Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hitler, Hypocrisy and Hyperbole...compliments of the LEFT

Robt Gibbs: "Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of HITLER?"  Don't look now, Robert, but your side did just that."  How ironic...the video below shows more of what blogger Joe rightly called "the hyperbole factory" when he gave me this link....I'll just call it "liberal hypocrisy again...."

Why do they get away with it? And the slightest unseemly sign carried by some NUT in a sea of thousands of normal political signs carried at a Tea Party gets such negative, continual media play? WHEN will Americans wake up and realize this hypocrisy? I suppose the huge viewer numbers at FOX are an indication that they're starting to wake up....and maybe November 2010 showed a little of that, but how can leftists like Eugene Robinson and Bill Maher even look at themselves in the mirror? WOW


Craig said...

The only time Hitler images on protest signs are appropriate, would have been in 1930's Germany. I agree, it's hypocritical. The Mubarak signs? What's the problem? Paul Ryan compared the protest to Cairo. The "Reload" sign was a direct quote from Sarah. I'm sure it was meant as parody or irony but I wouldn't do it.

I do think you downplay the Hitler stuff from the Tea party, though. It was more than a couple. I also remember the giant poster of a pile of gassed Jews on the Capitol steps. Then there was this.

Anyway, I agree. Using Hitler/Nazi imagery only diminishes your cause, Right or Left.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, neither Maher nor Robinson has any credibility. They are intellectual charlatans. Now I listened to someone on C-Span yesterday from one of those national tax groups who are seeking to change our tax code. The man was quite well spoken and not at all aggressive or accusatory in outlining our problem and how he thinks we should fix it. In his discourse, he was honest enough to play blame at the feet of both parties.

Notwithstanding the above, some nitwit called in and demanded that if C-Span was going to continue airing right wing baggers, then C-Span ought to bring on people from KOS to even out the lineup. This somewhat minor incident leads us to two conclusions: the first is that our country is once more engaged in a civil war. I hope we will not see violence, but some predict we are getting to that point. Second, it is impossible to have an honest conversation with irrational people.

As an aside (not altogether unrelated), several months ago Glenn Beck (who the left hate with a passion) observed the violence in Greece and France and predicted we would see that sort of thing taking place here in America with a year. Say what you will about Glenn Beck, but he wasn’t wrong about this.

beamish said...

I don't understand why leftists have a problem with Hitler enough to use his image to try to castigate their opponents. I mean, sure, Hitler's public service worker's union labor rights movement didn't kill as many people as Stalin's or Mao's did, but is that really a reason to disown their fellow leftist? Should they really be trying to caricaturize Governor Walker as a left-wing labor activist who was vehemently anti-capitalist and who placed union leaders in charge of state-confiscated businesses and corporations?

Why not caricaturize Governor Walker as someone the left actually has nothing in common with, like say President Reagan, of fire-the-air-traffic-controllers fame?

Or, is Obama supposed to be the new Reagan?

I realize it's always absolutely ridiculous to search for rationality in the words and actions of the left, but you'd think they'd at least try to find a voice for public educators that is not so obviously stupid.

Always On Watch said...

Why do they get away with it?

The long tradition of the Left gives the Left a pass.

As Beamish reminds us: it's always absolutely ridiculous to search for rationality in the words and actions of the left.

Always On Watch said...


Ducky's here said...

Why does Beck and the Vulgar Gasbag get away with it?

Largely because the populace has become so stupid that only extremely charged language can activate the speech recognition centers of their brains.

As mustang says, it's impossible to have a rational conversation with irrational people who believe in revealed truth.

beamish said...

Says the idiot who swallows "the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles"

Mind exercise, Ducky. Imagine a universe where leftists are actually capable of rational thought. I know, whackadoo like eight-sided triangles. But bear with me. If leftists could hold their beliefs and be rational simultaneously, what would it sound like?

Z said...

Craig, what scares the left MORE is that there are so few nuts in the tea party who went that drastic.

Mustang, what's scary is how right Beck's been about almost everything. Scarier yet is that the media hates him too much to pay any attention. I see Maddow on Meet the Press and wonder why they won't have Hannity. Again, bias par extraordinaire.

Beamish...rationality? you know how rare that is with on the left

AOW ..yes, it was a rhetorical question. THey've set the Right up for years. Remember when FOX was just starting, hadn't gone on the air yet, CNN was FREAKED OUT and I remember wondering why they were insulting a channel that hadn't even opened yet..it was ALL SET UP "Rightwing Cable...stupid, ridiculous, silly, really!" Now I know why.
It's tanked their numbers but I think it's the ideology more than ratings for the lefties at CNN.

Ducky, Beck scares you people; he reveals a lot you don't want revealed. He never does this without facts, figures, or connections which can point to nothing but his conclusion. I'm sorry for people who won't listen once in a while. It's dangerous that more people aren't.
But, of COURSE....leftwing rhetoric's just FINE but Beck's a nut, according to the media. Very dishonest

FrogBurger said...

1/ You're a gas bag too. You have a lot of brain farts on this blog
2/ You're part of the drones and the dumb populace as well.

Aside from this, I'm sick and tired of this debate. It goes nowhere. All it does is sink the American ship a little more b/c we're not focused on the real issue. But I've given up at this point and my answer is to take care of myself and my loved ones as well as I can while the ship is sinking.

FrogBurger said...

As mustang says, it's impossible to have a rational conversation with irrational people who believe in revealed truth.

The truth and facts of socialism and communism has been revealed to us. Maybe you should believe in the revealed truth.

In general, It's impossible to have a rational conversation with donkeys like you who don't like seeing rational facts in front of their face when it proves them wrong 98% of the time.

Your rationality is not rational. It's sophistic rationality.

Brooke said...

Leftists count on their base's goldfish-like attention span coupled with the complicit MSM when making comments like these.

Those of us who point out the hypocrisy are ignored or painted to be crazies, whereas people like Ducky who think a government funded jar of piss holds "ethereal beauty" present themselves as normal and logical.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

A classic example of gutter politics as used by the leftist Democratic Party. Not at all surprising. I wouldn't be surprised to see them wielding truncheons.


Z said...

DId you all hear some lib COMPLETELY misrepresent the WIsconsin Union situation on MSNBC this morning? I heard the tape on the radio.
He says it's BIG OIL behind this. THE KOCHS behind this (WHY? was never answered, of course..why would they?!:-)

Ya, oh...and ALL those Republicans who won in November are KOCH plants.........
you can't make this up.

But, GOD FORBID anybody shows case after case where SOROS has benefited and is coaxing our country down the toilet and WE ARE HATEFUL :-)

OH, GOD< please let people wake up.

Anonymous said...

I guess you all know that former Presidents Clinton and Bush Sr. will be heading up an Institute of Civility. It will be headquartered in Arizona.

This reminds me of a government Ministry of Virtue I saw in a news report of a middle east country. What do you suppose was defined as virtue in that muslim country? But I digress.

The question is, who decides what is civil and what isn't? Or more to the point, who is civil and who isn't? You get one guess!

This is as Orwellian as it gets. He must be rolling over in his grave. There is a little thing called the first amendment, which up to now, applied to everyone.

I can't wait to see how this effort will control our speech, and define civility. After all, political correctness has already taken a toll with blurring the truth.

Oh, and i'm sure Clinton was civil while diddling interns in the Oval office, and pay to play in the WH is ok as long as one's speech is civil.

But, corruption isn't the issue, civility is much more crucial, especially for the tea party, or angry citizens at a town hall meeting.

But wait, wasn't Rahm Emanuel's speech uncivil? No matter, he was one of the enlightened left.

So now, as I see it, soon this will be a government dictate. It already has a start with hate speech laws. It's only a matter of time, before we're told how we must behave, and what we can and can't say.

Personally, I myself believe civility is important, but I don't want the government or some bureaucrat telling us how to behave.

We're either free, or we're not.


Z said...

Priscilla, it's civil for the left to hold signs up of Bush with Hitler's mustache on him, etc., that's just the way this new America is.
Some day, and I hope it's soon, we'll at least get effective Republicans doing things like this ridiculous CIVILITY BOARD of CLinton's....HWBush is the "WE LIKE OBAMA and LOVE CLINTON" crowd and will get railroaded into more of the "the left can do it but the right can't" mantra, no worries there.

Rachel Maddow's on Meet the Press
Hannity isn't

Bush can look like Hitler
Obama can't

Obama can keep his background hidden
Republicans can't

Leftwing CHristians rock
Rightwing Christians are hateful and small minded

Eric Holder can read from the Old and New Testaments..great!
Bush says Jesus is his favorite philosopher, he's skewered

The Tucson sheriff can BLAST Conservatives and blame them for all the ills of the world.
When Sheriff Arpaio speaks about trying to solve the ills of the world, he gets nothing but flack
from the leftist media.

We could all do a list longer than that one, as you know.

Yes, now that some feel that America needs to legislate civility because of Tucson, which the left has done a great job in misrepresenting as a Conservative hit to Americans not hearing the truth, we've got a leftwinger and a spineless yes-man from the right telling us who's civil and who isn't....as if we don't already KNOW?

Anonymous said...

I think Napolitano, Holder, & the rest are a disgrace to the funeral of the officer who was assassinated on Mexico. Disgusting, & with0ut any conscience on their part, just a photo op. When they started to blather I think I would have walked out of the service. I wish peace & justice for the officer's family & friends.


Z said...

Silvrlady, it just felt so disingenuous for HOlder particularly to speak from the N.T. And that's all they did, read scripture, which puzzled me, too. I'd have hoped for more from the Homeland Sec. woman and our Atty General after a shooting.
But, at least it was better than the 18 minutes given to an Indian medicine man Doctor who spoke of the sun and the moon as religious symbols.
Imagine it would have gone over if they'd had a pastor talk about Christ and the cross? It would have been treated as an outrage.
..so maybe that's why they threw the bone to the two to read from the Bible, to placate CHristians and Jews, I don't know. It was so upside down. Imagine giving Shamans first billing as if Giffords was a devotee when she was a JEW? ...and when 89% of our country still identifies as Christian?
WHat the......?

cube said...

Nobody challenges them, Z. That's how they get away with it.

Catherine Barry said...

Craig, Soros-istas were sent to Tea Party rallies to be offensive on camera. Part of the Move On dot org propagandists he sends in. In my state they get escorted out by the police and I imagine other states follow suit. It's documented that Soros does this kind of crap. I have been to several tea party events and I've never seen anything but signs stating issues and quoting founders and Reagan, etc. Tea Party people go out at their own expense and fund themselves. Soros recruits protesters on the internet and pays them, trains them according to Allinsky and pays to bus them in. I think you need to get hip to the scam.

Z said...

Man, Catherine, I'd heard that, too....and I'd forgotten it.
We all had heard of lefties posing as Conservatives to get the worst media possible (as if they have to go to extremes)
THanks for that...I really appreciate your reminder. xx

Z said...

By the way, Craig, I really do wish you'd watch the video...if you admire Eugene Robinson or Maher or anybody else in that video, God help you and God help our country.

Catherine Barry said...

I went to a website 2 years ago that was a Soros' recruiting site for protesters. I am quite certain that probably half the people protesting in Wisconsin have been bused in.

Z said...

Catherine! I Soros site for PROTESTORS?! How much does he pay?
And the Koch brothers are the big bugaboo in the leftist blogs now? HOLY COW!

Z said...

by the way, Cath...I'll bet they got a lot of people to work the Census from that bunch he recruited, too, right?

Anonymous said...

"I hope we will not see violence, but some predict we are getting to that point."

You betcha...all the sign are pointing to it.