Saturday, February 19, 2011

Somali pirates have us again........

So NOW WHAT?  Read THIS!  Americans sailed to Somalia again and have been hijacked.  Shouldn't our government tell civilians to STAY AWAY from that region?  Will we have to pay to get them safe?  I mean, I want them SAFE, but how much can we do of this?
Mr Z had strong feelings about people who do dare-devil things and then expect to be saved when the rescuers could lose their lives trying to save them!   I think he'd feel the same way about these Americans who decided to sail into Somalia, saying on their website:  "Djibouti is a big refueling stop. I have NO idea what will happen in these ports, but perhaps we'll do some local touring,"    Maybe they hadn't KNOWN about the pirates there?

What do you think?  I'm not heartless, I really feel for these people, but.............why SOMALIA? 


Always On Watch said...

The yacht was carrying Bibles for distribution. Therefore, I would guess that these captured Americans knew the risk and assumed that risk as part of their Christian outreach.

Common Sense said...

“We took risks. We knew we took them. Things have come out against us. We have no cause for complaint.”
Robert Frost

Anonymous said...

Z, I thought the same thing. Why the heck would anyone sail those waters? Mr. Z was right.

Yes, they're sailing around the world I guess, but they have communication capability on board I'm sure. They had to know about the piracy. It's been going on for years.

It's crazy. The thing is, even if they knew, and decided to take the risk anyway, it doesn't just involve them.

Now there will be ransom demands, and death threats, negotiations, the whole nine yards, because of two people's foolishness.


Z said...

It could create an international incident, Bibles or no Bibles...
I'm as much for spreading the gospel as the next CHristian is, but this is NUTS. Pris is right about ransom demands, etc., as a matter of fact, the article says the SOmalis might let them go without any problems because they usually focus on big-ticket Western world SHIPS who can afford to pay.....I'll never QUITE get over the fact that tiny skinny somali "pirates" can bring Western huge ships to their knees and we can't do anything about it. Blast one little bamboo somali boat out of the water and see if that stops the rest of them. But, noooo..we can't do THAT, that's not NICE! No matter that they could KILL everyone on our ships, THAT's nice, but killing them? OH, the libs don't like that! :-)

Common Sense...Robt Frost nailed it there!

Here's another aspect: Say it's YOUR family member. SOmehow, that kind of changes the schematic in your head, doesn't it? Or does it? :-)

Always On Watch said...

I rather imagine that BHO will come out looking powerless in this -- again.

That is, if he decides to "intervene."

Anonymous said...

"Here's another aspect: Say it's YOUR family member. SOmehow, that kind of changes the schematic in your head, doesn't it? Or does it? :-)"

Yes Z, of course it does, but if we look at every hostage subjectively, as if it's a family member, nothing will change, and more people will be put at risk because we wouldn't take a tough stance.

Cooler heads have to prevail, as hard as it sounds. In the long run, no more episodes like this would happen if the cost for the criminals was too high for them to continue this high stakes game.


Common Sense said...

Saturday afternoon after a day of surfing, 43 degrees, fire in the fireplace, nice glass of wine, BBQ started and looking at the Pacific. With my wife and dogs and reading GeeeeeZ.

Does it get any better? Nice way to spend an hour or two.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Z..I agree with AOW..Hussein will act as he always does..Useless.

christian soldier said...

if we had administrations like Jefferson's or Madison's - we would not have to worry about Bible carrying Christians in pirate waters...

Common Sense said...

Did I miss something here, wasn't it Obama that gave the order to save that Captain a few months back?

Just asking, I do believe in facts. Am I wrong?

FrogBurger said...

The yacht was carrying Bibles for distribution. Therefore, I would guess that these captured Americans knew the risk and assumed that risk as part of their Christian outreach.

That's right. Gov can't do anything about dumb people. They already have enough in their ranks to deal with :)

Ducky's here said...

christian soldier, the fact that they are carrying bibles is completely irrelevant, the pirates just want money.

Now, there is very little that can be done without risking captives lives.

Sailing to Djibouti, that's 11 on the dumb meter.

Anonymous said...

From what I can find Djibouti seems to be a good friend of the United States, we have a base there for special opps fighting terrorist.

Hopefully they will deal with these pirates, hopefully.

Let's see what kind of friends they are????

Common Sense said...

That last post was from me, Common Sense, sorry

Chuck said...

I tend to agree, people know how bad of an idea this is - stay away

Z said...

Common Sense, that made me feel SO good..thanks a lot.
I had lunch at Gladstone's Thursday, I hope you could surf that day, it was EXQUISITE weather. THey've redone that place and it's pretty nice now...stupid pricey but the food's improved, too. And yes, I think Obama did give that order, and I was happy about it. I just wish we could be mightier than we've been, making it so no little pirates would DARE buck the great American nation...but, these days, notsomuch!
Thanks for that comment, and have a wonderful night.

Ducky's right, Bibles have zip to do with this, except they might help them stay alive !:-)
ANd it was about the dumbest thing they could have done EVER..for 'sightseeing' as they put it?

Chuck, if Djibouti was such a friend, couldn't they somehow control these little pirates?? I wish they could. I think some pirates were just sentenced to 33 years or something in another case involving a ship hijacking. That's something

Common Sense said...

Chuck, if Djibouti was such a friend, couldn't they somehow control these little pirates?? I wish they could. I think some pirates were just sentenced to 33 years or something in another case involving a ship hijacking. That's something

Z. That was me not Chuck.

Brooke said...

There must be another way to do outreach...

This is just never going to be a good idea.

Mustang said...

This is what came to mind when those morons sent their sixteen year old daughter “around the world” in a sailboat. It is unbelievable that state officers did not arrest those people.

Mr. Z and I were in perfect accord on this topic. I have no sympathy for idiots. I believe in natural selection, and I subscribe to Social Darwinism. These people do not number among the fittest, so they can go stuff themselves. The problem is we tolerate piracy along Africa’s eastern seaboard. We would only have to level one pirate cove to send the appropriate message.

Z said...

common sense...oops, sorry. That was you!
By the way, you are right in bringing out the good things Obama does; but let me just tell you this:
With the amount of lies and ultra liberal policies, I think he could cure cancer and I'd rather he wasn't our president.
The lies started with Wm Ayers and how he didn't know him but had met him.
He never heard Jeremiah Wright preach against America.
He won't release any of his records how who paid for Harvard.
We'll skip the birth certificate, which seems like THE easiest thing to put to rest, huh?...but he's spent approx 900K keeping records closed.
He mentions Jesus Christ as his savior at the prayer breakfast this year when all he's said before is he and Christ have some things in common! (i don't care if he's a Squirrel Worshiper if he'd just tell us straight out, you know?)
He hires and fires at midnight Friday nights when the media's not around.
He voted 4 times that babies who've survived abortions should be left to die..
I could go on and ON and on but I won't.
So, while I think you're valiant in showing the good things he's done, and I really hope you continue to do so, I WISH I could get past the general character.

Mustang, exactly I said above, level ONE ship (private cove works, too) and maybe they'd stop!

Brooke...outreach...ya, or sightseeing, as they said :-)

Common Sense said...

Z, I'm not a big Obama fan by any means. There were some comments about how he will do nothing about pirates, well he will and has.

Just giving credit where credit is do.

I find you to be very open and yes, I realise you lean to the right, no problem here. I'm just hear to have some fun and discuss your great posts, agree with or not. Life's too short to be angry all the time.

For some, once they have made up your mind, facts are but a mere annoyance.

Common Sense said...

here not hear, sorry.

Z said...

Thanks, CS, and I DO try to give credit where credit's due and life IS too short to be angry...but I am. I don't like what's happening to our country, that's for sure !
And I agree, we always do have to know facts and weigh everything, that's why I said I wish I could feel warmer toward him but can't bring myself to even WITH some facts that are agreeable...

christian soldier said...

if we did not have administrations who bowed to islam-(past and present) and were more like Jefferson's or Madison's administrations--we would not have to worry about terrorist-(Dane geld- seeking terrorist pirates) hitting on American ships and boats...would we (rhetorical -thus need not be answered)-

I appreciate the Duck's response- as it
Have a great Sunday-my friend---
Carol-CS forced me to clarify my comment above--

and Z- you know I usually do not submit a tome like this one...short and sweet is my usual norm...(-:
have a grand Sunday-my friend-

christian soldier said...

serves me right to try to cut a paste--(-:

I appreciate the Duck's response- as it forced me to clarify my comment above..

and Z- you know I usually do not submit a tome like this one...short and sweet is my usual norm...(-:
have a grand Sunday-my friend-

beamish said...

I'm fairly certain Somali piracy is caused by the fact that Somalia is not a radioactive wasteland.

Anonymous said...

I'm having to pinch myself, but I'm actually in agreement with Ducky. People who do risky things, be it mountain climbing, trekking in hostile regions, sailing into waters that are well known to be dangerous, much less to proselytyze as Christians in a Muslim area, etc., etc. get no sympathy from me. Our dollars shouldn't be wasted trying to extricate them from their own stupidity. Our service men & women have to do dangerous, often deadly things, for which I am forever grateful, but these people do it for thrills or other reasons known only to themselves. Sorry if that sounds hard, but that's the way I feel.


Common Sense said...

Where would we be if people hadn't taken risks?

I like Z's headline, "If the mountain was smooth, we couldn't climb it"...........

If people are willing to take these risks, they should be willing to pay for the rescue efforts if they find themselves in a bad situation.

People have got to be willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Ticker said...

Obama is mulling it over, much like Jimmah, mulled over the hostages situation in 79.

Anonymous said...

Sailing to Djibouti, that's 11 on the dumb meter.

except it's where everyone fuels and get supplies...

you're ignorant once again duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...

this piracy has been going on for years and years by Muslim terrorists and others

I recommend this book, it opened my eyes to the threat we and other nations face from these criminals. Al Queda has been involved for quite some time, oil tankers repainted and's only a matter of time ladies and gentlement until one of those lost ships sails into one of our harbors and blows itself up.

Elmers Brother said...

the fact is these people could have been anywhere from the South China Sea to the Arabian Gulf and been attacked by pirates. I wouldn't do what they did but I don't believe in giving into these terrorists either.

Craig said...

Hi Z,

The lies started with Wm Ayers and how he didn't know him but had met him.

There's no evidence that they were anything more than acquaintances. Obama would have only known him as the professor of education at the University of Illinois-Chicago since he was 8 when Ayers was in the Weather Underground.

He never heard Jeremiah Wright preach against America.

Again, no evidence he did. There are hours of videotaped sermons from Wright and the oppo research came up with 2-3 minutes of rant. Wright can't be too anti-American, having served 6 years in the Marines and Navy. He was assigned as part of the medical team charged with care of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

He won't release any of his records how who paid for Harvard.

Grants and student loans. It's documented that he took out student loans and paid them back.

He mentions Jesus Christ as his savior at the prayer breakfast this year when all he's said before is he and Christ have some things in common!

He's always said he was a Christian. Remember the little sit down with Rick Warren before the election? I mean, you criticize Obama for his 20 some year membership at Trinity United Church of Christ then question his Christian cred.

Craig said...

He voted 4 times that babies who've survived abortions should be left to die..

Nonsense. He voted against a bill or 2 that had language that would have essentially granted citizenship to Zygotes. The bills only purpose was to make a legal procedure illegal. Voting against and not passing those bills would NOT prohibit saving babies who had survived abortions. The bills would have made it mandatory that any baby in any stage of fetal development and outside a womb for any reason be given life saving treatment by a second physician. I can tell you from personal experience (nothing to do with abortion.), that it is a stupid law.

Z, it's amusing that you get so indignant over Obama's supposed lies and can easily justify David Barton's blatant lies as "exaggerations".

To the topic at hand. Require anyone engaging in risky adventurism to have a Dumb Ass Insurance Policy. If they don't, they can sell their bibles, take up a collection or sell their houses. They need to pay every nickel back it cost to rescue them. I'm not as callous as you "pro lifers" who would let them fend for themselves.

Craig said...

Mustang said,

I subscribe to Social Darwinism.

Social Darwinism, which has absolutely nothing to do with Charles Darwin or the Theory of Evolution, was the rationale for eugenics. As Golden Shower enthusiast, beamish, has pointed out by painstakingly pounding square pegs into round holes, every evil, including eugenics, ever conceived since Homo Erectus (get your mind out of the gutter) stood upright on the planet has been wrought by Leftists.

That makes you, 'Stang, A LEFTIST.

Catherine Barry said...

As long as the PC Correct UN idiots make international rules saying you can't fully arm an ocean going vessel to keep it safe from such criminal activity, no one is safe anywhere near the African coast. I think anyone who goes into harms way like these morons are giving up their right to any safety. Just like the "hikers" who were hiking near the Iranian border... what were THEY thinking? They are hardly worth wasting resources of any kind to get them out of the situation when they are dumb enough to go there in the first place. I agree with Mustang and Mr. Z. Natural Selection will be it's own remedy in these cases.

Catherine Barry said...

An extract from All About Science:

"Scientists and evolutionists maintain that this interpretation is only loosely based on Darwin's theory of natural selection. They will admit to an obvious parallel between Darwin's theory of Natural Selection and Spencer's beliefs. In nature, the strong survive and those best suited to survival will out-live the weak. According to Social Darwinism, those with strength (economic, physical, technological) flourish and those without are destined for extinction."

I believe common sense could be added as a strength.

Craig said...

Video confirms: Moon landing faked.

Craig said...

Where did Catherine's last 2 comments go?

Z said...

craig, I read your comments from down to up and wasn't going to comment back but when I see what you posted I had to !:-)

Barack Obama's first political gathering was in Ayers' home.
He worked on Boards with Ayers.
Michelle and Bernadette worked together in the same firm....I could go on.
There's very good information that Ayers wrote most of Barack's first book, too. Please read DECONSTRUCTION OBAMA, it's an eye opener.

YOu can quote all you want about Jeremiah...can you imagine hearing GOD D AMerica and nobody mentioning it? He's ranted plenty of times, you can get the CDs and even the liberals were saying "Man, wouldn't you have THOUGHT if this were such an unusual thing, it would have reached Obama's ears?" Of course. My GOD, man, listen to Wright speak ANY time...!!

Please produce documentation about HOW HE GOT INTO HARVARD. Thanks.
Also, I don't believe your student loan info. Absolutely don't. Too many people are wondering.

Re Christianity, he's NEVER ONCE mentioned Jesus Christ as his Savior in all the years he's been in public life EVER. Until the National Prayer Breakfast. NO, you're absolutely wrong. Yes, he has said he's a doubt about that. This is something I am schooled on...don't even try. Wright's church? :-)
By the way, he and Michelle were all about finding a church when he came to D.C...what happened? Then there was "we don't want to be a distraction" Clinton went to church, Bush went to church and Reagan went to church there and here in LA at my uncle's church; No distraction...plenty of security but not enough obvious security to be the slightest distraction.
By the way, I don't personally care what he does or if he's not a CHristian. Just be HONEST.

I'm sorry you're getting misinformation; He voted four times that babies shouldn't be kept alive. period. I just re-said what you've said.

Catherine, did you make comments that disappeared? Please let me know if you deleted them because every month or so, something like this happens. If you remember what you wrote, would you mind recommenting? I'm so sorry if they disappeared on their own. I assure you I just got home and saw Craig's comment about your comments.

Z said...

Craig, I listened to your video.
So, Kubrick's the end-all on the subject?
Would you be happy if this were the case? if the astronauts were really hypnotized into believing they were on the moon?

I'm wondering how many thousands would have had to be in on this and how much they'd have had to PAY these people to keep this quiet? BILLIONS? And imagine the amazing ability to never tell, even on your death bed that the Moon Landing was rigged???

This guy, the talker who sounds like stoned friends in high school, 'like...'....says the Germans were "NAZI SCIENTISTS"..? Nice...there's a guy whose thoughts I'm buying!
Especially when stoners mention MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX :-) THe buzz word.

SO NASA drugged the astronauts into an induced belief they went to the moon., thinks, like WOW, that MAKES IT TRUE!!!

loved it.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Catherine Barry said...

2 comments disappeared, one of them twice. Here's one I restored and lost. The other was about Ayers writing Obama's book.

Twice, Obama voted against bills prohibiting tax funding of abortions.

In February 2004, his wife, Michelle, sent out a fundraising letter, which actually stated her concern over the rise of conservatism in the Country, and that the ‘so-called’ partial-birth abortion was a legitimate medical procedure that should be protected.

In 2003, as chairman of the next Senate committee to which BAIPA (Born Alive Infants Protection Act) was sent, Obama prevented it from even getting a hearing. BAIPA, by the way, stated that all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted.

In 2001, he voted “present” on a bill to notify parents when their minor children seek an abortion.

He voted against a cloning ban in 2000, but voted for it in 2001.

In 1997, Obama twice voted “present” on an Illinois partial-birth abortion ban.


Both comments gave info on Obama and disappeared on a "Google blog"... interesting eh?

Z said...

Catherine, I'm so glad you posted again, and so sorry this has been happening and that it happened to YOU. You know, when that happened last time, the commenter told me it was Obama stuff that disappeared. I hope it's coincidental! :-)

Your info is information Americans should know more about...and yes, I've known, or maybe saw a video?, of Michelle lamenting conservatism. Just imagine if Laura Bush had said anything that unseemly about half of America's sensibilities?

As for Ayers, there's a dateline that I've seen which shows the years he wrote his myriad books and the only years he hadn't come out with them was the years Obama's book did come out...but I THINK that's a conservative "we wish" list:-) ANybody have that?

Check out the Cashill article above ... Cashill's been teaching writing for years at some of the best schools and deconstructs any thought that Obama wrote his books.

That's the amazon address where one can buy DECONSTRUCTING OBAMA...
I'll post the blurb on it below:

Z said...

DECONSTRUCTING OBAMA, a new book by Jack Cashill (who will now be RIPPED to shreds by my dear liberal commenters here! Easier to kill HIM than the message!)

Product Description
Did Obama write his own books and is the story they tell true?

“I've written two books,” Barack Obama told a crowd of teachers in July of 2008. “I actually wrote them myself.” The teachers exploded in laughter. They got the joke: lesser politicians were not bright enough to do the same. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama supporters pointed to the first of those two books, the 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, as proof of Obama’s superior intellect. Time magazine called Dreams “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.” The Obama campaign machine traded on the candidate’s literary reputation, encouraging volunteers to “get out the vote and keep talking to others about the genius of Barack Obama.”

There was just one small flaw, as writer and literary detective Jack Cashill discovered months before the November 2008 election: nothing in Obama’s history suggested he was capable of writing either Dreams or his 2006 book, The Audacity of Hope. In fact, as Cashill continued his research, he came to the shocking conclusion that the real craftsman behind Dreams was terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers.

“This was a charge,” David Remnick admits in his definitive Obama biography, The Bridge, “that if ever proved true, or believed to be true among enough voters, could have been the end of the candidacy.”

Deconstructing Obama tells the story of what happens when a citizen journalist discovers a game-changing reality that the media refuse to acknowledge. Despite their rejection, Cashill expanded his research into Obama’s literary canon. As he came to see, if Dreams serves as sacred text, the poem “Pop” is the Rosetta stone, the key to deciphering Obama’s shrouded past, his fragile psyche, and his uniquely cryptic political life. In unlocking that past, Cashill discovered that the story that Obama has been telling all his life varies from the true story in ways big

Craig said...

Craig, I listened to your video.

Z, I posted that in response to a link (which disappeared) from Catherine that read; "Book confirms: Obama book written by Ayers".

I responded with the first crazy conspiracy that popped into my head. Just so I don't confuse you, I do not believe the moon landing was a hoax. Now you reference the same book. Hilarious.

Jack Cashill is a conspiracy nut who has at least turned his attention from the Clintons long enough to write this tripe. His analysis goes like this;

Z, your writing style is very similar to Colleen LaRose. You both use derogatory language to describe the President.

Confirmed: Jihad Jane ghostwrites the Gollygeeez blog.

Catherine Barry said...

Would you mind quoting Z on what derogatory language you are implying she uses in regard to Obama? I'm interested in what you consider to be derogatory language. If it is "criticism and daring to question" what he is doing, I'm afraid you don't know the definition of the word derogatory.

Catherine Barry said...

Here's another source that thinks Cashill brings out some interesting thoughts on the book. Now, would you mind producing some evidence that Cashill is a conspiracy nut? I would like to see you support that claim since you being derogatory towards the man. :-)

The Corner

Z, this one disappeared too. 2nd posting.

Z said...

Craig, I don't know who Jihad Jane is but you can rest assured she's in no way connected to MY blog, buddy. Where do you get off?

Of course we reference the book.
Trust me, Craig, you're drowning in liberal bias when you can discredit Cashill. Open up, everything liberal is NOT good and everything conservative isn't bad. How small minded can you get? No offense, but these comments surprised me.

Ya, Cashill has credentials a mile long, look into his background, his degrees, where he's taught. But, BECAUSE he doesn't support your lib guy, you attack HIM...just like I said in my comment. Discredit the messenger "We don't like his message"

When are you guys going to get into your heads that being liberal doesn't give you a free pass to discredit, insult, etc.?

How can you live with yourselves when you see the bias on the news? That's about as unAmerican as it gets.

I've got a video coming up that'll just thrill you..hypocrisy beyond belief. I'll be eager for your reaction.. It'll be up Tuesday, if nothing else comes up.

I'm really surprised, Craig, I thought you'd at least give credence to an expert in writing styles; he's not saying obama's Jack the Ripper, after all, he's saying HE DIDN'T WRITE THE BOOKS...but you react so ...well.....condemning! Yes, some people DO know better than you :-)

Z said...

thanks for the link, Catherine.
Yes, Cashill's deconstruction of writing styles is thorough and convicting, that's for sure.
If ONLY we had an honest media and liberals with minds open enough to see that good people with scads of information and knowledge ought to be heard. It's the least all Americans can do.

beamish said...


Why is Craig still posting here? Did you withdraw your request that he not do so?

Craig said...

Craig, I don't know who Jihad Jane is but you can rest assured she's in no way connected to MY blog, buddy. Where do you get off?

Z, it's satire. To illustrate how absurd Cashill's methodology is. Cashill has written quite a bit on how the Clinton's were somehow involved in or responsible for TWA 800 and the crash that killed Ron Brown. With as much hard evidence as his claim that Ayers wrote Obama's book, none. I see he's also a staunch proponent of teaching Intelligent Design as science. That alone should disqualify him from questioning anyone else's veracity.

It's pure speculation and making tenuous connections seem ominous to discredit his target. This isn't serious stuff. There's plenty to criticize Obama for. Buying into these crazy conspiracies just makes people look, well, crazy.

I'm looking forward to your Tues. post. Weekdays are hectic, but I shall reply if it is comment worthy.

beamish, Z did say I wasn't banned but she was angry with me for a time. I stayed away for awhile but temptation got the better of me. I'm weak. I'll get bored again soon enough. I am grateful to Z for not moderating her comments. Moderating is for cowards. Don't you agree?

beamish said...

I recall Z asking you not to post here, Craig. I'm not aware that that has changed.

As far as moderating comments, as long as you don't cross the line from demonstrating a leftist's incapacity for rational thought into making violent threats against posters or start pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories when the inevitable revelation of your inherent leftist stupidity comes, I don't see why there would be a reason to moderate your contributions here.

Even that standard is lowered a bit. Ducky is on record calling for the death of a blogger (Andrew Breitbart). You've threatened to "sock me in the jaw."

I wholly understand Z's position. Leftists, being the ignorant thugs they are, are prone to violence. They are, after all, the type to pack up Molotov cocktails for a "peace demonstration." So, a little violent rhetoric from a leftist seeking to silence someone is okay, par of the course really. It's when a leftist anti-Semite tries to pose as a conservative that I call for the hammer.

Twerps like you, I just pee on.

Craig said...

You've threatened to "sock me in the jaw."

It was the Adam's Apple. It was clearly in jest, but I shouldn't have done it and I apologized.

Twerps like you, I just pee on.

You didn't just threaten to practice your fetish on me. You said you would beat me unconscious. You promised me you would travel to Mpls. I took you up on your offer and told you where to meet me. I was looking forward to meeting you but you never came. Why not, Sluggo?

Z said...

I hope my site can stop being used like a fighting ring. I don't remember asking Craig to leave, but maybe I did...

Craig, I was standing by that and wouldn't have asked you to go until I read this "I'm looking forward to your Tues. post. Weekdays are hectic, but I shall reply if it is comment worthy."

Please don't're beginning to show the same ego a commenter who HAS finally left after quite some problems showed. I can't have it here. It's boring, a waste of space, and pisses me off. I didn't build a blog to have people come and piss me off, I've got enough going on.
Also, I want people with opinions different than mine and most of my commenters who stick to the point of my post and talk about it with civility and focus.
WHat Cashill says about Intelligent Design is irrelevant. By the way, please provide a link to how he wants it "taught as science" not just discussed in a classroom as it should be.

Cashill's writing experience and degrees (You obviously felt you had to do some homework so you must have had to see that truth, too?) should have shown you that he knows very well what he's talking about when he suggests Obama didn't write his books.. I hope you read the whole article I liked, it gets more and more detailed with proof, examples, etc.
He's not the first, of course, to say this,.

BUT, anything ANY COnservative says against THE ONE makes him racist, stupid CONSPIRACY THEORY nuts! WHY? Often, they bring up pretty relevant stuff and it's very dangerous with a leftist community that shuts it down without thinking. Something new to America, and not a good thing.

So, all that to say please come back when you can focus and bring something to the table other than Ducky-like obfuscation and FT-like ego. THanks.

Beamish...let's let that be enough, okay? :-)

beamish said...


If you're asking me not to fight with Craig, I can do that. If you're asking me to absurdly consider the possibility that he or any other leftist has the intellectual capacity for contributing anything meritting discussion, I'll fight you. :P

Common Sense said...

They killed all four Americans.

Z said...

beamish, no worries!

Craig, I heard this morning, too. What a tragedy. The comments of the family/friends make so little sense. They were avid sailors (belonged to the club my husband and I belonged to for a few years) and still they went into such treacherous waters.... I just can't believe they were killed but it seems that they got between the SOmali gunfire and American gunfire from a warship defending itself from the pirates.
Imagine an AMERICAN WARSHIP so politically correct now that it can't just JUMP the ship or bomb it and be done with it? Maybe these people would have lived.
They attended St MOnica's very near to me, too. weird

Catherine Barry said...

Z, there is that mentality that these poor, underprivileged Muslims are just misunderstood and if you are nice enough, they won't hurt you. We've seen it with Berkeley wanting to let GITMO detainees a home, like they think they are adopting a puppy.

And while that wounded warrior was trying to tell students at Columbia that there were Muslims that hated Americans and wanted to kill us all, some woman in the audience yelled out, "That's Offensive"... in our PC Society, the truth, if it's not Kumbayah, is Offensive to these Koolaid guzzlers. Anyone who is in touch with reality, wouldn't go sailing in waters where the has been so much violent pirating now would they.

I feel bad that this had to happen, but am not surprised. Now we get to hear the leftistas blame our Navy.

Common Sense said...


Please realize that I'm not Craig, thanks.

Z said...

Oh, COMMON SENSE, that was a typo, believe me! I am SO SO SORRY. I knew it was you! That's why I mentioned the name of the church near me, Craig's in Minnesota, I think, I'd have just said "a church" had I thought it was him I was addressing! Sorry.

Catherine, I'm posting about this tomorrow and would love your input...your comment is so true. Couldn't you just kick those who heckled a war hero for saying Muslims want us dead?
They're very small-minded thinkers (i lose that term loosely)...Apparently, if he says MUSLIMS, they think he means every last Muslim on the planet wants us dead. THey just can't RISK one terrorist's feelings getting hurt, can they! But, kill us? Well...we must have deserved it, according to their little leftwing delusion.