Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama's Recruiting for "his movement" ?


A Conservative friend sent me this information from a Rightwing site which was far less condemnatory than the L.A. Times is above in that link, which stunned me big time.  The L.A. Times (as all of you know, it's highly leftist but it's been forced to go toward a decent center due to SO many cancellations over the last 10 years or so) includes this:

The community organizer who became president has launched a massive pre-reelection year campaign to assemble and train an army of new community organizers to carry Obama's "movement forward for years to come."  Strengthening "our democracy" presumably has something to do with reelecting the revered leader in 2012.   

and this:

The message about what it calls the "Summer Organizing Fellowship" adds: "Effective organizing doesn't happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, time, and hard work to build a movement around a cause." It does not specify what the "cause" is, other than promoting Obama and his agenda.

Hold onto your hat for THIS last sentence in the article:
No mention of an Obama organizer flag, uniform -- or salute.

Yes, it sure does look like Obama's gearing up to have community organizers all over America doing his bidding; getting him elected in '12, carrying on his liberal policies for.........ever?  "Forwarding HIS MOVEMENT?"   Sounds like a big pile of 'movement' to me, believe me :-) (sorry, I couldn't resist)

NOW, check outd just 3 of the comments from liberal Los Angeles:

This scares the crap out of me. Our revered leader is acting more dangerous to our republic with each passing day.    
What does this mean exactly? Briefing people on how to collect extra welfare and food stamps? Hiding illegals from the feds? Using taxpayer money to kill babies? Facilitating voter fraud? Striving for the unattainable socialist utopia that can never and has never worked anytime in human history?
Just wondering...   
Great, more Marxists.

Yes, my lefty commenters will pull the writer apart because it's more comfortable than addressing the point of the post but please TRY to address yourselves to the FACT that the L.A. Times printed this.  TRY.



Always On Watch said...

No mention of an Obama organizer flag, uniform -- or salute.


I noted that unflattering Mussolini-like photo of Obama in the article in the LA Times.

I wonder how my Obamabot stepfather-in-law feels about Obama now? Back when BHO got elected, my stepfather-in-law stated: "This is the beginning of a bright and shining time for America."

Yeah, my stepfather-in-law is a Leftist.

Ticker said...

Re-election or takeover? Has the ME been a "practice session", a study in unrest gearing up for someday soon?

Obama spoke of forming a a "civilian national security force" that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force have mysteriously disappeared from published transcripts of the speech.

In the comments, Obama confirmed the U.S. "cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set."

Community Organizers, Union Thugs, Black Panthers all building to his "Civilian National Security Force" CNFS, kinda rings doesn't it?

Chuck said...

Just what we need, more damned community organizers.

Opus #6 said...

Thank goodness people are seeing through Obama now. This story is heartening.

Can't Obama just use the Americorps kids? Ooops. That got defunded. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Achtung! Sig Heil, Nobama! Remember those little school kids in Florida chanting praise for Obama. Next. they'll try having people turn in their friends & neighbors.

What the Hell won't they try?!? An arrogance beyond belief.


Ducky's here said...

Ah, Andrew Malcolm, the Times' house conservative is at it again.

He's L.A.s equivalent of the Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby. Delirium passing for informed commentary.

Ducky's here said...

...does Andrew still write speeches for Pickles Bush?

Z said...

Ducky, here's my last paragraph "Yes, my lefty commenters will pull the writer apart because it's more comfortable than addressing the point of the post"

See, reading them would help you embarrass yourself less, don't you think? Not sure who pickles bush is but whoever wrote his speeches did a very good job.

AOW...some 'bright and shining time', huh.

Ticker, good point..diminish the armed services and build his own bunch of community thugs. man.

Chuck and OPus...I wonder if people really are waking up? The comments were amazing, there were plenty more than those I printed on my post...not ONE on O's side. In LA. amazing.

SilvrLady, VERY arrogant indeed...what else is new? Even Clinton didn't reach THIS depth of conceit.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to look at the comments at the end of the article. Some very angry readers I would say. They never should have let this leak so soon. I never thought I would thank the L.A. Times for anything.

I am so sick & tired of seeing that photo showing his arrogant face with that chin up in the stratosphere. Where is the commenter from an earlier thread about all wonderful things he's accomplished?

AOW, please keep us posted on your S-FIL's sentiments about his hero now. The Duck may be one of the recruiters.

As for uniforms, I'll bet his favorite color is brown.


Ducky's here said...

Pickles = Laura

beamish said...

This could never happen in America. We'd need an entrenched labor movement founded on mob violence and terror bombing first.


cube said...

AOW mentioned her stepfather-in-law, well I have an uncle who was a diehard Obama lover. I wonder how he feels about him now, but he's not speaking to me. I guess seeing the signed Christmas card from the Bushes drove him over the edge.

cube said...

It will not be easy to beat Obama in 2012. Anyone who thought there wouldn't be tons of voter fraud is deluding themselves. We must gird our loins and get down to the business of beating these frauds.

Anonymous said...

Obama's voters will come out in droves as they will be told how prejudiced people are against the poor black community organizer. Blacks, 95% of whom will only vote color, union members, welfare lovers, wacked-out liberals, idiot students whose way is being paid by Mumsy & Daddums, their coddled ivory tower professors, illegal immigrants with papers bought in places like Mc Arthur Park in Los Angeles, brain-dead Democrats who can only see one way, convicts, etc., etc, ad nauseam. I'm hoping that the Jewish people have awakened to that fact that he is not Israel's friend in any way, since they were a major voting block for him last time.

With his 'movement' of organizers, thugs, & robots I wonder how many polling places will be guarded by the New Black Panther Party members swinging clubs?

I also can't help but ask, since he thinks that our Constitution is such an outmoded document, will he try to overturn the 2 term limit? Nothing he does can surprise me. Horrify me, yes, but surprise me, no.

You know the phrase 'boots on the ground'. With him it might be 'jackboots on the ground'.


RNC Scab said...

Some things never change... the president's political ideology being merely one such thing.

Thersites said...

His followers, another.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

It's pretty sad that there's actually no such thing as a leftist that is capable of rational thought, and there never has been.

It's violence violence violence kill kill kill all the time for them and their "eternal struggle," whether they're seeking to increase the already insanely high number of abortions in the world to just slapping around a woman they disagree with.

I hate to impugn motives and suggest that the left is all about destroying the United States in the most violent way possible, but history makes this trend crystal clear enough to not dismiss them as just blithering idiots.

Anyone who has ever voted for a Democrat is, unwittingly or deliberately, serving a cause to destroy America in a wave of senseless violence.

Scratch a leftist, find a psycho.

Leticia said...

I am reading the Left Behind series for the 2nd time and Obama sounds like a Potentate.

We should be concerned. He is behaving more and more like a dictator than a civil employee of the US.

It should scare and bother a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I remember saying when Obama was elected, "it feels like a coup has taken place".

Here came this man no one really knew, who rose from nowhere to the top, in blinding speed.

Yet from the beginning, he had stadiums full of screaming, adoring supporters.

Now we can surmise that those crowds were union workers, different leftist groups, clueless youth and hangers on, all orchestrated to have an hypnotic, emotional effect on the electorate. With the media swooning at every stop in the campaign along the way.

These people will stop at nothing to gain and keep their power. That's already a given. The law doesn't matter, the American people don't matter, and the welfare of the country doesn't matter.

Everyone here, except for Ducky, is spot on.

"Obama spoke of forming a a "civilian national security force" that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force have mysteriously disappeared from published transcripts of the speech."

Ticker, you hit the nail on the head with this statement. I remember that speech, and have been concerned about it ever since.

To me, what is planned, is a full out revolution. It's already begun. Anarchy from the top down is taking place as we speak, and anarchy from the bottom up through organizing and thuggery.

Our country is at stake.


Z said...

I recommend you ALL read new commenter RNC SCAB's link about an ex Marxist friend of Obama's during college and hear about the revolution Obama was planning for in the early eighties with his rich Pakistani friend he lived with. Quite revealing..not too surprising but worrisome.


Ducky, that's a good point in Morton's favor; Laura Bush always spoke with dignity and truth, thanks for telling us that, I didn't know he'd written for her.
Obama's for FORTY guys working on his speeches...that's pretty amazing, isn't it!

Pris, I think what we all have to start realizing is that the Left is bent on REVOLUTION, that America isn't a country they can stand anymore.
I just talked to a parking attendant at my favorite restaurant around here..he's from Ethiopia and a very smart guy, very honorable. He said that he can't believe all the regulars who come to the restaurant in the most luxurious cars, great jobs, living in gorgeous Santa Monica, who say they HATE this country..constantly talking with him about how horrible we are. Even I was surprised, believe it or not. Someone who comes from Ethiopia really just can't quite understand it...I felt quite embarrassed, tell you the truth, embarrassed of my own countryman.

Cube, that CHristmas card story is SO GREAT :-) GOOD FOR YOU!
WHen I see Obama suck-up cards at the car wash (or anti BUsh), I turn the cover to the back! I do that at bookstores, too. just turn the cover around.

Anonymous said...

Her Black Widow Spider dress at the start was a sign of things to come. No wonder I have arachniphobia.

What will they do for their Kristallnacht pogrom, & whom will they blame? Or where will their version of the Reichstag Fire be held? I'm very much afraid for our great land.


shoprat said...

The overwhelming negative reaction to this is heartening. I hope the Obamaniacs are reading them thoughtfully.

beamish said...

Like they read the overwhelming negative reaction to Obamacare before they jammed it down our throats, Shoprat?

I propose a different movement. a counter-movement. Call it the 535 by 2017 Movement.

By 2017, we can remove every Democrat from the legislative branch of the federal government and replace them with... anyone but them.

Major said...

"we can remove every Democrat from the legislative branch of the federal government and replace them with... anyone but them."

Nice idea....lets rescue the Liberian savior?
At least he reacts to the opposition.

Z said...

Shoprat, I hope so, too...the comments were pretty condemnatory!

Beamish....2017? We won't make it that long.

Major...we're in big trouble, aren't we.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Duckling, every time I think you can't go any lower you go and prove me wrong.

You can't even name Laura Bush properly?

You're a slimy son of a b**** and why you're still allowed to pollute this blog is really beyond me.

Z said...

art guy....YOU try to stop him.

beamish said...

In 2012, we can remove every Democrat from the House of Representatives, and 23 Democrats from the Senate.

That's how it starts. We can wipe the remaining Democrats out of the House of Representatives in the next election. We have to wait out the Democrat Senators terms of office.

By 2017, we'd have had the opportunity to vote out every Democrat Senator currently in office.

It's time to get serious about the problem. It's time to remove the Democratic Party from national politics.

Ticker said...

Z, the comments on building a civilian national security force .... disappeared for a long time after he made the speech. When it reappeared it was a watered down version. If it back in the original form it is because some blogger has posted it. Hopefully it is. I haven't looked. I took the quotes from my blogs written in 09/10.

Z said...

I hope so, Beamish.

Ticker, so many things like that have disappeared. I guess when you're in bed with GOogle, etc., you can pull anything you like.

I have had CNN on a lot this morning looking for coverage of the Saudi terror suspect in TX; I haven't caught any at all yet....Suzanne Malvaux had a piece coming on, tho, talking about "How Khadafi MANIPULATES THE MEDIA" and I couldn't help wondering how she could say that with a guiltless, straight face. I didn't watch the story.

FOX, of course, has covered the Saudi story...again telling the world about the chemical company which discovered what he was doing ( I personally think it's STUPID STUPID STUPID to tell what led us to terrorists..SHUT UP and maybe the next jerk will do the same thing and get it is now, they know to be even more careful in regard to where they buy the chemicals...this really ticks me off)..anyway, FOX is carrying that story and I couldn't help but think this about the left, which laughs when the Right discusses coming terrorism in America:

I sat there thinking they must think "FOX showed the Saudi story, that guy can't be a terrorist." :-)

Anonymous said...

It isn't the leftness or the rightness, it's the belligerence, and the attempts to win by intimidation.