Monday, February 28, 2011

A leftist columnist makes a real boob of herself......

The Daily Beast has THIS ARTICLE which Yahoo chose to headline. 
The first sentence of the article is this "Michelle Obama has officially endorsed breastfeeding, and her Tea Party critics are slamming her for it."   
MEDIA BIAS EXTRAORDINAIRE!  Can one of you find where any of the Conservative women in the article "slammed" anybody for endorsing breastfeeding, which all of them have done with their own children? :-)

The author goes on to add "And just for good measure, Sarah Palin threw a shot, too. Speaking on Long Island, the former governor of Alaska said, "No wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you'd better breastfeed your babies. I'm looking and say, 'Yeah, you better because the price of milk is so high right now.'" Of course, this bad joke doesn't quite track, since babies aren't supposed to drink cow's milk.

I thought that was funny... And, as for 'cow's milk'..REALLY?  Did the lefties really think she was being that literal?  THIS article calls her remark above "a crack at Michelle Obama"....can you explain that to me?  It was an impromptu talk, she threw that in, she's right (if something is expensive and you can get if free,...?), and the left has skewered her.  WHY?  I am no fan of Sarah Palin's anymore but this criticism was totally undeserved and capitalized on by the media for days.

So, someone show me where ANY Conservative woman in that whole article criticized Michelle Obama for endorsing breastfeeding, okay?  Good luck!



Always On Watch said...

babies aren't supposed to drink cow's milk

Ahem. I was a baby who couldn't tolerate breast milk and ready-made formulas.

The doctors didn't know what to do!

The old farm lady in our community -- a lady who had given birth to 10 children, all of whom thrived and grew into healthy adults -- came over with some milk from her cow, diluted that milk with water, and fed the concoction to me. Voila! Healthy, thriving baby with no more colic!

Anyway, I know of NO ONE opining in opposition to Michelle Obama's recent statement about the benefits of breast feeding. Of course, what Palin IS criticizing is Michelle Obama's role as an officer of the Food Police.

I say, "Michelle, stay the hell out of my kitchen!"

Unfortunately, as ObamaKare takes hold, our doctors will become officers of the Food Police, too.

The media do create "stories" out of whole cloth.

Anonymous said...

How did the world survive without the nanny staters coming onto the political stage?

I'd have to agree with Sarah Palin pointing out that the price of commodities will rise, including cow's milk, because of the attack and destruction of the American dollar.

The big mama beast at The Daily Beast, Tina Brown, sounds like a close relative to British Royalty to me with her smarmy accent and condescending manner when she occupies the distinguished chair on the MSNBC "Morning Joe Show".

I think Michelle Malkin should be awarded a distinct recognition for introducing a great phrase to describe the loony left nanny-state "progressives" — The Flea Baggers — has a nice ring to it and is accurate in describing those repulsive types.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

What all this has to do with is the idea of giving tax breaks to those who purchase the supplies (pumps, bottles, et,,,) to facilitate breast feeding either in public or when the mother is away.

I just ask if they wish to do that, why not offer tax breaks across the board for all mothers nursing their offspring or not.

Anonymous said...

AOW, one wonders how babies survived long ago without breast milk! It's amazing how a little common sense and ingenuity works isn't it?

Long before baby formula was devised, there was cow's milk, and goat's milk. Who'da thunk it?

I find it astonishing that the doctors didn't know what to do!

As for Michelle, and obesity, it's obvious that socialists are the biggest control freaks on the planet! They're enlightened thinkers, dontchaknow. Legends in their own minds!

The article is stupid, petty, and childish. If tax credits for breast pumps are the issue, then why the phony slant to the story?

This is our state run media. They leave no opportunity behind when it comes to demonization of others.
Even if they have to make it up.

Btw, neither of my children were breast fed. In fact my daughter got pretty chubby on formula, and at about 8 months old, the doc had me put her on, you guessed it, cow's milk!

That was the last time in her entire life, that she was chubby. In fact, both my children could stand to gain a few pounds, even today.

So Michelle, take care of your own kids and American moms will take care of theirs. And if either of your cute girls becomes a bit too hippy, blame heredity on their maternal side.


Ticker said...

The lefty columnist made something out of herself but it was lower down on the anatomy on the backside. Saying she made a Boob of herself is really being too nice!

Oh and I was raised on Carnation(which I belive comes from cows milk) mixed with Karo syrup along with unpasturized cows milk occasionally as AOW said, watered down and was as healthy as could be.

Ducky's here said...

Don't know nothing about birthing no babies, Miss Scarlet but my understanding is that breast feeding for a period of time has many health benefits over commercial dairy products.

Z said...

Anybody YET find where ANY of the Conservative women criticized breast feeding as the article says?

I am finding fascinating what lengths our media will go to now to slam Republicans.
The headline is all most Americans read and they know that SO well.

By the way, did anybody see Obama's talk to the Governors this morning. It was the most polite tongue lashing"you do what I WANT" speech I maybe have ever heard. The left won't see if but MY GOSH, he is all about "THEM versus US" and it's almost painful to listen to from a president.
I thought it was interesting they didn't show the questions on the air...think THAT was a coincidence?

Z said...

Of course it is, Ducky.
As I said NOBODY is criticizing breast feeding, EVEN the Conservatives the article says DID.

Z said...

There's a biased piece in the media (Yahoo headline) on Obama's talk this morning. He said public employees shouldn't be 'vilified'...I guess feeling differently than most public employees do is vilification? :-)
It was QUITE a talk.

Meanwhile, Yahoo, for the last 12 hours, has had their main story with the image ('see video') of some actress who said the F word in her acceptance speech. I guess that's the most important story the lefties at Yahoo can come up with today in AMerica? The "F WORD" must have done it; thrills the left to normalize bad language.

Ducky's here said...

What's amazing is what passes for "amazing" on the right.

Can we get more trivial?

Z said...

And can you get more unaware of how biased this media is, Ducky, which is the point of my post, not the content?

And MAYBE can you admit that not one of the women actually did criticize Mrs Obama as the liberal writer says?

You change subjects and post nasty comments focused on the most minute point you finally find that can insult Conservatives but please, DEAL WITH MY POSTS.

Can you get more predictable?

Z said...

Ducky, i'm sitting here at my desk addressing invitations for something and I'm thinking about how we argue.
I don't do this with anybody in 'real life' and I'm truly sorry we have this nasty 'thing'.

Anonymous said...

"my understanding is that breast feeding for a period of time has many health benefits..."

You would know... like all liberals that just can't get off the teet.

RedWood said...

"Can you get more predictable?..."

We really need a national registery for liberals, similar to the sex offender rolls.

This way we can keep track, with addresses, descrption of offenses against America, along with current photo, so we know whether our neighborhoods are safe or not.

That way we can keep our children off the streets when these mutts are loose.

Liberals ... we can't live with them, they couldn't survive without us ...

Dave Miller said...

My understanding of all of this, including the statements made by Ms. Palin, is not that there was perse any criticism made about breastfeeding, but rather about Ms. Obama because she was bringing it up.

Ms. Palin, and a lot of conservatives, have been very critical of the campaign by Ms. Obama to encourage healthy eating habits in children.

There is not much difference between her advocacy of this program, and Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" program that has been made standard curriculum in many cities and schools across the country, all with government encouragement and money.

This is what First Ladies do. They take up a cause, typically related to kids, and push it, hopefully for the betterment of society.

But in this case, there has been quite a bit of criticism of Ms. Obama for doing what almost every spouse since FDR'S wife did, advocate for a cause.

Lest it be said that only the "liberal" press and politicians have rushed to be critical of Ms. Palin on this issue, it should be noted that plenty of conservatives have chided her also for the same things you read on the Daily Beast.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave. Don't you ever long for the days of dowdy old Bess Truman, who made a career out of minding her own business, and who destroyed all the private correspondence between herself and husband Harry before she died, because it was not meant for anyone eyes but hers and Harry's?

Those really WERE the good old days! How I miss 'em!

Z said...

Dave, actually that's not quite correct.
Nobody chides Mrs. Obama for a VERY worthy cause; one which Chris Christie and Huckabee gave points to yesterday. Who can argue our kids are FAT?
It's the LAWS...nobody needs to have NO SALT in a restaurant...nobody needs to be told what to feed their kids.
I'm not at all against what she said....who could be?
This article's point is that conservative women were slamming her for recommending breast feeding (as if something that natural needs to be touted?!) and they were not.
BY the way,...what hurts me is to see young kids NEVER get to have something yummy. They'll have plenty of years later when they can't have a cheeseburger...have one a week :-)

Whoever (heh) posted the comment about ice cream, that is disgusting! Kind of fun to post it here but I couldn't even read it.... I just got such a disgusting email about breast milk cream that when I saw your post, I had to delete. Please do not repost, I will definitely delete it again. Thank you.

Z said...

Anonymous, Bess did that? What a classy woman! more thing; you really think conservatives are against First Ladies having a cause? How can anybody actually give that a moment's consideration? Just from bias, or...??

I'm not sure how well JUST SAY NO worked, by the way.....probably not that well.

Anonymous said...

Well, the ice cream article did appear at DRUDGE on February 24. Drudge posted it from a supposedly reputable British publication. I took it as just another of many indications of how far downhill Western Civilization has gone.

When I was a child, no one would ever have dreamt of discussing breast feeding in public let alone performing the act in a restaurant, on a subway train, or in a waiting room anymore than they would have considered conceiving a baby in such places. Now, some overly assertive women's groups are claiming a constitutional right to breast feed in public.

There's something about the aggressive vulgarity and lack of discretion on all fronts that's symptomatic of the decadence we're forced to live with today. At the rate we're going how much longer will it take to get back to the Circus Maximus?

I do see your point about the way the openly biased media blatantly LIES -- or grossly distorts the truth -- in order to push their almighty Marxist Agenda. That's virtually a given -- except among the devoted crypto-Communists whose numbers are far too great.

One of the "tenets" of Marxist Revolutionary tactics is to debase the culture targeted for destruction, and to manipulate or seduce the people into regarding the obscene and formerly taboo as just normal every day stuff no one should take an notice of.

The very fact that an article about ice cream made from mother's milk appears so casually in a respectable publication is cause for alarm.

But once it's out there, maybe we should take note of it, so we know what we're fighting?

I'm glad it offended, but I didn't post it TO offend, if you get my drift?

Steve Harkonnen said...

Without trying to "feed the rumor beast" here, be it known that there are certain wackjob christian elements out there who actually frown on breastfeeding in public.

They're the ones wearing the long dresses, hair tied up, strict book of Matthew thumpers, etc...the ones that give Christianity a bad name...i.e. Westboro Baptist Church.

Anything with "Baptist" attached to it, that's the enemy. End of discussion, but when Christ returns, he's gonna be really upset at the Baptists.

Z said...

I absolutely get your drift...No offense about it, I just can't STAND IT :-)
You're telling ME we should "Know what we're fighting?" that should be the byline on my blog, right??
In regard to our society and what's said, etc., I hate to admit I'm sorry Mrs Ford talked about her BREAST so much it's all over Tv today.. I don't think anybody's DOCTOR didn't recommend good breast health just because she did, lest any lefty here admonish me with "But she brought BREAST AWARENESS to the FORE" (ya, a little TOO 'to the fore'!)

NOBODY is opposed to breast feeding with dignity under a blanket, etc. Not even "Christian wackjobs"

Dave Miller said...

Z, my feeling is that yes, conservatives are against Ms. Obama and her cause simply because of their personal distaste for her husband.

Can you recall rancor of this level towards any other first lady in your lifetime?

Where was the criticism of Ms. Reagan for advocating for and getting government to spend tax dollars on her cause? That was not the government meddling or proposing socialism was it?

Where was this level of rancor when Ms. Carter advocated for mental health legislation.

Why were neither Bush wives vilified when they pushed childhood literacy and even, in the case of Barbara, helped push legislation that benefited their causes?

Are you really going to say that the criticism of Michelle Obama and her advocacy against childhood obesity is a bad thing?

As you pointed out, at least Gov's Christie and Huckabee have had the courage to stand and support what she is trying to do.

You stated that no one is chiding Ms. Obama on this, when in fact Rush and Ms Palin have been very vocal in their criticism of her on this very issue.

Z said...

Dave, do you understand that it is NOT THE ISSUE it's the methodology? NOBODY needs ANYBODY to tell them what their own children can EAT.

DRUGS and MENTAL HEALTH are a little different, don't you think?

Yes, I"ll admit that Obama is doing SUCH a lousy job that people are mad at her by association but not mostly, no.

NOWHERE IN THAT ARTICLE does ANY Conservative woman argue with her about BREASTFEEDING, which is MY POINT there, you see? The media says they did and that's nuts.

Yes, people hated Nancy Reagan with a PASSION!! I remember her being ridiculed for JUST SAY NO, absolutely.

YOu know, Dave, the left gets upset at the nutty Tea party people (or liberals in their ranks trying to cause trouble) holding OBAMA/HITLER POSTERS...where was the left when they constantly portrayed Bush like that?

This is amazing...and the rancor has to stop. But it can't when hypocrisy on THIS LEVEL WE HAVE NOW is flourishing.
SUDDENLY, the left wants civility? MY GOD, after how they treated BUSH? It's laughable.

Z said...

but, of course, I am for civility. I just don't get why, suddenly, civility means "agree with the left" have to admit, that's how it seems.

We have far too large problems today to be at logger heads and this country's in its worse shape ever, in my opinion.......what now?
Does it help for the media to exploit and misrepresent Conservatives so badly? Did it help to crucify Palin, go through her trash, misrepresent things she said, etc? I'm NO FAN of hers but this is ridiculous.

Why don't we hear about Olbermann and O'Donnell and Maddow when THEY slam people so terribly? Where's the media hysteria THEN? But let RUsh say ONE THING and it's HELL TO PAY.