Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glenn and Rachel and Ariana.....what a bunch

Please read THIS STORY about Glenn Beck and how the Egyptian situation is "Splitting US Conservatives!".
You'll enjoy the bias and you won't be amazed to hear this is YAHOO HEADLINES' idea of a "TOP STORY" as they are billing it :-)     I always thought an organization like Yahoo should at least TRY to appear even-handed; yes, even I still thought that.........They picked up the story from the leftwing THE DAILY BEAST!  I'm waiting for them to pick up a piece from MICHELLE MALKIN's blog and highlight it as a TOP STORY.   I laughed at this hypocrisy and just had to post it.  You know, of course, that there are people who actually believe that a story listed as it has been on Yahoo means it's real news. 

To be FAIR, Yahoo DID post THIS about Rachel Maddow and SATIRE....seems she REALLY stepped into it!!  BUT, of course, the writer of the piece adds "Now to Maddow's credit, her blog acknowledged the mistake quickly after the broadcast aired."....which led to this amazing paragraph:

"Maddow's humility sparkles in comparison to The Huffington Post's, which upon being duped by ChristWire last August, simply erased parts of the article that showed they weren't in on the joke. In that instance, ChristWire had published an advice guide for women on how to tell if their husbands are gay. The mistake caught the attention of The New York Times which pressed the website on the issue and finally elicited a concession. “We did get hoodwinked,” Huffington Post spokesperson Mario Ruiz admitted."

The irony of anything with HUFFINGTON in the name getting hoodwinked or anything else by a piece on women and how to tell if their husbands are gay is inescapable! And, of course, nobody ought to care about their lives and how they live them but it was an irony that cracked me up so I had to share it.

And, by the way...a big peeve of mine is that that's Rachel Maddow on MEET THE PRESS.......I'm wondering when somebody's going to ask why Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly aren't on the show? I thought that was supposed to be representing all points of view.   What do you think?


Ducky's here said...

As usual, I think you miss the larger issue. As we let serious reportage be marginalized by the internet and celebrity news we become less informed.

Maddow isn't the first to be suckered by a web site and she won't be the last. As for Beck, take a look at the clip from his show that exposes the demonstrations in Egypt as an Islamist plot to occupy Europe, off the wall.

The issue is this, our "news" media (for the most part) is closer to an entertainment outlet than true news and it depends on divisive rhetoric for generating viewers. They are all dialing up the noise because there are a lot of entities competing for market share.

How do we determine who to follow for hard news on what's happening in Egypt? I put some hope in PBS and BBC. No coincidence that both are subsidized.

Brooke said...

Oh, Margaret. Every single thing that Ducky said can be picked apart with little effort; I scarcely know where to begin!

Anonymous said...

You really needn't have linked to that little elitists shitty yahoo piece Ms.Z ....these creeps make my blood boil.

Ducky's here said...

Not quite Brooke. Let's look at the recent "video" about sex trafficking and Planned Parenthood.

You know, the usual "Breitbart" technique. People walk in and start asking how to get services for young girls who are part of a sex trafficking ring. So O'Reilly and John Stossel run with it but no mention that Plan Parenthood reported the inquiries to the Attorney General.

But they weren't tricked. They knew the situation and went with it anyway, Maddow had the integrity to admit she had been had and retract her statements. But National Review, Malkin, Redstate all picked up the phony Planned Parenthood story an never retracted.

So pick that apart if you can.

Chuck said...


So O'Reilly and John Stossel run with it but no mention that Plan Parenthood reported the inquiries to the Attorney General.

I haven't read much yet about this Planned Parenthood story but I did look at a couple of articles.

Two things about the above statement.

One, it happened. Planned Parenthood did report it after the fact but it happened.

Two, this is the same blather ACORN was selling over it's video mess. "Just because it happens in a lot of our offices doesn't mean it's policy".

That didn't cut it then and it doesn't cut it now. This is not the first time Planned Parenthood has been caught at this.

But that's okay. Just leave some snide remarks about the far right nuts here, attack Z with some ridiculous and irrelevant point, and then leave feeling smug that you showed us.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch a clip from that Beck program, I watched the whole thing. It wasn't off the wall, Ducky, it was well reasoned.

Anything you don't want to believe is off the wall to you. If you think there isn't an Islamic goal of a Caliphate, you have blinders on.

What exactly do you think Bin Laden's call for a worldwide jihad was, a walk in the park?

It was the Muslim Brotherhood who founded Al Qaeda, and Hamas, and who now are active in the riots in Egypt.

Indeed Elbaradei has indicated the MB will have a seat at the table.

Beck has said he hopes he's wrong and so do I. However, if you face facts, and what's happening on the ground in the Middle East, it's folly to pretend his scenario isn't entirely possible, and even likely.

But of course the far left, your friends, have allied themselves with the Islamists. Each is using the other, to create chaos, and instability.

If they succeed, only one will stand alone. The left is playing with fire, and they will get burned in the end. Not by free people, but by those they believe they're using to their own ends.

Try, for once in your life, to see the big picture. If you want to continue to live in that bubble of yours, that's your business, but don't be so quick in dismissing what you're not willing to see.

Yes by all means you rely on the BBC, since the UK has their own appeasement of Islamists taking place.

The truth these days is taking a beating because of political correctness and a bad case of denial, and it will cost us all dearly. In fact, it already is.


Leticia said...

You know the word "Yahoo" pretty much sums up who they are and how they report their news.

And Z, don't your hold breath about having Hannity, O'Reilly or even Beck on Meet the Press, it sincerely doubt that would ever happen because those three men would put that whole panel to shame.

Ducky's here said...

Caught at what, Chuck. Some plants walk in and try to entrap, Planned Parenthood reports the incidents to the Attorney General and fired one (1) employee who violated procedures.

Now, just what were they guilty of. Some fundie anti-abortionist attempts entrapment and Planned Parenthood is guilty?

Your thought process is astonishing. And by the way, the ACORN tapes were clearly edited but Breitbart didn't have the juice to allow a forensic analysis. And there was his perfomance in the Shirley Sherrod railroading and you continue to defend this guy. You should be ashamed.

Z said...

Ducky, no coincidence that both are subsidized and left leaning.

"As usual" you miss the nuance of my post and, TRUST me, you're no better expert than Beck on Egypt or anything else. By the way, I know Andrew Breitbart; Sherrod isn't suing him anymore because she knows the truth would come out about Pigford Gate. Wait for his very new book that's coming out. Learn something, then comment. thanks! :-)
Oh..and they have dirt on 11 or 12 Planned Parenthoods, Ducky. Wait for it. SOMETHING has to be done about the awful way they're treating young girls, whether you like it or not.

Brooke..I know. What's the point? But, we try to educate :-) I wish you'd chime in, I love your mind!

Chuck, thanks. The typical leftist crap; ignore the content and kill the messenger. It's almost scary in its naivite.

Pris, what can I say but BRAVO?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Z.


Anonymous said...

I saw Glenn Beck discussing the setting up of a Caliphate and didn't think he exaggerated the case. What I found interesting was his question about what was NOT BOMBED in either recent war in Iraq ... the future site of the future Caliphate. What's up with THAT?

He may have exaggerated the importance of Middle Eastern oil to the Western world since I don't believe that the biggest share of American oil imports comes from the Middle East, but rather from the Great White North. I do wish that Beck or somebody would raise the issue of why some of the biggest oil field that do exist in parts of America have been hindered or outright blocked from coming on line ... i.e. the Gull Island field in Alaska and the Bakkan in North Dakota and Montana.


Z said...

You're welcome, Pris! make such good points.
I've been wondering the same thing; we have TONS of oil and always have...
And not bombing the seat of the caliphate in IRaq? WHAT???
Can't you just see it "If you don't bomb there, we won't level Cleveland?" I mean, you've got to wonder what the H the muslim radicals are threatening us with every day.
Geo Bush mentioned that recently in an interview...about the DAILY threats they got. My GOSH!!

But, re Beck,'s the scenario the left has stupidly and very dangerously set up: ANYTHING BECK SAYS IS WRONG AND DUMB.

Man, with the facts and figures he presents, THAT is seriously MORONIC on their part...maybe even catastrophically so

Scotty said...

I do wish that Beck or somebody would raise the issue of why some of the biggest oil field that do exist in parts of America have been hindered or outright blocked from coming on line ... i.e. the Gull Island field in Alaska and the Bakkan in North Dakota and Montana.

The first thing we need is to build more refineries. They are working at full capacity now, from what I've read. I don't need say what is stopping the building of those refineries.....most here on the blog know why.

Chuck said...

Duck, what did they fire the employee for if there was nothing wrong?

This is a tired refrain by the left. "We were entrapped" "Yes, we said on tape we would help an under-aged prostitute but it was an accident" "That was only one employee" (this one is used for several different incidences).

My God, get some new material.

When someone does something wrong, they are guilty.

Say what you want about the Sherrod tapes. Edited or not (not done by Breitbart by the way) she was caught in a racist rant.

Quite frankly, you're an idiot.

RedWood said...

"I don't need say what is stopping the building of those refineries."

Scotty...please spell it out. I want to hear your take.

Anonymous said...

Z, one thing I appreciate about Glenn Beck is his motto: Don't take my word for it, look it up. Not sure if ED Schultz, Maddow, O'Donnell or Olbermann ever suggested anything like that. They take the attitude that they can lord it over their viewers and what they spew from their pulpit is the gospel.

I do think more people are realizing that, though, so that's a plus, IMO.


Z said...

Waylon, I'm not sure more people are recognizing it but he always asks people to refute his information and NOTHING COMES FORTH...just insults to his personality, his passion, his obvious rightwing bent.
I wish more people were getting it...but the more he's right, the more he's insulted

Mark said...

I like Glenn Beck. He and I think quite a bit alike. I used to think he read my blogposts and then did monologues about them (without attribution) on his radio program.

That said, I kind of think he's become something of a conspiracy theorist, although that may be because I am not willing to admit such unpleasant may indeed be happening. I don't want to believe things are as bad as he describes.

Scotty said...

Scotty...please spell it out. I want to hear your take.

The refineries are not being built because they're being stopped by the very same people that would have us stuff a family of four into a car that is better suited to seat two.

Rich people that don't want oil rigs in the Gulf because it spoils the veiw from their beach house.

They are being held up by the E.P.A. an organization that has way too much power.

I could type who they are for days....that's why I didn't expound on who in my original post. The who they are, is a given.

Anonymous said...

Waylon, more and more I realize you are a champ. Your thinking resonates very well with me, and you always at like a gentleman. Thank you.


Z said...

Waylon's a super commenter..always respectful of others, always with good information, always on topic and kind. I appreciate him, too....
Mostly, I have the best bloggers in Bloggerville!

Scotty, from what I hear, there's enough oil in MOntana, etc., that rich people don't need their views blocked!
The funny thing about views is that, years ago, they said windmills off the E Coast were a great idea but the liberal rich there freaked out and demanded it stop. Typical

RedWood said...

"they said windmills off the E Coast were a great idea but the liberal rich there freaked out"

If memory serves me Ms. Z it was the Kennedy's that stopped the install of wind turbines off Hyannisport.
It would have spoiled their view and "sailing".

cube said...

The funniest part of Maddow's twitter admission was that she'd been had by "brilliant satirists".

Uummm... I don't think so, Rach. If you hadn't been so hell bent on your agenda, you might've seen through this fair-to-middling ruse.

RedWood said...

I don't think so, Rach

They don't call her wonder boy for nothing!

beamish said...

Pick it apart, Ducky?

Okay, start here:

Rachel Maddow got "had" by a clearly satirical website that fit her whackadoo bias... you know, the "pretend Sarah Palin is a ditz" bias... and had to admit she was too stupid to grasp satire the first time around.

We knew THAT before Rachel Maddow did.

beamish said...

She thought the website was satirizing Palin, rather than Rachel Maddow and her ilk.

She Punk'd herself.

Talk about density per square foot on the left.

FrogBurger said...

I can't take MadCow on her show. I liked her interaction with Tucker Carlson when she was invited on his show.

One day she had a high school level skit. Pathetic. Horrible to watch.

Plus, sorry to say, but she's not super pleasant to look at for a whole hour. Not only she's not super attractive, but her face and body move too much. She's exhausting.

So if you want to give me a lefty to watch, make her attractive.

By the way that's partly why Fox has good ratings. The ladies are quite nice ;-)

Anonymous said...

I recognize Glenn Beck, but who's that fresh looking guy in the next picture?