Friday, February 4, 2011

Knives to school........okay for some?

A Detroit-area district says it's allowing Sikh students to wear a small, religious dagger to school, reports.
The decision by the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools reverses a ban put in place in December after a fourth-grader at a Canton Township elementary school was found with a dull, 3- to 5-inch kirpan.
The kirpan represents a commitment to fight evil in the Sikh tradition. The dagger is a religious symbol that baptized Sikh males are expected to carry.
The principal initially let the boy keep the kirpan, but the school board instituted a ban because of parental concerns and conflicts with the district's rules against bringing weapons to school.
The Detroit Free Press and WXYZ-TV report that under the new guidelines, kirpans meeting certain criteria will be allowed for Sikh students. 

Z: OH, well, it's for religious purposes!! You understand, of course, that a teacher at Santa Monica High School was told to take a cross off because some of the students found it offensive.  And, you'll remember from various stories in December how any song  with "Jesus" in the lyrics, at many a public school, is banned.   And, we can't have little boys carrying play guns because that teaches them to be violent!  But, a KNIFE, a 'dull' commitment to fight evil, is okay if it meets "certain criteria?"  Like WHAT? can't be carried by a Christian or Jewish child? (Not that I think kids carrying knives of any sort is a good idea)
Here's what happens to THOSE kids...(From, 2007)  "When I saw this headline I did a double take, because I thought I’d posted this story months ago. It turned out that I had, sort of, only that case back in August concerned a boy in Arizona who’d sketched a very blocky gun with a trigger lock on it. He got suspended. The kid in this New Jersey case didn’t even go that far — he just sketched a toy. And got suspended.
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beamish said...

I went to school with people who weren't above stabbing with pencils or dropping their mass of keys down in a sock and clubbing someone with it.

And then there were the students...


Karen Howes said...

Well, so much for zero tolerance!

So will Muzzies be able to carry machetes. After all, they're part of THEIR religion...

Joe Conservative said...

Apparently, the "free exercise" clause only applies to minority religions. The fears inherent in the "establishment" clause appear only to be serving as a "check" only upon the Christian majority, not other religious minorities.

I think that the Jews at that school should now demand that they be allowed to carry handguns...

Scotty said...


As I remember back in my school days when we carried firearms in our cars (often openly displayed) in the school parking lots, during the prime time of whatever hunting season was taking place.....

Always On Watch said...

Recently, a student in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, was expelled for using what amounts to a pea shooter. See the story HERE. The school has justified its decision according to zero tolerance.

Joe Conservative said... the days BNS, Scotty?

(Before the Nanny State)

Like with national health Care, how can you pick "winners" and "losers" unless you make universal edicts (like banning weapons)... and then grant specific "exceptions"?

Anonymous said...

Some years ago I was flying to Hong Kong from San Francisco, the flight being held up for mechanical problems (makes one feel good to know that!). On the flight were quite a few Sikhs, & I couldn't help but wonder where the knives were, as they are such a part of their religious tradition.

I guess in this country you can demand & get anything as long as you claim its part your 'religious tradition', & you're a 'minority' or a foreigner, legal or otherwise. The motto is now becoming 'Screw the Americans'. Please excuse the vulgarity, but it makes me very angry.


Anonymous said...

More evidence The West is on a big suicide kick. bending over backwards to accommodate dark foreign elements while insulting, berating and punishing our natural white Christian majority for being themselves is a sign that we've rotted from within, and are ripe for conquest.

Sick! Sick! Sick!


cube said...

If you institute a moronic zero tolerance policy for a school, the least you can do is apply it fairly and across the board. No ememptions for religious reasons. Period.

That said, many innocuous items can be made into weapons. I went to public school in Manhattan and there was no shortage of bratty boys whose behavior the teachers didn't control to my satisfaction.

There were many such cases in my background, but one in particular involved my attaching, with wire, a tack onto a plastic pen. When this ne particular boy bothered me again, I was ready with my "weapon" and I stuck him in the back as he was running away.

He moved on to bother other girls, but he never, ever bothered me again.

Anonymous said...

Fingers can used to poke out eyes. they are also instruments of offensive touching.

I guess the only way to avoid trouble in schools and elsewhere is to have everyone's fingers cut off at the second knuckle joint.

The world is INSANE.


Anonymous said...

Actiolex, they may whip the liberal North East & the wacko Left Coast with ease, but I don't recommend crossing the Mason-Dixon line where the good ol' boys live. A lot of the folks down here hunt to eat by choice, & they would love the variety for target practice. Most of us have rifles, shotguns, & handguns in our vehicles because we always need something for getting rid of snakes & other varmints.


Z said...

SilvrLady, I had many friends who worked in a large Arab hospital under a management contract; they got plenty of time off to travel and did a lot of it...
They said every flight included muslim women going into the bathroom cloaked in robes and coming out in adorable Chanel suits and shoes! And makeup :-) I guess if they're not compliant that's their choice...and if Sikh's don't want to carry the instruments they must have for their religions, that's their choice.
SO WHY THE KIDS, and WHY TO SCHOOL?, right? :-)

beamish....I can imagine a teacher wanting to stab you with a pencil :-)

Karen, imagine?

Hi, JOe Con: so true...we're letting minorities get more rights and more entitlements than we have AND we're paying for them in many cases.
An LA Times writer, of Guatemalan descent, just wrote about how anchor baby fears are only a Conservative plot to get people to hate Hispanics....quoted the 14th amendment completely incorrectly and made a very good, very deceitful case for Anchor Babies...unbelievable. The comments, by the way, even here in LA and some by admitted Democrats, were OUTRAGED !! "What do you mean there's no fear of Anchor Babies!?" I was said "I'm just out of college and sick and tired of liars printing information like yours..." :-)
Today, the left can say ANYTHING and they'll get printed...and that's what's helping along this anti-Christian awful thing that's VERY dangerous to our country, in my never-to-be humble opinion.!!

Scotty, REALLY? THose were the days! in Manhattan!? My girlfriend said she was constantly being put upon by guys not nice ways! Good for you with making your own weapon. Today, you'd be in trouble, and their actions would be explained away

Z said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Z, I've heard about the Muslim ladies changing garments mid-flight for fashionable ones. The first time I heard of it was during the first Irag war regarding some Saudi bigwig travelling with some of his women. I thought it was hysterical & somewhat hypocritical.


RedWood said...

"I think that the Jews at that school should now demand that they be allowed to carry handguns..."

I agree...I think that the IMI / IWI Jericho 941 / Baby Desert Eagle pistol is a particularly appropriate choice for Jews to carry.

RedWood said...

"So will Muzzies be able to carry machetes"

You mean scimitars? Of course not...they favor IED'S AND STRAP ON BOMBS...everyone knows that.

RedWood said...

"snakes & other varmints.!!!!"

Varmits...I take as muslims! Will we need to have a permit issued to hunt them?

Anonymous said...

Adopting a mandatory uniform dress code in the schools would go a long way towards achieving sensible, acceptable standards of equality.

Schools should no be "democratic." They should be authoritarian, because children -- and especially adolescents -- are incapable of setting sensible, workable standards for themselves.

Also rich kids wouldn't be able to make poorer kids feel bad or incite envy and malice by swanning around in expensive, trendy 'designer' clothes.

If anyone insists on looking different, because of "religious" reasons, tell 'em that public education is not open o them, and they will have to take the consequences of being illiterate and uninformed.

If Christians are to be effectively persecuted and discriminated against for wearing crosses, reading from the Bible, praying in public, and enjoying traditional Christmas music and Christmas decorations in public spaces, the NO religious symbols or outward and visible religious garb, symbols or customs should be permitted ANYONE, except in the strict confines of their homes and houses of worship.


Anonymous said...

Christian parents should get together, and agree all their children will wear crosses to school. They don't need knives or guns to make a point.

If a large number of children wear crosses, the school would have a problem suspending all of them, and the parents should be ready to back up this effort.

The schools want separation of church and state? Ok then, it's that, or not. No exceptions. It's time to peacefully resist and fight back. It's long past time to rock the boat!


Anonymous said...

Redwood, you don't need a hunting license for snakes, rats, armadillos, etc. Duck season just closed & I think deer season, except, maybe, bow hunting is over, too. You make up your own mind re varmints.

What I don't understand is if the Muslims can't drink, then how come they can sell booze? They have several of the convenience stores here & boy do they sell the hooch!

Whe 9-11 happened a friend told me her gardiner went in to one of the convenience stores to buy his lunch & the store owner was in there just exulting about the disasters. Something to the effect of, 'We got your President!'. Makes one feel all warm & fuzzy.


Leticia said...

I posted on this on Facebook and my blog. This is way too important to ignore and the MSM have not said one word about it.

I got the information from Christian radio.

This is outrageous. Enough is enough

beamish said...

beamish....I can imagine a teacher wanting to stab you with a pencil :-)

Nah, they preferred a wooden paddle (pre-ban) and after school detention and / or solitary confinement (post-ban) ;)

I did witness a fight between a student and a vice-principal. Student lunged, wildly swinging, and the vice-principal knocked him straight the hell out with the most graceful right cross I've ever seen.

No lawsuits resulted, either.

RedWood said...

From VDH...who nailed this problem here:

"Multiculturalism is a form of political and historical ignorance.

The multiculturalist is an ahistorical fool, who confuses the cultural periphery with the core. Thus the United States is enriched by “multicultural” music, food, fashion, art, and literature from a Mexico or Kenya or Egypt. Fine, wonderful, all the better.

But one, in the spirit of “diversity,” does not wish to embrace the Mexican judiciary, the Kenyan economic system, or the Arab attitude to women.

Multiculturalism is a fraud of sorts, as the activist who wears the serape to campus never quite agitates for adopting the protocols of the Mexican police or the Mexico City elite’s approach to Indian peoples.

We do not see signs blaring out: “We want Nigerian speech codes,” “Treat women as they do in Saudi Arabia,” “Look to the Iranians for gay rights,” “Arabs had the right idea about slavery,” etc.

When I do radio talk show interviews, usually the harshest U.S. critics are transplanted Middle Easterners who in their furor at American foreign policy never quite explain why they left and do not go back to places that they now idolize — as if the economic, political, and cultural protocols they enjoy here would appear in Gaza or Yemen like dandelions after a rain if it were not for U.S. imperialism.

MK said...

We can all see the double standards, i hope the parents of the other kids take a stand and fight the spineless cretins masquerading as the school board