must have been. God bless you, Z. I'm praying for you.

Joe said...

Those pictures are not only beautiful, they project an aura or peace. Thanks.

FrogBurger said...

About nature and beauty, it is so true. I've been spending my days in Simi Valley recently at the American Jewish university for work and this place is fabulous. Not only it is beautiful and quiet, but there's a spiritual vibe there that makes it very soothing.

Z said...

FW, he was a VERY Wonderful man, thank you..

Joe, glad you liked the pix...

FB...have you gone by the Reagan Library over there?

FrogBurger said...

No I haven't. It's something I want to do with Mrs. FrogBurgerette

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely beautiful, Z.

I've never been to this part of CA, but this sure makes me want to go! ;-)

...and I agree with what Joe said.
I think that many times, what the photographer is feeling, experiencing, comes through the camera.

Z said...

Oh, Jen, I hope Mr. Z was feeling that aura of peace....I so often turned down his offer to go for those walks with him and I wish I'd never turned ONE down now........

darn ... but, since we worked together, I thought he needed that time to decompress by himself with his ocean and the fresh air and his camera...(plus, I am more lazy than he was!).....maybe these pictures showed I was right and that peace did come to him while he was alone in that place he loved. I hope so.
Thanks, Jen and Joe.

Am off for a very busy day again (I need to slow down)...see you all around 3 PST. have a great day, everybody.

Z said...

FB, say HELLO to my favorite FrogBurgerette, okay?

Brooke said...

Mr. Z's pics are quite lovely!

Hugs to you, Z! :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Z had a great eye. All are beautiful but photo #2 is stunning! God bless,

Z said...

Mona, thanks...I'm so glad you like them. He'd be so grateful for your compliment, too.

I wish we ALL could take a nice long walk up on those bluffs and then have a picnic...there's a nice, wide grassy area between the main drag up there on the bluffs and the fence you can barely see in the bottom photo......a concrete fence that's at the top of the steep decline you see in No 2 which leads down to the Pacific Coast Highway and the water......
Lots of tables, palm trees, and room for a nice evening outside overlooking a moon-kissed ocean!

ugh, that's even too nauseatingly poetic for ME. Sorry!

cube said...

Beutiful photos of a beautiful place. I understand the need to stay away from politics during the reign of BO, the anti-American.

I can't remember a more depressing political scene and I lived through the Carter years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Z, What great photos of such a beautiful place. I can see why Mr. Z enjoyed those walks, and wished to share them with these pics.

He captured that feeling of awe and serenity he must have felt just being there.

My goodness Mr. pris and I haven't been on a picnic since our children were young. It sounds so appealing, especially in this perfect setting.

Thanks Z, for sharing these. You're right, a break is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have captured these bits of life's beauty!

Wonderful to have been nearby and shared such lovely scenes with someone you loved.

Don't know exactly why, but I am reminded of Some Other Time -- a song by Comden and Greene with music by Leonard Bernstein for On the Town -- something whose real meaning steals up and can break your heart years after you've first heard it:

Where has the time all gone to?
Haven't done half the things we want to.
Oh, well, we'll catch up
Some other time

This day was just a token,
Too many words are still unspoken.
Oh, well, we'll catch up
Some other time.

Just when the fun is starting,
Comes the time for parting,
But let's be glad for what we've had
And what's to come.

There's so much more embracing
Still to be done, but time is racing.
Oh, well, we'll catch up
Some other time.

Life is too wonderful for us to realize while we're busy living it.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT..that's one of "my songs". As you know, I'm a jazz singer and THAT is one GREAT lyric AND melody...so simple, so haunting..

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear you sing it, Z.

Eileen Farrell, the great opera singer who also sang jazz wonderfully well and Leonard Bernstein sang it to each other when both were near the end of their lives. It was VERY moving -- especially since both were "shot" as performers by then.

~ FreeThinke