Thursday, February 24, 2011

Media smear.........look familiar?

Ain't THIS the truth?


foxmuldar said...

Yes its just what the Media tried doing everyday to the tea party folks and those who oppose Obama and his wasteful spending.

beamish said...

I don't get the KKK imagery.

Why would Democrats and the MSM want to try to smear fiscal conservatives as the late leftist "King of Pork / Statesman of the Senate" Robert Byrd and company?

Common Sense said...

Even though I do not belong to any one religion I do believe in a higher power. After listening to something so grand as this.

Politics and World events are just not that important to me. Why? Because I know everything is going to be OK in the end.

Sorry to go off topic but I just wanted to share this.

Everything is going to work out just fine, believe me.

Major said...

The blatant hypocrisy...the lies....the distortion of the MSM is beyond the pale. The obvious hate, derision, the mocking of over 80% of the voting population might give some insight to the goals of the pimps, bastards, whore and scumbags of NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CBS.

I'd be delighted to see that their offices had been reduced to smoking ruins.

We are...WE the fight of our lives against the liars, scum, terrorists that are the DEMRAT....bastards.

Me....OH...I should apologize for these radical turds that call themselves patriots?

Scuze me while I take a Dem_dump. Dems are rotten to the core....POS's that this country will not miss.


Fook the loons. And the drug addicted POS's in control. Let's go...

You need people like me...face it.


Chuck said...

Great cartoon.

Z said...

Common Sense. Thanks for the link, very beautiful.
I know everything's going to be okay because of Scripture, not any religion per se, trust me :-)
I don't think everything's going to be okay on earth, however. I don't see things turning around for the better again.

Z said...

foxmuldar, exactly.

Beamish :-)

Major, we are definitely in the fight of our lives...
The proof is how Obama gets a pass for everything ANY Republican president would have been crucified for in a heart beat...never fails; shows the dishonesty, the pandering, the horrible bias in a one-free country of respecting all opinions. it's a tragedy, really.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Perfect cartoon. Too bad there wasn't someone starting to erase the white wash.

Ducky's here said...

Major, what do we need you for?

Z said...

Ducky, can you show me where Major showed racism so that you had to use that word I had to delete?
You're really not silly enough to think anybody who dares criticize Obama is a racist, are you? :-)

Elmers Brother said...

The unions are nothing more than an arm of the mafia and if they're not tied directly they act like one.

They need busted up like we needed to bust up the Gambinos, and good riddance.

Z said...

Elbro, I think the unions, when they were flourishing and doing some good in the very early days, have made people aware enough about fair salaries, etc, that busting them all up would be a good thing now..

Leticia said...

Cut and dry picture. Says it all.

shoprat said...

Best political toon I've seen in a while.

Elmers Brother said...

My local told me when I joined the company that if I didn't join the union would make my life hell on the workroom floor. Had I known at the time that this was illegal I would never have joined. I thought twould be better not to rock the boat.

So I ask the craft director how to get out of the union and he says he doesn't know. They make it very very difficult. Meanwhile the guys at the top are making beaucoup dinero and I'm on a fixed income thanks to the thugs.

Brooke said...

Just another day in the MSM.

Major said...

"The proof is how Obama gets a pass for everything ANY Republican president would have been crucified for in a heart beat..."

Respectfully Ms. just don't want to say it. So I will for you. It's the Rangel, Waters, Jefferson, Sharpton, Jackson and every other black loon along with Farrakan...and Obama. Ya just can't state the obvious connections.

Here's an example of the simple mindnessess of the shit for brains in the WH....he plays Motown, in the WH in celebration of what? Oh yea..."black" history month. To history month may as well celebrate somali savages victory over a modern Navy.

One...One Ohio class submarine has the fire power to annihilate over 170 targets with nuclear weapons.

One..ONE Los Angeles class sub has enough firepower to render useless...any friggin warship on top of the water or under it.

Yet...we...allow some black savage, barbarians in loin cloths in a raft...with 9mm's or AK's to take over an American vessel and kill 4 American citizens...while the a-hole in chief dances to Motown?

I say..WTF...No WTF.

My Corp...ain't going to go along with this bullshit, pacifist sissy faggot in the WH much longer.

The way me an other Marines see it....the whole damn ribboned sissy chiefs will have to go too.

Hey...just so you know...I'm not loaded...but thousands of us are ready.


Major said...

Where is the strategic "thinking" from the so called boogy, dancing asshole "CIC".

We have a military that can target any somali port that houses these scumbag, criminal, savage barbarians....send in Seals or Airborne killers into any city where these pirates exist....and kill everyone of these "Lucy" walking bastards forever.

Let the real men...the real warriors tell this chicago sheethead....they're in charge now.


Major said...

One more example of the racism that exists spite of the "ONE"....and that blacks are still above the law....

"Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was supposed to have faced trial for ethics violations last year, but the trial was suddenly delayed until after the November 2010 elections.

Waters stands accused of obtaining $12 million in TARP money for the bank OneUnited, on whose board her husband Sidney Williams once sat, and in which he owned more than $350,000 in stock. According to a story by the Washington Post in September of last year, Waters — together with Rep. Barney Frank, (D-MA) who was then the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee — changed a law and obtained the financing..."

Now...let's imagine one WHITE....congressman facing the same charges. The racist bastards...the real terrorists.....the real fascists...are the Dems....especially the privileged black ones.

Major said...

Does this sound like Islime to you?

"Yet every coercive religious group harbors one telltale trait: untoward secrecy. As opposed to a cult, a religious culture ought to be as simple to enter or exit, for members or observers, as any free nation. Members should experience no impediment to relationships, ideas or travel, and the group's finances should be reasonably transparent. Its doctrine need not be conventional—but it should be knowable to outsiders. Absent those qualities, an unorthodox religion can descend into something darker."


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Simple. The left hopes by dropping the race card (yet again) they can stifle debate and get us to STFU.

I tell my students (9th graders) at the beginning of the year that if they claim I'm racist they better be willing to back it up because we'll both be in my boss's office dealing with it. So far nobody has taken me up on the offer.

Z said...

Good one, Vegas Guy.

MK said...

They forgot the nazi symbol, no wait, they've only done half the painting. It's sure to be there.

You know one thing i'm surprised at is that the left haven't tried to paint us and our cries for less taxation and liberal fascism as being anti-jewish as well. Perhaps they realize how stupid they'd look, more than usual.