Thursday, February 3, 2011

Memory...........she DID have one! (so did we!)

I don't know about you, but I needed a good, when I had this sent to me, I thought I'd pass it on! Yes, dealing with memory loss might be politically incorrect these days, but THIS is funny!  ENJOY!


MK said...

Dammit i've already had a few of those moments, must be getting on ey.

beamish said...

My favorite song from Cats.

Hey, wait a minute. Those aren't the lyrics? ;)

Opus #6 said...

Talented lady to sing a song beautifully and be funny at the same time. Good find.

Mark said...

This was posted on Facebook by one of my Facebook friends a few days ago. Now, I'm getting suspicious.

Linda said...

This surely can't be me~~~

Anonymous said...

Attractive girl.

Is it really necessary that singers cover their faces with those ugly hand mikes?

When they did musical numbers in the movies, you never saw anything like that. You never see it on the Broadway stage or the opera either, so it's got to be some sick kind of shtick.


Scotty said...

I played in various bands over the years. During my rock and roll days I played with a lead singer that when he would forget a verse, could make one up on the fly....he was superb at it and the folks never knew what hit them!

cube said...

Loved it, Z. I love a good laugh even if I don't need one.

I've had senior moments since I was in college. In my head, I could hold complex math equations and deep concepts involving many sciences, but I would forget where I put my car keys.

Or, my favorite, forget if I set the alarm. Sometimes I would check it more than once. Silly, isn't it?

Z said...

Scotty, I sang ONE TIN SOLDIER back in the day for RCA Recording Execs ..with my band.
I totally zoned out and sang the first verse three times. I don't think they noticed but my lead singer who I sat in for sure did :-)

Cube, especially when I have a flight in the morning, I never trust the alarm....I'm thinking of getting on my Verizon phone program where they CALL you at the time you tell them to the night before!! Let someone else worry about it :-)
Also, I lost my car so many times in college...usually when it was 100 degrees in the shade and there I'd be going up and down the aisles...ugh! (That's what I got for playing HEARTS in the school cafeteria for too long!)

Mark said...

I have had enough senior moments that they no longer worry me. What scares me is when the senior moments turn into senior hours.

Then, it's time to worry.

True story:

Once, a few years ago, I was just finishing up a shower, and suddenly realized, to my consternation, that I had forgotten how to turn the shower off.

Also, in the same house, I once walked into the kitchen and momentarily forgot where the light switch was. I had lived there for over 3 years at the time.

Just recently, I also forgot how to turn the shower on in this house. It's not like I don't take showers often enough, why, it's not unusual for me to take a shower once, often twice a year! Three times on leap years.

Ticker said...

I have those occasional......uh,....... Oh whatever!

Scotty said...

To add one more point to all this....

Any day that I DO remember zip up my fly before I leave the house, is now a red letter day!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Had to share this one with my husband, we both related. Sad:(

Z said...


I've had that shower experience, too, scared the H out of me! "How do you shut this thing?"

About 20 years ago, I was almost home, in my car, and didn't recognize a THING in my neighborhood! YIKES!!! weird, isn't it?
Also, weird we're doing a lot of similar posting stuff, huh?!

MK, you're a baby!!! :-) (but REALLY smart! And, as I always tell you at your place, you love America a lot more than most Americans, bless you!)

beamish...too funny, as usual!! :-)

Opus, thanks! She is talented, isn't she.


Thanks for all your comments...glad to know the singer's not alone (and I'm not either!)

P.s. do you ever think "t h e?" is THAT how you spell THE? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Still sharp as a tack

Z said...

Ducky, I'll be the judge of that.

Ducky's here said...

No really, last year I only had to call AAA for two lock outs.

Anonymous said...

I lost my car so often in college that I started tying a big red bow on the antenna. (and I'm NOT the bow type, but it worked!)
The worst is when I go into a new, or unfamiliar building and come out TOTALLY disoriented. I might as well be on Mars!

Anonymous said...

Z, this is hilarious!

Don't worry everyone. When we were 25 and forgot something we just forgot, no big deal.

Now it's, Oh my God I FORGOT! HELP!!

See, it's all a matter of perspective. Relax.

As for you Ducky, are you sure it wasn't AA?

Dr. Pris

Z said...

Jen, you young thing, you make me feel better ! Good idea about tying a bow on the antenna...I can't tell you how many REALLY hot days I wandered for 1/2 hr looking for the white Mustang!

Dr Pris, hilarious! AA!!
And yes, I think we're all so scared of ALzheimer's that there's not much sense of humor when we forget things anymore......of course, back then, WHO THE HECK HAD ALZHEIMER"S? THAT's the scary thing!

David Wyatt said...

wait......what was I going to say?
Never mind..........

(An Emily Litella moment!)

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law was still driving at 90. She seemed just fine, and then one day she drove home with a bag full of groceries, and couldn't remember how to get out of her car. She wound up staying all night in the car, and didn't get out till a neighbor happened by, and rescued her. After that she'd often forget to eat. One day she was discovered passed out on her living room floor - again by neighbors who by now made a point of looking in on her every day. My nephew, who lived two towns away, got wind of it and called us, so we went down to take her home for a "visit." She stayed with us for three years, then finally had to go into a nursing home, because caring for her became a physical impossibility. We took her out to dinner with us once a week, and one of us visited her every day. It was not hard, because she always lighted up like a Christmas tree whenever we came. She may not have made much sense in her last years, but remained chatty and cheerful till the end - three years after she entered the nursing home. Most of the unmates there were not so lucky; they were lucky to get fifteen minutes from their children at Christmas and a plant sent in at Easter, and that was it.


Mark said...

My Mother is 90, and she also still drives. Like Mario Andretti she drives.

Her mind and memory are still pretty much intact, but a few years ago, I wanted to duplicate my mother's homemade chicken pot pie, but I couldn't remember if I was supposed to drain the broth or include it in the pie. She used to make this pie at least every two weeks for us kids for years. If anyone would know it is her. So, I called her and asked her.

Her reply was, "I don't remember ever making that."

I left the broth in. I shouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

Mark, if you drain the broth, season it well, then thicken it with a couple of teaspoons of flour plus or minus whisked in, it should help make a better pie. Sorry i cant give you exact proportions, but if it looks right, it usually is right.

Don't forget as veggies cook they tend to shed water, so a thick creamy broth should help absorb some of that to advantage. Parboiling veggies and draining them well before assembling the pie helps too.

But when all is said and done there's no substitute for a mother's cooking -- at least I've never found one.


Z said...

Ingera, you're prompting me to get my food blog back in gear...mac'n GEEEZ