Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Faith Blog

This might be only the second joke I've featured on my Sunday Faith Blog...I couldn't resist this one.....Enjoy!:

This is a hoot, but I suspect the minister didn't appreciate it.

A minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, 
'If I had all the beer in the
world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.' 

With even greater emphasis he said, 
'And if I had
All the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he
'And if I had all the whiskey
in the world,
I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

Sermon complete, he sat down..

The song leader stood very cautiously
and announced
With a smile, nearly laughing, 'For our closing song,
Let us sing 
Hymn #365, 'Shall We Gather at the River.' 

Smile, life is too short not to!
See you at the river.
  "You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound." Psalms 4:8   Thanks, God!


beamish said...

I'll drink to that.


BB-Idaho said...

So..that explains Minnesota's Rum River ....

Ticker said...

AMEN Sister!! Sing that last verse just one more time!!!

christian soldier said...

which river an at what time!

christian soldier said...

BTW- Linked this-too funny not to pass on!

Anonymous said...

Let's go fishing!


shoprat said...


Anonymous said...

Put a smile on my face! Thanks.

Karen Howes said...

LOL, very cute, Z. :-) I'd want to gather there too if it contained all the booze in the world...

Anonymous said...

Hi Beamish and Frogburger;

I missed your replies last night, and I don't know if Zin will permit me to continu the discussion of CHINA and Islamism, here

As you know, we have 9 hours of DECALAGE HORRAIRES between you and here.


Catherine Barry said...

~Smiling~ Very cute one!

Ducky's here said...

"Why Mr. Jimson, in your condition you should be praying not laughing.

Same thing, Mother."

-- Joyce Cary, The Horses Mouth

Z said...

SAM, the time difference is a problem, but go ahead!

Ducky, I like that very much. I think God would to, if I might be so bold :-)

Leticia said...

Salud! Lol!!

Anonymous said...


J'ai quelque chose de tres important a vous dire,

Comment je fais?


Z said..., SAM.

J'espere que c'est bien!!

Z said...

Dite mois, s.v.p, quand tu ecrit...parceque je ne vu pas tres souvant cette address...merci!

Anonymous said...


I was delighted by reading your comment, I couldn't say better, I agree 100% with your answer.

The reason why I'm so pleased by your answer is that, I have 4 members of my family who were killed by this regime.

But, the reason why I didn't said what you said, is that, I know the solution of Islamism, and I know how to up-root this lethal threat for the whole humanity.

Islamism (Or as you said, Islam on power) is like AIDS, but we have the MEDICINE to cure it.

You will ask, so what, if you have the MEDICINE and you can CURE the AIDS (Islam who governs and has an political and social structure) and you don't like it, why you don't apply your method to remove it?

If you are there, come in please, to continue the discussion.


Z said...

SAM...I emailed FrogBurger to see if he's around..
let's see! :-)

Anonymous said...

hello again beamish;

What you said was exact till 3 years ago,
today China had passed over your economy, they have no deficit, while you have to pay for more than 45 years your deficit.

You are absolutely right on 26 to one, BUT, the wealth of 1,2 billions of Chinese is in the pocket of less than 10,000 rulers, while, your 14 trillion of debt is the efforts of 45 years of all the Americans.

So, Those 10,000 Chinese GOVERN their wealth, and invest their wealth in the US and all around the world, they buy the key industries in the EU and US and shut them down and extract your HOW TO MAKE and copy very badly your patents (All my Patents were transferred to the USPTO) without paying the royalties.

Each day, they add to their wealth, while you the Americans who were the most wealthy, you are paying your tremendous debt.

About the PATENTS and Electronics and Energy, I know something, and I can argue with more credibility.


FrogBurger said...

Hi Sam,

I don't have a cure. All i know is that the welfare state is a tool used by Islam *radicals* to destroy Europe. And Europe is also to blame.

There's a current debate on multiculturalism. I am not in the ones who think it's impossible. Saying it hasn't worked is not looking at the root of the problem: the welfare state which prevents prosperity has balkanized countries, like it's balkanizing the US as well. If muslim immigrants from Northern Africa or Pakistan had jobs in Europe and could prosper, the question would not be asked. The question was never asked when Algerians came to France in the 60s to work in factories, while Polish and Portuguese were also coming.

Prosperity and jobs are the response. There's no way around.

"Le travail eloigne de nous 3 grands mots: l'ennui, le vice, et le besoin" said Voltaire.
Instead we have political parties who have enslaved those people through freebies to create an electoral market.

Stop the welfare state for everybody. Get people back to work. They'll be too busy to go to mosques and they'll feel better about themselves. They'll understand their religion, whatever it is, with more enlightenment.

Simple solution.

Anonymous said...


Occuper les un-alphabet Muslims, as you suggest is a tactical solution, like an ASPIRINE for a MAL de TETE.

What I was telling, is to up-root the Islamism, this is important.

FrogBurger said...

And how do you uproot when you have disenfranchised people who have been raised by socialist and lefties who strive on the victim mindset that they can prove with high unemployment numbers?

Anonymous said...


The Muslims were in the ME and Africa from 1400 years till now;

And Up-rising for better life, is not for the sole Muslims.

The Question is to stop the recovery of the Misery by the RELIGION (Islam in our question).

Because, ISLAMIC CHARITY is not Christian Charity.


And all the Ayatollahs funding will result on terrorism, or SHARIA LAWS at it's most democratic condition.

I mean that, Political Islam wants to create his universal KALIFAT, they will introduce the 9/11 's or they will participate on the democratic elections to take the seats in the parliaments.

Common Sense said...

This is a test, only a test.

Anonymous said...


Avez vous re├žu mon message?


David Wyatt said...

Good 'un Z! Kinda reminds me of the church bulletin that gave the hymn numbers, then had a note that said, "Congregation standing." Just below it was the pastor's sermon title, "What Are You Standing For?"

Yep, yours is better! God Bless you Z!

Z said...

Common Sense, very cool avatar there!

Sam, oui...I wrote back.

David, glad you like it...I like yours, too!

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...


China has not surpassed America's economy.

Think of China as a company in which America owns 75% of the stock. Chinese investment isn't improving China. American investment is.

Keep in mind that America still has much wealth in private hands. American assets (property, stocks, bonds, etc.) are worth over 60 Trillion dollars. Our liabilities (bills, debt obligations, etc) are something like 15 Trillion dollars.

Yes, at current income (GDP), our liabilities levels would take 45 years to pay off, but, with our current assets (60+ Trillion) plus what we add to that annually through economic growth, minus our annual liabilites (15 Trillion) we're still at 45 Trillion in private hands. Right now our problem is that our liabilities (debt and deficits) are starting to overtake our income (GDP). WE still have 3 solutions:

1. Cut spending so that our liabilities fall beneath our income so that our assets grow in value.

2. Liquidate our assets (sell off properties to foriegn nations, raise taxes) to cover the shortfall between what we earn and what we must pay in liabilities

#1 is the Republican solution, #2 is the Democrat solution.

I probably don't have to tell you that #1 lets America keep her acquired wealth and continue to add to it, while #2 bleeds our wealth away.

Regardless, China would not loan money to any nation they don't believe could pay it back. Nobody is that stupid, except of course, the United States.

beamish said...

er, 2 solutions..

Z said...

Beamish, I think you are the only person on the planet who thinks our debt to China isn't the threat others do.

beamish said...

Take our debt to China and subtract our annual trade deficit over the years with China from it.

We don't owe China jack.