Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obama's failed diplomacy?

The Egypt Crisis and other of Obama's diplomacy attempts are well handled here.  This is a MUST SEE...and you need to watch till the end.  Make sure you catch how hearing an expert in the field's opinions impressed an always-biased hostess  :-)


Anonymous said...

There is no argument against what this guest speaker says. It's clear that the Obama administration reacts to everything from the position of what is thought to be politically expedient.

There is no expertise in world affairs in this administration, only what serves the left's agenda.

Their problem is, it's a day to day thing. So, as events play out he dodges and weaves after the fact, not according to what serves our country best, but what serves Obama best politically.

This President isn't surrounded with experienced people, he's surrounded by professors who all come at everything with an ideology, instead of practical knowledge and experience.

In other words, we're in big trouble!


Z said...

We are in big the most dangerous time in American history we have a neophyte who doesn't even really seem to stand up for us let alone know what he or his czars are doing.

What made sense was the fact that the Obama admin was unprepared for every possible scenario. LIke the guy said "if not, what are all those people DOING?"
I am not sure we can plan well for EVERY scenario that comes our way, but Mubarak's aging and the possibility of his leaving had to be SOMEWHERE on our radar screen!?
I think they just put fires out; they're not really 'managing'.

Sad to hear how all the experts in that Israel conference are dismayed with Obama, too. How humiliating.
Thank GOD they know PLENTY of Americans don't like him. Though that's sad to say about any president.

Talking a good game isn't enough.
Then there's that dopey Joe Scarborough aping exactly what the guy said as if HE said it!

Now Lawrence O'Donnell, who used to be on this morning show and pronounced there that he was an avowed Socialist (I heard it), has his own show and is as mean as Olbermann only a BIT dumber.

foxmuldar said...

After watching the video it's so clear how the libtard hostess keeps trying to put a positive spin on Obama's failed policy.

Finally she actully believes there will be democracy in Egypt. Its the same brain dead mentality that got Lora Logan brutally raped by those barbarians that claim to want democracy. Democracy called Islamic Sharia law.

Anonymous said...

I agree Z, and I remember distinctly, that Obama shifted much of the CIA's authority to the FBI which is a domestic law enforcement agency.

I wonder how weakened our CIA is today. I don't know, but if we are this ill informed on what possibilities are on the horizon, we are doomed to be weakened as a nation as well.

Frankly, I think the Obama administration needs crisis, to operate it's will here in America.


Ducky's here said...

So our concern is to keep the Middle East under dictatorship lest Likud object. Well that's not working.

The world's funny. A guy in Tunisia sets up a fruit stand to try to earn a little money to feed his family. A stinking cop shakes him down and pushes him to the edge and self immolation.

Now look. Of course the right wing anticipated all this an Condi Rice would have had it under control. Well, sometimes we don't have a lot of control over history and if mass revolt was the only option we were going to allow people as we and Europe propped up these stooges then it was going to happen.

Ferguson's an economist. I wonder if he saw the rise in global food pries as a result of our profligacy and the need to save the American banking system. Not that we would ever admit any responsibility.

But as long as Likud blesses our policy everything is fine.

Anonymous said...

This is my post on FPM about Israel, mayebe it can be useful, here.


Hamas is a proxy, just a proxy of IRAN, Israel can hit HAMAS and destroy it very easily, the modified GRAD missiles of Iran is like a pistol in front of an Abraham TANK for the Israel Army.

The Question is not and was not HAMAS or Hezbollah against Israel, Israeli Rullers know this very well.

The Question is;
the USA's MIDDLE EAST politics.

USA interests in the MIDDLE east is to keep the " dictators on power or the Islamists on power".

and Israel is the recipiant of the USA's MIDDLE EASTER politics.

two Factors can change this situation.
1 - USA modifies his Middle eastern Politics.

USA do not seems to change his ME's Politics, and USA is committed to keep the Mullahs on power in IRAN.

So, the Iranians should paye 10,000 bigger price to change their Regime.

120 deaths in Egypt, MOBARAK is thrown down.
120,000 executions in IRAN, Mullahs are always there.

Anonymous said...

To understand the ACTUAL MIDDLE EAST SITUATION, I sugest you to see this conference of the HIGH RANKED DISTINGUISHED American leaders which was held last week in WDC. by the Following Participants

Mikhael Mukasey Former Atturney General / BUSH ADM. 2007-2009
Bill Richardson
Gen. Anthony ZINNI
Gen. James Jones
Cia Director James Woolsey
Michel Reiss
Homeland Security Tom RidgE
louis Freeh FBI Director


Z said...

SAM, I will listen to that video today some time but cannot right now.

You know that when you tell Americans the US is 'in bed' with the mullahs, that's hard to believe and I'm almost afraid to ask you WHY again because we've been through this for years!! Correct? But, I still don't see why.

You can't convince me that our policy favors keeping islamist extremists in power.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, and if the Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt and other countries, that's better?
I think that'd suit this administration just fine.

All we're saying here is that the administration flip flopped all over the place.

Their focus is taking over the US, and they love chaos and instability. That's when they operate best from their perspective.

You know as well as I that this union, move-on effort here in the US is orchestrated. And encouraged by Obama btw. You think Trumpka, the union head, visits the WH two or three times a week for a beer?

Or OFA, participating in these countrywide demonstrations is a coincidence?

Do you think we never heard the words, "workers of the world unite"? It all fits Ducky. So either you're really ignorant, or you lie through your teeth.

We already know the left hates Israel, so save it for someone who hasn't a clue. You're so transparent it'd be funny if it wasn't so serious.


Z said...

Pris, excellent retort.

I like ducky's "Ferguson is an economist" part the best. Here's a guy who's an expert in diplomatic affairs and he's reduced to 'an economist' and his excellent information on diplomacy is supposedly lessened with Ducky's inclusion? :-) SOrry, Ducky, but you DO take the proverbial cake.

Anonymous said...


My last post about the Paris Conference of 22 Dec. 2010 was lost!

Did you deleted it, or it's coming from ourside?

Please let me know.

If it comes from you, I don't want to impose my opinions, I'll disappear.


RedWood said...

Remember when Biden claimed this POTUS would be "seriously" tested with huge problems?

Want to count how many he's already blown it and failed at it?

Obama...fraud, poseur, ignorant and all libbie touchy feely loons.

Here's hoping that Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia, Kuwait and last but not least...Saudi Arabia....all go the MB / Sharia.

And there will never be another demrat in the WH again for 100 years.

Ducky's here said...

Pris, the MB WILL be part of the next Egyptian government. It is very likely to function as parties in Turkey have of late.

The biggest fear guys like Ferguson has it that when it happens even the fringe right will have to stop with the bogey man nonsense and stop looking at the M.E. as our fiefdom where we can install stooges at will.

What I know is the Tea Party reactionaries, rather than accepting a necessary and reasonable negotiation with the unions (except the cops of course, they get a pass because you live scared), decided they were going to push to the extremes. As a result you got your face punched just as you did when The Gropinator tried to steamroll nurses and others in Cali.

So here we are, we need to modify public sector contracts and I guarantee the places where it WILL NOT happen are the states under Te Party governorship. Thanks, you are the typical reactionary right roadblock and you don't learn.

Oh, check under the bed for scary Muslims.

Ducky's here said...

z, have you watched Ferguson's "The Ascent of Money" on PBS?

Pitch till you win, on that project the guy was very much a political economist.

Ducky's here said...

... I assume you know he's a professor at Harvard Business.

Anonymous said...

"Did you deleted it, or it's coming from ourside?"

Sam, if Z delete's a comment it would say "comment deleted".

Perhaps it didn't publish, sometimes that happens.


Z said...

SAM, no, I deleted nothing.
Please post it again. This has been happening more and more...but mostly when one of us criticizes Obama.

Please post it again, I'm sorry that happened. You know your opinions are welcome here and that I tell people whose are not.

Ducky .. who cares what he is. He's a very well educated man and, again, you miss my point. It's WHAT HE SAID, not WHAT HE IS. MAN.
talk about 'keep pitching'....what are you going on about?

Read that. You'll see he's not JUST an economist. Of course he's a prof at what? They have some who THINK. It's not that rare.

You know, Ducky, if you understood nuance and context better, you'd be a FAR better thinker.

Get over the nonsense that muslim terror doesn't exist or that we have to appease them and they'll be nice. It's very very naive. Or go join the Obama admin; you'd be welcome there, they all think like you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you pris;


MB is the death and distruction, MB Taliban, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah who get the political power will start the internal repression and to be able to continue his Sharia LAW, will create an external enemy which is Zionism and USA and USA allies.

Look, In Iran during the 8 years of war against IRAQ, the Mullahs Propagand was, "Saddam is Zionist" and the Mullahs executed more than 70,000 person.

These 70,000 executions of the Opposition members were buried under 1 millions of the WAR VICTIMS, 2 millions handicapped, 4 millions of displaced and HOMELESS, more than half millions of kids only in TEHERAN.

we found that the young girls were gathered by the Passdarans were sold in the Gulf Countries, each day at least 200 girls under 13 years were transfered to Dubay by the passdarans cheif of Tehran.

Terrorism started in EU and finally 9/11.

Negociating with MB of Egypt and imposing them to the egyptians by the Obama's administration will bring more problems for the wold rather than Iran.

here is a survivor who talks.

This Islamism has stopped growing his mind in the MIDDLE AGE;

Just imagin that the thugs and the fanatics of 700 years ago wants to govern a nation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Z and excuse me for my pre-jugement.

Here is the second Vidéo with Bush's security advisor FRANCES TOWNSEND, and R. Guiliani, and other Distinguished personages.


Pam said...

I rarely allow MSNBC to take up ANY of my precious time. But if/ when I do-this woman always manages to get on my last nerve!

Z said...

SAM, no apology necessary but you really should know me better by now, right? :-)

I watched both videos.

PMOI is MEK in Ashraf? And it appears that the Iranians in Ashraf are being treated badly?

Mme Rajavi seemed very angry and I was highly disappointed that she spoke Farci and the translation was in French. I understood most of it but wasn't sure on a few things.
She seemed VERY angry at the United States for having trusted the Iraqis with the safety of those in Ashraf, am I correct?
I can't imagine why Petreus trusted the Iraqis for that!!

How many of MEK are in Ashraf today?

And are these people just talking talking talking (more meetings, more blah blah blah?) or is there movement to actually get MEK off the Terror list now?

I believe Condi forbid it, if I remember correctly, and Tom Ridge wants it, so there must have been some conflict when they were in the Bush administration.

Tell me again; WHY you feel America is aiding the Mullahs....just one more time, clearly, and I will print it and keep it and you will not have to explain again. This is the hardest point for me to grasp. thanks.

Were you at the Paris meeting in Decembre 2010?

beamish said...

Seeming obvious lessons of life:

1. Don't go to a Chinese buffet for help with your quantum physics homework

2. Don't shop for wrenches at a golf course.

3. Don't order auto parts from a horticulturalist.

4. Don't put a Democrat in charge of foreign policy.

5. Don't cook eggs with baby oil.

Anonymous said...


one hour of writing, lost again;

I have sent you a DOCUMENT, and I was telling you that our Labeling terrorist by the State Dept. is against your VITAL interests, I wrote a big post but it is deleted somewhere there.

The Information is their ENEMY,

In that eliminated post I answered all your Questions and I explained on detail with prooves the USA support of the Mullahs from 3 years till now.

Check your e-mail please, mayebe the document is passed.


Anonymous said...


From 30 years till now

Beamish, please, what relationship between Quantum Ph. and Chinese food?!


Z said...

Oh, SAM, it happened again? WOW.
I am SO SO SORRY not to be able to read it. I'll check elsewhere but I'm not too good at that.
Please try to keep the longer posts and save them so you can repost. I'm so sorry for your waste of time.

As far as Quantum Physics and Chinese food, there IS NO CONNECTION..this is Beamish's wonderful humor and intelligence: he's making a point about Democrats and foreign policy....neither do they have any good connection!

Anonymous said...


Any sensitive information is detected and the whole document is screened.

Check your e-mail please and let me know if you received it.

this paper is showing the importance of the project.

This kind of DOCS. are xxxx but the importance of the matter made them to write it, I have the solution, and without my S. the system is vulnerable.

OUR enemies and your enemies are the same, and they are who have labeled us.


Z said...

SAM..est-ce que vous etes a une place en France qui commence avec un "M"? (sorry for the terrible French)

Also, what I got in an email was a short note of correspondence...!!??

I cannot find your email text which was somehow deleted. This has happened to others, so I think it's a "Blogger" problem more than any type of conspiracy.

Do you ever SLEEP!? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ferguson is such an ace, isn't he? Brilliantly articulate, full of dignity and profound wisdom as well. If only we had such capable, well-prepared, solidly educated and informed people in American politics!

It amused the hell out of me to hear Ferguson deliver this unstoppable, unequivocal denunciation of Obama and his henchmen unflinchingly right IN the belly of the beast -- CNBC.

His would-be catechizers never knew what hit 'em.

Wouldn't it be loverly if we could have a president as forthright and uncompromising as Niall Ferguson, instead of the amiable bumblers and bogus bullshit artists we've had to put up with since Reagan left office?

Anonymous said...


oui "M"

The e-mail had another e-mail inside with an official DOC. attached "very important".

Apart of that Attachment and content was indirect relationship with your 2 days ago topics, with 96.

and even more more important.
c'est 8 heur du matin, ici


Anonymous said...


Il y'a 3 lettre;

vous les mettez l'un apres l'autre.



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Z said...

SAM, I will be away much of this day and will check later.

FrogBurger said...

Everything Obama and the left touches turns to merde. The guy is an incompetent and it clearly shows now.

I agree with Ducky on his point about saving the American banking system and food prices. For once he's 100% right on an economic issue.

Which reinforces my stance against the bailout and the stimulus. It always have unintended consequences that are not healthy long term.

Money printing, inflation, currency devaluation, food prices increasing, middle east mess and now very high oil prices.

Thank you to our corrupt Federal Reserve, Bush and Obama.

What a mess.

Speedy G said...

Ducky lives in the Left's world of I-Pad Imperialists. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent video, Z, of a profound ass-kicking that Ferguson delivers to Mika Brzezinski. And as Ferguson clearly says in that clip he's an historian. Oddly enough I have a book of his that I'm currently reading "War of the World" which delves into the roads which led to the bloodiest century in history and the event that kicked it off, World War I. IMO, it's that period that began the assault on the world and its population that continues to this day.

Back to that video, I liked the way that Ferguson covered his ass, after kiccki8ng Mika's, by praising her daddy, "Big Daddy" Zbig, the Polish Prince and the neo-Nazi Henry Kissinger. Both about as despicable examples of human excrement that have stalked the planet, IMO.

I think SAM is right in pointing out the complicity of American politicians and dip-shit diplomats in aiding and abetting tyrants in many countries across the decades of the 20th Century.