Saturday, February 5, 2011


Please go to Mac'n GeeeZ, which I may be putting in full force again (or half force, which would be a step in the right direction after so much time off!).......tell us (here or there)
And, tell us which team you're rooting for in my post below!  Thanks..


Brooke said...

Is there anything other than Totinos Pizza Rolls, kettle chips, stove-top popcorn, nachos and salsa (one for each quarter, see) and cold, cold soda?

The question is, what's for dessert?

FrogBurger said...

I like making my own chicken wings. This time I may make some fried okras.

Debbie said...

I will be supporting the Packers. The quarterback for the Steelers is a skunk.

Not sure what I will cook, we are not having any company, just the two of us. Maybe my 4 cheese mac-and-cheese.

Right Truth

Elmers Brother said...

I'm eating either some Heineken or Guiness

Anonymous said...

"I'm eating either some Heineken or Guiness"

Elbro, well, it is filling, right?

Z, it'll just be the two of us, so if I'm lucky, Mr. Pris will pick us up a couple of submarine sandwiches.


beamish said...

I made a big ol' mess of teriyaki beef stir fry... enough for the leftovers to marinade and be even more awesome tomorrow.

Wasn't thinking about Super Bowl food at the time, but there it is.

David Wyatt said...

Is Super Bowl Food really good food served in a bowl??

Z said...

Beamish, enjoy!

David, only if it's a really SUPER bowl......stay away from bowls of GATORS! But the SUGAR bowl might be okay!!

My sis is at the SUper Bowl, can't wait to hear about it!

FrogBurger said...

Tell your sis I'm jealous. It's my dream since I was 18 in France to go to a SB.

Z said...

FB..friends of theirs said "Come to Dallas with us" and they figured that would be fun, then they realized the friends were going to the SB and said "Well, we'll hang out and have a great weekend and .." and the friends said "No! We have tickets for YOU, TOO!" Imagine? SHe fell into it!

FrogBurger said...

Geez, makes me even more jealous. I wish I had friends like this :)

beamish said...

off topic, but of interest:

News from my sister in Cairo...

Something you WON'T see on TV between dipshit pundits and Anderson Cooper whining about getting punched in the head:

The protest in Egypt is over food prices and government corruption, and cuts across class lines. Rich, middle class, poor, educated, illiterate, Muslim and Christian are participating in the revolt. Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is part of it, but their actual role is negligible. This is a secular uprising.

Prisoners released on the streets were released by Mubarak, and paid to attack the protesters.

The general feeling is that if the protesters leave the square, status quo will return and the leaders of the revolt will be disappeared, never to be heard from again. That is why the protesters are holding the square. They're not going to give it up.

During this past Friday's prayers, as the Muslims prostrated and prayed in the square. THE CHRISTIANS locked arms together and encircled them, forming a human barricade to defend them from attack by pro-Mubarak forces and mercenaries.

And you though Friday's news was all about Anderson Cooper's noggin.

Anonymous said...

Beamish, I'm glad you heard from your sister. So, I take it she's safe? I do hope so.

The info is interesting, btw. There's no telling yet how all this will shake out. All we can do is hope for the best. It's a dicey situation to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting news from your sister in Cairo, Beamish. Setting aside trivialities like poor, silly Anderson Cooper, whatever influential forces are in play always seem to want to twist our understanding of crises like this in order to promote whatever "agenda" the influential forces happen to favor.

The saying used to be, "All I know is what I read in the papers."

YEAH! And ain't it a shame?

The truth is hardly ever as simple as we'd like it to be and rarely anything we could correctly guess or surmise.

Hope your sister still wants to leave Egypt and come back to the USA -- and that she's able to return safely -- unless she really has found happiness there. Glad you're able to talk with each other in any case.

~ FreeThinke

Always On Watch said...

Interesting information about the uprising in Egypt.

I do worry that what may start as a secular uprising could move, covertly, in the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood grabbing power -- maybe not immediately, though.

Anonymous said...

Bowls of typical Super Bowl Goodies may be tasty, but they'd give me Super Bad Bowels. ;-)

Trouble is that once you start you can't stop eating that stuff till it's gone -- and then you want more and more.

Dick Cheney's rooting for the Packers -- just found that out on C-Span. I love Cheney's modest, low-key style, dry wit and pointed sarcasm towards the left. Neat guy!

~ FreeThinke

FrogBurger said...

Glad your sis is safe, Beamish.

Anonymous said...

Free Thinke, I've loved Dick Cheney ever since I first became aware of him during the first Gulf War. He shoots straight from the hip, no dancing around a question or opinion. His polar opposite is that pitifool useless idjut, Bobbie-baby Gibbs. I wish Cheney well.

Made a pot roast yesterday with lots of red wine, so maybe roast beef sandwiches tonight.

Go Packers!


Elmers Brother said...

Where is our Sunday faith post?

WomanHonorThyself said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a baked potato with sour cream?..ha

Ticker said...

I'm fixing Ticker's Chicken Tortilla soup with the side fixins.


Anonymous said...

ElBro, Brooke recommended Killian's Irish Red to me a long time ago, and she was right!

Forget that nasty Guinness... :P

Glad your sis is alright, beamish. I had heard that story about Christians protecting Muslims during prayer. So awesome.

Anonymous said...

oops, Guiness.

Hey ElBro, here's to the Steelers!
I have a bet with the Mr., so I'm now a Steeler's fan. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Here's a VERY interesting story on the "birther" business:

Check it out, and see what you think.


Elmers Brother said...

Lillian's red is good. Ever try Alaskan Amber

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'm taking the easy way out and ordering pizza from our local spot. They make a GREAT combo pizza with lots of meats. They're not skimpy with the product!



Z said...

SilvrLady, glad to hear you said SANDWICHES.....a rule of mine is it has to be FOOTBALL FOOD. No potroast allowed :-)

Beamish, my instinct and what I heard was this was all about secular situations,...economy, jobs, etc. Actually, that was mentioned a lot more in the beginning in the coverage then petered off when American media decided it has to be a muslim thing. That ticks me off.
I heard from an Arab specialist this morning who's there that, maximum, 30% of the Egyptians would support the Mus. Brotherhood in an election tomorrow. That's the amount I'd have thought is the radical muslim bunch in most of the Arab countries so that makes sense to me.
God Willing, the Egyptians don't let go of the square, that the REMEMBER what the Christians did (I saw them holding CROSSES in the air), and a real secular democracy reigns.

Bad news is that my girlfriend who got out a day before the trouble started counted "at least 150 burqas" so I want to take back what I'd suggested on another post that one doesn't see them much in Cairo. She did. And, now, I'm seeing them in tv coverage, too.
I've felt good about this uprising for the last few days, the strangest calm, and I'm not prophet or ANYTHING like that, but I've wondered why. I'm hoping I am sensing something positive is going to come of it.
Of course, I could be ALL WRONG. but I hope not.

Elbro, look for my Sunday Faith Blog, you'll find it :-)



Jen, it IS awesome, isn't it, to see that? Delighted me...what a wonderful signal of Christianity that is....what a very precious moment...

Z said...

OOPS! Elbro, this is the first time I set the blog correctly and it didn't post at midnight!

Sorry! I thought it was here...NOW it is...I hope you're blessed by my Sunday Faith Blog, late or not :-)

Anonymous said...

I've never tried Alaskan amber. I'll have to look for that.
Right now I have some Dos Equis and it's pretty good.

Ever had Shiner 99? Shiner Blonde?

And it's from Texas!!

beamish said...

Well, Egypt is an alien planet. My sister's husband is a civil engineer that was working out of the country in Saudi Arabia when his company went out of business and so he's stranded there and can't fly home to Egypt to be with my sister, and the school my sister teaches at in Egypt is closed due to the protests and violence. My parents are preparing to find a way to get my sister out of there but communication is difficult. Egypt has ALWAYS been an internet bottle neck, the totalitarian government there shutting down internet and cell phone services doesn't help. Food is through the roof expensive there, IF you can find it. My sister thought it was a miracle to find a loaf of bread, much less one she could afford. Throw making sense out of the window. Never enters the equation.

Simply put, being in Egypt while you're broke has got to suck.

My sister is okay for now, but I sense she's as stubborn as ever (it runs in the family) so she's not going to try to get out of there or ask for help to get out of there until there's absolutely no lemons to make lemonade with. She'd mop the ceilings of a sinking submarine before giving up, I'm afraid.

I'll try to get more reports from her while I'm trying to talk her into grabbing the lifeline my parents are tossing out to get her out of there. I've offered to let her come stay with me, even brought up that there's a mosque down the street from my place that she can attend if she wants. Next to a bread store!

If I had hair, I'd have already tore it out.

Thanks everyone, for continued prayer and support.

Z said...

Beamish, more prayers continuing...she sounds like a pistol!

Your first reports made me hope she'd had enough of Islam AND Mr. Sister..........but, heck, if he's a decent sort and they love each other and practice islam and want peace without our having Sharia law forced upon us here, God be with them!
i hope she's got some friends she can rely on and seek solace with..xx Thanks for the update.

I'd send you some hair (a guy last night at an art opening, bald, asked if I'd send him some when I told him I was getting a major haircut!) but....

beamish said...

But back on topic, GO STEELERS! I admire that the Packers got to the SB largely on second-stringers filling in for injured players, so there's a heartwarming story there, but the Steelers are still gonna crush 'em :P

beamish said...

And thusly, Green Bay draws first blood, with a TD just now...

I jinxed myself LOL.

beamish said...


It's hard to be internet-savvy and fundamentalist / Shariah compliant simultaneously (don't get me wrong, insanity can make square pegs blow up round holes) but I don't think my sister or her husband falls into that catagory.

beamish said...

Interception to TD for the Packers again... ouch.

Can I change my vote?

The night is young...

beamish said...

Black Eyed Peas!

Best halftime show EVAH.

beamish said...

Steelerz steelahz steelerz score!!

17 - 21... there is still hope.

Hope you don't mind me "live-blogging" the Sooper Bowl.

Z said...

Beamish"It's hard to be internet-savvy and fundamentalist / Shariah compliant"

You do know how the terrorists use the internet, right? I'm not sure I get you here.

For some reason, I really want the Packers so I'm a tad low right now...Seven minutes can be a loooong time! Sure is a good game.

beamish said...

What a great game!

Only thing missing is all of the losing Steelers players getting their hearts cut out and sacrificed to the volcano god.

Ah, the good ol' days. ;)

I bet loser gets burned to death would have made the Steelers O-team try harder. There's a lot of players I would have locked out of the locker room with a sign "you're no longer on this team anyway so go wash your smell off somewhere else."

Imagine how great this game would have been if Pittsburgh wanted possession of the ball?

Oh no, football season is over.

beamish said...


What I meant by the internet and Sharia compliance is most places where Sharia is the rule, the internet is either poorly distributed, heavily-censored, or non-existent.

Egypt having the presence on the internet that they do (when they have their four fledgling ISPs turned on) could not have happened under full Sharia.

I don't think Egyptians will take a backward step towards fundamentalism and Sharia, no matter how this anti-Mubarak revolution turns. Too many educated people being held back already.

Z said...

Beamish, Tomlin is SUCH a class act and said it right // the Packers were better tonight. Did you see his explanation? No pity, no whining, just straight shot. I admire that.

Ya, I'm with you on Egypt and I've felt this way from the start, as you could see if you read my comments; THere are NOT only two choices : Mubarak or Muslim Brotherhood....

I know Iran's folks were even MORE sophisticated than Egypt's back when they went bad after the Shah left, but I really do NOT think Egypt's going down the jihadist muslim tubes, I really don't.

FrogBurger said...

Packers won. Yeah!!!

Commercials were blah.

Black Eyed Peas?! WTH. Are they singing or talking? I'm getting old b/c this music is "merde" to me.

Ticker said...

The Peas sucked. I have seen them in person and this was a travesty.
Dang announcers still making excuse as to why the Steeler thugs lost. real reason, THE PACK RULES.

Z said...

Beamish, I didn't think the Peas were that good, tell you the mentioned you enjoyed them on the post below, I believe?
If they're going to do contemporary music, I'd prefer it's a group we all revere like the STones or something...I don't know, maybe it's just me. Plus, I thought the sound wasn't good on TV...anybody else think that?

Ticker, they have to fill time. They should just listen to the TOTALLY class act of Steeler Coach Mike Tomlin.. he said his team didn't play as well as the Packers. Done.

FB, there was a Coke commercial beautifully illustrated with dragons and monsters and I have NO idea what the point was. !

BUT, I thought a Bud Light commercial at the very beginning of the game was super..subtle and wonderful and probably cost 1 billionth of what the rest of them cost to produce.
This couple is about to see their new kitchen, the host who'd planned it says "Open your eyes!" and they do, and the woman's looking at her kitchen with dismay and says "You did nothing but put a 12 pack of Bud Light on the counter" The husband's thrilled with it! Then the host says "Ya, but you get people coming around when you have Bud Light.." That's dull, BUT then you see behind the host's back outside to the backyard and there are stacks of boxes of Bud LIght outdoors and he says "Wait till your backyard's finished!" the Bud Lights were part of the renovation like they 'were' in the kitchen! I thought that was a good one.
Didn't pay too much attention to the rest.

beamish said...

I really liked the halftime show. Bout 'time it involved an act that recorded music in this century.

Then again, the hipster in me prefered when the Chilean miners were underground. :P

I'll take the Black Eyed Peas' commercial success over Lady Gaga.

beamish said...

Dang announcers still making excuse as to why the Steeler thugs lost. real reason, THE PACK RULES.

I wanted the Steelers to win, but apparently the team didn't share my enthusiasm.

FrogBurger said...

Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, all the same. Music is gone, singing is gone. Yikes.

But maybe I'm in the old people club now.

FrogBurger said...

Z, the ration good commercials vs blah one was pretty low and is getting lower every year.

I was also shocked by the first one. Too much people hitting and I don't think that's necessarily funny.

Did you see the Pepsi Max One playing on black stereotypes? I can't wait for the media reaction on this one.

Z said...

I think I remember that first one and it was very violent...typical these days.
Black stereotypes? How COULD they? That's a dumb, unkind sounding commercial.

beamish said...


The Black Eyed Peas is what country music will sound like in 10 years ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, Beamish, I will stick to my old singer/songwriter acoustic guitar artists then.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else having a Maalox moment?

Tom Prove

cube said...

The Peas were off their game last night. They usually sound better.

Anonymous said...

Each one of them Peas deserved a black eye.


beamish said...

Because violence solves everything, right lefty?